Brook Singing in Golden Splendor

by Slutsinger

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, Magic, Gang Bang, Group Sex, First, Masturbation, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, Nudism, .

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Brook Singing is a child in an adult's body: horny, surrounded by sex, but three-long-years distant from adulthood. Even so, Brook discovers there's a lot she can do within custom and law as she faces herself as lover. Set alongside The Lady Riding Atop, but readable alone as a stroke story.

Brook Singing was away from Shepherd's Crook for the first time. Brook and her brother Ram accompanied their father to bring Shepherd's Crook's wool, cheese, meat and other products to market. As part of growing up the children were along to see the broader world. She was excited to be in an inn with electricity.

Right now, though, she was excited to be taking her first hot shower with running water. She wriggled her shoulders as the warm water washed away a night's accumulated sweat. As she promised, she'd come real good. What a naive thing to have said only a few short hours ago. She laughed at the idea of capturing such an evening in such a short, simple phrase.

Ram, standing beside her in the shower, showed all signs of contentment. If anything, the evening had been more intense for her brother. What a night! Even though the rest of the day would be long without sleep, Brook would not give up a single minute of the experience.

"Bet ya didn't expect te' lady," he said.

"Yah! Ya neither." Neither Brook nor her brother could have imagined anything like the Lady Ashley, Third for Oak Leaf.

She'd been nervously expecting something far different as night's first bell drew near. Her brother was an adult, but her womantime was three long years distant. She was frustrated, a child in an adult's body, horny from lovers' work that she might see but not join. She'd imagined that some woman, a craftswoman or merchant perhaps, would enter their dormitory and let Ram know she was his for the night. Brook would give up her brother, surrendering herself to the strange environment and taking a sleeping pallet down the room. She'd be more alone than she'd ever been before in her life: distance from Shepherd's Crook and its web had deadened even the low level of mind drinking available to children.

She expected she'd listen to the noises of passion around her: each noise she'd be sure was her brother rutting atop his first lover from outside their community. She'd be uncomfortable and that would keep her from tuning out the lovers' work around her, while dulling her induced lust. Eventually the lust would build, and all alone, she would give into her hand, her release all the more intense for being drawn out. Of course the next morning Ram'd be there teasing as older brothers must: "I fucked er good. Heard ya come loud; ya 'joy?" She'd blush.

Things had taken a very different course. The two of them were talking. The lady had walked in, squatted, her hand on Ram's shoulder, announcing that she would take Ram for the evening. The last of Brook's inner calm fell away like a river bank undercut by one too many floods. No matter how uncomfortable her brother taking a lover was, she'd been counting on his familiar proximity in this strange place. She considered crawling in with her father like a babe spooked by a bad storm until she realized that like Ram, her father would slut for the inn and his lover.

Brook never expected a noble to be introduced to her, much less to see Ram taken as a noble's lover. Of course, Lady Ashley, Third for Oak Leaf was not any kind of noble Brook could have imagined. The girl squatting next to Ram was naked, smelling strongly of her own urine and arousal. Brook's nobles didn't walk around like that taking shepherd boys for their bed. Lady Ashley was sure of herself like Brook imagined nobles being; Brook just expected that assurance to come with fancy clothes and distant attitude. She reckoned that the presence of the defense manager saved her from doubting the lady's nobility.

Brook's nobles also didn't rescue frightened commoner kids. Fortunately, Lady Ashley was not one of Brook's nobles. So, like Ram, Brook also found herself one of the lady's evening charges. She was to slut as she was able within custom and law: she might take herself as lover and watch the others. Lady Ashley said even this might help the inn stand strong against the shadows in the night.

"Nay, reckon te' lady surprises everyone. Bet ya didn't expect t'slut that much," Ram said.

Brook blushed. She wasn't used to talking to her brother about how she embraced slut and lover.

"Ts'okay. You did us proud," he said. "Course, how much of a pee slut you were get 'round, your womantime'll be awful wet."

Brook could hardly believe what she'd done. All because Lord Thomas needed to make water. Well, and because she opened her mouth, and of course because with Lady Ashley as an example, how could you do less than fully embrace slut and lover?

