Aunt Nancy Comes to Town

by Lostlady

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Brother, Nephew, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: When Aunt Nancy comes to town, she really cums, so do her nephew and brother.

Nancy had lost her job out on the West Coast, not through any fault of her own, but due to corporate downsizing. They'd eliminated 15% of the work force, and she'd been in that group. She'd come back East when her brother Sam had offered her free room and board if she wanted it. Sam was a widower, living with Matt, his 18 year old son, and said he needed a woman's touch around the house. She felt it was charity, Sam was an attractive guy and could easily found a live in girlfriend to help out, but she had no other real options, so she took him up on it.

It was a funny situation; she didn't want to be a surrogate mother to her nephew or wife to her brother. She certainly didn't want to be a housekeeper. But it seemed to her like she was going to be a little of all three; as she saw it, all the work with none of the benefits. But she knew things could be worse, so she put on a smile and accepted her lot.

In the first couple of weeks, she operated as sort of a domestic, cleaning and co-coordinating things around the house. It really wasn't as bad as she'd expected. Slowly but surely she began to adjust to her role and settle into a routine. Then one day when she returned from doing the shopping she faced her first crisis, something a parent should deal with, not an aunt.

Coming into the kitchen with an arm full of grocery bags, she heard some weird music coming from the other room. It was either a cheap arraignment of classical music, or a bad parody of it, she couldn't tell which. It was punctuated by some rather loud moans and groans. Walking through the doorway into the living room, there on the television, she saw the image of a blonde woman sucking furiously on a rather large dick. Glancing at the couch, she saw it was her nephew watching the pornographic movie. He was so wrapped up in it he hadn't noticed that she'd come into the room.

So that was Nancy's dilemma; should she act like an outraged mother and put a stop to the whole thing, wait and tell Sam and let him handle it, or deal with it in her own way. She wasn't his mother, so number one was out. Telling Sam seemed to be some type of cop out, so she rejected that option. That left her to deal with it, but she wasn't sure how. She knew it was natural for men to watch this stuff, and young men even more so. She remembered seeing adult VHS tapes in her brother's closet when they were younger and for all she knew. They could have actually been her father's. It occurred to her that the DVD Matt was watching belonged to Sam. One thing she was sure of, she had to do something. She decided on using the direct approach and play it by ear from there.

"Hi, kid, watcha' doin'?"

Matt responded in surprised embarrassment. Turning to face her, his eyes wide and face quickly turning red, he began stammering and looking for words.

"I, I, I'm sorry, I mean I, I didn't think anybody was here. I'm sorry," his voice trailed off as he grabbed the remote, turning off the video. "I'm sorry."

The thought "sorry you got caught" ran through her mind. But she hadn't intended to scare him and she didn't want to mark him emotionally so she searched for a quick way to defuse the situation. She sat down in a chair facing the television.

"Calm down, you're old enough to be watching this stuff. Turn it back on if you want."

"No, that's OK." Even his voice was nervous, "You're not going to tell Dad, are you?"

"Don't be silly. It's our little secret. Now go ahead and watch the rest of it, don't let me stop you. I might enjoy it too. I am an adult woman after all and I've probably done anything that's on there at one time or another."

Finally he took the remote and turned the television back on. Once again they watched the close up of Blondie sucking on the stiff cock, but then the camera zoomed back and Nancy saw the girl was not only blowing one guy, but as she bent over him another was behind her fucking her doggy style. The young starlet lifted her head off the swollen prick as she clasped it tightly and gave it a couple of quick strokes and a blast of cum shot up into her face. Seconds later the guy behind her, pulled his cock out of her, gripped it in his fist and pumped it rapidly until he shot a load of cum onto her ass. Then he used the head of his dick to smear the semen across one cheek.

"I take it back," she said, marveling at the masterpiece of timing they'd just witnessed. "I guess I haven't done everything that's on this video."

