Lap Dancer

by Katie McN

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Blackmail, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, BiSexual, Fiction, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Violent, Prostitution, .

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Suffering from emotional scars, a woman gets hooked on drugs and is forced to strip then hook. Will she survive?

This story stands alone, but it is part of a series. "A Letter to Vanessa" and "Mallory" are the first two episodes.

There are lots of ways for a flashy blonde to make money in Tampa, but a drug problem reduces the choices to just a few. When cocaine smiled at me, I smiled back. When she grabbed me by the soul, I became her slave.

"Martinez, I need something bad. You've got to help me out man."

"I don't got to do nothing, Mary Kay. You the dumb cunt who couldn't get her ass out of bed and now you got no job. Hey, bitch, it's not my fucking problem, you know what I mean?"

"I'm starting work someplace else in a couple of days. Give me a G for now and I'll pay you back as soon as I start working."

"You was all right when you was only chipping, baby, but now you're too fucking high maintenance and you sure ain't no fun."

When I arrived in Tampa, I'd been on the road four months trying to forget the person I left behind. Someone who took three years to die. Someone who only cried once or twice, not like me who cried every time I was alone. When she couldn't work, I stopped, too. When she went to the hospital, I spent my waking hours at her side. Our attorney gave me the paper she signed and said a hospital might let me make a decision. When the doctor told me she was brain dead I was strong and knew what I had to do. She loved the ocean and wanted to be there forever. I threw her ashes into the Pacific and when I got back home I wasn't strong anymore.

I made a lot of money selling our home but had to use most of the cash to pay Mallory's hospital bills. I was left with ten-thousand dollars and a classic 1964 Jaguar named Chester. I went off on a pilgrimage, just me and Chester, trying to forget.

The journey started when we left Los Angeles and it didn't take long before Chester roared across the California-Arizona border. Straight highway and no police.

Mallory loved songs by the Eagles and I decided to find out what they saw from that corner in Winslow, Arizona. My mother never wanted to meet the woman I loved and I thought it was time to show Mallory's spirit the West Texas town where I grew up. Four years earlier Mallory pretended to get mad at me for flashing my tits at Mardi Gras so I took her memories to that same street corner in New Orleans and flashed an early-morning delivery guy. I went to Gallatin, Tennessee and visited Mallory's cousin. He said he'd get me a job and help with a place to stay. I left when he tried to put his hand down my blouse. I met our friends in New York City. We drank vodka and ate fish eggs in the Russian Tea Room. I went to Virginia Beach and remembered the day she laughed at the tiny waves that plinked against the sand.

I did other things like getting drunk, smoking dope, doing ups, downs and some sideways if I couldn't find what I needed. I finally ran out of map and decided it was time to settle down.

Martinez wasn't the ugliest man I'd ever seen, but he was a close second or third. A gold tooth set off his pocked-marked face and he'd need to stand on a box if he wanted to look me in the eye. Even so a dopeman can have his choice from all the girls who need a taste. He liked blondes with big butts and this one still looked fresh.

"Don't ruin my birthday party, Martinez."

Ashley thought it was a two-way relationship and Martinez didn't seem to care she was running her mouth in front of fifteen or twenty of his friends.

"Sorry, baby, but this is business. Let me get rid of the bitch."

"Wait a minute, maybe this can be business and pleasure."

I stood there waiting while she whispered something in his ear and watched his expression change from pissed-off to happy.

"Ashley thinks I should help you out, Mary Kay. Something to get you back on your feet. So if I help you, I know you won't mind doing something for me. Yah, you can be the entertainment and if you do good I give you some shit to keep you going a couple days; you know what I mean, Chica?"

"No, Martinez, why don't you spell it out."

I didn't have a clue where this was going, but I could tell from the look on Ashley's face I wasn't going to like the destination.

"Ashley, you tell her the idea. It's your present."

She decided to make me wait while she adjusted the hem on her silk dress and pretended to be searching for those just-right words. She was shorter than Martinez and had a figure that was trying to bust out of her skin-tight dress. I have nice-size breasts, but felt small when I saw what she had to offer. This was the first time I'd met Ashley and I already hated her, but the coke was more important than making a statement. I waited to hear what she had to say.

