The End of Prudery - Episode I: Linda's Webcam

by The Slim Rhino

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Drunk/Drugged, Incest, Mother, Son, Aunt, Nephew, DomSub, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Jarred goes off to College at the other side of the continent, but his hopes to forget about his unseemly thoughts about his mother Linda are crushed when he visits his favorite live webcam site.

My mother had definitely not been happy to stay on the other side of the continent, but heck, I was eighteen now and at some point the young are supposed to flee the nest. That is especially important when said young have entirely inappropriate dreams about the mother hen. Those thoughts had recently surfaced and where most likely the result of the fact that at eighteen I was still a virgin without wanting to be one. Bookish nerdy types just don't score with the girls.

I wouldn't really blame that too much on my appearance. Yes, the Harry-Potter style round glasses could perhaps give way for a cooler looking set, and I was a bit on the scrawny side but that's as far as I thought my body was flawed in any way. What I had definitely on my To-do list was starting to lift weights to help me build some muscles. And I didn't even have to embarrass myself in a gym for it. I had more than enough cash to buy home equipment.

A tragedy had decimated our family two years ago. Dad, who had been a high-level manager with a big IT company, died when his company jet crashed on approach to Boston due to a manufacturing flaw in the brand new model. To avoid even bigger lawsuits, they made a deal with the court and paid mom and I twelve million each. That sounds like a lot of money, but it doesn't really bring back dad, does it?

That was probably the reason for why mom and I had become a bit too close for comfort in the last two years. Who was there to give her the strength to overcome her loss? She had very few friends as being a bit isolated from the rest of the neighborhood was the price we'd paid for dad's well-paid job. There had been a lot of people pegging us for snobs and therefore avoiding us.

Mom had really loved my dad, despite the fact that he was away more than he was at home. Sometimes I wondered if I was adopted or they had been just good at hiding it, but unlike many other class mates I had never unwittingly heard anything that hinted at any sexual activities, not even a moan and I passed by their bedroom often, because I had to. It was halfway between mine and the kitchen and I often get thirsty at night.

Probably the no-sex theory wasn't so far off. Both mom and dad came from very old-fashioned families. You would see neither in something even remotely extravagant and I couldn't remember that I'd ever seen mom in a bikini. When she used the pool in our backyard, she wore a granny-type swimsuit. They hadn't brought me up so prudishly, but neither did my parents change much into a more liberal direction. My mother's version of 'The Talk' had been short and efficient - "Do not have sex." - end of.

It had taken mom fifteen months to get over dad's death. In that time I had taken over the job of a husband in all aspects but night-time duties, and as I said, I wasn't sure there were any to begin with. But now as mom seemed to be back on her feet, I needed some space to get rid of the illicit feelings and dreams I had occasionally. Half a year of separation should cure that nicely and give mom some time to check the market for a new partner, although I had told her she'd need to get a bit more creative with her clothing. Most of the things she wore were looking rather drab. Actually, that was quite the understatement.

The first four weeks in college had gone really well. The good thing about an Arts College is that you don't stick out like a sore thumb anymore if you're the bookish, artsy type. They all are. The down-side is, so are the girls, and I hadn't had much success in the lady department. None, to be precise.

But what I definitely had was the privacy for my two favorite guilty pleasures. One was going naked and one was visiting a rather popular live webcam site of the erotic variety. My large college fund meant I could afford an apartment on Campus all on my own. That gave me the privacy I needed for chatting with naked young ladies for hours, sitting in front of my laptop, naked myself. It was a bit pathetic really, like looking at pictures of a steak when you're hungry, but what could I do? The females of the species were not interested in me and I wasn't the type to become the aggressive womanizer.

I fired the site up and searched for some of my favorite girls, but except for Savira nobody seemed to be online and she was in a private chat, so I had to wait my turn. Then I saw two new entries. Both must have been there for the first time as no profile picture had been uploaded yet and their profiles were incomplete. The first was a girl called LaDiva, but all I saw was an empty bed. She had probably forgotten to deactivate the camera – a typical newbie mistake. In a way it was sad that I'd become such a regular that I knew that.

