The Once and Future Queen

by Ann Douglas

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Jane Parker left Hollywood behind a decade ago, never expecting to return. When she got the chance to do so, she discovered that acting wasn't all she missed

"Are you having a good time?" the young actress whose name escaped Jane at the moment asked.

"Oh I'm having a really wonderful time," Jane replied with a broad smile.

"I guess something like this is really old hat to you," the actress went on as she gestured to the large crowd that filled the even larger garden where the party was being held. "You must've attended hundreds of parties like this before. This is my first." she gushed.

Jane just continued to smile. Truth be told, this was the first party like this she had ever attended as well. Even in her heyday in Hollywood, she had never been invited to an A-List party. Especially not one in a setting like that around her.

The large twenty-six-room mansion on the seacoast had been built by one of the great actors of the nineteen twenties, one of those people who had practically created the movie industry. Its current owner and their host for the weekend, was one of the new boy wonders of Hollywood. With six blockbusters and two Academy Awards behind him, the studio just couldn't say no to him when he'd come to them with the idea for the project he was now celebrating the completion of.

"Mara, Queen of the Jungle" was a multi-million dollar remake of a early nineteen eighties television show that Jason Flynn had been fixated on since his teen years. A sort of female version of the classic Tarzan story, it had been the thirty-six year old's lifelong dream to remake it in his image and he was now in a position to do just that.

Back when the show had been on television, it had definitely been low budget. It lasted only a few seasons, despite achieving almost cult-like status, especially among teen-age boys and was soon consigned to what was expected to be the oblivion of cancellation.

But then, like a few other shows of the era, it went into syndication and became a greater hit than it had ever been when it was first run. Even today, the seventy-two episodes could be found running on one cable station or another.

So, with an abundance of old television shows being made into big budget films, the studio was willing to green light the project and make Jason happy. Even if the film was a bomb, they reasoned, enough ticket buyers would go to see it based on Flynn's reputation for them to at least break even. At worst, if the film tanked, it would take the maverick producer/director down a peg or two and make him easier to deal with.

But the studio bosses greatly underestimated Jason and the lengths he was willing to go to insure his dream picture would indeed be a hit. This was a film he'd been thinking about for half his life and he already had a long list of things to do and people to see to make that happen. At the top of that list had been Jane Parker, who had retired from the motion picture business over a decade before. As soon as he got the commitment from the studio, he sought out the former actress and offered her a role he created especially for her.

To anyone who had loved the show of course, and their numbers had been legion, his action was both predictable and made perfect sense. Jane Parker had been the original Mara. In the new version, the now forty-six year old would play an explorer who discovers the Jungle Girl and brings her back to civilization.

When first approached with the offer, Jane had been a little reluctant at first to take on the role. But she had agreed to see Jason later in the month when he was on the East Coast where she'd relocated. It had been years since she'd set foot in front of a camera and she liked the idea of her fans remembering her as she had been, not as she was now.

Having spent more than half of her life in Hollywood, where looks were everything, Jane was oftentimes much too critical of herself. The reality was, which others could see even if she couldn't, that a dozen or so extra pounds and a few age lines had done little to lessen her beauty. In fact, many people thought she was more attractive as a mature woman, standing out among her peers in a way she never did back when she was just one of a thousand pretty girls in a bikini making the rounds and looking for their big break.

After Queen of the Jungle went off the air, Jane had appeared in a number of roles in the years that followed. True, most had been B or made for television movies with few starring roles, but at least she'd been a working actress for most of her career, something few of her contemporaries could say.

When she made the decision to quit the business before it quit on her, she also made the decision not to capitalize on her one great role. Oh she would answer the occasional fan mail that managed to come her way, but she refused to appear at any of the science fiction and fantasy conventions that sent her invitations. She didn't want to become some old lady trying to remember her glory days.

It was only recently that some friends had finally convinced her to attend one of those gatherings and she was overwhelmed to finally realize that she had been the only one who saw herself that way. She hadn't even been a guest at the convention, but someone had recognized her and word quickly spread. In no time at all, close to a thousand fans had abandoned the stars of current shows on the ballroom dais to gather around her in an empty room and engage in an impromptu question and answer session.

So when Jason came to see her in person, he found her in a much more receptive mood than she might've been only a few weeks before. Still, she only accepted the role when she was sure it was going to be a real part, and not just some quick cameo that might wind up on the cutting room floor.

His proven talent aside, Jane found Jason to be pretty much an adult version of the geeky teenage boys who had drooled over her when the show was on the air. In their chats over a two day period, he'd even let it slip that he'd had his share of fantasies about her character while growing up and had gone so far as to buy one of her original costumes at an auction to put on display in his new house. Jane also got the impression that even though she was a decade his senior, the filmmaker would be overjoyed to live out some of those fantasies even now.

If that was the case, Jane thought, then Jason was going to be greatly disappointed. It was true, she'd slept with the executive producer to get the role of Mara in the first place, and in the later part of her career, a few blow jobs might've helped pave the way to an audition or two, but those days were far behind her. Not knowing the reason for the little smile on the corner of her mouth, Jason droned on about his plans for the new rendition of Mara. No longer really listening, Jane found herself remembering how she'd gotten involved in the original version.

The producers of the original Queen of the Jungle had been looking for a fresh new face for their Jungle Girl and invited the talent agencies to send around some of their unknowns to read for the part. Jane knew going in there that she had little more going for her than a few small guest star roles, a couple of commercials and a resume that held little more than a minor national beauty title and a 38-26-38 figure. The funny thing was that in the end, it all pretty much came down to her being able to fill the costume.

The problem was, Jane remembered, there was another, younger actress, Juliet Newman, also fit the costume. And, despite only being in Hollywood a few years, Juliet had nearly twice Jane's experience. If it had been up to the studio, Juliet would've won the leading role.

But the decision wasn't up to the studio, however, and Jane got a first hand lesson in how things were sometimes still done in the business, at least on this level. Rebecca Simon, who had spent the better part of two decades establishing herself as a power to be reckoned with, had signed on as executive producer as a favor to an old friend. After climbing her way to the top over every obstacle they could put in front of her, the fifty-nine year old felt entitled to the perks that came with it.

That Rebecca was as gay as they came was no secret, or the fact that the quickest way to a role in one of her productions was through her bed. Juliet, who despite having already done her share of auditioning on her back, including securing a top agent by letting him fuck her ass, inexplicably decided that such things were now beneath her. If they really wanted her for the part, and in her mind they'd be foolish not to, then it was going to be on her terms.

"Who does that fat old dyke think she is that I'm going to crawl down between her legs and get her off?" Juliet had been heard to say within earshot of several people who had been more than happy to repeat it for the producer.

Rebecca, who stood five foot one, weighed in at almost two hundred pounds and couldn't be described as attractive by even her closest friends, was understandably upset when she'd heard the comment. While the description might indeed be accurate, it had been a good many years since anyone had dared voice it. Especially not someone as, despite her high opinion of herself, easily replaceable as Juliet.

The chance for the role was quickly offered to Jane, who it turned out, had no problem with crawling into the older woman's bed. While it had been her first time with a woman, the twenty-two year old didn't view rumpling the sheets with Rebecca any differently than with a man under the same circumstances. Looking back even now, Jane remembered the orgasm the very talented woman had given her as being quite memorable indeed.

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