Anna Finds a Sponsor!

by 8tdeucemedic

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/ft, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Science Fiction, Polygamy/Polyamory, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: When she was 18, Anna was caught in one of the first pick-ups in the Mid-West. She elected to stay on Earth, rather than go with one of the callous sponsors available. She spent a couple of years both looking for a better sponsor and improving her score to be a sponsor. See if she was successful. This is a story, set in Thinking Horndog's Swarm Cycle universe. If this is your first Swarm Story you will miss many nuances set forth from in earlier tales.

Anna Terri Tremaine had been doing her homework. Two years earlier she'd been inside the interdiction field at a pickup.

'Where the hell did they go, dammit!' Anna's girlfriends, Stacy and Donna, were supposed to meet her, here at the food court. The problem was, when shopping, those two had the attention span of two squirrels on a diet of coffee beans. And the Tri-state area's largest outlet mall did not help.

'WTF! Why is everything outside gre ... Oh shit! It's a pick-up! I told those bimbos to be here. It's not my fault I'm going and they're having to stay.'

"Ok, think. I've got my CAP card. Damn a 6.1 score. Now to get nekkid.' She was down to her bra and panties when she saw a man slap his wife, bend his 15 year old daughter over a table and start to rape her. The girl was screaming "NO!" when a female marine cold-cocked him with one blow. Anna stood in shock.

Another marine asked if she was undressing or staying behind.

She looked up. Way up. And up some more. "If ... If, huh ... If I ... If I went up with somebody, could they ... could he do that to me?"

"If you say yes, he can do that or give you away to somebody else to do it." With that he wandered toward some folks who were getting aggressive around a woman and her pre-teen daughters.

After that, what little she had taken off went right back on. She watched in shock at what was happening. Some of the sponsors had turned into animals. Most were giving test drives but not being really mean. But some, they were just plain assholes. It was settling down but was going to take some time to finish this.

The marine had wandered to a nearby booth to keep his back to the field.

She walked over and stood by the next booth. "I know my score ain't that good but any suggestions?"

"Sure but..."

"You got a job to do. I understand but I do not want to end up with one of those beasts."

"Let me see your card. Sex scores on high side of the average. Intelligence is above average. Problem solving skills are only fair." He would glance at the reader and, while scanning the room, describe what he found. "Leadership, on the low side of average. Loyalty is on the plus side. Work ethic is very good. Physical conditioning is average. Aggression is poor. For motherhood, it looks good. It's just above average by the way. Your confidence is fair. As it stands, if you were a few years older and had a kid or two, you make a pretty good Head Bitch."


"You've got two or more concubines in a household. One's gotta be the straw boss. The one in charge when the sponsor's not there. The Head Bitch."

"What if I want to be a sponsor?"

"You're going to have to push that work ethic to the limit."

"That's why it's there!" She felt a little spark start to burn inside.

"Alright, the Reader's Digest version. Take some martial arts. Join Toastmasters International. Sign up for Outward Bound or NLS and go on a solo adventure in the wild. If you're in school, enroll in ROTC."

"Ok. I know I'm not ugly but is there anything I should do?"

"Actually, don't do anything. Use your looks to your advantage."

Anna crinkled her eyes. "Being average looking is better than being a beauty queen?"

"A sponsor can make you look like Marilyn Monroe or Hillary Clinton. His call. If he or she is smart, he'll grab average or even ugly concubines. He lets them have input but makes them beautiful. So if you're average, the shallow sponsors will pass you by. The smart ones know they can get loyalty points right away. And Nurses, Paramedics, and Docs are a plus as concubines."

He gave her a card. "If you get your score above 6.5, call this number. For 18, you're smarter than most of your peers. Retest annually. In the mean time, look for a sponsor who will support you becoming a sponsor. It's not well known but you can negotiate with a sponsor."

"What about you?"

"I'm at my limit, sorry."

They talked intermittently when the lance corporal wasn't busy. Anna watched the different sponsors and how they treated potential and selected concubines. Some were getting a test drive and rejecting the girl so they could justify another test drive.

