The Flight to Einstein - Einstein 4

by Smiley Smith

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Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: A Story set in the Swarm Cycle Universe by Thinking Horndog This is the fourth story in the Einstein series, this story chronicles the adventures of our hero during the trip to the new colony It is recommended that Einstein I-III be read before this

A story in the Swarm Cycle Universe created by: Thinking Horndog

Authors Note: This is the fourth story in the Einstein Series. It is recommended that you read Einstein I – III before reading this story.

The Flight to Einstein – Part 1 – The Journey to Rendezvous Point 1

Traveling in hyperspace was one thing and one thing only, boring! What kept people from going stir crazy was work, training and/or fun.

Most trips from Earthat to a colony took three to six weeks. The trip to Einsteinat was going to take six months. We were headed to the star Einsteinat which was in the Sagittarius arm of the galaxy. We were going to be doing the jump in one month intervals. On the first leg of the trip we would be traveling at twelve light years per day, to allow a late departing fleet from Earthat (Sol) to catch up to us. For the other five legs we would be traveling at fifteen light years per day.

Life on board the ship was going to be different on this trip. For one thing, dependents were going to be getting underfoot, for six months. Mother sponsors realized this first and suddenly I had my first job as governor, form schools. By the third day, sponsor mothers throughout the ship were demanding schools for their dependents. It did not take long before all sponsors were looking for schools for their dependents just to keep the children busy. In fact even some of the older smarter dependents wanted schools set up, so they had every chance to be a sponsor. I put my mother in charge of coordinating the formation of the education system for the colony, as her science team was not going to have anything to do until we reached Einstein.

As the school was formed, around the second week of the trip, all of the female and most of the male concubines were tutoring some dependent, helping a crew member with a duty or was working with a sponsor on colony planning task.

For the first three weeks the concubines and sponsors were also busy with training of some sort during the day. You could not do sex twenty-four hours a day and you could only bond so long. Most sponsors and concubines spent huge amounts of time in the sleep training room. My quarters had seventeen sleep trainers in it. By the second week there were roughly 100,000 sleep trainers on the ship. Burg was having a conniption, having to first replicate, then power and operate the huge number of sleep trainers

In my greater household the teacher to student ratio was quite lopsided with about three concubines for every student. Trust me, that was harder on the students than the concubines.

It was surprising to see the cooperation my mother received from sponsors and concubines in forming the schools. The ship my greater household was traveling on the Valhalla Class Transport, Burgundy. It was home to nearly 250,000 people. The potential student count was over 125,000 from kindergarten to eighth grade. After that, the sponsors' continuing education was the responsibility of the service that they were in. Concubines, by order of the governor, were required to continue to be educated until they finished twelfth grade, unless their sponsor received a waiver. The waiver was only given if the student was not capable of making sponsor level and was more of a disruption than a student.

We had an amazing number of former principals and teachers on our ship. By then in the Diaspora the AIs knew what was going to be needed to set up schools and had it available for the colonies. The AIs were not prepared to set up schools on the ships because most journeys to colonies were three to four weeks long and not six months long. That changed quickly once Burg, the ship AI, recognized the problem and released the information to the teachers on the ship.

One thing that no one anticipated was that without school and a lot of space to exercise, six months on the Burgundy was going to bore the dependents to death. Children of school age wanted to do something active. On the Burgundy there was no space reserved for schools let alone playgrounds. Most classes had to be taught in the colonists' living rooms. The common areas were modified by Burg and used to teach bigger classes or provide playgrounds for the younger children. Burg converted several of the training areas for troops the older children playing fields. Since most of the colonists were scientists for a science colony this was not a problem. As the education programs spread throughout the fleet, the Marine and naval training programs were lengthened to allow the some of the training facilities to be used as a game fields.

Early evenings were spent with the dependents doing homework, playing some sort of computer or board game or watching some form of entertainment. After the children (usually reluctantly) went to bed, you can pretty much guess what happened.

