The Road to My Wife Going Black
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Interracial, Black Male, White Female,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The start of the story of my wife going black. There are many parts and layers that cover 25 plus years.

This was where the road to my wife taking a black lover started. I have started with this first since it happened first. I had never even thought about black men/white women having sex until one night that we had a employee party where I worked. It was around 1975 or 76 when it happened so it wasn't something that went on in those days.

After that night I thought a lot about getting my wife to fuck a black guy.

It all started out because we had a black guy that worked for the dealership that had a large cock. At the time I didn't know how large, but the guys there were always calling him "Horsecock" or "DonkeyDong" so I knew he was big.He would tell us about having sex with some woman, not saying she was white but how surprised she would be when she felt his cock. I later found out he was fucking several white women in town.

The party was a spur of the moment thing where our 3 secretaries brought some wine to work to have a girly get together after work. One thing led to another and we decided to have a little all employee party in the Boss's office after work. He had a stocked bar and a large office with several chairs and a couple of couches and since he was out of town it seemed like a good time. So after we closed and locked the doors we all gathered in his office. After a couple of hours some of the guys left and it was the 3 secretaries and 3 white guys and the 2 black guys that worked there. Les the black guy with the big cock and Charley a 20 year old black kid. Things kinda got a little colorful as everyone had at least a few drinks except for me since I don't drink. We decided we would put up $200 if any of the girls would have sex with Les. Two of the women were married and one was just 19 so we figured maybe the 19 yr. old would do it.

However we were surprised when Becky, who was married with 2 kids and was 35 yrs. old said hell yeah I will do it. Becky was very good looking, coal black hair, 5'3" probably 120lbs. and kinda of a bitch really.

We put a foam mattress on the floor and Becky started taking her clothes off. When she got down to her panties and bra which were black coincidently, she got on her knees and started to undo Les's pants. Sure enough when she got his cock out it was huge and she just sat there stroking it while staring. The color contrast of her white hand holding his coal black cock was nearly breathtaking for me. Les reached out and pulled her head down on his cock and she went to town sucking and licking as his dick just kept getting bigger. Finally Les told her to lay down and spread her legs. He finished undressing and got down on his knees and leaned over and put his nose right in her panty covered pussy. He took a deep breath and said I have been waiting 10 years for this. As he started pulling her panties over her legs he told her my dick is just short of 12 inches long and you are gonna take every inch of before we are done. She told him, my husband isn't but 6 inches long so I don't think I can take it all. By now the

2 of them were totally ignoring us and Les is rubbing his cock up and down on her black haired pussy. As he split her cunt lips you could her the air rush out of her lungs because not only was he 12 inches long but he was 2 1/2 or 3 inches across. He pushed in quickly and it was like he hit a wall at 6 inches. Becky turned red and was having trouble breathing so Les just held it there until she got her breath back, then he started the in and out and all around trying to open her pussy up. Becky told him I don't think I can take anymore Les. He took her hand and put it down to where his dick had her pussy stretched totally and told her feel this, there is as much sticking out as I have in. Then he leaned down and kissed her full on the lips for several seconds and leaned back and told her before I am thru you will either take it all or I will split you open.

Les was working her over with the 6 inches he had when Becky screamed I am cumming and went to shaking and kicking. Les put his weight on her and pushed in 2 more inches while her orgasm was going on. When she calmed down, she said that was the first orgasm

I have ever had. She said I thought I had orgasms before but now I know I hadn't. Well

Les goes back to working on stroking his big cock and a few minutes later she has another orgasm and Les get another couple of inches in. Now they had been fucking 20 minutes Becky had had 3 orgasms and Les was 10 inches deep in her pussy.

It was then that I looked over at Charley and saw that the 19 year old blonde named

Sam was sucking his hard black cock. He wasn't as big as Les but he was probably 8 or 9 inches long and really fat. Sam had her blouse of and Charley was rubbing and pulling on her nipples which were now swelled as big across as a nickel and 3/4 inches long. I didn't know where to look next because I wanted to see it all.

Becky squealed loudly as Les started really fucking her hard and he was telling her to open her pussy so he could go deep. Becky could hardly talk because every time Les stroked he would push all the air out of her lungs. Finally he went in another inch and she was squealing and carring on like she was in a spasm and just when I thought he was going to kill her that last inch went in and she passed out. She was quivering and shaking while she was unconscious and Les was really pounding her. Then he slowed down and just went really slow until she came back around. Les told her that she had the best pussy he had ever had and that JP(her husband) would probably never feel anything in her pussy again. Then he told her I got the whole 12 inches buried in you. Becky had got back into it by now and told Les that he had better hurry and cum because she didn't think she could last much longer. Well he reach down under her and got a good hold on her ass and started pounding her good. It took him about 4 or 5 minutes until he told her I am fixin to cum as deep in your pussy as you can get. She screamed and said she was cumming and passed out again. Les pulled out and shot the last squirt on her stomach and not 1 drop came out of her pussy because he put it right in her womb.

