Bev's Family

by DolM

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Oral Sex, Water Sports, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Bev's life is going to change. Her friend Julie (from Aaron and Julie) needs her help and gets her thinking about her family. Her fantasies about incest becomes reality. Her family become closer that ever before

Bev rolled out of bed reluctantly. It was early for a Saturday morning. It was going to be an unusually early Saturday morning. Bev's husband had a golf scrambles this morning, and the kids were off to the lake to go boating.

She had to go, really bad, so she headed to the bathroom to take care of it. Done she leaned over to kiss her husband awake. He groaned and rolled over, to go back to sleep. She pinched his butt and tickled him awake and got rewarded by being pulled into bed with a passionate embrace and kiss. "You have to get up and ready, we don't have time this morning."

Next she headed to her son's room to wake him up. She was never sure what she was going to see when she entered Ben's room, so she quietly peeked in through the crack of the door. "Oh my" she mumbled. His cock was sticking straight up tenting the sheet. At least he had the sheet on this morning. Many a times he slept on top of it. She giggled to herself, he must be having one hell of a dream. She entered the room, rubbed his cheek and kissed his forehead. He was looking forward to the day so he was easy to wake up.

Candy was last. She knew what to expect from Candy. She would be naked and on top of the sheet. Many a time Bev wished she was more like Candy. Of course frequently she wished Candy would be a little less a slut. Her real name was Mandy, but all her friends and family knew she like to have things in her mouth, to suck on or eat. Whether it was chewing gum, eating chocolate or sucking cocks and eating pussy. So everybody called her Candy. Bev could hear that she was already up, so she headed to the kitchen to get breakfast ready.

Ray was first, headed to the garage to get his golf clubs in the car. She had his eggs ready by the time he came back in. Ben was second, he only had to get out of bed and throw on a pair of shorts. Candy was last. Everything had to be perfect. Today Candy had outdone herself. She had on a Wicked Weasel bathing suit that almost covered something. Bev giggled when she looked into Ray's and Ben's laps and saw how hard they were from looking at her. Of course her heart was racing little and her pussy tingling a little looking at her too.

As parents, something should have been said about how brief her bathing suit was, but neither of them had the nerve to say anything. They were both living a little vicariously through her. Bev had been a little bit of a slut when she was young, but when she became an adult, became a wife, mother, and an employee she became responsible. Sometimes she hated that, being timid.

"Mom ... Mom ... earth to Mom." Ben was trying to get her back to reality. "We're leaving," Ben said getting up, giving her a kiss and a hug. Bev got her kiss and a hug from Ray and Candy, and was left to her own devices for the day.

Bev was looking forward to a quiet lazy morning. The quite was interrupted with phone ringing. She had considered not answering it, but the only people who would call this early would be a friend or relative. "Hey Bev, what are you doing right now." Bev recognize the voice immediately. Julie, her friend and compatriot in crime. "I was about to have some coffee." Before she could continue she was summoned to Julie's house. Fifteen minutes later she pulled into the drive and let herself into Julie's kitchen. The coffee was poured and Julie was sitting at the island waiting.

Bev never got tired at looking at Julies sexy body. Julie was still in her PJs, a silky top that came down to just below her enormous tits, and short shorts that barely covered her. Bev walked up to her, reached under the top to cup one of those fantastic tits and gave her a French kiss worthy of her as a girlfriend. Bev and Julie had frequently played with each other. Bev wished Julie would take more command and push the envelope more, but was content to just play a little. It was difficult to get any more amorous or playful with family around. Both of their kids were getting older and more aware of surrounding activities. They had spent a lot of time chasing after them. It was good now that their kids were at an age where they could get themselves where they wanted to go. Bev and Julie would have more time now.

Today Julie looked perplexed like she had a problem. "Bev, I need a favor. My brother Aaron got into a pickle in Ohio and needs to hang out here for a while. Well maybe hide out is a better way of putting it."

"What the hell is going on?" Bev asked confused.

