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Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Workplace, .

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: His annoying neighbor makes him want to pull his hair out. The guy's 20-year-old daughter makes him want to pull something else. Little does he know that when she shows up at his pawn shop with an iPad that the interest on the loan isn't the only interest she has.

It was another long day at the pawn shop. I thought at least once a day about selling it or getting someone else to run the damn place, but I couldn't do it. My grandfather had started it, and then my dad kept it going. I couldn't bring myself to break the chain when he passed away.

Seeing my neighbor shut off his hose and put his hands on his hips when I pulled into the drive at home didn't brighten my mood any.

"Why don't you take care of your lawn?" he complained as I climbed out of the car.

As I walked to the door, I answered, "The grass is three inches tall."

"I'm tired of having to deal with all your dandelion seeds. You need to dig those things up like any responsible person. The whole neighborhood..."

I closed the door, cutting off the rest of his tirade and muttered, "I'll dig them up and shove them up your ass."

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood.

I took a shower, whipped up some grub, and then kicked back to watch some t.v. Same old, same old. I ended up dozing off at some point, and woke up in the middle of Fallon's monologue. The guy's better than Leno, but I was raised on Carson. There's just no comparison.

I shut him off and headed upstairs to bed. The last thing I needed was to sleep all night in the chair and wake up as stiff as a board.

Still half asleep, I stripped down to my boxers, shut off the light, and turned toward the bed. That's when something moving in my peripheral vision drew my attention to the window.

I stood there in the darkness of my room, hypnotized by the sight of my neighbor's twenty-year-old blonde daughter. She was right in front of her window with the lights on. The contrast of the darkness surrounding that window focused my attention, as if I needed any help in that.

She lifted her arms over her head, stretched, and yawned. The tight top she was wearing clung to her like a second skin, giving me a hell of a show as her breasts lifted from her stretch. She ran her fingers through her hair before letting her hands drop back to her side.

Her parents made me want to pull my hair out. Cammie made me want to pull something else.

I finally snapped out of it, and the dirty old man shame washed over me. Embarrassed by my behavior, I shook my head and closed my eyes for a second.

The mistake I made was opening them before turning away.

She grabbed the tail of her top just as my eyes opened, and in a flash, she'd pulled it over her head. I had a couple of blissful seconds to drink in the sight of her perky breasts before she tossed her top aside and walked away from the window.

I have no idea how long I stood there with my eyes bugging out and my mouth hanging open. Even after she vanished from sight, I could still see her in my mind's eye.

To say I was a little distracted at the shop the next day was an understatement. I couldn't keep her out of my head. Every time my thoughts wandered, they made a beeline to Cammie's tits. In my defense, it had been about seven months since I'd been laid. What do you expect from a guy in his forties under those circumstances?

I was finally getting a handle on it as closing time drew near. A couple of encounters with people trying to sell me shit or pick up stuff for peanuts had pushed up my frustration factor, which helped.

With the shop empty, I was planning to close up early. So, when the door chime sounded just as I was about to lock up, I wasn't especially happy about it. I looked that way, hoping it was someone coming in to make a payment and leave. The last thing I expected to see was Cammie.

The top she was wearing was every bit as tight as the one I'd watched her pull off the night before. Her skirt danced around her thighs, barely hiding anything. It certainly did nothing to conceal her long, smooth legs. She smiled as she walked toward me, carrying an iPad box.

I swallowed the lump in my throat and asked, "What can I do for you?"

Her smile widened and she waved. "I wanted to see what I could get for pawning this?"

"You do know how this works, don't you? You're paying back a good chunk of interest on a pawn loan," I warned her as she sat the box down on the counter.

"I know, but I need the money like right now. It's worth it."

I nodded and said, "Well, so long as you understand. Let's see what we've got here."

For all intents and purposes, the iPad was brand new. The box was in pristine condition. All the literature was there, and all the components. It was the latest model with all the bells and whistles as well.

"I need to make sure it works, but everything looks good so far," I told her. "Does it have a lock on it?"