As I looked back to see what was happening with Charley and Sam, Charley was lining up his purple cockhead to split Sam's little, tight pussy. He had her on her knees on one of the couches and had his hands on her hip bones as he pulled her back on his black cock. The first thing I heard her say was that he had to pull out before he cummed in her pussy. Charley shook his head ok as he pushed deep into her young pussy.

I knew he wouldn't pull out and figured she really didn't want him to. Since Les and

Becky had finished everyone was watching Sam and Charley. The two of them were really into their fucking and it took Sam just a couple of minutes before she had her first orgasm. After that it seemed that she had one after another until Charley groaned and said I am cumming. Sam said "Oh God" I can feel you squirting in my womb. She went to shaking and moving her ass around trying to milk his cock of all of his sperm. Finally they finished and Charley's cock slipped out of Sam's ruined, gaped open pussy. It left a trail of cum down her thigh.

After Becky came to again she said her pussy would never be the same and Les said yeah just ask your girlfriend Jan, I have fucked her a few times and now Bobby can't feel either side. Everyone got a big laugh and Becky said no wonder she has a big smile on her face all time. Jan and Bobby are 2 of Becky and JP's friends that we all knew. I would have never in my wildest dreams thought about Jan fucking Les. I mean Jan was one of those women that could have been a super model, she was that hot. Les later told me that Jan would do most anything he wanted if he would just spread her pussy with his big ol' dick.

The girls all got up and went across our showroom naked to the bathrooms to clean up and the other Lady went with them. As the guys sat there talking about how hot all this was, all I could think about was my wife Phyliss having sex with a black guy. My dick had been hard from the time the talk started about white women fucking black guys until all the fucking was over. Apparently the girls were embarassed about what had happened and they had slipped out without coming back to the office.

Anyway the short of all this was that Les got Becky pregnant with 1 fuck and she ended up having a abortion so that JP wouldn't know. They ended up getting a divorce a couple of years later when he did find out about her fucking Les and several of his black friends. He told me that he knew something was going on because he had to beg for pussy and before she was always ready to fuck plus he said her pussy was so stretched he couldn't feel anything anyway. As for Sam, she married a rodeo cowboy and everytime he went on the road to a rodeo she was out finding a black guy or 2 or 3 to scratch her black cock itch. The last I heard she had a nappy haired little boy running around and her cowboy still didn't have a clue.

Now after that night Interracial sex was the only thing on my mind and every time I looked at my wife all I could imagine was Les's big black cock stretching her pussy. I would tell her how good she would look fucking a black guy when we would have sex, which was often and she would really get hot. Any time we would go anywhere if we would see a good looking black guy I would tell her how hot it would be to see her and him together. We would usually have sex as soon as we could because she would get so hot just thinking about it. My problem in talking her into it was that her Mother(who was a

Mormon)taught her that sex was bad, she said she would have to do it for her husband when she got married but that pussy was to pee thru not to enjoy sex with. It took me 4 or 5 years to get her over that and then that was when I found interracial sex or at least black manwhite women sex.

I spent the next few years trying anyway I could to get her in bed with a hung black guy. When we would have sex I would always tell her how good she would look getting her pussy pounded by a black man. She would always get really excited at the time but when

I brought it up while we weren't in bed she would get mad and tell me she wasn't interested in fucking anyone but me. She would tell me that I must not love her if I wanted her to have sex with another guy and she would say that I just wanted an excuse to have sex with other women. Eventually I quit bringing it up because I didn't want to argue about it with her.

Now I am going to fast forward from the 70's to 1983 then to 2008 to tell you what happened and then my wife Phyliss will take over the story for a while before I come back to tell the rest of the story.

We had moved in 1978 from the town where we lived when I was first introduced to interracial sex because the dealership I worked at closed down. I got a new job and we moved East a couple of hundred miles to a small town in North Central Texas. My new job required me to work out of town and away from home sometimes. Most times it would be no more than a few weeks but this one time happened in 1983 that I had to be gone for 16 weeks. It was during this time that what I found out about in 2008 happened.

