Changes Required by Mrs Carter

by Midsummerman

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Blackmail, Slavery, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, BDSM, FemaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Sadistic, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, Voyeurism, Analingus, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: This fantasy is inspired by a genuine photo from a web site, showing a man on his knees pleading with his wife inside a divorce court in 1948. This is a my interpretation of how his wife engineered his appearance there for her own gain, never intending to divorce him, but wishing to dominate him, and own him completely. His initiation into his newly reviewed marriage vows, involve a cuckolding, direct input from his wife's assertive attorney, and a hired dominatrix. All ensure his obedience.

The cold Chicago wind of the winter of 1948 blew through the grand entrance doors when opened, bringing a chill to the grandiose yet austere municipal building. He dropped to his knees before her in the hall outside the divorce court, and pleaded with her not to go through with it. She stood regal and pompous in her fur coat, enjoying seeing him squirm, and also thoroughly enjoying the looks of utter contempt he received from men and women alike as he humiliated himself. He had noted an immediate change in his formerly timid and homely wife since she discovered his adultery, the discovery a mystery itself as he had been so careful, but her change was not one of the simple anger or grief from betrayal he had expected; she had become so strong and forthright, razor sharp with her tongue, and even her appearance had changed. He stood to lose everything in the squeaky clean business world he frequented, knowledge of his affair with the sort of loose woman of his choice would ruin him.

'I beg you Lana ... please don't do it ... I'll do anything ... Tara meant nothing to me, it was just a sexual fad ... I promise I'll make it up to you.' Her female attorney, Dale Grant, stood next to her and equally regal in her tight pencil skirted business dress, sneering with pleasure as she watched him beg. Divorce was her speciality, and she loved watching men grovel. It gave her a supreme thrill to see men on their knees, and unknown to Ben Carter, was a covert associate of his wife Lana. Lana motioned to move toward the courtroom, intensifying her enjoyment as Ben gripped her leg and pleaded like a child, she knowing there was never the intention to proceed there. Dale sighed and smiled, feigning restraint of her aggrieved client.

'Perhaps we should go to my office, and draw up a few legal changes ; business and social, that would appease you, following your husband's unfortunate tryst with this 'Tara' - I'm sure the changes would benefit you.' Lana smiled knowingly.

'OK ... there'll be changes alright, to suit me alone.'

Ben felt like a scolded child as he sat in the rear of the cab between the two women, just glad to be off the hook, but wondering what lay ahead. The two women said nothing to him, just sat looking forward with a strange air of contentment on their faces. They strutted ahead of him to the elevator, confident that he followed behind them, insignificant other than to be brought to serve the purpose and uses his newly enlightened wife had in store for him. Their eyes now burned into him with contemptuous smiles as the elevator ascended, making his adulterous cock begin to rise unexpectedly; he knew they had him where they wanted him, and as they were aware of his adultery, they'd probably know the sort of woman Tara was.

The women received smiles from the secretaries as they strutted through to Dale's office, he received more looks of pleased contempt as he followed meekly behind; they'd seen many penitent males walk through to sign their lives over. Dale sat behind her desk, the file for Mr and Mrs Carter open and ready upon it. Lana sat in a leather chair and crossed her legs to display the black stockings and shiny modern stilettos she had suddenly become partial to; Ben's cock stiffened at the strangely attractive change in his once dour wife's appearance, which matched her now sharp persona.

He sweated as he was made to sign over his assets in full, should he dare to stray - the 50% or so she'd acquire under normal circumstances taken from him, he'd be homeless and need to start from scratch; everything else was duly signed away, Lana smiling contentedly as he nervously put his signature to the documents, sealing his fate. Dale grinned as she sorted the paperwork.

'Now the social changes ... to be decided entirely by Mrs Carter.' Ben sat meekly with his hands in his lap, guarding the unwelcome yet somehow teasing erection he found himself with; he couldn't hide his inner thoughts and what had attracted him to Tara; the weakness that had brought him to his knees before his wife. She opened her coat to reveal a tight blouse which did not hide her erect nipples, crossing her legs again to give her husband a view of legs which had until now, lost their appeal to him. His cock boned as she lit a cigarette, something else he'd not seen her do, and smiled curtly at him as she exhaled a plume of smoke.

