Teresa Scalia: Main Street Malfunction

by obo

Caution: This Humor Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Spanking, .

Desc: Humor Story: Middle school principal plays cruel joke and suffers consequences

Kathy Benson sat in Roxanne Starr's office at the Gentleman's Club. Roxanne was seated behind her desk and the two of them were in a deep conversation.

"I really think it's time for me to change careers." Kathy told Roxanne. "I'm really interested in getting back into education. And there's a position open right here in town that I'm qualified for. I really don't want to relocate." Prior to her career as an exotic dancer and part-time magician's assistant, Kathy was a middle school phys ed teacher. And a favorite of Chad Anderson and Dominic Scalia Jr.

Roxanne paused and took this in for a moment. "If that's what you want to do, then you should go for it. You've always been a good employee for me and you'll always have a place with me."

"Thanks Roxanne, that's very sweet of you. One thing I'm a bit uncertain about is what to put on my resume for the time I've spent working for you. I can't very well put down exotic dancer, can I?" Kathy said with a bit of a chuckle.

"Why don't you simply put down that you were working in retail? After all for the last two months you've been clerking in the shop downtown." Roxanne had recently expanded her business ventures by opening a lingerie shop in the main business district of town. She also had become quite active with the Junior Chamber of Commerce. To be sure Roxanne still operated the Gentleman's Club, but the main street shop gave her an increased level of legitimacy in the business community.

"That's a great idea. I'll do that. Thank you Roxanne for all you've done for me." Kathy rose to leave and Roxanne stepped out from behind her desk. The two women gave each other a friendly hug and Kathy left the office.

As Roxanne walked back to her chair and sat down she thought "I hope this works out for her. She really is a sweet kid, but there are too many people in this town that know her history."

Flash forward two weeks, the scene is Principal Michelle Smithson's office. Michelle was at her desk skimming through a stack of resumes for the open phys ed instructor position at her school.

"My God this is tedious." Michelle thought. "All these dewy eyed, idealistic, babies fresh out of college. And I have to pick through the piles." Michelle picked up another resume from the stack and scanned the cover letter. "Finally somebody with some experience. And at this school!" Michelle read the cover letter more thoroughly, of course the name Kathy Benson meant nothing to her. Michelle folded back the cover letter to go over the accompanying resume. Kathy had created a very complete resume. So complete that she had included a picture of herself at the top. Michelle looked at the picture and was sure she had seen this woman someplace before. "Where have I seen her? I know I've seen this girl someplace, not at school, someplace else." Then it dawned on her. "Is this the little bitch that Teresa fought with at the fundraiser?" Of course, Michelle was referring to the encounter Teresa Scalia had with Kathy Benson during the magician's act. The dustup had ended with both women divested of their clothes and Kathy bent over a table receiving a sound bare bottomed spanking from Teresa. Michelle picked up her phone and speed dialed Teresa.

"Hello Michelle what's going on?"

"Teresa I've got a question for you. I hate to bring up any bad memories, but do you know the name of that sleaze magician's assistant?"

"Sure I know her name. It's Kathy Benson. Although she may have a stage name for her stripper act, I don't know."

"Well sweetie, this will interest you. She's applied for a teaching position here at the school. Seems she was an education major and actually had one year's experience here before I took over from old Ms. Abercrombie."

"She did teach one year at the school before she took up stripping, I can verify that. What did she put on her resume for the years she's been collecting dollar bills in her G string?"

"It says here she's been in retail."

"Retail!? What a joke! The only thing she's been selling is her ass. I'll give her credit that takes gall. I'm sure you'll just ignore her application."

"Oh Teresa there's no way I'd hire her. But you know I might just have her come in for an interview and have a little fun with her. You know string her along, build up her hopes and then knock the pins right out from underneath her and send her out the door."

"Michelle you are wicked. I'd love to listen in on this."

"I tell you what, I'll schedule the interview and you can hide in the coat closet while I talk to her. You just have to promise to be quiet and not laugh out loud until I'm done with her. Deal?"

"You're on my dear, just let me know time and date."

Both Michelle and Teresa smiled with more than a touch of evil pleasure in what they had planned for Kathy Benson.

