My Dilemma
Chapter 1

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a true story about me and one of my female employees. it involve a sexual relationship and the details of our sexy fun

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   True Story   First   Masturbation  

My Dilemma. Part One Here I am sitting and wondering if I have been morally wrong in what has happened during the last few weeks, I better start from the beginning.

I am a successful self made business man 56 years old and with the help of my late wife who died of cancer 2 years ago. We owned two business's, first was Road Haulage, the second was more of a hobby for my late wife and I, which was a horse riding school and stables that also had its own cottage. We both rode and were qualified riding instructors.

Well to cut a long story short, a year after my wife's death I decided to sell the Road haulage business and give my married twin daughters their inheritance to help then set up their own business with their husbands.

Since the death of my wife I promoted Julie a 17 year old as manageress to run the everyday business of the stables. Julie accepted the job on one condition that I dealt with all the finances. I also gave her a substantial pay rise for the extra responsibility she would have. Julie first started working for my late wife when she was only 14 years old part time as she was still at school. Then At 16 her personal circumstances changed, she had to leave school get a full time job after the tragic death of her mother (her father left her mum years ago). So my and I wife gave her a full time job.

Also employed are two other stable girls and part time male in his 60's

To make things easier for Julie we offered her the cottage rent free that was fully furnished to live in rather than travelling in from her bed-sit in town each day. That was until 6 months ago the night of the big storm when half of the roof ripped off the cottage in the high winds, hence a lot of water damage to the upper floor. As she couldn't live in the cottage I insisted that she came to live with me in the big house as we called it. 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (1 of which was being re-fitted and decorated at the time), 1 reception room that was also used as lounge, 1 large living room, sun lounge built onto the back of house and a very large kitchen fitted with all the mod cons. In lots of ways this arrangement suited me fine because not only did I have company in the evenings. Julie said that she would help with the cooking, no need for cleaning as I had a cleaning lady come in every other day. Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

It was during that time I began to see Julie in a different light, I began to notice how she had matured into a shapely young beautiful girl, some times I would get a glimpse of her in just her underwear or in her nightie, there was no sexual thoughts in my mind concerning Julie. Well that's a bit of a lie because some evenings Julie would come home from the stables have a shower, get changed into clean clothes, usually short skirt, blouse that was open to show her cleavage. Then after tea she would either come and sit with me in living room watch television or just have a chat. On quite a few occasions when we talked she would sit in the chair opposite me which I liked because depending how she sat I could get a good view of her tiny panties, at times I'm sure I could see a little a little damp patch and the outline of her pussy slit. This did make me wonder whether she was flashing for my benefit. I knew for certain that it caused me to get a semi hard on, sometimes by the time Julie went to bed I would have real boner on and would be case of putting on a porn DVD and have a good wank to relieve the tension in my balls.

Any way I think that is enough background that led up to the events that happened, so to get on with the main story.

As far as I could tell Julie never had much of a social life nor did she appear to have any close friends her only passions was the horses and riding them and music. It was coming up to 18th birthday I invited her to be my partner at the annual Cancer Research dinner/ cabaret/dance that I help to sponsor every year to raise money for Cancer Research. At first she didn't want to come as she said that,

"she had nothing suitable to wear"

"We will I soon remedy that" I told her. I insisted that we went into town Friday to buy her a new outfit for the occasion that I would pay for.

On Friday we set off for town, I asked her if she had any idea what she would like to wear. A few shrugs of her shoulders and blank look on her face she looked and said "something sexy". By then we arrived in town, I decided to take to "Marge's Boutique" where they sold everything from sexy underwear to ball gowns and every thing in between, it was where my late wife use to buy her clothes.

Introducing Julie to Marge, although they new each other, I made my excuse and left Julie in the capable expertise of Marge.

I returned some two hours later to find the pair of them sat in the back room drinking tea. Looking at Julies face she was grinning from ear to ear, from that grin I presumed that she was happy with what she had bought. I had told Marge not to worry about the cost.

"Well lets see what you will be wearing" I asked

I got the reply "you will have to wait until a week on Saturday"

That was me well and truly told I thought.

On the drive back home Julie asked if it was alright to be collected by Marge as she was taking her to a hairdressers to have her hair styled.

Well the rest of the week was as normal except that I noticed Julie was more flirty with me.

