Bobby the Cuckold

by Just Plain Bob

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Desc: Sex Story: The title says it all.

This story will pretty much show that I am what I've always known I am – an asshole! But so what? If you are an asshole and know you are an asshole you don't give a shit about what other people think about you anyway.

Some background here. I am Robert James Dalton; I am thirty-three years old and I am a Vice President of Operations in a company that I am not going to name for what will become obvious reasons. I am not going waste time describing myself because my appearance has no bearing on the story. My wife Julie's appearance has a great deal to do with it however so I will describe her.

Julie is a walking wet dream at five foot five inches, 110 pounds and with a body that measures 36-22-35. She has raven black hair that falls to the middle of her back and blue eyes that you can get lost in.

I met Julie in my junior year at college and it was lust at first sight. Get that? Lust at first sight? Not love, but lust! As soon as I saw her I wanted to fuck her. She had a boyfriend (no surprise there) but I had no intension of letting that little fact get in my way and I began plotting out a way to get to her which eventually proved to be a waste of time. All the plotting in the world can't take the place of pure assed dumb luck.

Julie and I had several shared classes together and Professor Hanson's Statistical Analysis was one of them. I had managed to get the seat next to Julie and midway through the class Hanson broke the class up in to groups of four and assigned each group a project. The first piece of dumb luck put Julie and me in the same group. I spent a lot of time with Julie (and the other two) in the library doing research and I managed to get Julie to have coffee with me after our group meetings. Without being overly aggressive I let Julie know I was interested in her. Probably no surprise to her. Given her looks she'd probably had guys sniffing after her since she was twelve. She knew what she had so she knew guys were going to be interested in her.

Then the second piece of dumb luck occurred. Julie found out that her boyfriend had cheated on her and she was pissed. She confronted him in public and then kicked him to the curb. The day after she dumped him when we left the library after our group meeting I asked her if she would like to join me for coffee she said yes.

We went to the B&B Café and had pie and coffee. As we sat there talking about the project she suddenly asked:

"Are you doing anything tonight?"

"Nothing planned. Why?"

"I need a date for a party I want to go to."

"What about Jerry?"

"He's history. I found out that he has been screwing around on me."

"The man is obviously an idiot."

"Why do you say that?"

"He had you and he was screwing around? Obviously an idiot."

"Can I take that to mean that you will be my date tonight?"

"You betcha."

The party was at the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity house and the reason she wanted to be there was that she knew Jerry would be there. She wanted him to see that she hadn't wasted any time wringing her hands and crying over the loss of him. She was using me and I knew it, but so what? I had my foot in the door and I intended to make the most of it. She got what she wanted. Jerry was obviously upset at seeing her on the arm of another guy so soon.

To speed things up a little that first date led to several more and six weeks later Julie was on my bed on her hands and knees taking my cock up her ass. The girl was insatiable. Jerry was indeed a chrome plated idiot for letting her get away. In short order my lust did translate into love and two months after graduation we tied the knot.

I got on at the unnamed company and Julie went to work for Artful Advertising. About a year after I went to work for the UNC I was at a client's cocktail party with Julie. There were two of my coworkers there and it was the first time that any of my coworkers had seen her. About an hour into the party Ben, one of my coworkers, pulled me off to the side to talk to me.

"No offense Bob, but your wife is seriously hot. It would be wise of you to never bring her to any company sponsored social event."

"Why would you tell me that?"

"Because Jack Bartrom (President and CEO of the UNC) has a reputation of going after the wives of employees, especially if they are good looking. If he is successful no one ever says anything about it because they don't want to lose their jobs."

"Do you know for a fact that this is true or is it just rumor and gossip?"

"It is true and I know it for a fact."

"How? You aren't even married."

"No, but my brother Mike is. I don't think you've met him. He is a production manager in the annex and his wife Betty is one of Jack's conquests."

"He is still with the company? Why didn't he kick his wife to the curb and quit. Sue Jack and the company for alienation of affections or something like that?"

"Because he didn't find out about it until about a year after it happened. When he did find out he decided not to rock the boat."

"Rock the boat?"

"Mike started work here as a machine operator. He took Betty to his first company picnic and Jack saw her and apparently liked what he saw. He nailed her and a month later Mike was promoted to lead operator. Four months after that he was promoted again. After that came promotions to assistant supervisor then supervisor. When he was promoted to assistant production manager someone finally clued him in. As long as Betty fucked Jack Mike got promoted. Mike got a PI to check things out and the PI found out that Betty was not only fucking Jack two or three times a week, but was also playing the part of company whore and taking care of clients for Jack.

"He confronted Betty and found out that Jack had seduced her and had promised her that as long as she fucked him Mike would do well in the company. Mike decided that he didn't want to start over with a new job and a new wife. Except for being a cheat Betty was a good wife. She kept a clean house, was a good cook and she gave him all the pussy he wanted whenever he wanted. Betty apparently told Jack that Mike had found out and seemed to accept it and a week after he confronted Betty he was promoted to production manager. So a word to the wise Bob; keep your sexy wife away from anywhere Jack can get a look at her."

To be honest that sounded like just so much bullshit to me. If shit like that really happened sooner or later there would be a shit storm over it. There would be lawsuits over sexual harassment and things like that. I put Ben's warning out of my mind and eventually forgot about it. I never did take Julie to anyplace where Jack could get a look at her, but it was because I never went to any of the company's social events.

And then in the space of eight days two things happened and my life changed.

The first thing was that Julie and I attended a barbecue at Ben's house on a Sunday and I met his brother Mike and Mike's very pregnant wife Betty. I'd seen Mike around at work, but we had never spoken to each other. Later on the afternoon Mike came up to me.

"You have a very attractive wife. Ben told me that he'd told you about what happened to me and he got the impression that you thought what he'd told you was bullcrap."

Then he didn't pull any punches and told me straight out that what Ben had told me was true and he told me that with his very pregnant and obviously nervous wife standing three feet away from us and trying to look invisible.

"He met Betty at the company picnic and took notice of her. At the time he was fucking Tom Deerfield's wife. I found this out later. Apparently Barton is a one woman man in that he only fucks one wife at a time. Anyway he was fucking Deerfield's wife and he added Betty's name to the list of wives he was going to eventually fuck sooner or later. The later happened at the company Christmas party that was held at Jack's home. After we had been there a couple of hours Betty and I were talking to Jack and Deerfield came up to us and said he had something he thought I'd like to see. Jack told me to go ahead with Deerfield and he would keep Betty company.

"I had no idea of what the plan was. No one warned me like Ben and I are trying to warn you. I guess I was pretty naïve. I thought it was great that Betty was getting along with the boss. I was thinking that if he liked her by extension he would like me and my thought was that it is never a bad thing to be liked by the boss. I thought all was fine when he entertained Betty."

He stressed the word 'entertained' and his wife's face turned red.

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