A few days later Teresa Scalia walked in to Michelle Smithson's office.

"Oh Teresa this is going to be fun. The little skank should be here any moment. I've got a chair for you in the closet. You can keep the door cracked, but don't let her hear you make any sound."

Teresa looked at the set up and smiled with glee. She would be located to Michelle's left and directly behind her. And would be able to see Kathy Benson's reaction to Michelle's interview.

"Michelle this will be perfect." said Teresa.

The desk intercom buzzed and Michelle answered. "Yes, what is it?"

"Your 2 PM interview is here." replied Michelle's secretary.

Motioning to Teresa to conceal herself in the closet, Michelle told the secretary to show the interviewee in. Teresa was just closing the closet door when Michelle's office door opened and Kathy Benson walked in. Kathy was looking very professional wearing a fitted black pantsuit with a mint green blouse under the coat.

"Good afternoon Principal Smithson. My name is Kathy Benson and thank you for this opportunity to meet with you." Kathy greeted Michelle.

"Thank you for coming in Ms. Benson. Your resume seems quite complete. I've a few questions for you regarding your background in education."

A rather normal interview ensued for the next fifteen minutes. Teresa was becoming quite bored cooped up in the closet. Then the subject came to work experience.

"According to your documentation you were actively teaching for a year and then for the past two years you were engaged in retail sales. Why did you leave our school?" Michelle queried.

Kathy thought carefully about a response. She assumed that Michelle knew nothing about the incident at the swimming pool with Teresa and Barbara Anderson during her first year of teaching. She also wanted to maintain a degree of vagueness regarding her "retail experience".

"I enjoyed my first year teaching, but I plunged right into the field after college. I thought I needed to do some other things to broaden my experience." Kathy thought she was being very convincing.

"I see" said Michelle. "What exactly were your responsibilities while you were working in retail?"

Kathy squirmed uncomfortably in her chair, crossing and recrossing her legs trying to come up with a satisfactory response. Meanwhile from her vantage point in the closet, Teresa broke into a grin at seeing Kathy under the gun.

"Most of my responsibilities were delivering goods and services." Kathy said succinctly.

"Could you be more specific please. Exactly what types of goods and services did you provide?" Michelle asked.

"I, oh, oh" Kathy was struggling for an answer and then remembered her time in the lingerie shop. "I was a sales clerk in the Smart Shop lingerie store on Main Street." Kathy mentally breathed a sigh of relief thinking her response would satisfy Michelle. Michelle was enjoying Kathy's discomfort and was ready to press on.

"You were at the Smart Shop for two years?" Michelle questioned, beginning to sound like a prosecuting attorney. "I know for a fact that store has only been open for four or five months." Teresa suppressed a giggle as she knew Michelle was heading in for the kill.

Kathy was really beginning to get nervous about being caught in a lie. "Well I might have my dates somewhat confused I guess."

Michelle rose from her chair and stepped around to the front of her desk directly in front of the seated Kathy. Crossing her arms over her chest, Michelle gave Kathy a stern look.

"Ms. Benson let's cut through all the crap. I know very well what you been doing for the past two years. Which is basically prostituting yourself. And if you think for a minute I would hire a stripper to be an educator in my school you are beyond delusional. You made the choice, now live with it. You'll never get a job in education again."

Kathy was shocked. She now realized that Michelle had done nothing but string her along so she could humiliate her. She rose from her chair. As she stood up Teresa walked out of the closet laughing.

"You foolish little twit. How naïve can you be. And you have the audacity to try to influence young minds after showing your bare assets to the world."

Shocked by Teresa's sudden appearance Kathy had a flash of memories from the magic show and how Teresa had punished her. Kathy's hands instinctively flew to her backside and covered her cute tush. Kathy didn't know what to say. She was caught in a lie and told that her aspirations to return to education were futile. Her future was destined to be on the stage in a G string. Michelle grabbed Kathy's upper arm and pushed her towards the door.

"To use the common vernacular of your profession, regarding your future as a teacher, you're fucked. Now I suggest you get out of my office and go back to your bar. Collect a few dollar bills while you're at it." Michelle mocked.

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