Helpful Brother

by realoldbill

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Desc: Brother/Sister Incest Story: Two young beauties are much too tempting

"Oh, look at that," Tucker said, rolling over on her back and putting her free hand between her long legs. She pressed the seam of her tight shorts into her virgin sex lips and rubbed gently, stimulating her clit and getting wetter.

"Let me see; let me see," cried her friend, yanking the catalogue from her hand. "That's impossible. How big is that thing?"

Tucker grabbed it back. "Down here at the bottom it says ten by two, ten inches long and two inches wide and made of rubber, some kind of shanky rubber."

"What's it cost?" asked Miller, licking her lips and trying to imagine what something two inches wide would feel like entering her unused young body. In fact nothing except the tip of her little finger had ever entered her vagina and that only twice and very briefly after deep shudders and swallowed squeals. She scared herself when she thought about sex although she sometimes enjoyed standing before her mirror and rubbing her breasts. "Maybe we could buy one to play with."

"Fifteen bucks plus postage," said Tucker. She turned the page and gasped. "Here's one that's even bigger and it's curved like a banana with a big, round head."

"Show me, show me," the other girl said, resting the back of her head on her friend's bare belly, her hand down inside her shorts and into her wispy pubic hair.

"Look," Tucker held the booklet in front of Miller's bright blue eyes. "It's for the G-spot it says. Have you ever..."

The door swung open and Tucker's brother Bill stood there, his worn bookbag hanging from one shoulder and a sandwich in his mouth. He closed the door and leaned against it seeing the floor littered with his Playboys and sex comix and two young and very pretty girls who looked both surprised and embarrassed spread over his rumpled bed, which he had straightened up that morning.

He set down his books on his desk, took a bite of his peanut butter and jelly and smiled at the jumble of legs and arms and tousled heads trying to get organized and on their feet. "What are you two doing in here?" he asked with in a friendly manner as the girls nearly fell off the far side of his bed, displaying a great deal of leg and the underside of their teen-aged boobs. Both of them hated wearing bras.

"Nothing, nothing," Tucker said, "how c-c-come you're home?" She pulled down her tiny shirt.

He took another bite and pointed at the window. "Raining, didn't you notice?"

Miller shook her head and looked at the young man she had lusted over for at least two years, had enjoyed sexual fantasies about, had thought of when she stroked her breasts. He was getting bigger and better looking every day, and his jeans were so tight that his big cock was clearly defined where it bulged where it was folded into his groin pouch. Miller shivered and blinked. It had to be a foot long, at least. Her vulva warmed quickly, and she felt suddenly wet. His scrotum, she thought, must be the size of a softball.

"What's your name, cutie?" Bill asked, finishing his sandwich and seeing that his sister was holding something behind her. He knew the girl, in fact he had masturbated looking out the back window at her not long before as she worked on her tan, her top untied and bottom of her tiny bikini rolled down. She was hot, really hot for one so young.

"This is Miller, Miller Grant," said Tucker quickly. "You've met her before."

Bill shook his head and smiled. "Uh uh. I'd remember her." He felt his cock stir. The girl was a first class beauty, immature of course, but a stunner with long, straight hair she now flipped back with a toss of her head. Since his sister was fifteen, he assumed her friend was too, but what a nice pair of high jugs and such a cute belly button. He wondered if she shaved her pussy the way the last girl he fucked had done. His thick cock stirred at the memory. He knew it was filling with blood.

"We were looking at things, magazines," Tucker said. "I'll put them all away."

"You wouldn't like if I came into your room, would you?" he asked. "What've you got behind you?"

"Catalogue," Tucker said, blushing.

"Toys," said Miller, staring at the young man's groin and seeing the shape of his long penis which seemed to be swelling. It can't be that big, she thought. She pictured the pink dildo in the catalogue hanging between the boy's long legs. She licked her lips unconsciously.

"Oh?" he said, in no hurry to get rid of either of them, "show me." He felt his cock stirring.

Tucker threw the booklet to her brother, and he flipped through the pages of sex toys while the girls stood waiting, hands behind them, young breasts thrust forward, both blushing slightly.

"You learning a lot?" he asked, both amused and aroused.

"No, smarty," said his sister. "But," she sniffed and made a face. "We did have a question. Look at page twenty."