Saturday 1st August 2015

It was the day of the day of the dinner/dance cabaret most of the day was as normal for a Saturday until about 3pm when Marge arrived to take Julie to the hairdressers. I was told by Marge that when they returned she would ring the doorbell and I was to shut myself in the kitchen until I was told it was all clear to come out. What's so bloody special about a hair do I thought to myself.

At 5.10pm doorbell rings so I shut myself in the kitchen until Marge gave me the all clear, I had already showered, I went upstairs to get suited and booted myself.

A hour had passed since Julie and Marge had arrived back home and I was waiting in lounge when Marge came down announced that she was off home and Julie would be down shortly.

Marge had only been gone a few minutes when I heard Julie coming down stairs, going out from the lounge, looking up the stairs I had a shock of my life, Julie was gliding elegantly down stairs and before me was a vision of beauty, Julie who is 5' 2" in her shoes mousey brown hair normally plaited like a school girl, and normally wears tatty jeans or a short skirt and tee shirt or a blouse. What a transformation.!!!!! She had on low cut long pale blue evening dress made of a Silky material that showed off her cleavage, and with a slit up one side that showed the bare flesh of her thigh, the dress clung to her body showing off her shapely overall figure. Her hair was all in ringlets that flowed over the naked skin of her right shoulder, the beauty of her face was high lighted by a little bit of make up.

I watched her as she descended down towards me, my cock began to stir in confine's of my pants. When she reached the bottom she gave a little twirl, "Will I do" she said with a girlish laugh.

"You look absolutely stunning and beautiful" I replied.

It was just then that the taxi arrived, I offered her my arm so I could escorted Julie out to the waiting taxi before anymore was said.

The journey to the venue was uneventful except for the fact how I couldn't get over how sexy Julie looked in the dress, I kept getting this image of her naked thigh in my mind as she descended the stairs.

After arriving all the usual introductions were made and the dinner was over the real fun stuff started. It was 9pm when band started playing it was from then on that things started to develop between Julie and myself, its was during one particular slow up close type of dance that being such in close contact with Julie my cock began to stiffen, I am sure that she must of felt my cock rubbing against her because she responded by holding me tighter and pressing her crotch against me, that made matters worse could then feel the warmth of her tits and her hard nipples pressing into my chest, not only did my cock get harder but I began to feel horny. I started caressing up and down her back with my left hand, giving her bum cheeks a gentle squeeze, she pressed herself as tight to me as could, her head nestled into my neck, I responded by my hand playing with her ear lobes, this triggered her sex hormones or something, she manoeuvred herself so that the slit in the skirt parted so she could rub her pussy against my right thigh, my cock was getting harder by the second, even through my thin trousers I could feel that her panties were getting damp. I know I should have stopped it right there but I was feeling so horny I couldn't, suddenly Julie started breathing heavy and murmuring "Don't stop please don't stop"

I realised that she was going to orgasm on the dance floor with about fifty other people around.

She never reached climax because at that moment the music stopped, unfortunately for Julie or us depends how you see this. The next song was a fast "rock n roll" well she was in no fit state to Rock n roll so I gracefully I guided her off the dance floor towards our table,

"Take me somewhere quiet" she whispered.

Glancing at my watch it was 10.50pm, another 10 minutes and our taxi should arrive. I took her out onto the patio thinking that cool air may cool us down a bit, but it did the opposite. The patio was dimly lit and as soon as we were out of sight of everyone we looked at each other with out even thinking about it I bent my head and kissed her tender lips, her hard nipples pressed against my chest, putting my hands on her sexy bum I pulled her tight into me so that my hard cock pressed against her pussy, our kiss's began to get more steamy and passionate,

When I heard " A taxi for Mr Kent"

Although I didn't want to I pulled away from Julie, looking straight into her sexy eyes I told her "Our taxi is here" as she seemed oblivious to every thing around her.

Going back inside we collected Julie's shoulder wrap and my jacket said our farewells to quite a few other couples, slipping my arm around Julies waist we made our way out to the waiting taxi. The journey home didn't take long, Julie snuggled herself close to me resting her head on my shoulder her right hand resting as close to my cock as she dared, with my right hand I reached across placing inside the slit of her dress resting it against her the now wetness of her panties with just enough pressure that my thumb was touching her clit and the edge of my first fingered pressed into her slit, causing her to start the heavy breathing. She leaned across kissing me lightly on the lips.

As the taxi pulled into drive I gave Julie the key so she could let herself in while I settled up with the taxi driver, giving him a good tip.

