To Sail the Trees

by Ka Hmnd

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, First, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: My job started to prevent another plasma burn and to build a anti grav ship. I wanted to travel around the amazing world of Addison to explore. Taking dragons was a bonus with all the scientists that wanted to go. Everything went great until we reached another continent. That was when my companion pointed to glint of metal.

I did not like the job even if it was going to help me earn enough credits to be free. First I cut off the upper limbs from the trees along the edge of the barrier. Those went into the mulcher and then into huge piles to dry. Next I cut off the mid limbs and used grav lifts to move them to be stripped of secondary limbs in a auto lumber factory.

The lower level limbs were last to be cut off. Those were huge and had very large secondary limbs and anchor roots. Those went into drying piles like old fashion trees on earth. The last thing I did was cut the tree down and lower it using multiple grav lifts. The trees varied from four and a half to six hundred meters, the thickest was over eighty meters across.

What I got was the lumber to create my ship. It was a tri haul one hundred meters long and fifty wide. From the keel to the main deck it was twenty five meters tall with a flat bottom. In the center of the deck was a deckhouse sixty meters long and thirty five wide. All the common areas were in the deckhouse, a large kitchen and stasis pantries and a large dining area.

The deckhouse had a lot of large side windows with a huge lounge in back and another smaller one in the front. To the rear of the deckhouse were deck chairs and a pool and on the front deck were heavy, solid loungers. The bridge was above the deckhouse and thirty meters long and fifteen wide. Behind the controls were lots of comfortable lounging chairs.

The first deck below the main deck and on the outside were for sleeping cabins with large windows. Most of the middle of the first under deck was mine, from a private kitchen to the large bedroom in the bow. The second and third lower decks were larger and for storage and stasis holds. Below the third deck were water holding tanks and reactors and anti grav generators.

The anti grav plates were outside and along bottom and the sides of the large ship. The main anti gravs were on the rear to push. To put the huge ship together I had used an industrial moly bonder that basically blended all the wood into one huge piece. It took me six months to clear ten thousand acres to the south of the north colony clearing.

I accepted supplies and comfortable furniture in place of credits. I lifted my ship and moved towards the side of Addison's world's busy tourist market. I checked below and lowered the ship and shut down the main power reactor. I headed down to the main deck and extended and lowered the stairs from the back of the center hull.

I went down and ignored everyone that had gathered to stare. I walked into the market and to one of the smaller shops. The woman turned from selling ruby fruit lovers and smiled at me. I moved so the tourist could carry the cage out and walked towards the woman, "know anyone that needs work?"

She snorted, "cutting trees?"

I sighed, "it was either me cutting the trees or those assholes doing another plasma burn. I was able to move most of the animals."

She smiled, "and managed to catch three Elephant Wolf calves."

I nodded, "I have a dozen federation scientists and six from the Davis academy I am taking on a six month trip to the west continent."

Her eyes brightened, "are you going to capture..."

I grinned, "yes. My ship has a lot of room with stasis holds. I am going to look for dwarf dragons too."

She glanced past me before moving to the back of her shop. She lifted a small stasis box and opened the lid, "I have two eggs a day or two from hatching."

I followed and looked in at the eggs before looking at her. I cleared my throat, "I do not have..."

She pushed the box at me, "bring me back something special."

She turned and reached out for her comm and made a call as I looked at the eggs. It had been a year since mine had died protecting me from a Camo Tiger. Mrs Dugan smiled at me when I finally looked up, "I have a couple of nieces looking for ... adventure."

I blushed and she grinned, "they can cook and know how to clean."

She patted my chest, "you and they can play and see if you are a match."

A tourist stepped in and she pushed me towards the door, "I told them to meet you at Gill's."

I left and made my way through the crowd to an outdoor eatery. Gill sold meals made from wild animals found in the forest or at least that was what he said. I looked around and had no idea who the girls were or what they looked like. Two teenage girls carrying large duffles with five dwarf dragon and two large dragons crossed the street from another.