'You will allow me the friends of my choice, and will be available to host and serve whenever I choose company.' Ben gasped at the strange revelation; she normally had nobody round, and only visited the women's institute weekly, or so he thought. Dale tapped the divorce file and looked at him sternly.

'OK ... as I said, I'll do anything.' Lana reeled off several social changes while Dale wrote them down on a document ready for his signature; though he was doubtful of their legal eligibility, he would sign, he wanted to appease her. Lana showed him a little more thigh, then smiled at Dale as she prepared to shock him with a clause that he would never have imagined.

'Oh, oral sex. I want it on demand, as and when I require the satisfaction.' Ben took a sharp intake of breath as she continued.

'I know you obliged her that way ... you'll lick my cunt on demand from now on.' Ben was speechless, sex with his wife had always been a uniform conformity, mounting her after a little finger based foreplay and ejecting his seed before rolling over to sleep. Tara had introduced him to the delights of servicing a woman that way, making him beg to experience the delightfully spicy whiff of her cunt ... and that of her tangy arsehole. His wife must also know he'd been dominated by her. He was grateful to her for that, and now knew he'd know the whiff of his wife's cunt too; and those legs looked so attractive now. He croaked out his affirmation, both women thoroughly enjoying his humiliation.

With his new routine set out for him, his worldly goods signed away to his wife whom he would now honour and obey in more ways than one, he was led away by her to make the journey home. Her silence was maintained in the cab, allowing him to ponder his future as she sat with a contented smile. She left the cab and strutted to their front door without a word, leaving him to scurry out and awkwardly seek the fare from his pocket, in a haste to follow. She stopped at the door and gave him a knowing smile as he approached to notice a banner across the door; 'Welcome home.' Ben was puzzled, how could she have known the outcome ... what had he let himself in for? She sneered at him with increasing satisfaction.

'Oh yes, the changes start right now.' She opened the door and closed it behind them, then stood tall and haughty on her heels.

'Can you see any other changes?' His bewildered eyes went first to the door which led to the downstairs bedroom, on it was another banner; 'Welcome to your second honeymoon.' He was then drawn to her satisfied face, which she twitched to take his eyes to something on the wall just inside the door. There on a hook was a collar and leash, the sight making him blush with shame immediately, but also making his balls tingle at his wife's obvious pleasure in humiliating him; his sexual perversity so contrary to the norm in the masculine led world of the forties, it indicated he was not a man, and the delight of his wife at outing him brought his cock up hard. She smiled and pointed to her feet.

'Strip off and kiss my feet! She dominated you, and now I'll be shown the same respect. I'm going to dominate you.' The just and wholesome thrill she felt was immense as he obediently discarded his clothing at her command and sank to his knees before her for the second time in a day; her cunt had moistened nicely on the first occasion, witnessing him humiliate himself in public as her power over him was initiated, she was now wet with arousal as he squirmed naked and bent to kiss her feet, so pleased to see the cock he had rarely shared with her, stand stiff and the bell end slimy with pre-cum at the inner pleasure of the shameful fetish he could no longer hide from her. His heart pounded, anus tingling wildly as her skirt and blouse dropped to the floor around the stilettos he graced so willingly with his lips.

'Head up! You'll know the leash now.' She was pleased to see him sniff at her panties to gain the scent of the cunt he'd neglected as her fingers fastened the symbol of his new status tightly about his neck, the feeling taking him down to a new and lush level of submission, Lana equally aroused in her triumph over him, pulling the leash taut to enjoy the feel of her control of the once wayward husband who was now her toy. She had another surprise for him which would indulge her emerging dominant spite, and seal his total enslavement perpetually. She grinned as she slid a draw open from the hall table, and pulled out a riding crop and black mask. Her look of contentment mirrored the tingling of her cunt before she hid her face behind the mask, and led her freshly dominated prize to the bedroom door.

She swung the door open, and Ben detected other people within the room, before being momentarily blinded by the flash of a camera, capturing the image of him leashed and led by a masked woman. His ears heard cruel laughter that was strangely familiar before his eyes recovered, Lana's voice in a satisfied tone being the next thing he heard.

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