One woman was taking one female and one male. She had narrowed it down to two women and two men. She had a wicked grin when she ordered each male to pair with one female and have anal sex. The two women did not look happy but each bent over a chair and accepted the assault from behind. One was fairly gentle and used spit with cum from his partner's first test drive to make things easier. The other just used what happened to be dripping out of his partner's pussy to get himself slicked up and then just pushed in as hard as he could. When he finished, she was shaking and crying. The sponsor then ordered the men to clean each other off using oral sex. All four candidates walked off with the sponsor screaming at them.

The Marine pointed to two couples. Each wife was saying good-bye to her husband. They then turned around, switched places, and kissed their new sponsor.

"Why would they switch wives?" Anna asked.

"I have no idea. I never saw that before."

He remarked that that was probably a good thing. "It seems like every trip, at least one former spouse gets recycled because they wouldn't change. The spouse can't or won't accept that they are no longer married and are just another concubine. He or she will start refusing his or her sponsor's orders. Or worse, the ex would hit the sponsor. That was an immediate and irrevocable death sentence."

"When a concubine hits a sponsor, how long does the trial take?"

"There is no trial. A concubine is property. A concubine has no rights, no privileges unless allowed by the sponsor. The AI is a witness to everything. The first NCO or officer there will review the actions and will make the call. Usually it means recycling."

Anna almost threw up.

The Marine turned and headed over to a sponsor and a screaming selectee. She alternated the screaming with begging and crying.

"You." Pointing at the concubine, "Shut up!" He looked at the sponsor, "Explain."

"The stupid bimbo believed me when I said we could take her kids. I'll be damned if I'm gonna be responsible for somebody else's bastards. Hell, I'm not even taking my own. And she said yes, she would be my concubine." He looked at the woman. "So there, bitch. I own you. And we'll straighten you out when we get on that ship."

The lance corporal cocked his head and stood still while the AI replayed the conversation.

From him "Do ya wanna be with me? You understand that I will own you."

Her reply "I'm not going to go with you or anybody else unless my kids go with me. If you're taking my kids, I'll go."

His answer "Yeah, I'll take yer brats and they'll be with you wherever we go. Keep'em outta my way. I don't wanta hear 'em either!"

The Marine shook his head and straightened up. "Ma'am, you are free to go. You may try..."

"What the hell! That bitch is mine; you can't take her away."

The lance corporal held up his hand. "I didn't, the AI did. You broke a contractual agreement. She specifically stated she would only go if the sponsor agreed to take her children. You stated, and I'm quoting you now, "Yeah, I'll take yer brats and they'll be with you wherever we go." So she is no longer obligated to travel with you or anyone else." He turned back to the woman. "As I was saying, you can try to find another sponsor or just stay here."

"Bullshit! Where's your boss. This gets fixed now!" By time the volunteer finished, he was shouting. "She's going with me."

Anna saw that the lieutenant was already on the way over. Somehow, the Marine called for him without saying a word.

"Lance Corporal, what seems to be the problem?"

The sponsor jumped in. "That slut agreed to be mine. Now your piss-ant is telling me I can't have her. Bullshit!"

The LT cocked his head. About thirty seconds later he smiled. "My Marine is correct. You said you would take her kids. This was after she specifically stated she would not go with anybody unless he took her children. The AI determined you had a caveat to the standard sponsor – concubine agreement. Find somebody else."

The sponsor took a swing at the senior Marine. Faster than she thought possible, Anna saw the officer block the roundhouse and slap the man so hard he was stunned. "Have fun, Marine." With that, he walked off.

"Thanks, LT." He pulled out his stinger and zapped the man. Before the man fully hit the ground, the lance corporal snatched his CAP card along with the card of his former concubine.


"I gotta get my kids away safe. Please. Lemme ... I'll try again."

He gave her CAP card back. "You've still got some time, but don't wait too long, OK?"

With that she stopped sobbing and tried to settle down.

The lance corporal started heading back toward Anna but veered off to speak to the two sponsors who had traded wives. They talked for a few moments and he pointed toward the woman who hadn't moved yet. As he left them, one couple moved to the woman.

"What was that all about?" from Anna.

"Remember when I said you can negotiate?"


"He had agreed to take her kids. She accepted his sponsorship based on that agreement. He then told her she couldn't bring her kids. The AI had recorded the agreement. The AI agreed she'd been lied to so her agreement was null and void. That ass didn't like it and took a swing at the LT."

"I saw that. Are all you Marines that fast?"

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