One girl had white hair and the other was a dirty blonde. They grinned as they looked at me and the one with white hair made a hand gesture to the two dragons. She cleared her throat, "I am Misty and this is Andrea ... Andy."

I nodded and she turned to the dragons, "the one with the scar on his chest is Mitch and the other is Emma."

I used hand sign, "I am honored."

The male nodded and the female lifted a front paw, "we go with the young females."

I looked at the girls who blushed and nodded, "I am going to cross the western ocean and explore the northern lands on the other side."

Their eyes lit up and hand signs flickered and the two dragons flexed their wings. The female looked at me, "you have room for us?"

I snorted as I signed, "more than enough."

I gestured and started to walk towards my ship. I should have known murphy was going to stick his head in. When I saw my ship it was with a large crowd of tourists around the stairs. I moved faster, "hey! Get away from my ship!"

Of course it was the off world scientist and those from the south. Instead of a dozen from off world and six from the south I had three dozen from off world and a dozen from the south. I only had thirty sleeping suites for them. At least they were in pairs and could share sleeping rooms with a few alone.

I was struggling to think of how to tell them all to go to hell when Misty and Andy stepped in. First they made them pay triple what I would have charged and then I had to show them to sleeping quarters. The dragons had flown up to the bow and were relaxing on the deck. While I tucked the scientists away the girls were making calls.

Thirty minutes later everyone was helping us bring lots of stasis crates aboard and down to the storage holds. Finally I brought the stairs up and in. I went to bring the ship alive and lifted before I turned to the west. Over the six months I had been building the ship and cutting down trees I had stored rain water so all the ship tanks were full.

I checked the onboard vid cameras and blinked when I saw the pool full of dwarf dragons. It was not long before we crossed above the western barrier and headed towards the coastal hills. I looked back when the two girls and the dragons came into the bridge. The girls grinned as they came to look ahead.

The dragons followed and the male signed, "it moves very fast but not like the flyers."

I shook my head, "we can cruise at two hundred kilometers an hour but I am keeping it under one hundred. We should reach the coast by tomorrow."

I had told the girls the center hull first deck was mine and to pick a room. The auto pilot AI was working smoothly and after a couple of hours I went below. I checked the galley and then went forward to the front lounge. The scientist from the Davis academy were relaxing with their dwarf dragons and seemed okay.

Most of the others were in the rear or their suites. I ate and returned to the bridge with the box Mrs Dugan had given me. I shut the stasis off and pulled out the eggs and wrapped them in a warming pad and put them in a basket. I had a large crate full of pads if I needed them and dozens of crates of fire and spice leaves.

I sat and looked out the bridge windows and finally relaxed. Andy slipped up and hugged me later, "we are making dinner."

I looked at her, "have some of the..."

She grinned, "Misty has six helpers."

I nodded, "if she wants to use spice or fire leaves try hold three."

She moved around and rubbed my chest, "you are not going to stay up here all night."

I looked from her hand to her face, "no the AI is actually the pilot right now."

She looked ahead, "it is strange to fly above the trees like this. Mitch and Emma like it if they are inside or in back. The wind in the bow is a little strong."

I nodded, "that is for when we slow or stop to explore."

I checked the AI course plot after she left, so far the ship was working great. I went down to eat and then went to get some fire and spice leaves. I set the eggs beside my bed and went to shower. I planned to be up early and laid back in bed and closed my eyes. It had been six months since I had a good sleep and I slowly relaxed.

My eyes snapped open to dwarf dragons climbing to the two large corner nests and the two girls slipping into bed. Misty grinned as she rubbed my hard cock and swung her leg over me and sat up. She lifted and reached down to hold my cock before she wiggled down it. She sighed as her warm and tight pussy squeezed, "I have been looking forward to this."

Andy put her head on my shoulder, "fuck him so he can do me."

I shifted and caressed her hips, "straddle my head and face her."

Misty giggled as she began to roll her hips and grind. Andy sat up and then moved and swung a leg over my head. I reached up and pulled her hips down and licked through her pussy. She shivered and pressed down harder, "mmmm!"

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