I also knew that newbies often had a hard time. Entries marked 'Beginner' normally didn't appeal to most visitors of whom many used to wait until the girls had collected a few ratings. Just how the girls were supposed to collect them seemed to elude their understanding. The Ladies could do so easier if they were eighteen or had some really kinky offerings in their profile, but this Linda, the second newbie, seemed to be a glutton for punishment. Starting off at thirty-four was a bit on the brave side. Private chats cost sixty quid per thirty minutes, so people were selective on whom to spend. But I'd had had so much fun here the last weeks, it was only fair to help a lady get started. I entered Linda's chatroom.

She was tall and had long black hair that currently obscured her face as she was sitting in a lotus position on the bed, reading a book. There was a wireless keyboard in front of her. It looked like the one I had. When the ding sounded that someone had logged in, she looked up and her face lit up with a smile. Mine froze after a hefty gasp of shock. Now I knew why the bed had seemed so familiar. It was mine, and Linda was none other than my mom! What the hell? It was the first time I saw my mom in only underwear and it even looked sort of sexy. I had had no idea that mom had such big boobs. Where the hell had she hidden those all the years?

"Hi," I typed to get a start, still completely dumbfounded.

"Hi," she typed back, very quickly, in fact. "I was already starting to think nobody is interested in an old woman like me. :("

"You don't look particularly old to me, but perhaps we should take this to a private chat?"

She nodded and smiled. I pressed the button and clicked away the purchase warning. My mother had her first private chat and she didn't know she was having it with her own son. Well there went any chance of getting those illicit thoughts out of the head. My mind screamed at me to log out, but I needed to find out why my so prudish mom was here.

"You're new to this aren't you?" I asked. Thankfully this was type-only. Else she could have noticed my voice. All she knew of me was a text window with a cryptic username.

"Yes, am I doing something wrong?"

"Some improvements could help. You need better lighting, perhaps four 100 Watt spot-lights, one in each corner of the room."

I didn't even know why I was typing that? Why was I giving my own mother advice on running a naked webcam chat?

"Something else?" she asked with a grateful nod. I saw she wasn't even looking down at the keyboard at her feet while typing, which reminded me that she had stood-in as dad's PA for a year when his regular one had gone on maternity leave.

"A better web cam, would help too, one that you can turn and zoom remotely."

"Ah, for the better looks at certain assets of mine ;)"

Say what? Was that really my mother who'd said that? The same mother who'd managed to hide that she had what looked quite convincingly like D-Cups, if not even DD?

"Well that's what these chats usually entail ;)" I typed back in kind, trying not to faint or give away who I am. I had already caught two 'mom's in my replies at the last moment.

"Want to see the girls?" she asked and wiggled her rack with a smile.

Shit, my own mother asked me if I wanted to see her naked tits, and the most worrying part was – I wanted. Hell knows why, I had dozens of other girls to choose from.

"Is the pope catholic? :)" I wrote, trying to hide behind the cover of what her usual customers will be like.

With a big smile, mom reached around her back and the bra fell off her boobs.

Sweet mother of god! She puffed out her chest and her boobs were definitely the most fantastic I'd seen on any girl so far. Well it definitely paid off that mom had never gone anywhere but the shower and the bathtub without a bra. Gravity had definitely been cheated out of a chance to work on these babies yet. Mom's big dark nipples stuck out so I could tell this excited her.

"Like them?" she sent when I hadn't written something for so time.

"Give me a ent to regain coherent speech." Too late I noticed that I had almost instinctively backspaced the first three letters of 'moment'.

She laughed and her big jugs jumped up and down on her chest. It was mesmerizing.

"You should definitely use a topless profile pic. You'll make a killing next time."

"You're sweet, but I'm not doing this for the money." she wrote back.


"My husband died two years ago and I want to change my life."

"Sorry to hear that, but that looks like a rather drastic change? A woman as beautiful as you doesn't need to advertise here. You should be fighting guys off with a stick just going to the shops? ;)"

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