After everyone else had come to a pause in their fucking, Lady Ashley had suggested that they all needed a rest. Before she could stop herself, a little "Nay" escaped Brook's lips. Brook was worked up from not being included in the last round of passion. To her vexation, Lady Ashley heard.

Ashley had laughed. "Fair enough. So, Brook, how are you doing?"

Of course she'd been horny. Had been? She was still horny thinking about the night; she'd started jilling herself in the shower with her brother for fuck's sake.

"Fuck, Brook! Ya might be more horny than te' lady!"

"T'so," she sighed. "Nice t'be welcomed as slut."

"Ah. What ya jilling to?"

Brook thought to herself, "No teasing?" Actually he'd gone further than that: an affirmative "ah," rather than just simply acknowledging the situation with "t'so." She felt his depth of pride and familial love in that "ah," stronger than she'd ever drunk anything from the Shepherd's Crook web. Of course she'd opened herself as slut, making love alongside a web focus tonight. By this point she was probably deeper into the Cow and Crown's web than she had ever been at home.

"Still m'pee sluttery," she said blushing.

When Lady Ashley heard that Brook was horny she'd proposed that Brook could put on a show for everyone else. She'd already come playing with herself, but that was while they were all racing to see who could get off first. However, Lord Thomas had needed to make water. It was no surprise that Lady Ashley had suggested Lord Thomas could pee for Brook.

Brook had been unsure of the lady's suggestion. Boundary work typically involved pee play; if two people were working on an offering together it was common for them to press up against each other, spraying together to share the experience. However, rolling around in your own mess like Lady Ashley had done in the lobby would be a big commitment at Shepherd's Crook. You'd probably be asked to take second bath with all the people who had particularly messy chores that day. Going around covered in urine from the time you made your mess until bath would be a significant investment in being a pee slut, and taking second bath on top of being dirty all day had its cost. Perhaps if it were running swiftly you could go wash in the stream, although the cold of a swift stream was its own commitment to the activity.

Still, soon enough, there she was, holding over a half-liter of Thomas's warm pee in a bowl. Lady Ashley had thought peeing on the young teen might be going too far, but if Lord Thomas happened to fill a bowl with his pee and Brook happened to play with it, who was to complain? And if Brook was there kneeling before him holding the bowl while he peed, well, what was the harm in that?

Brook hadn't been sure what you were supposed to do with a half liter of pee that was fun and slutty. She was on the point of asking when she realized all she need do is imagine the most outrageous thing the lady might do and do that. So Brook found herself ass in the air, face in the bowl, lapping up Lord Thomas's pee. On first taste, he was sour, strong but not undrinkable. She swished around a mouthful, exploring the flavor. There was a strong astringent aftertaste. "Good fertilizer," she had thought.

From the "O, wow, that's hot. I should try that," Brook guessed she'd managed to surprise even the lady, perhaps even going further than she'd intended. The lady continued, "Some day you'll make a really hot bitch getting fucked from behind while you lap pee out of a bowl like that."

As she lapped, Brook imagined how this might have gone had she been old enough to avoid the silliness of the bowl. She could hold her lord's cock as he peed, painting first her tits and neck, then her face, opening her mouth and getting a good drink as she was now doing. She decided to enact the fantasy. She squatted and began to pour the pee over her body. She started with her neck and tits. She bent her head forward, pouring pee down her back and into her hair. She smelled herself, exploring the wetness of her situation. She used the last of Lord Thomas's pee to copiously coat her cunt and hands.

She began to jill, squatting surrounded by the others. Lady Ashley locked eyes with Brook. "Spread your legs a bit further if you can," the lady said. Brook complied.

The lady, and for that matter Flow and Storm, were gathered close. Brook thought she could smell the lady over the pee coating her body and her own excitement, but she couldn't be sure. She could tell the lady's breathing was as excited as her own.

"Brook, how full is your bladder? Might you be full enough to pee for me?" the lady asked.

She certainly could, although she was not in significant discomfort. "Could do, m'lady."

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