The Lucky Gardener at the Girls School

by Shani 34

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Heterosexual, CrossDressing, Fiction, Spanking, Humiliation, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: Arthur is the gardener at a girls school, and spies on the girls until he is caught by Sylvia, the delicious PE teacher. This story is about how Sylvia turns Arthur into Angela, and makes Angela wear girl clothing, sleep in the girls'dormitory, and pleasure all those needy girls. Sylvia uses a strap and a cane on her girls, and Angela experiences those also.

Arthur Fallon loved his job, as ground keeper and general handyman in the Belton Ladies Finishing College. He was surrounded by healthy and often beautiful young ladies, who had mostly grown used to his presence and just ignored him. The girls would run and play, long legs flashing, skirts lifting, presenting frequent glimpses of their knickers. He had his own private maintenance shed, in the gardens well away from the main school buildings, to which he had the only key, and to which he often retired to jerk off after some especially exciting viewing. He even had a telescope that he could use if he was careful, enjoying watching girls whatever they were doing, from playing sport to sleepily sunbathing on the lawn.

He lived in a small house supplied by the school, just outside the school grounds. What he did there was his own business, but his employment contract stipulated that he was not allowed to take any of the girls from the school inside his house, or into his garden shed. Outside normal working hours, he was not permitted to enter the school buildings, unless he was called in to attend to some urgent breakdown.

But he was free to roam the school grounds at times of his choosing, idly raking leaves as he watched the hockey teams training, or going into the dormitories at lunchtime to check for leaking taps and broken lights. He was allowed to use the gymnasium when no girls were in there, and managed to keep himself fairly fit and trim by exercising there, enjoying knowing that sweaty girls had been straining on the equipment just hours before. He liked to go for long runs through the grounds late in the evenings, dressed in shorts and running shoes as though he was only interested in keeping fit, but he was always hoping to encounter one of the schoolgirls making out with a boy. Even more delicious would be to spot a couple of the girls making out in the bushes. He loved to imagine that all the girls were sex mad and was sure that lesbianism was rife, and hoped to spot them, in the darkness making out under the stars!

Forty years old, he was content with his solitary life, and didn't feel the need for a steady girlfriend or, heaven forbid, a wife. But he fantasised a lot, and being so close to so many lovely girls his fantasies obviously featured those girls in romantic or more sinister roles.

He told people that he was writing a book about obscure plant diseases, which was enough to prevent further enquiries about his evening activities. But mostly he wrote short smutty stories based on his fantasies of imagined interactions with the girls, either wildly erotic or ridiculously romantic. The stories he enjoyed writing the most involved interactions between the girls, maybe him seeing two girls lying together naked in the bushes!

His other hobby was tracking the girls, the way police do when investigating crimes. In the basement of his house he had a wall devoted to them, with one column for each girl, starting with her name if he knew it, or his nickname for her if he hadn't yet learnt her name. Each column started with photographs of each girl where he had managed to obtain one. Occasionally he managed to get a proper photograph of a girl, but mostly each girl was identified by a circle on a blown up picture of the sports team she played in. Below that, he listed all the personal details he could find out, observe, guess, or invent about the girl. Age, nationality, hair colour, height, weight, and above all bra size were listed beneath each girl's photo. When he wrote a story about a particular girl, he would print it out and clip it to the wall below her face.

His solitary life held many compensating advantages. As the general handyman, he often came across girls in various stages of undress, mostly in the dorms or the gym, but also on hot sunny days just sitting around in their undies on the lawn. To his delight, the girls had by now got so used to him that they often didn't attempt to cover themselves up. If they were in a group chatting, several might be in their undies, or with a towel wrapped around their hopefully naked young bodies, and he could get close enough to eavesdrop on their girlish chatter, which was very often about music, clothes, boys, and sex!