One of the more entertaining things people seemed to enjoy was the CMHN (Court Martial Holographic Network) shows. That's right, all court martial proceedings were publicly viewable. Even the really stupid ones.

The big case of the first jump was the trial of Commander Nit Wi, ... err, I mean, Commander Sonia Richards. She plead not guilty to charges of insubordination, conduct unbecoming of an officer, assault of a superior officer, dereliction of duty and failure to follow a direct order. The biggest issue of the case was my appointment as governor of the system and whether she was under my authority at all. Her lawyers were desperate, as she was clearly guilty of all the charges. Her lawyers had to get her off on a technicality. The punishment for assault of a superior officer was death, with almost zero wiggle room. If convicted, the commander was on her way to the recyclers or the vacuum of space without the benefit of a spacesuit. While a couple of the charges seemed to me to be duplicates of the same offense, the one the lawyers could not get around was the assault charge. No matter how you looked at, it she was guilty. The court martial board bought none of the legal misdirection. She was found guilty of all charges.

A CAP retest was ordered. The commander passed the test with a 6.8 score. A quick review of the score showed that her intelligence and loyalty to the Confederacy was still very high. It was me she had no loyalty to.

At the sentencing phase of the trial, the lawyers tried to get the court to have mercy on her because of the loss of her husband. The court was not impressed, and as the commander showed no remorse, it was clear that the court was not buying it. She was asked if she would apologize for her actions. She replied, "You can't be serious. I did nothing wrong. That fourteen-year-old ordered me around like a cadet. I should have been the governor. He should have been reporting to me."

After that, there was only one avenue for appeal, the AI could request an appeal if a legal mistake had been made or there were extenuating circumstances. The AI confirmed that the court acted within the law, there was no doubt as to her guilt and no extenuating circumstances. Hearing the AIs statement, the court retired to consider the sentence.

The court returned thirty minutes later and the president of the court read the sentence. "Commander Sonia Richards, having been found guilty by this court of the crimes of assaulting a superior officer, insubordination, failure to obey a direct order, and conduct unbecoming of an officer, the sentence of this court is:

1. Your Citizenship in the Confederacy is terminated.

2. You are therefore stripped of all rank and standing in the Confederacy Defense Force.

3. You are hereby sentenced to death and will be executed. The execution is to be carried out immediately after this court is dismissed. The execution is to occur in the most humane way possible, as specified by law.

"May God have mercy on your soul.

"This court is dismissed."

Sonia stood there in shock. The Marines came to her and put shackles on her ankles and wrists. As she was frog marched out of the room, Sonia looked back at her lawyer and said, "I want to appeal!"

Her lawyer, who was quite exasperated answered, "As I warned you Sonia, there is no appeal. You are going to be executed immediately. Get used to it while you can." The lawyer walked away shaking his head.

The execution was not public. I did not want to know the details.

After the trial and execution, I found myself somewhat depressed, but my ladies would not leave me to brood. The AI had turned up their hormones at their request to help me recover. I was jumped by sixteen women as I entered my quarters, Silvia included. They tried their best to make me forget the rest of the day. The orgy commenced. After a fashion my ladies succeeded. I was not going to lose a lot of sleep over Sonia.

The majority of time during the journey to Rendezvous Point 1 (RP1) was uneventful. We worked on the colony plans almost twelve hours a day.

One thing that began to concern me as governor was the morale of concubines. The biggest issues were boredom, psychological effects of abusive sponsors, postpartum depression and post-traumatic stress syndrome. Agreeing to be turned into a sex slave and losing all your rights and protections was a totally different than the actual experience. Witnessing punishments and being punished was causing bad reactions in many concubines. Initially, the problems were worst with male concubines, previously married couples, and female concubines that did not think the rules applied to them. It slowly changed to mostly female concubines, of all types, living the unexpected aspects of a sex slave.

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