He looked at the big dildoes and then up at the girls, noting that both had very hard nipples for some reason. Both bellies were bare and both waists were very slim. Their little shorts hung low on their lean hips.

"Nobody has one that big, right?" Tucker said.

"I don't know," he said, amused. "I've seen some pretty big ones in the showers." He wasn't going to talk about what he had seen on the Internet.

"I've never seen any. I mean, except babies'." Miller said, surprised by her boldness. But it was true, except for those limp things cut in half in the science books. An only child in a fatherless home, she was dying to see a real one.

Bill studied her. The house was empty except for them and would be for an hour or so. His sister had seen him in the shower and out n the hall several times with his cock flopping about. He was tempted by the girl's beauty and the fact that he had not enjoyed any pussy for more than two weeks since Kim dumped him for that college boy. He was, he had to admit, excited and wondered how far he could take their curiosity.

"Really," he said. "How 'bout on your computer?"

"You can't believe those," Tucker said. "I mean can you? I've messed with Photoshop." She blinked at her brother remembering what his limp member looked like when she walked in on him in the bathroom and saw him once standing before his mirror, making muscles.

He shrugged. "Some of them are fakes, I suppose. If you both promise not to tell, I'll show you mine if you let me see yours, your little pricks I mean."

The girls looked at each other, puzzled, blinking.

"Your clits," Bill said with a chuckle. "Clitoris if you insist, your pussy cleft, your slit."

"Oh foo," Tucker said. "That's silly. They're so tiny."

"OK," he said, "get out of here. I'll put these away." He started kicking the magazines into a pile.

"I want to see it," Miller said quickly. "Honest." She licked her lips and felt her pulse rate climbing.

"All right. Tuck you can leave if you want." The idea excited him. Maybe he could get into her pants, but then he thought about her age and relaxed a bit. He had enjoyed a few underage girls, but had promised himself to stop. It was, he knew, dangerous.

"Oh no, I don't trust you," his sister said. "I'll chaperone."

"If you stay, I want to see yours," he said. "And if you touch mine, I'm going to touch yours. Understand?" In his mind he thought, and if I lick yours. He smiled, feeling a pleasant surge of tumescence and excitement. His balls began to swell.

They both nodded and then came and sat on the edge of his bed, their hips touching, toes tapping the floor. Just about the same size and shape although, he noted, his sister's boobs were a bit smaller and higher and Miller Grant's legs were somewhat longer and her hips fuller. She looked more mature, more fuckable.

"No telling, promise?" he demanded, looking serious. "Not even your friends. I could get in trouble on account of your age."

They nodded and watched him peel off his shoes, slip out of his jeans and then turn his back and take off his boxer shorts, still wearing his long, gray t-shirt and sweat socks. His legs were very hairy.

Miller could not believe how muscular the boy's buttocks were, but he played three sports and was always in top shape. Bill was an even six feet tall and weighed about 160 pounds. He could press 250 and was always around five seconds for forty yards.

He turned around with his fists on his hips, his t-shirt hanging well below his hard belly, and his sister gasped and put her hand to her mouth. She was disappointed. "It's so little and wrinkled," she said, looking at his hairy groin.

"Yep," he said, grasping his limp member and shaking it. "Satisfied?"

"Uh uh," Miller said, shaking her head, curious as well as disappointed. She licked her lips unconsciously, feeling her heart beating rapidly. "Make it hard."

"Are you hard?" he asked, holding her deep blue eyes until she looked away. "I mean excited?"

She nodded and sighed, feeling herself becoming warm and wet between her legs. She knew her little nub would be sticking out like it did when she played with it.

"Show me," he said, feeling his cock begin to fill and twitch. He did not need to look down to know he was aroused. He watched Miller Grant's breasts move beneath her shirt as her breathing rate increased. His palms itched.

Both girls stood and wiggled out of their shorts and thongs and then sat back down and spread their knees, putting their heels up on the sideboard of his bed. They glanced at each other and then looked at him, blinking, owl-like, unafraid as long as they had company despite the sizeable male member hanging right before them. It really was getting bigger, longer and thicker, pulsing.

"By damn," Bill said, "yours is hard. And it's red, too. Where's yours Tucker?"

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