An Ingenius Plan

by Timeekeeper

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mind Control, Hypnosis, Slavery, High Fantasy, Science Fiction, Cheating, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Involving science and manipulation, gross stuff

This is my first story and I hope it's good enough for you guys spending some time of your day to read it. :)

"Will, is is ready?" I asked impatiently as been waiting for several months to fufil my dream.

In the past, men controlled to be with women and broke up some time later, they are going to taste their own medicine. My amazing idea is to build a soul transferring ring and a watch containing mind controlling energy.

"Yep, sis, I don't get it why you wanted me to built these". By the way, Will is my brother and the top scientist specialises in building whatever object you design and show to him, he won many awards. The weapons are ready as he presented me 2 silver plated cylinders. I gave him $90k and took them, " Do not tell mum or dad, or you are so dead"

Just to make sure, I used my new watch and erases his memory of the last few months and took the blueprints with me before leaving. I had always admired Will but he never keeps his promises. I went to school on a Sunday night and knew Steven will be there, training for his upcoming basketball game. I secretly love him but he is dating with my enemy, Sandra. I used my watch and tell him to carry to the hideout that we knew about, in the deserted carpark.

When he set me down, I used my watch again and command him to make love to me. Next moment, I am screaming as he insert his cum into me, I can feel that many of his man juices are racing each other to intercept my egg."If only you are awake, Steven, it will be much better", as I kissed him. In the morning at 4am, I control him to take me home and we slept together nakedly.

"Rebecca, time to wake up!" as Mother knock on my door. I half open my door as I don't want her to notice Steven in my bed and pop my head only since I'm naked. I used my watch and convinced her I am sick to go to school and will be fine in a few days and told her not to interrupt me for the next few days as I will be recuperating and cannot attend school.

After she left, I used my ring and possess Steven's body and wore his shirt after putting his dick in my sleeping body mouth and hypothesis my sleeping body not to wake up and dress up. I leaped through the window and ran to school, met Sandra and she tried to kiss me, thinking I am Steven and I pulled away from her and avoided her.

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