Aaron and Julie-family and Friends

by DolM

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Son, Daughter, Uncle, First, Oral Sex, Water Sports, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Aaron has to leave home fast, for molesting his daughter. He heads to his sister's home to start over. He starts over on his sister's family.

It was 10pm when I got into my car and headed out. I will never forget the look of horror on my wife's face when she caught me balls deep in our daughter's cunt. I was fucking her brains out, she was screaming

harder, harder while cumming like a freight train.

I didn't even have time to pack anything. It looked like she was looking for our gun. Why did I have to buy that damn thing anyway? Where was I going to go? I got to the Indiana border about 80 miles out of town at a rest stop when I called my sister Julie. She lived in the Dallas area. If I could stay with her for a while; I could get my life back in order.

Julie answered the phone, and the hardest conversation I had ever had started. "Hey, how are you sis?"

"Aaron, what's going on?" I hesitated now wanting to have this conversation, but knowing I had to. I had nowhere else to go. The limited funds I had, would last about 3 months.

"I am in a little trouble." For the next hour I explained everything. About Jill my daughter, and Mary her friend, and having sex with both of them. About Denise, my wife, catching us, and me getting out of town. I left nothing out.

There was silence on the other side of the phone conversation when I got done. "Julie are you still there?"

"Yes, I'm still here."

"I would understand if you said no."

"You know I could never turn you down. Of course you can stay here. You're family, and family is always welcome."

"Don't you have to talk to you husband first?"

"No, I will tell him you will be staying with us for a while."

"Julie, I don't want to create trouble in your family."

"No Trouble," she replied, "Jake lost his vote in this house. I'll explain later, and, I will explain to the kids. They love their Uncle and will forgive you. They'll just be glad to see you."

"Are you sure you are not expecting too much from them, they never knew me as a child molester before. They may not feel safe."

"You Told me she was willing. You didn't rape her did you?"

"No I didn't rape her, but that doesn't change the fact I am a child molester. The police may be looking for me."

"I have an idea, but I will have to tell a friend. She will help us hide you."

"Oh Julie, that is not a good idea."

"You can trust her, and her family, and we will need her help."

"Julie, maybe this is not a good idea. I will try to come up with somewhere else."

"I know you want to drive around to clear your head, but you have three days to get here. Then, I will hunt you down and hurt you. Do you understand?"

"Yea, three days, see in a bit." I closed the phone, and headed south. If I had the gun, I am not so sure I wouldn't have solved the problem right then.

I sat in the rest area outside of Dallas. I hesitated to call my sister but she was expecting me to stay at her house until I got my life back in order. I opened my phone, gave the command "call Julie", and waited till she answered. I was hoping she wouldn't answer, but the soft "hello" at the other end dashed my hopes. I was so nervous I could hardly speak. It felt like my heart was in my throat, and beating very hard making it almost impossible to breathe. My hand was sweating so badly, the phone almost slipped out.

I finally found the courage "Hi Sis"

"Hi Aaron"

"Are you sure you want me to stay at your place"

"Are you kidding, of course I want you to stay here."

"Did Denise call." I was hoping the two hadn't talked but in my heart I knew they had.

"Yea, sleeping with your own daughter and her friend has her pretty spooked. You're lucky you're not in jail."

"What about your husband and kids, do they know why I'm getting divorced?"

"Yea, and by the way Jill's friend's parents know too, so you can't go back to Ohio anymore."

"Does Denise know I'm coming to your place?"

"No, I told her, I told you to fuck off when you asked to move here."

"What about mom, does she know I am getting divorced."

"Yea, Denise called everybody. She wants us to cut your balls off. She wants everybody to avoid you at all costs, so you lose everything. Living on the streets would be too good for you. The sewer might work, but as long as you never see her, your daughter or your son she will leave you alone. The other parents however, are different. They want your balls in a jar."

"Have you heard what Ian thinks of me?"

