I'm Telling Mom!

by Honey Moon

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft, Reluctant, Hermaphrodite, Incest, Sister, First, Masturbation, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Voyeurism, Tit-Fucking, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Sex Story: Twenty year old Helen was always at odds with her fourteen year old sister, Liz. Just because they were both futanari, like their mother, didn't mean they would always see eye to eye. The pranks and bickering escalate, until passions boil over while mom is away on a sleep-over date with a married woman down the street. Can Helen keep in control as the older responsible sister, or will urges older than time push her relationship with Liz far beyond mere sisterhood?

I was leaning way back in my chair, engrossed in a very interesting video. Well, maybe engrossed wasn't the word. My pajama top was unbuttoned, and the bottoms were bunched up and hanging off of my right foot.

The video was getting very good. It was Japanese, uncensored, and don't think too badly of me, but I don't think the pretty naked girl actually wanted to be the center of a Bukkake free-for-all!

She looked rather upset that semen was all running down her naked body to her pussy, and the guys involved kept pulling her hands away every time she frantically tried to wipe the cum away before it reached her pouty labia. The sound was a little muddled, but my Japanese is very good. I distinctly heard her whine "This is my bad time!" and "I was supposed to be wearing cosplay!"

That made it ten times hotter! Either she was a really good actress, or she was beginning to panic at the thought of all that cum getting in her pussy and knocking her up! I know it sounds mean, but I voted for the latter! It's not my fault. People like me are pretty much hardwired with a strong impregnation fetish.

I put my feet up on my computer desk, and both hands got busy. My left was deftly diddling my soaked vagina, while my right was gliding up and down my rock hard ten inch cock. Yeah, I measured it. Who with a dick hasn't?

If I had a third hand, I would be roughly pinching my nipples too! They're sort of embarrassingly too big, but with size seems to come extreme sensitivity. Yeah, I sort of like just a touch of pain, so sue me.

The girl on the screen was sort of freaking out when guys started taking turns squeegeeing the semen down her body with their hands so they could sort of finger it into her. I was getting close. I mean I was really damn close! I was just a heartbeat away, and actually reaching my pussy juice slicked left hand for the plastic "Go-Paks" cup with my last few Mini Chips Ahoy cookies (Sacrifices must be made!), when the world took a dizzy twist!

In that spit second, my chair was suddenly yanked over backwards! As the room whirled, I caught a glimpse of my grinning kid sister. Thankfully the little bitch had put a cushion behind me before knocking me over. It saved me from concussing myself, but I don't think she put it there for safety. If I had been stunned, she wouldn't have achieved the "comic" result she was waiting for.

"Oh shit!" I cried, as my cock jerked in my hand. I had reached the point of no return while laying flat on my back, with my cock pointing at the ceiling! A thick streamer of semen shot almost straight up, almost being the operative word. It arched gracefully and came down to spatter on the tip of my nose!

Have you ever tried to stop ejaculating once you started what promised to be a good sized load? I sure as hell couldn't! My hand was on automatic pilot, and I kept right on wanking as Liz laughed at me. Pulse after pulse flew high. Semen rained down on my hair, face, breasts, and stomach in a steady drizzle of heavy wet splats.

"Oh my God Helen, you are such a pervert!" she cried in delight as she kept the lens of her cellphone trained on me.

I had a difficult choice to make when my ordeal was finally over. Quite a few warm slimy streamers had landed in my wide open panting mouth. Granted, I rather enjoyed eating my loads in private, but this was humiliating! Spit or swallow. It was the age old question. I decided that swallowing was the lesser of two evils when it came to my sister's sense of humor. I gulped, and then glared up at her.

"Liz, you are such a fucking bitch!" I screamed. "You could have killed me!"

"Oh get real, Miss Glazed Donut. I put a cushion there! Damn, you were so into your spankin' that you didn't even hear me force the lock on your door!"

"Oh crap." I muttered, afraid to move. I tend to produce embarrassing large loads. I was a mess. "Get me some paper towels or something, or I really will kill you, bitch!"

I heard a yell from down stairs. "Helen, I will not have you calling your sister such names! Apologize at once!"

"Okay! I'm sorry!" I yelled. I then dropped my voice. "Sorry that you're a bitch!"

"What were you jerking off to anyway?" she asked as she bent at the waist to look at my monitor screen. "Are you kidding me? You're strokin' off to Bukkake? That's so sick! I doubt if I could even get it up to that junk! You could at least watch something cool like a big black guy fuckin' a squealing white girl up the butt with his giant cock!"