She'd expected a laugh or at least an amused chuckle from the kid, instead she heard a pained groan as he jumped up and ran from the room. She heard his bedroom door slam as she sat there bewildered. Waiting for him to return, she tried to figure out what she had said to cause him to react that way. After a minute or so she turned off the television, after five minutes or so she decided she had to go and check on him.

She went down the hallway and knocked on his door. When there was no answer she turned the knob, it was unlocked. She opened the door and looked in. Matt was lying on the bed face down, she noticed he'd changed his pants. Then it dawned on her; the kid had come in his pants. She sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Everything all right?"

"Yeah, I'm OK; just embarrassed." He sat up and shifted over, sitting next to her on the bed. "I'm sorry about all this."

"Don't be, it's all fairly normal. Just tell me one thing. You have a computer in here, you could have watched that DVD in private. Why'd you play it out in the living room?"

"Just wanted to see it on the bigger screen, I guess."

"Fair enough, but in here you could have, you know, taken care of yourself."

"You mean like jerking off? No, I don't do that."

"Nonsense, everybody does, especially men, young men even more so. It's better than creaming your jeans."

"You mean women do it too?"

"We've been known to." Nancy wasn't sure she liked the direction this was going in.


Nancy closed her eyes in embarrassment and held up her fist, middle finger extended, as if she were flipping him off. Then she quickly jabbed the air three times in succession. She decided he could figure out what she meant, she wasn't going to put on a demonstration. What she didn't realize was that not only did he understand what she meant, but how much that gestured turned him on.

Sitting on the bed with a woman, even if she was a blood relative, talking about masturbation, all the while looking her over, inhaling her perfume, all this sent his sexual urges into high gear. Then when he saw her middle finger jabbing the air, imagining her fingering herself, it was almost more than he could bear. If he hadn't just ejaculated in his pants he probably would have come right there. All he could think of was how good it would be to climb on top of his aunt, shove his hard-on into her and fuck her silly, like the guys in that porn flick had done to those women.

Nancy, however, felt the conversation was over and it was time to leave. She reached out and patted him on the shoulder.

"All right, enough of this. What went on here is just between us. No need for guilt or embarrassment, just try to be a little discrete from now on."

Then she leaned over to kiss him on the cheek. Remembering something he'd seen in a movie, he waited until the last moment then turned his head to face her. Their lips briefly touched then Nancy jerked backwards, looking at him with an amused smile.

"Whoa, what was that?"

"I just wanted to kiss you," he answered shyly. "You know, like a thank you type of thing."

"Oh, if you wanted a kiss, anytime honey." She leaned back over and kissed him lightly on the lips. "Anytime."

It had been a simple peck on the lips, affectionate but definitely non-sexual, at least to Nancy. To Matt, however, it was a first step as he longingly watched her walk away. After that he looked for excuses to kiss her; good morning, good bye, good night, thank you, anything he could dream up as long as they were alone. Nancy didn't notice the kisses were lasting longer and longer. She also didn't notice that his hands were getting busier and busier. They started out on her back, and then daily began to get lower and lower. Eventually one began to rest on her ass, but with such a light touch it almost seemed accidental, like he'd brushed against her inadvertently.

Then one night Nancy came home late. Walking down the hallway to her bedroom she heard strange moaning coming from Matt's room. Thinking he might be sick, she opened the door part way and looked in. He seemed to be asleep but the bedcovers were pulled back. She quietly walked over to the bed to see if he was alright. Everything seemed normal, she figured he must have been having a dream and had kicked the covers off. But in the dim light that came through the doorway, she saw his erect cock sticking out from the front of his pajamas. She could guess what type of a dream he was having.

Fascinated, her hand went down until her fingertips touched the stiff prick. Then she ran them slowly and gently up the length of his hard-on to its tip. It gave a throbbing jerk and she quickly pulled her hand away. Then she moved back towards the open door, looking back over her shoulder at him. Then she slowly closed the door and crept away. When the door shut, Matt opened his eyes and smiled. Reaching down he gripped his cock and began slowly pumping it. He was in seventh heaven.

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