He was particularly attracted to the area around the gymnasium. He loved mowing the lawn while watching girls going in to the gym wearing their school uniform then perhaps coming out in gym kit, and running around the playing fields or doing exercises on the grass, supervised by the PE teacher. At first he wasn't interested in the PE teacher herself, a boring flat chested rather butch lady who yelled a lot and seemed to achieve little in the way of motivating her students, he allocated her just a narrow column on the side of his wall chart.

But then the PE teacher changed, the old woman retired, and was replaced by a delectable new girl not much older than the girls she was teaching. So far he knew very little about her, but she already had a central space in his basement wall chart. He discovered by reading notices in the main building that her name was Sylvia Tanner, and he quickly managed to obtain a photograph of her simply by stealing the introduction notice from the notice board!

He didn't often drink, but late one night, thinking of the lovely Sylvia, he pushed in amongst the bushes behind the gym's changing rooms, and drilled a small hole through the wall!

Next day, early in the morning before any girls would be in the gym, he walked around the building carrying gardening tools trying to look natural, half expecting a squad of policemen to burst out and arrest him. When he was sure he was alone, he snuck behind the gym and settled down for a day in paradise. Sure enough when the lights were turned on he found he had a perfect view of the changing area! Before long the girls started to arrive, and before his eyes one by one they took off their school uniforms, their bras or vests, and finally to his delight, their panties!

He spent most of that first day crouching in the bushes. For long spells with nothing to see, he wished he had picked a place where he could sit more comfortably. But he forgot his discomfort when girls came back from the sports field and stripped and headed for the showers with just a towel wrapped around them. For Arthur, the best was watching as they emerged from the showers, unselfconsciously drying their lovely bodies in front of him. He watched as they stood showing him everything as they dried their hair, sitting with open legs to expose shaved pussies, or bending to present taut bare bottoms as they dried their legs and feet.

He loved watching the whole process, the girls undressing, changing into gym outfits, coming back into his view hot and sweaty and dropping their gym kit over hooks on the walls, or into lockers, then going to the showers usually naked carrying their towels. Soon he saw them coming back out naked, laughing and chattering and flicking at each other with their towels or even with their hands, and finally getting dressed to go back to their next lessons.

And now, supervising the whole gaggle of gorgeous girls, was the lovely Sylvia in her trade mark tight top and tiny miniskirt, snapping at them to hurry up.

He didn't yet know anything about her other than her name, but by now he was pretty good at estimating most facts about the women and girls he was watching. Her hair was long and blonde, but was that natural, or dyed? Her height was a bit above average, her breasts at least 36d, but he knew nothing about her background. He liked to imagine her growing up under a strict but fair father, loved to picture her being spanked over daddy's knee! But he knew none of those things as fact. He would have been astonished if he knew the full details of Miss Tanner's past!

Sylvia Tanner had, in fact, come to work at Belton Ladies Finishing College after a rather mixed start in life. Her dad was shocked when he discovered his innocent looking daughter liked sex with girls! One afternoon he came home from work early to find his daughter spanking some other girl over her lap! Both were stark naked and when they finally noticed him they tried to pretend it was no big deal. But now dad had caught them together, Sylvia tried to insist that the other girl should be allowed to sleep with her! That thought was far too way out for her very conventional dad. He needed to find her other interests!

He managed to get her a job teaching PE in a boys' school, on the optimistic assumption that this might change her focus. It did intensify her interest in discipline. Sylvia was indeed very highly sexed, and absolutely bi-sexual. She quickly found that she loved spanking frightened boys! Soon after joining the school, she took a chance and asked the head master if it was okay to do so, and he said it would be okay if he could watch.

The head master was only too keen to encourage her to spank naughty boys, he loved watching her in action. But one day when the head master was away, she went too far with one of the younger students, using a cane quite savagely and leaving the boy's bottom quite badly marked! When the mother complained, the head saved his own skin by blaming his out of control teacher, and Sylvia had to leave to avoid a scandal.

Rather than risking the full truth coming out, the head gave her an excellent reference, only slightly alluding to her "competence at maintaining discipline" and her new school rather naively gave her free range to run the gym as she thought fit.

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