"I like Bukkake!" I said defensively. "Don't even try to tell me you don't wish you were there unloading on her too!" I tried not to look up her short little skirt at her delectable little ass. I knew it was part of her whole plan to "catch" me taking a peek so she could call me a pervert once again. I resisted, but it was hard not to look. "Now get me some towels or something!"

"Buh-bye." She said cheerfully as she snatched my unsoiled cookie cup from my desk. She intentionally stepped directly over my face as she headed for the door. For a split second, I had a perfect look right up that skirt with her legs spread wide.

Dammit, the bitch was turned on by her little stunt. Her modest cock was sticking straight out, putting a real strain on her pretty pink panties. The pull on the fabric displayed her luscious little pussy in a classic camel toe. Her dampness made the thin material practically transparent over her labia.

I hope to God she didn't notice my cock had a sharp little twitch of an aftershock at the sight. I could feel it expel a last little dribble of semen to run down the shaft as she actually skipped out of my room while munching the last of my cookies.

"Fuck it." I muttered. I buttoned my pajama top to contain most of the gooey mess on my tits and belly, and then struggled to get off of the chair and stand up. I very carefully squatted down so I could grab the bottoms and pull them back up without dripping my semen all over the floor.

I stormed down the hall and into the bathroom as my chin dripped semen onto my quivering boobs. At least I wasn't leaving a trail! Tomorrow was Liz's turn to do the laundry. I know it was spiteful, but I rubbed my pajama top firmly all over myself to try and absorb most of the mess before I took it off. Then I used the still dry back to wipe off my face and sort of towel some of the semen out of my frizzy red hair.

I rolled the pajama top into a tight ball, in hopes the semen would stay wet and really start to stink by tomorrow. Then I took off the bottoms and wrapped them tightly around the wadded up top. With a grin, I buried them deep in the hamper.

I jumped in the tub and took my second shower of the night. "You're such a little bitch." I muttered as I thought of my sister's deranged sense of humor. "You're fucking fourteen; it's about time you grew up!"

I calmed down a little after practically boiling myself in the shower. I knew I didn't have to worry too much about the video she recorded. Even Liz wouldn't dare blow our cover as a normal dysfunctional single parent family by posting it on any streaming sites.

She, mom, and I, are futanari. It was in all of our best interests to keep that on the down-low. It would harm all futanari if we became headline news before our kind claimed a much larger segment of the general population. Thank goodness some normal girls, and a few open minded men as well, somehow seemed to sense our difference. They are drawn to us like a moth to a flame, and cooperate enthusiastically to keep our secret.

I just had to worry about Liz showing someone in the know the humiliating sight of me spunking in my own face. Not that I had anything against that. Who wants people to see their most intimate private moments though? In privacy, with a plastic painter's drop cloth spread over my bed, I often found self Bukkake to be quite soothing and satisfying.

Thank God Liz never caught me while I was experimenting with a certain other fluid that comes out of a cock! Oh God, it feels so warm and exciting when I do THAT while lying on my back in the bathtub! I was too annoyed at Liz to be in the mood for playing now, so I just hastily cleaned up.

When I was done, I wrapped up in a big towel and stomped back to my room. I spotted mom in the hall. "Do you know what your daughter did to me?" I asked angrily.

"Calm down Helen." She said softly. "Your face is almost as red as your hair."

I took a deep breath. "I'm calm. Would you tell her not to sneak in while I'm, um, relaxing?"

Mom's lovely dark almond eyes twinkled. "Is that what you call it?" She laughed. "Admit it Helen, the look on your face when that first splat hit your nose was priceless!"

"Oh my God, the little..." I derailed my tongue just in time. "The little wench showed you the video?"

"Just a single cropped frame she captured of the first impact. If I didn't know it was semen adorning your nose, the image wouldn't even be considered pornographic." She said, trying to keep from giggling. "Masturbation is nothing to be ashamed of, sweetie."

"I'm not ashamed of jerking off!" I lowered my voice, feeling ashamed to have shouted something like that at mom. "Can't you ship her off to a private school or something? How about letting her stay with aunt Kimiko in Tokyo for a while?"

Oh-uh! Mom put her hands on her hips and glared up at me. Our mother is as American as apple pie. She was born here, and is a citizen, but genetically she's one hundred percent a dainty little Japanese doll of a woman. I know that might sound racist in today's PC world, but fuck that. She's my mom, and I love her, so shut up! Tiny and graceful, with a beauty both men and women stop to admire, she's scary as hell if you get her angry!

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