Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Group Sex, Polygamy/Polyamory, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Double Penetration, Analingus, Amputee, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Stumped is a tale recounted by Izamar, who is, interestingly, friends with some characters from other stories, including Florenz, Maddy, Belinda, Sage, and Cristophe. In this tale, Izamar falls for a fellow doctoral student, Sabina, with whom she shares a bathroom.

Another Izamar tale...

I had only known Sabina to recognize before moving into the Birch Street house. My friend Sari lived there already and that is how I was invited to move in just before the beginning of the school year. It’s a one story house with two bathrooms, one of them connected to Sabina’s bedroom and that bathroom also had a door that connected it to my bedroom. I fell in love with Sabina not right away but fairly soon after I got to know her a little. She was terribly pretty. And exotic. Lovely of face and figure though she had no legs, just two short stumps. We shared a bathroom and we often ran across one another naked. She was shy at first. I was blatantly in her face with nudity. She would come into the bathroom in the afternoon when she got home and I would be standing at the full length mirror stark staring you know putting on a mask or fucking with my makeup. I would turn and smile at her. She would smile back. I would ask her about her day and would stand there nude facing her chatting away. It was fun actually. I am such a free spirit. Anyway, I liked her a lot and wanted her to be used to me that way. And then I have this boyfriend. It’s all very polyamorous. He is terribly handsome and a guy who looks very cute and younger than his age. In fact he is a couple years younger than me. I am very attractive but not in that youthful cute way that Florenz is. He would come over at night and we would fuck like crazy in my bed making outrageous noise. I would get going shouting oh oh oh oh in the rhythm of his thrusts into my inner sanctum.

One morning I apologized to Sabina. I came into her room and said God I’m so sorry, Sabina. And she was like it’s okay don’t worry. But I felt bad. That was when I started wondering if she ever got any. Does anyone fuck her? Of course we had lived in the same house for awhile and there didn’t seem to be any boys coming over to fuck her. She is pretty as I mentioned before. Very pretty. She is just sans legs. So anyway, one night I was all alone. My boyfriend Florenz wasn’t around that weekend and so I was all the fuck alone. I don’t think I’ve gone into much detail about Florenz yet. I did mention that he is extremely cute and handsome too--not one of those guys who is just cute but not really good looking--no, this guy is good looking. And he has some class. Moves well and is alert and attentive and cool. I like his penis. I know I know this brings up the whole issue of dick descriptions. And so here’s another tangent for you guys. Florenz is actually writing has been writing erotic stories for this online erotic story site. Anybody can contribute their smut and then they have an audience. So Florenz has been writing these stories and has been reading them also of course. He has been telling me about the other peoples’ stories and in fact I have been reading some of them ... of course I always read all of his. So he says ... and my experience bears this out--that other peoples’ stories in this site tend to focus on the obvious--big erections and big or at least well shaped breasts. The women, he says, are always good looking in the obvious and conventional way and the men always get “rock hard” erections as soon as they set their eyes on a big boob. And it is always “cocks”--that’s the word they always use. I don’t know that my friends use that word all that much. But Florenz says it’s always, “As soon as I saw her huge tits, my cock was rock hard.” And they always get stiff immediately--with their clothes on--and their dick sticks out --like a “tent”--as if they were fourteen years old. I mean really. Of course in porn stories you would have a hard dick and some big boobs but as Florenz says, can we have a little imagination? something a little out of the ordinary now and then?

Also I think Florenz is a little put out that he doesn’t get higher scores from the readership on the porn lit site. They have this scoring system on a scale of ten and Florenz gets like fives. Or fours. I guess the big scores go to “as soon as I saw her huge tits, my cock was rock hard.”

Though it is nicely formed ... he doesn’t mind my telling you that.