This happened in 1983, our kids were 12 and 9 years old. My job had me out of town from January until the end of May that year. We were working 12 hours a day, 7days a week. We were allowed the weekend off every other week. They would let us off at lunch to go home and we had to be back to go to work on Monday at 7:00 AM. Also my wife worked at a cafeteria in a grade school in the town where we lived. There were 6 women that worked in the cafeteria, there were two black women in their 30's like my wife and the other three were white women in their 50's. My wife got along especially well with the two black girls so they hung together at work and some after work.

Our normal routine when I would come home on the weekends we didn't work was to let my parents keep the kids so we could spend as much time as possible having sex. My wife, Phyliss was always ready for our weekend sex romps and never held back. She was always sexually adventurous and would do most anything but anal. She could suck a dick and make it feel like your dick was a foot long plus she would sometimes swallow if she was really hot & horny.

Well one weekend in March I came home to find her all excited and she told me that the black girls she worked with asked her to play on their slow pitch softball team.

The two girls husbands coached the team and they had told their wives to get the little hottie they worked with to play on their team. They said she looks plenty good in the work clothes she wears so we bet she will look really good with her ass cheeks hanging out of the uniform shorts we will give her. Anyway she wanted me to take her to buy a new baseball glove on Satuday instead of spending the day in bed.

I told her I was glad she had found something to do while I was away working and that sure I would go buy her a glove. After all I played softball, my daughter played girls softball, my son played Little League baseball so I thought it was normal that she wanted to do it too. Anyway I figured if her playing didn't work out it would be a glove my kids could use when they got older. Well that night she was a dynomo in bed, she must have had a dozen orgasms before the night was over. The next morning I woke up to her sucking my dick and as usual it was world class. After the blowjob, we fucked in the shower before we loaded up and headed off to Ft. Worth to buy her a baseball glove.

Since I was getting a lot of overtime and per diem I bought her a very nice top of the line glove. I knew it was gonna get me some more pussy that night.

When we got back home instead of going home she wanted to go to Mandy's house to show her the glove I bought her. Well I had never met Mandy or her husband before so all I knew was what Phyliss had been telling me. We pulled in Mandy's driveway and there were half a dozen black kids between eight and probably twelve or thirteen throwing a baseball around the yard. They all hollered at her like they knew her and one of the girls went to the front door and hollered Mama that Sugar girl is here. Phyliss told me that was one of Mandy's kids and that the rest belonged to the other black girl she worked with. She then looked at me and said they call me Sugar. I asked her why and she said that it was short for Sugar Butt, she said that what Mandy's husband James calls me. Right there I should have known something was up but since I had approached her ten years earlier about her having sex with a black man while I watched and she said no way, I guess I was just not tuned in very well.

Mandy came out of the house followed by James, who was grinng from ear to ear. He stuck out his hand to me and said I am James, I returned his handshake and told him my name was John. Suprisingly he slapped Phyliss on the ass and said you got a fine glove there Sugar. He looked at me and said we are going to have the best looking 2nd baseman in the league. Let me stop right here and describe Mandy and James, Mandy is Halle

Berry on steroids. She is about 5'8" or 9", honey tan skin, great face, probably 34 C, maybe 120 pounds and all of it in the right places. She would have been right at home on the pages of Playboy or Penthouse. James was about 6'2", dark skin, didn't look like he had a ounce of fat on him and he weighed around 180 or 190. The two girls ran out in the yard to play catch for a couple of minutes which left me and James on the porch alone. He casually said if I can keep Big Boy out of you wife's britches she will make us a good player. Again I should have been upset about what James said but it just didn't hit me. I guess since I didn't say anything he must have assumed I was good with it.

Big Boy was the husband of the other black woman Yolonda that worked with Phyliss. I had met both of them when Phyliss first went to work at the school. Yolonda or Londa as she liked to be called was a little rough around the edges, a little crude when she talked. She was about 5' 6", probably 150 lbs. and a big ass, big tits. She wasn't bad looking but she just didn't seem like someone Phyliss would hang around with. Big Boy was just that 6'3", 275, size 15 shoe, dark skin, big belly, big ass, just overly big and my wife said Londa said he had a big cock too.

