A Stepmother's Permission

by Midsummerman

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, Slavery, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Analingus, Doctor/Nurse, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: He thought it was just a formality, being viewed by her stepmother - he was told she'd need her permission to marry her, and he did what he was told as it was. Already a slave to his wife-to-be, his vision of a homely older woman soon evaporates - along with what little liberty he had left.

The feeling had always been there in the back of his head, a kink that gave him a rush of blood whenever he met that certain sort of woman, be it socially, at the workplace, or just in a casual smile in the street. It was partly that urge which attracted him to Trudy; he was younger than him by a good ten years, but she had found him attractive just the same, he was nicely suited to her for a covert reason she kept to herself as he wooed her. He would realise the pleasure of those closeted feelings from an unseen source, to an extent he could only dream of.

Adam Drover had noticed her amongst a group of girls at a club one night, the natural feminine authority often shown by redheads was so apparent as she cooly bossed the other girls without their seeming to notice, and dismissed the advances of several males looking for a dance with nonchalance. His cock had perked as he looked longingly at her pert arse and legs in tight white slacks; she had everything he liked in a younger woman - and that extra spice he sought - and had eventually found the courage to approach her, thinking even her sharp rebuke would give him a buzz. To his delight, she accepted him warmly and after a dance or two and some simple conversation, she was happy to agree another date with him.

Trudy Farrer had more than just a penchant for males she could manipulate, and she had detected Adam's weakness immediately. As he was older than her and obviously comfortable financially, unattached ... and despite her youth, her expertise told her he was submissive, perfect for passing on to the main source of her income, as per many males before. To Adam's surprise, the relationship moved swiftly forward over the next few weeks; he was soon treated to sex by her, and quickly confirmed his darker urges, finding himself dominated. Her natural superiority was enjoyed to the full by both, her youthful spite bringing the seed from him in torrents as he was teased and lorded over, while she waited for him to inevitably ask her hand in marriage; she ensuring he was quickly smitten.

Trudy knew it was coming as she sat in the chair with her thighs pulled back, Adam licking lovingly at her rosebud, on his knees as she chided him with contempt for his inferior service; she had thoroughly enjoyed dominating him, but it was time to pass him on and earn herself some income. Adam looked up to her, through the delectable ginger tufted cleft he had worshipped so obediently to order, and she heard the words she needed to hear.

'Trudy ... will you ... will you marry me?' Trudy smiled with pleasure, and lay her head back, laughing with studied contempt, enjoying engendering the effect of leaving him crestfallen in believing he'd be denied. The laugh made him lavish his tongue on her soft pucker again, the hurt feeling of expecting her refusal, tempered by further sexual arousal at his insignificance to her. Her laughing stopped, and he felt his head being lifted by the hair. She smiled at him, as a mother would on praising a child for good work.

'Of course I'll marry you Adam.' He gasped in surprise, and stared wildly at her face, overjoyed. Her smile broke into a gentle sneer and she brought her legs down, pointing to her feet. She smiled with smug contentment at her control as he knelt and kissed her feet automatically. He was nicely conditioned for the trip which would shape his future.

'Oh ... there's just one little thing ... I'll need to get Ma's approval; I want her to continue with the allowance she gives me, and getting married is something she'd need to know about. Don't worry, it'll be a formality, and we'll enjoy a nice vacation at her place down the coast.' Adam was a little puzzled at such an independent girl needing approval from anyone, but the bit about the allowance had him swallow the notion. She smiled sweetly as he carefully posed a question, not wanting her to have any reason to change her mind.

'She'd want to see me in the flesh? ... stay at her house with you?' Trudy's cunt tingled as she reeled him in.

'Oh she'd want to see you in the flesh alright ... to satisfy her curiosity and make sure you're worthy of me, and give her permission.' She laughed and rubbed his hair like a pet dog.

'It's all for show, her being a little old fashioned; seeing you won't make the slightest difference to things, the decision is mine but I need to keep her sweet, and she's a very sweet lady.' Adam knelt upright on his knees, looking into space and thrilled with her acceptance; a week or so down on the coast wouldn't hurt either.

