Dear Diary

by Wolfdragon76

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: Sister fulfills her fantasies...all of them.


Dear diary,

You will never believe what happened today. Jimmy Johnson actually tried to kiss me. I was so disgusted that I almost hurled on him. I mean come on, if you are going to try to kiss a girl, at least take a shower that week and use a breath mint or something. I was pushing him away, and thankfully my brother was watching out for me, so he dragged the jerk away before he got anywhere. Thank god, I want my first kiss to be something special, not some gross jerk forcing himself on me.

I looked down at the page and smiled. The wide, flowery handwriting covered the entire first page of the little notebook. On the off chance my parents ever looked, they would assume it was one of my old diaries and close it. Of course, I never actually kept a diary, but they thought I did. As if I would ever put my innermost thoughts and feelings down on paper.

This notebook, like its predecessors, would be burned as soon as I finished with it. Now and then, I needed to write down my thoughts to help organize them, but I would never keep it longer than necessary. My family would never read it, but I couldn't say the same for the girls my brother brought home. I got along with all of them, but we weren't really friends. Flipping the page, I went back to my writing.

I guess it all started before we were born. My brother and I are fraternal twins, but the doctors were afraid I would never be born. In the womb, our umbilical cords were tangled and it impeded my growth to the point they feared I would be stillborn. It was almost as if he knew my life was in danger, because he never turned. When mom went into labor, they had to perform a C-section.

They took my brother out first. He was a perfectly healthy seven pound two ounce baby boy. I was less than half that at three pounds eight ounces, but I was surprisingly healthy for my size. My body was underdeveloped and I would have years of health problems, but I was alive. The doctors admitted later that if my brother had turned for a normal delivery it would have pinched off my cord and killed me. Like I said, it was as if he knew I was in danger and wanted to protect me.

My brother continued to develop normally, hitting every milestone they have for children right on time. I was another story entirely. I couldn't even lift my own head until I was almost six months old and finally started rolling over and crawling after a year. I didn't even take my first step until I was almost three. The only thing I was ever on time with was talking. I said my first word at nine months and was talking in full sentences before I could walk.

Of course my first word was 'ruce', my brother's name, or as close as I could come because I couldn't make a B sound yet. We were that close that it only made sense. From the moment we left the womb, he wouldn't stop crying unless I was with him. Mom had to put us in the crib together or he wouldn't sleep. When he started crawling and walking, it was always to get closer to me. From the time we were born, he appointed himself my protector and has always watched over me.

Our growth pattern from the womb continued as we grew up, and I was always smaller than the other kids our age were while he was at the top of the range. He continued to protect me, keeping the other kids from picking on me, and making sure I was safe before he would join any games. It got to the point that I knew he would do anything I asked him to, but I never really took advantage of it.

It continued into junior high and high school. I had convinced my brother to join the football team because he was so big it seemed a natural place for him to be. When we started sixth grade, he was bigger than most of the eight graders and the coaches had asked him to try out. I still looked like a third grader of course and he wanted to protect me, but it was one of the few times I asked him to do something for me.

I didn't want him to devote his entire life to protecting me, he was a natural athlete, and the prestige of being a football player would help him in high school. You see, I was always the smarter one. Maybe it was because I was so weak that I had to spend more time resting and reading, but I developed mentally far sooner than he did. Not that my brother wasn't smart, we were both honor students, but he was clueless about some things.

"Hey sis, I am about to start the movie. Are you coming already?"

"Grab the popcorn and I will be down in a minute," I said as I looked back. Yummy. He was dressed in just his sleep shorts already and I wanted to lick every inch of him. Of course his eyes were averted, he never took the opportunities to peek I gave him, or at least never that I noticed. He probably caught a flash of my pussy before he turned his head, but I had intended that.

After he left, I stuffed the notebook under my pillow, knowing I would be back at it tomorrow morning and went down to enjoy some time with my brother.

Where was I? Oh yea, entering high school I think. It was just before we turned fifteen and my brother was already a stud. He was almost six foot and close to two hundred pound of solid muscle from all the workouts to stay in shape for football. Again, my doing, but he benefited from it so I don't feel bad about convincing him to exercise more. I had been right there alongside of him, but while I had grown stronger, I was still tiny.

When we started high school, he was a shoo-in for the varsity football team. He played defensive end, and averaged three sacks a game by himself while shutting down anyone who tried to run to his side of the line. If he did half as well in high school, he would still be the best lineman they had. He was picked up by one of the cheerleaders and lost his virginity after the first game, but it only lasted a couple weeks. None of his girlfriends lasted more than a couple months because he was so close to me that they felt threatened or something.

Not that I minded them leaving, they only wanted him because he was popular and had a nine inch cock. Okay, it wasn't quite that big our freshman year, but we were seniors now and I knew exactly how big it was. I had watched as some random girl asked him out, slept with him and broke up with him a couple weeks later all through high school. He was never upset about it, because he never was attached to them. I would have been concerned that he had no interest in sex, but I know he had sex with all of them; he was just never the aggressor.

I knew he got hard with me, but it's kind of a natural reaction when a girl's ass I pressed against your groin. Not that we ever acknowledged it, or he ever tried anything. He would lay there behind me, my body curled up against his and not budge. The arm he put around me would never stray off my stomach through the entire movie. I wished he would, but I guess I'm just not that exciting.

Of course, there isn't much there to grope even if he wanted to. My brother and I are complete opposites. At eighteen, he was six foot four and two hundred fifty pounds of solid muscle, with blond hair, blue eyes, perfect golden tan, and a smile that made girls' panties wet. I on the other hand, was a few inches shy of five foot and would only break eighty pounds if you dropped me in the river fully clothed. I was pretty enough, but black hair, gray eyes and pale skin didn't do it for many people, especially with the drastic lack of curves. Let's just say if I bothered to wear a bra, it would barely need to be an A cup.

I look down and shake my head. Even my writing is rambling at this point. Maybe I need to go over what happened last night and see if it sparks any ideas, It's not like it was the first time it happened, I just need to figure out how to take it farther.

After I stashed you last night, I went down for a movie night with my brother. We had done it every Friday and Saturday night since as far back as I can remember. The only changes were the kinds of movies we picked now, how late we stayed up, and the fact that we used the basement now so our parents wouldn't have to suffer through our movies. My brother had cued up some bad horror movie on Netflix and I hit play as I pushed back into him.

He was lying on his side at the back of the couch, and I took my regular place, curled up in front of him holding the bowl of popcorn against my stomach. Our parents didn't even bat an eye seeing us like this, even as old as we were now. We had slept like this in our crib, and even shared a bed up until we were teenagers sleeping in this exact position. It was just an extension of his protective nature for him to be spooned up behind me and holding me.

Our parents had insisted on separate rooms, worried something might happen as we started to mature sexually. They relaxed again after my brother started dating and screwing every girlfriend he brought home, figuring he wouldn't try to take advantage of me. As if he would ever do anything, I had even tried to tempt him, but he just held me as he always did.

Last night was a fairly common movie night for us anymore. My brother fell asleep half way through the first movie, his hard cock pressed against me with nothing more than two thin layers of cloth between it and my ass. I had grown very skilled at fishing his cock out of his shorts and fondling it as I played with myself. Thankfully, he slept like a rock when he crashed.

That much had satisfied me for a while, but I moved on to trapping his cock between my ass cheeks and rubbing myself against him as I played with my clit. That had gone on until I went too long and made him cum all over my back. I had managed to clean us both up and get him tucked back into his shorts, but it scared me enough to stop my games for a couple weeks.

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