"As his father he loves you, as a pervert he is not sure if he wants to see you again."

The silence on the phone was deafening, but I have to ask "What does the rest of the family think."

"Ann (my other sister) needs to time think, she is not sure she is going to tell her kids or husband, and mother is already forgiving you. My family has talked and we have agreed, we will help you get your life back together and ... we all agreed we will all keep your secret about what happened and where you are" The pause on the phone seemed like hours. It was only a couple of seconds later when she asked "Are we going to see you shortly?"

"Yea, 30 minutes ... and Sis"



"That's alright kiddo, see you in 30."

I flipped the phone off, started the car, and headed towards Julies house. The memory of what happened made driving difficult. I was daydreaming about fucking Jill and Mary. I wanted to feel bad about the events, but ... I just couldn't. I was too turned on. My cock was hard just thinking about Jill's big tits that had nipples the size of an eraser on a pencil. And sensitive, they were so sensitive; I could make her cum just sucking on them.

I have never met anybody that was so submissive that would they would do whatever someone told them to do, but, Mary. She would do whatever Jill said. And when Jill urinated into Mary's mouth I came so hard my knees buckled. I got so turned on by her domination of Mary that I stayed hard for two days. I had read about people that acted like that, but I thought it was only in stories. Nobody would do that, but Mary did.

I wondered what Jill told her mother. Did she say I seduced her, did she say I forced her? What did she say? It was Jill's games with her friend Mary submissiveness that had gotten things started. I caught Mary sucking on Jill's pussy. I had agreed not to tell anybody, and the games began. Jill began to walk around the house in her underwear and flash me when her mother wasn't looking and go nude when she wasn't at home. Then the accidental bumpings began, with the sitting in my lap without panties. My wife wasn't the most adventurous of lovers, but Jill would do anything I wanted, and make Mary do more.

Then I began to wonder about my sister's family. She had twins that were on the naïve and shy side. Her daughter was a little on the plump side that had never had a date. Her son was one of those geeks that got tongue tied around girls. I know she said it was cool, but how was I going to look at her or her daughter without getting hard. What were her husband and son going to do, knowing she had invited a man that had molested his own child into the house? Did her family know we used to fool around; did she want to fool around again, what was going to happen? Just too many questions!

My mind was running wild, and for 30 minutes I was in my own little hell. I knew my questions would get answered, but how would it all come out.

Julie's house was built in the 50s, when three-bedroom ranch houses were popular. They had done some expansion, but it was still going to be tight. 5 people in a small house, and 1 bathroom was not conducive to privacy.

I was coming to the town that Julie lived near. I hadn't been there in the last 4 years, but things looked some what familiar. The stop sign at the church was new. Probably, because of the new mobilehome court that was there. It looked like there had been a youth group meeting at the church, a bunch of kids were crossing the street, getting in their cars, or just hanging out at the church. The clothes they were wearing, wow!!!! Short shorts, crop tops, bikini tops, that was not the clothes I ever saw at church.

There were two couples crossing the street to the Mobilehome Park. One of the girl's shorts were so short the bottom part of her cheeks were hanging out. The other girl's shorts were the baggy basketball shorts. She had her boyfriend's hand stuffed down inside them, copping a feel of her ass. It pushed her shorts down in the back, giving anybody behind her a view of the top of her cheeks. Times are sure different than when I went to church.

I proceeded past the church and parsonage, past the park to the next stop sign. Across the street it said "Welcome to Small Town Texas" The city had tried to annex the land the church was on several years ago, but wasn't successful.

There were two women sitting on a bench. It looked like one of them was having a hard time and the other was consoling her. I took my right went 3 miles to Julie's street.

After I made my turn I pulled the car over and stopped. I was scared to death. My heart was racing, my throat was dry, and my hands were shaking. I know Julie had said it would be good, but, and that was a big but, what was life going to be like. I smiled as I remembered what life with Julie was like when she was little.

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