Julie began Aaron's tale of woe "Last night his wife came home from her trip a day early. Aaron and his daughter and her friend, got a little frisky and got caught". She spent the next half an hour with the details she had. "He will be here in 3 days. I haven't talked to my family yet, I need to know I can depend on you for support and help."

Bev stood up and moved into Julie to give her a hug. She kissed her forehead and rubbed her back "Of course you can depend on me. What are you going to tell them?"

"The truth. I will tell Jake, he will help or he can get out, and the kids, I will explain and hope they understand. You should discuss this with your family too. Make sure they know the importance in keeping this quite." Julie hesitated, but continued, "I don't know if they need to know the details or not, but they will talk to my kids and learn them. I guess if I were you, I would tell them what happened. They don't need to know all of the details but, oh shit," she said with a big sigh, "I don't know maybe this is just crazy."

"Julie my kids are aware of things that happen in the world. They are not as naïve as yours. They will be able to keep it together. They will probably think it is cool what happened. Yours will keep it together because they love their Uncle. It can work if we are careful. I don't see where we have much of a choice. Remember all those fantasies we keep talking about. Who knows maybe some of them will come true."

At that we got to giggling and the conversation went downhill from there. All of the things adults don't normally talk about. Doing our own kids, getting a master, dogs, swinging, maybe even golden showers. On that note, Julie continued, "Aaron was my Dom in High school. I would do anything he wanted. Back then he wasn't very inventive, but who knows, he may know more now. I would still do anything he told me to do.

Bev listened to what Julie was saying. "if you become his sub, can I become yours?"

Julie was flabbergasted. She was at a loss of words. "You want to be my sub?" "Yes, I have always followed and done what you said to do. You never noticed before? Even my kids have noticed that I always do what you say to or ask. My husband has even calls me your sub."

"Wow, where have I been?" Julie wondered "Well if your family goes along with this, life will be different. I am not sure if for the better, but it will get interesting. Specially with the new knowledge of our feelings."

Things got quite, as they drank their coffee. The thoughts running through their heads were not very different than before, but now they each knew the others private thoughts. Thoughts that had never been discussed, were now out in the open.

Bev knew she had been living through her daughter. She so wanted to be more adventurous, but she was a mother, had a job, and was a responsible adult. And she didn't have the guts to do it on her own. Neither her husband nor her best friend had shown any inkling to make her do things she thought about. Her daughter had several boys telling and directing her. The difference was they just wanted in her pants. They didn't love her. And Candy was finding that out. Candy wanted a master to care and love her, but the boys just wanted sex.

For the second time this morning Bev was lost in her dreams. "Bev ... Bev where you at Bev." "Lost in my fantasies, sorry."

Julie stared into Bev's eyes, "do you really want to be a sub."

"I think I do, I would like to find out anyway. I do a lot of fantasizing about things. I watch Mandy do things, and I know that reality very rarely is equal to or as good as fantasy, but I so want to try a little fantasy."

Bev watched Julie slowly lift her butt off the chair and slide her PJ bottoms down. She knew what Julie wanted. She slid out of her chair onto her knees. Crawled forward, reached for Julie's panties, and finished sliding them down her legs. She looked into Julies eyes and she leaned forward, sticking her tongue into the bare and naked pussy before her. She watched as Julie's head fell back in ecstasy. So began her submission to her old friend and new dom.

Bev had partaken of Julies pussy before, but this was different. This was an act of submission that maybe was life changing, that excited her beyond compare. It felt different the way Julie was reacting too. Julie's body started to vibrate, and when Bev pushed two fingers into Julies very wet pussy Julie She lowered her other hand to her own pussy to rub her own clit. Julie was now shaking, and when Bev pushed the third and fourth finger into her she was humping Bev's mouth. She was jumping so much is was hard to keep her mouth on the pussy in front of her. The groans had started out as a low moan, and was now filling the whole room and maybe could be heard next door they were so loud. Then Bev's first act of humiliation happened when the orgasm Julie was having, caused her to spasm so much that she lost control of her bladder and began peeing all down Bev's Throat. Bev's excitement triggered her own orgasm that was so violent she began squirting all over the floor.

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