"No, I turned it off before I brought it in. Go ahead. It works, and it's charged. I haven't really used it much. So, how much?"

"As long as it's working, I can go $275."

"Perfect," she said while flashing me a heart-stopping smile.

I tore my eyes away from the sight and went to work. A few quick tests confirmed that it was fully functional.

"It checks out," I told her when I finished. "We just need to do some paperwork, and make sure you know exactly how much you're paying back on that loan of $275."

I spelled everything out to the letter, stressing the interest and the final amount she'd end up paying back. The last thing I needed was for her to go to her asshole father complaining. Cammie said she understood, and seemed sincere enough, so I finished the paperwork, and got her cash.

Naturally, I had to admire her ass in that little skirt as she strutted out the front door.

I blew out a long, slow breath once she stepped out the door, giving her enough time to make it a short distance down the street. Then I walked to the front of the shop, locked the door, and flipped the sign to Closed.

Since I'd already started the end-of-night, it didn't take long to close up. After a quick stop at the bank night deposit, I rolled in at home to go through the nightly routine.

When I walked into my room at bedtime, of course I was thinking about the previous night. My eyes homed in on the window, and the one across the way, but it was dark. I'd say the best way to describe the feeling was equal parts relief and disappointment.

It didn't last long, because a new feeling - panic - shot through me when her light came on and she appeared in the window a moment later. Cammie looked right at me, smiled, and waved.

I'm sure I looked like a complete idiot as I forced a grin and stiffly waved back to her. I shut off the light and moved out of view almost immediately with my face burning. Then I dropped my head into my hand, groaned, and got ready for bed. The whole time, I could see the light shining through my window, dimming and brightening to let me know she was still in front of hers. I buried my head in my pillow, and thankfully I was tired enough to drop off before too long.

I went in early the next morning, because it was what I called default day. That's the time in the middle of the month when I processed the bulk of the delinquent loans and put the items out on the sales floor. Within an hour of opening, I'd already sold two game consoles and a flat screen. By the end of the day, the finances were sitting pretty. I was feeling good at closing time when I got hit with Deja Vu.

Once again, Cammie strutted into the store. This time, she was wearing a lacy black dress. Thin straps held it up, leaving her shoulders and arms bare. The neckline plunged in a V down to her stomach. The skirt was just as short as the one she'd worn the previous evening, and her black high heels served to make her legs look even more incredible.

I honestly don't know how she managed to walk without showing off every inch of her in that outfit.

As she walked up, she said, "I realized I left some pics on the iPad that I thought were in the cloud. Is there any chance I could transfer them to my phone?"

"Sure. The files aren't important, because I put everything back to factory settings if I have to sell it anyway. I'll go get it."

She smiled and said, "Great. Thanks."

I was thankful for the opportunity to turn away and walk into the back. It was taking everything I had not to look at what was trying to peek out of that plunging neckline. Of course, it was a short reprieve.

The moment I walked out of the back room, she took a step back and ran her hands down her sides. "This is what I bought. Isn't it amazing?"

Jesus fucking christ, I thought as the sexy display hit me like a sledgehammer. My thoughts raced and I seized on the first response that didn't sound creepy. "Well, it should for almost three hundred bucks."

"Actually, I've got a hundred left. I got a better deal on the shoes than I expected."

I put the iPad down on the counter and said, "Well, I don't usually do this, but if you want to give me that hundred back, I'll redo the loan to cut down your payments."

She nodded and said, "Sure," while reaching into her purse.

Once she put the C-note on the counter, I told her, "Go ahead and get whatever you want off there, and I'll change everything in the computer."

Cammie turned on the iPad while I went to work on my own computer. While I was bringing up her account, she asked, "Have you ever found anything interesting on a phone or computer someone has brought in?"

I chuckled, remembering stories I'd heard from other pawnbrokers, and my own father. "No, I make a point to not go digging around."

"Hmm," she said, sounding surprised. "I don't think I'd be able to resist snooping."

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