"If you're willing to do three little things, you can party here all night. We got plenty of what you need." She pointed at a mound of coke in a bowl on the nearby table.

"What do I have to do, Ashley?" I wanted to get it over with and thought it didn't matter what the three things were, as long as I was stoned right after I did them.

Before Ashley could talk, Martinez cut her off and said, "Yah, yah, you do this stuff and I'll front you a couple grams until you start your new job. You'll be straight, but you better do things right. You know what I mean?"

Ashley looked like a cat getting ready to play with a mouse. She gave me a weird smile and said, "Let's see, I have this fantasy about watching a girl do some things."

"What do you have in mind, Ashley?" She was making me wait, making me squirm, making me suffer.

"No big thing. A girl like you must have done a lot of stuff so this will be easy."

I could tell by the way she talked she was slamming me and I knew I'd find out how bad things were going to get soon enough.

"You're a dancer so the first part is easy. I want you to dance and be real sexy. Take your time and end up wearing nothing but your high heels."

"What are the other two things?"

"Oh no, it'll ruin the secret if I tell you. Don't worry, you can do them, no sweat."

The people in the room had stopped talking and I knew they were waiting to see if I'd be willing to undress. Someone put a CD on the player and turned up the sound. I'd been stripping at a club in downtown Tampa and was used to taking my clothes off in public. I don't know why, but I felt embarrassed doing it for Ashley and her friends. It didn't make sense. A soul thief, pure and white, had crawled under my skin and took control. My dignity was an easy price to pay for her comfort, a very easy price. I danced in time to the music and tried to will my mind to some other place.

My hands moved slowly on my breasts, across my tummy, over my hips and down my legs. I could look sexy even if I didn't feel that way. The people in the crowd were getting into my dance and I heard the same lewd remarks I heard at the club where I worked.

"Take you' time, Mary Kay. We want a show or else it's no good."

Ashley seemed to know I was embarrassed and she was enjoying watching me suffer. I decided she could go fuck herself and I got lost in the music.

I pulled my dress up the length of my thigh. I heard some guy shout out, "Show us more of them red panties, baby. Show us what the fuck you got."

The dress fell from my fingers and I made them wait to see more. The party crowd went wild when I bent over, arched my back and moved my ass real slow. Most of the guys were Latinos and let me know they liked what I was doing. "Shake that thing, puta. Show papi what you got."

I straightened up and let my new fans watch me pull the zipper down the back of my dress. By the time my zipper was opened to my butt, the crowd could see I wasn't wearing a bra. I turned around and instead of dropping my top, I held it up with my hand and pulled my arm out of one sleeve. When it was free I did the same with the other arm. I was holding up the front of my dress by squeezing my breasts and pretending I was turned-on. I let my audience check out the sides of my breasts first and moved my hands down until they could see the rose color that marked the top of my areolas. I could feel the anticipation as I touched and caressed myself. I teased the front of my dress until my tits were almost on display. I was sure everyone was watching to see when I'd show my nipples. The crowd cheered when I let the front fall down to my hips. My red thong was visible and the onlookers encouraged me to take it all off.

I took some time to play with my boobs and ran my hands up and down my hips. The dress looked like it was ready to fall off, but somehow it stayed around my hips long enough for me to do some slow bumps and grinds. The wild shouting that filled the room told me I was doing things right.

When I gave my dress a push it dropped to the floor to the sounds of applause. I could feel eyes tracking on my tits, my ass and the tiny red satin triangle covering my pussy.

"Show us your pussy. Show us you pussy, now."

There's an art to taking panties off for an audience. I eased one side of my thong down an inch or two and moved the other side down until my pubic hair peeked out above the red satin and lace that hid my pussy. I turned around and bent over again. Everyone could watch me slide my thong down and uncover my ass. I kept my ass moving and could tell a lot of people liked what they saw.

"Oh, mama, I'm fuckin' in love."

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