'I'll do whatever you ask of me Trudy, and it'd be nice to meet your mother.' She pointed to her feet again, and sighed with satisfaction as he immediately sank and kissed the blood-red nails of her pedicured toes.

'Oh she's actually my stepmother, but she has red hair just like mine, you really wouldn't know she wasn't my maternal mother.'

Trudy watched Adam sleeping through the bedroom window as she stepped outside with her phone.

'He's ready Ma. I'll bring him to you on Saturday; he's been really easy and very pleasurable, he'll fetch a good price.' A dark and confident voice, edged with satisfaction, responded.

'Well done Trudy, I'll arrange a party for the following Friday; I have a few clients in mind who'd appreciate what you describe, and I know how you love to see them broken by the truth. I'll make him so welcome, and I may even decide keep him for myself.' Trudy laughed along with Madam Brooke Farrer as she ended the call.

Being a freelance agent in the advertising business suited Adam perfectly, it meant he could work when he chose too, sealing deals for magazines and TV stations from one-off clients before moving on to the next deal, the majority of his work carried out from home; it also suited Trudy, he'd not be missed by anyone. He arrived with a bag from his flat, to find Trudy waiting with hers on the doorstep. He took a deep breath and smiled at her choice of clothes; a tight leather pencil skirt, black stockings and tall heels, a tight silky blouse which did not hide her nipples.

'You look gorgeous Trudy ... but will your stepmom approve?' She simply pointed to her bag which he duly picked up.

'Oh, she's more than happy with anything I wear. Oh ... give me your flat keys, I've arranged for my daily to dust your place - I know how you single men are.' He smiled at her thoughtfulness and handed them over. She grinned to herself as she dropped them on the inner doormat and locked the door.

They drove for an hour or so, down a twisty coastal road with vistas across the ocean, then reached a very up-market neighbourhood of large detached villas. Adam gasped as Trudy directed him into the drive of a luxurious Deco style house built in the thirties, white with a green tiled roof, the gates opening to allow them within the walled garden.

'Your stepmother lives here?' Trudy raised a gentle smile of indifference.

'Why of course. She's a lady of impeccable taste, and also very shrewd; her last husband left it to her; he had no choice in the matter.' They parked the car, and as Adam retrieved the bags, the front door opened and a figure stepped out into the light. Adam's cock pulsed as the mental vision of the little old lady he'd held in his head was erased in an instant. Her red hair in a severe bun, high cheekboned face displaying piercing green eyes and glossy red lips, Brooke Farrer stood wrapped in a silk kimono tight at the waste to display her full breasts and splendidly curved hips. At about 50, she was the very image of a screen goddess. She embraced Trudy, then looked Adam up and down with a half smile which was laced with contempt, yet somehow judging him immediately. Adam gasped as he fought to simply say hello, such was her impact on him, and was glad to have the bags he struggled with to cloak his awestruck state.

Brooke didn't wait for any introduction from him, it wasn't necessary to her. She just led Trudy through, past a curving stairway to the rear of the house.

'Come my child, I'm out by the pool. Adam's eyes stared like a startled cat as Brooke untied the kimono and simply let it drop to the floor as she walked, leaving him to view her superbly generous and shapely arse in a red bikini, the thong tight at her crotch and displaying the flesh of her cheeks which jostled as her long legs strode on in high heeled sandals. She half turned her head as she stepped away from the kimono.

'Pick that up would you ... err??' Trudy stepped in without pausing her step or forward glance, nonchalantly.

'Adam, Mother ... he's called Adam'. The two continued as Adam duly complied, wrestling with the bags and sorely wishing to sniff closely at the perfumed silk garment, but transfixed by the sight before him as he stumbled. Her elegant shape was complimented by the panorama which spread before his eyes; the pool sat in a large patio with a pathway down to its own secluded section of beach, the ocean opening up before him. Brooke eased down into a lounger and lay with legs together, on her side to maintain his view of her ample arse and the lush feminine curve of her body, smiling at him as he followed out with the bags.

'Trudy will show you your room in a moment, but I'm sure you'd like a little refreshment after your drive first.' She pointed him to some open glass doors to the right side of the house, kept cool from the sun by a large awning.

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