When the girls got thru playing catch we left and went straight home where Phyliss rewarded me with a hellava blowjob. As we were lying in bed before we got started again

I mentioned what James had said about keeping Big Boy out of her britches. She giggled and said Londa is always telling me Big Boy wants to stick his big ol' dick in my sweet white pussy. I asked her what she would tell Londa back and she said she told her no one gets in her pussy but my husband. I felt a lot better after that until she said

Londa told me his dick is a foot long and he knows how to use it. Phyliss said she asked Londa if it didn't bother her that Big Boy wanted to have sex with her. Londa said it was no problem especially if it was a good looking married white woman. I asked why she hadn't said anything about it to me and Phyliss said she had heard it so much now that she didn't even pay any attention to it.

Well Sunday came and I had to go back to the job and all I could think about was what

Londa had told Phyliss and what James had said to me. For two weeks it was all I thought about but mostly about what if Big Boy fucked her and I wasn't there to watch.

For some reason I wasn't really worried about Phyliss getting fucked just that I wouldn't get to see it happen. When I got back for my weekend off Phyliss couldn't wait to show me her uniform. She put it on and I know James had given her a uniform a size small on purpose. Her ass cheeks peeked out of the short shorts she wore for the bottoms and she wore the t-shirt uniform top braless because it was too tight to wear a bra, her nipples would show from a 100 yards. She squealed as she told me that James and Big Boy both liked the way she looked in her uniform. She said we didn't have time for sex because she had to go to softball practice. She took her uniform off and I saw a couple of bruises that I asked her about. She said she had got hit with the ball a couple of times. She also had shaved her pussy smooth which really suprised me. When I asked about it she said it was because the uniform bottom was so short her pubic hair showed so Londa suggested she shave her coochie as she called it.

I carried her to the practice field which was in the black part of town and got a little bit of a surprise, Phyliss was the only white woman on the team. There were a like three hispanic women, Phyliss and eight black women. There were a few black men and kids watching the practice, of course I was the only white person other than

Phyliss there. During the practice the women talked worse that the mens team I played on. It was mothafucker this, cunt that, they called each other whore, slut, bitch and they all called Phyliss "Sugar". The people in the stands all greeted me as Sugar man which I took to mean I was Phyliss's husband. One of them asked me where I had been and why I didn't come to practice. I told him I was working out of town until June. Later I heard him whisper Big Boy will have ruined her pussy by then. Again that didn't bother me too much but as I look back everyone knew he was fucking her but me.

After practice was over when we got back home Phyliss took a shower while I cooked supper. When we finished eating she said I am going to bed and I am too tired for sex.

Saturday was a little better as she did suck my cock before we got out of bed but she had softball practice again that evening so I didn't get any pussy again. Sunday morning I got another blowjob but no pussy before I left to go back to work. Again I wasn't worried about Phyliss because she was so sure that she didn't want to have sex with a black guy when I had asked a few years earlier. However that became our routine the next two or three times I came home. Softball practice, blowjob and no pussy was the way it was. I hadn't really thought about it until a couple of weeks ago when I found out what was really happening.

In May when I came home they were playing games and to hear her talk it was going good. She said it was fun and she was doing good playing 2nd base. That weekend they were playing a couple of games in a town close by so I was going to take her to the games. She said she had to ride with the girls but it was ok for me to follow them. I agreed but I said I would find my way there rather than follow them. When I got to the field the girls were on the sidelines wearing warmup pants tossing the ball around and

Phyliss was holding her own. There were probably 40 people in the stands when the game started and There were several black guys standing behind the dugout Phyliss's team was using and I heard several lewd remarks aimed at Phyliss before they went on the field. when Phyliss ran on the field in her way to short shorts and I could see why she had to shave her pussy. I was sure she didn't have on any panties and of course everyone knew she didn't have on a bra. Phyliss nipples are very sensitive and 3/4" long and they were as hard as rocks when she turned around. I could tell she was very turned on by what was being said to when she was in the dugout. Anyway Phyliss's team won the game and Phyliss had 2 hits and scored a couple of runs. When the game was over all the girls were jumping around a hugging each other as they came off the field they were hugging James and Big Boy. When Phyliss got her hug both of them grabbed her and squeezed the cheeks of her ass.

Phyliss came to where I was in the stands and I gave her a kiss. I told her how good she played which made her smile. She told me they were going to play another game that night but it would be a couple of hours at least because there were two other games to be played beforehand. She suggested I go home because it was going to be late. I agreed and as she walked me to my truck, I asked about the guys squeezing her ass when they hugged her. She tried to laugh it off saying they did that to all the girls but I watched and she was the only one that got her ass squeezed. It was probably 2:00 in the morning before she got home and I tried to talk her into coming to bed but she insisted on showering first. When she came to bed she again said she was too tired for sex.

When she woke me up Sunday morning it was with my dick in her mouth and again I got a world class blowjob.