So Florenz was doing something else this weekend and the fact is that we have this on and off sexual relationship. Let’s see ... how can I describe this? We are friends who are sexually involved a lot of the time but there are ... hiatuses is not the right word because that would make it sound like we’re abstaining from sex during those periods ... but really we’re involved with other people. In my case it’s usually women and for Florenz it’s usually women too ... though he does have sex with some males ... always very pretty ones though ... like Sage, for example. There’s a cutie pie if ever there was one. Sage and Florenz are both prettier than me in a sense and I’m very pretty. Well, I’m more the sexy type really. And then Sage and Florenz live in a house with Madeleine, who has this clitoris as long as a man’s thing. Seriously. She really turns me on. That is so sexy. She’s a lesbian so this is something I can get to do. So I go over there and live it up. Ooh la la! I put my lips around the shaft (such a masculine word) around her shaft and suck on it. It grows bigger in my mouth. I am deepthroating her as it were because it’s all the way in my mouth. I am intoxicated by the slim smoothness and moistness of it and its heady flavor. I could do that for hours. I go on and on. She lays down and I crouch over her suckling at her groin. Then I’ll lay down and she’ll squat upon my face. Then we’ll stop and smoke another joint or take some hits from her bong and then resume our flagrante delicto. Sometimes she’ll come and we’ll smoke and resume and then she’ll come again. One night she came five times. Several nights it was three. Then I would be a wreck--sweaty, wasted, aching with lust. One night in such a state I was on Madeleine’s bed with her and also my boyfriend Florenz was sprawled languidly on a comfy chair. As we were laying there in a puddle of exhaustion and lust--Madeleine and me--Florenz stopped jacking off and rolled a joint, lit it and passed it to me. While the three of us shared the joint, Florenz said, “Izzie, did I ever tell you about the time I watched Maddy fucking Belinda?”

“What!? With her appendage?”

Florenz nodded. I looked at Madeleiene who was smirking with pride. “So you could fuck me?” I said. Madeleine nodded, still smirking. I threw myself back on the bed and spread my long and sexy legs my hirsute nether lips yawning invitingly. “Fuck me, Maddy! Come on!”

Madeleine looked at me while she, seemingly not hurrying, finished smoking the joint. Then she leaned over to hand the roach to Florenz. She fondled herself briefly and then wet her hand with her mouth in order to wet herself, the way boys do, you know, and then leaned over me and --wham! she was inside me. Jesus! did that feel good! This went on for awhile I guess until Maddy needed a rest and then somehow I ended up sitting up on top of Maddy impaled on her clitoris and leaning forward kissing her on the mouth and Florenz came at me from behind and slid his penis into my butt. God, that was cool!

And this reminded me of something that my friend Cristophe was telling me once and it’s worth repeating here. Cristophe had this college roommate, Lanier, who was kind of a dickhead but Cristophe found him attractive. And one night Lanier got on top of him and Cristophe woke up in the middle of the night I guess with Lanier’s dick in his anus. What Cristophe said at the time--that is, afterward to me--was that he “would have liked some foreplay.” But later he told me that, when he had thought about it later, he realized that his saying that was just a figure of speech, that part of what he really liked about the experience is that he was taken unexpectedly and had not foreseen it. Cristophe made a point of telling when he was relating this, that he in no way wanted to romanticize rape but rather it was specific to this experience and the lucky fact that it was something he wanted that made the surprise element okay in this case.

Well, this was like that ... only I could hardly call it rape when after all we were all in the throes of flagrante delicto at the time. But anyway the surprise thing really knocked me out. And there I was getting what’s the term? double penetrated. I hadn’t ever done that before. It was pretty cool.

And then they told me that the neighbor Bess Carver had apparently been watching the whole thing through the window! These guys are truly dedicated eroticists, if you ask me.

Anyway, I fell in love with Sabina. Did I mention this already? Well I did. The more I saw of her the more I was enamored. She was so beautiful not to mention extremely exotic to say the least. I was in a class of hers as it turned out. She was a PhD student in communication and as it turned out was teaching this class about postmodern women artists, which I was taking. I had just moved into the house and was sharing a bathroom with her at the very beginning of the semester and I had signed up for this class about postmodern art. I didn’t know she was teaching it. I am also a grad student. My major is actually physical education. Anyway, I showed up for class the first day and all of us students were all sitting there in the classroom waiting and Sabina entered the room in her wheelchair and took her place at the head of the room. She verbally introduced herself and then wrote her name on the blackboard.

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