I entered the house Julie was standing in the hallway I turned closing and locking the door, while taking my jacket off Julie came toward me thanking me for a lovely night out. I reached out pulled her towards me and kissed her tenderly on her lips. It wasn't long before our tongues were exploring each others mouths, my cock rose to this immediately, placing my hands on her bum, pulling tight up against me so that my cock pressed into her crotch, at the same time I undid the halter neck tie of her dress, pulling the top of her dress down exposing her naked tits. Breaking off from the kiss for moment I looked at her face then down at her tits with her pert nipples, I wanted to suck on those nipples but that could wait. Resuming our kiss only more passionately, undoing the zipper at the back and the waist band bow her dress slid down to the floor.

By this time my cock was straining to get out of the confines of my pants.

Julie broke away from the kiss and murmured "make love to me my pussy is waiting for you, she paused taking a deep breath, my panties are wet feel.

Running my hand gently over her tit's the down her tummy to her wet panties that only just covered her pussy, by pushing the edge of my finger into her slit I could feel her swollen clit. This made her legs go wobbly, so I picked Julie up and carried her upstairs, I could smell her perfume mixed with the aroma of her pussy juices caused my cock twitch, I thought I was going to cum.

Upstairs I laid Julie on the bed, she jumped up slowly undressed me, I felt her tiny hand taking hold semi hard cock and playing teasingly until it was fully erected, when succeeded in doing it she struggled to get her tiny fingers all the way round the shaft, my cock as fully erected it was 8 inches long with a diameter of 1 and 3 quarter inches.

After a few moments I gently moved her to the bed laying on her back, kissing her passionately on her on succulent lips, our tongues searched each others mouths with her nipples between my thumb and first finger I pulled and rolled then until they became stiff, lowering my head down my mouth sucked at each nipple in turn, my hand slid slowly down over her tummy to her panties over her pussy mound, gently and teasingly I caressed her pussy through her now very wet panties. By now she was sliding her tiny hand up and down my shaft, I had to distract myself from the feelings that would make me cum to soon.

To distract myself I removed her soaking wet panties, I looked up and down her gorgeous body, "Youuuuu likeeeee whattttt youuuuuu seeeeee" Julie stammered as I began rubbing her clit, it seemed to have caught her by surprise, her clit was swollen and so sensitive.

I had to move so Julie couldn't reach my cock as I was getting close to shooting my load but there was only one place my load was going and that was up her vagina.

I moved and knelt between her open legs, looking down I had a better view of her pussy she had mounds of a whitish pink, pussy lips were a darkish pink, pulling aside her pussy lips her vagina was very pink, I could see her juices leaking out, I couldn't waste any so I bent forward on doing so I got a strong aroma of her pussy causing my cock to twitch, placing my open mouth over her pussy opening I sucked, licked paying special attention to her clit before letting my fingers explore into the depths of her, I started to slide a finger into her when she whispered "Be gentle as I've only ever made myself cum, you are the first man to touch me down there, please don't tease me anymore my pussy is ready for your cock"

Giving a few more licks I lay down on top, kissing her I felt her hard nipples pressing into my chest, my cock head had already found her vagina entrance I slowly pushed into her, Julie raised her bum upwards making it easier for me to enter, when my cock head reached where the hymen should have been there was no obstruction ( horse riding had seen to that) Still pushing upwards my cock was stretching her vagina to accommodate the size of my cock.

I pushed slowly and gently in to her until I felt my cock head touch her cervix making Julie shudder, Julie was murmuring with delight as I slowly at first began thrusting my cock in an out of her with each thrust in she matched it by thrusting herself upwards to meet my cock going in. Faster and faster our thrusts went, Julie's arms wrapped round my back her legs inter twinned with mine.

I was getting close to shooting my load, Julies murmuring was getting louder and faster then she said "Don't stop I'm cumming"

Her pussy gripped my cock like a vice as I thrust in and out and it felt like I was pulling insides of her vagina out, I didn't care now because my cock had burst into life as it spurted wave after wave of my cum into her.

When our orgasms stopped I lay on to top of her with my now for a few moments getting my breath back with my cock still inside. Julie's throbbing pussy was keeping my cock hard, I rolled us over onto my back so the Julie was on top. After kissing and caressing for a while I glanced at my bedside clock to see that it 1.30am, the last thing I remember is thinking that this is only the third time I have had sex since my late wife became to ill which would have been about 3 years ago. That is how we fellasleep( may be I will write about them when I have finished this story).

Waking up Sunday morning read part 2

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