I came home around the 15th of May and there seemed to be a change, Phyliss couldn't hardly wait to get me in bed. She fucked me three or four times that Friday night. She said she had to play softball all day Saturday so she wanted to make sure I got some pussy before she was to tired. Again they played out of town and it was just like last time with several black guys around the dugout talking about the white girl on the black team. Again Phyliss sent me home because she was going to be late. This time when she came home she took off her clothes and fell in bed. She was all sweaty and if I hadn't of know better I would have sworn she smelled just like sex. This time I didn't get a blowjob before I left, in fact she was so worn out she was still in bed.

The next time I came home was the last time before I would be back for good and everything had totally changed. Phyliss wasn't playing softball anymore, she had quit her job and she was pregnant. Phyliss had been using a IUD for several years because we had decided on no more kids. She told me her Dr. said her IUD had came out, she told her that when that happens women usually get pregnant the first time they have sex after that. Of course she reminded me about all the sex we had the Friday night last time I was home. She also said the Dr. had recommended that she get an abortion because there were nearly always complications in situations like this. I said it was up to her and she said it was what she wanted. I told her I would be home in two weeks or I could call in and probably stay with no problems. She assured me that two weeks would be no problem and that she would get everything arranged for when I got back. She also said she wanted to not let anyone know what is going on and that we would tell everyone that something else was wrong. Since her family is Mormon I figured it would probably be best, that way she wouldn't have to hear it from her mother.

I asked her why she quit her job and she said school was about out and she didn't want to work next year anyway. Then I asked about why she had quit the softball team?

She kinda stammered around before she told me all the black guys kept hitting on her. I laughed and said yeah they are just men, they want to fuck you just like I do. Then I said I sure would have liked to watch you take some of that black cock. She turned red, very red, her nipples popped out and I knew she was ready to fuck. She said you really would like to watch me fuck one of the black guys wouldn't you? I said yes and I am betting you would love it. She said Londa and Mandy were giving her a bunch of shit about quitting softball and that was another reason she quit her job.

I got home to stay and she had everything all lined up to have the abortion in DFW the next week. She had told everyone her IUD had got messed up and she was going to have to go to DFW to get it removed. Well before we went to the appointment she miscarried and that ended her pregnancy. She spent a night in the hospital and her Dr. suggested that she go ahead with her appointment so the specialist could do a D and C and check her over. She said that she since she knew the Dr. she would let him know what had happened. I took a weeks vacation, took her to the clinic for the procedure and sat in the waiting room while she had it. Now that I know what happened I will tell you about the irony of the situation. It was a black Dr. that performed the procedure.

Everything went well and we went back home that afternoon. I didn't know the truth until a friend of ours died.

We had moved from that town that same fall she had the miscarriage and hardly ever went back but we went back for a funeral. At the funeral we saw a lot of people we hadn't seen in a while, the guy that died had played on the same slow pitch team I did so there were a lot of the old players there. We saw Mandy and Londa there and while

Phyliss was off talking to them, a black guy named Louis came up to me. We shook hands and exchanged greetings, then he said I am surprised you and Sugar are still together.

I smiled to myself as I had forgotten about the black people calling Phyliss "Sugar". I asked him why is that? He said well I just figured after Big Boy and James knocked her up you would have split up. Before I could say anything he said They two of them never could figure which one got her preggers because both of them were fucking her 3 or 4 times a week for a couple of months. I just shook my head and acted like I knew all about it. He said one more thing that made me know he was telling the truth, he said

Big Boy said she had the best pussy he ever had and he said she could suck your dick like nobody ever had. I shook his hand and went to find Phyliss. When I found her she was still with Mandy and Londa. I didn't even say hello, just looked at Phyliss and said we gotta go.

When we got back to my truck, Phyliss didn't say a word and I didn't either. We had probably gone 20 miles before she said "you found out about James and Big Boy didn't you"? I said yeah I did. She said I saw you talking to Louis then the way you acted, I knew he told you. She said he was always mad because I wouldn't have sex with him. I asked why didn't you tell me back then? She said I didn't mean for it to happen and when it did I was too scared to tell you. I said I don't want to hear anymore about it now but when we get home I want to hear the whole story. I said you better not leave out even one detail and I think she knew I meant it.

There is a lot more to this story and my wife is going to tell part of it. She is not going to leave out any details. Some of them will make her look bad but I am going read what she says before I put it in here. When you read her story I think it will make some people believe me when I say any woman can be had. All you have to do is put her in the right situation and she will spread her legs.

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