Jon and Jen in South Africa
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Ma/mt, Reluctant, True Story, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, First, Oral Sex,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A white family in South Africa that became put to black lust. A young 15 yr. old boy and a 14 yr old daughter taken by black Africans.

I met a number of engineers while working in several African countries during the 70's and 80's. One of them was a man from South Africa. He retired from the oil and gas exploration in 1991 and returned to South Africa to take over a two hundred acre farm that was owned by his father and continue do wheat and maize farming. This was only several years after the end of apartheid and the country was beginning to become violent from black rule and the war on white farmers. I received a letter from his son in 1998 that shocked me with the sad news of his father's death and even more shocking what happened to Jon, his son and his younger sister Jen. I will let him tell the story of what must have been a nightmare for a couple of young kids and their mom.

It was our 3rd year of farming and the crops were very good. My dad had a dozen or more South African blacks working and living on the farm. They were paid well and had lodging furnished. I was then 15 years old and my sister, Jen, was 14. My mother worked along with my dad in producing the crops and me and my sister worked part time on the farm but also went to school. Our farm was about 20 miles out of Johannesburg.

It was on a morning in early August when absolute horror came to my family. I was away at school and my sister was home with a bad cold. Several black men raided our farm and shot three of the black workers and then shot my father while he was on a tractor. Killed him but not before he put up a fight and broke the neck of one of the intruders. Three of the black men then broke into our house and began looting. My mother had my sister hide under the bed just before they broke the door down. They grabbed my mother and striped her clothes off. All three of them raped her on the bed. My sister could only hear them grunting and our mother screaming as they savagely fucked her. After about an hour they left her on the bed bleeding and almost unconscious. But she was alive.

In only a couple of weeks, the government took over the farm and made our mother and us move. We had very little because the crops had not been sold and we had farm debts unpaid. We took what belongings we still had and moved to Johannesburg. My mother got a job as a store clerk but made only enough to feed us and live in a small apartment. Once a thriving family we were now poor. This is where my sister and my life became entangled in black lust.

I was in the ninth grade, my sister in the eight. We were no longer in a private school but now in a public school where it was about 75% black. There were all sorts of characters. One was this boy named James who I had gotten to know. One day he got me off to the side and told me was making about $60 In a week. I was shocked to hear how he was getting so much money. He made me promise to not tell anyone and then proceeded to tell me he had met a black business man in a movie theater. The man offered him $20 to let him give James a blowjob. He had been doing this three times in each week for the last three weeks. I could only say "Wow, that's about half of what my mother makes at the store."

He then asked me if I would like to do the same thing. I said no, no way. Later that day when I got home I was hungry and went to the frig but there was nothing to eat. I sat down and began to think about James. The next day I confronted him and asked him if his friend knew someone who was looking for a young boy for sex. He replied that his friend had seen me with him a couple of days ago and wanted to introduce me to a wealthy black man. I was nervous but I said yes.

It was Friday and I was walking to the bus stop after school. A black limo pulled over to the side street just ahead of me. A tall black man got out and called my name..."Jon, let me give you a ride home."I walked up to the car and he said that he knew James and would like to be my friend. I was very nervous as I got into the back of the limo. He was charcoal black with a bald head ... probably in his mid forties. He placed his hand on my knee and then went on to tell me how good looking I was with my blonde hair and blue eyes. I could only say "thank you." He had some expensive jewelry on, A gold chain necklace, diamond rings and a gold Rolex on his wrist. He then placed his arm around my shoulder and pulled me to him. "How would you like to earn $," he said. "I would like that very much," I nervously replied. He then asked me to remove my shorts and under ware. His black hand immediately held my cock and began stroking it. Surprisingly, it felt good although I knew I was doing something wrong. He gently pushed me back on the seat and placed my almost hard cock in his mouth. I had never had this sexual feeling before but it was amazing the feeling of pleasure I was getting. He held my wrists tightly and sucked on me. I was almost about ready to cum and asked him to take it out before I did cum. He said "no way boy ... I want the full package." My heart was beating strong and my legs got weak ... I busted a nut as he drained me. I had been taken by a black man. It was like I was raped but enjoyed it.

He gave me the $25 and dropped me off at the bus stop. As he did, he said he would pick me up next Monday and give me more money. Surprisingly, I didn't regret what I had done and was looking forward to Monday. When I got home my mother soon got in from work. "How was your day," she asked. "Good mom, real good. I even got a part time job as a tutor to some of the kids at school." Yea I lied but I had to cover my making any money and the time that I would spend with my "black friend" would account for it.

Then there came the big problem ... my younger 14 yr old sister.

She and me were very close and I always told her what I did. Perhaps too honest I told her of my making $25 for a black man to give me a blow job. She screamed..."you did what ... how could you have prostituted yourself that way,""It was for the money Jen. Mom doesn't make much and I thought I could help our family." She looked at me and said, "I understand and I appreciate what you did." She then said "what can I get for fucking a black man." I was horrified that she said that. She was serious. She asked me to see if there was a black man that would pay her for sex.

I asked my black friend on our regular meet and he said "hell yes. A white 14 year old girl would fetch at leas t 75 to a hundred dollars for a black fuck. What does she look like? I responded that she was very pretty and blonde with two pony tails and blue eyes with a budding body. He said, " I definitely want to get your young sister in the system and she can make some good money."

I went home and told her about the deal and she became excited over the money but was somewhat hesitant about being black fucked. She was a bit scared at the thought of being under a black man. I told her that I would be there to make sure that she was okay.

It was the next Sunday when a black limo pulled up at the house and invited both my sister and me in the car. Our mother was not home. Two black men and a driver took us to a nice home and escorted us into the house. One of the black men was my so called friend who had sexually had me for the last several weeks. The other black man was a true black African that was about 6'-5" and very muscular and pitch black. There was a huge contrast in their skins as he undressed. Jen was astonished at his blackness. He was intimidating. My sister was almost afraid of him and what he was going to do to her. He then gently took her by her hand and led her to a bed in the house. He was excited to have a girl so young with blonde hair and blue eyes. His black cock was almost busting out of his pants thinking of having this young 14 year old white cutie.

I watched as he gently pulled her clothes off and placed her on the bed. My sister had only sex a couple of times but never had a black man with such a large cock. She shivered as this big black man placed her in the bed. She saw his black cock grow large and knew that it was going to impale her. He was gentle at first and spread her small legs apart. She was excited but scared ... her first black fuck was about to begin. His large black body lay on top of her and kissed her neck and lips. Then he slowly pressed his black cock in her vagina as she moaned from the initial pain and a black cock perhaps too large for her almost innocent vagina. He held her hands above her head to give her an initial thrill of being black raped. He pressed more of his rigid black cock in her pussy as she squirmed and her legs shook. Slowly he pressed more black cock into her. Her eyes rolled back and her mouth was open wide. He began stroking her as her young body gave way to being black fucked.

I sat there on the couch as my black friend was massaging my hard cock. I was watching in awe as this black man was fucking my younger sister.

Then my black friend pushed me back on the couch and fingered my ass hole. He put some lubricant on his cock and in my ass. He then pressed the head of his black cock in my ass. It was painful at first but as he gently stroked the pain went away and I realized that I was about to be black fucked. I looked over at my sister as she was moaning and being fully impaled on black cock. She turned her head and saw me impaled on black cock. It was a striking moment. Here the two of us were being packed full of jet black cock and were helpless to do anything but enjoy being taken by these two large black men. She let out a large moan as her body received the first orgasm. Her small white legs wrapped around his buttocks and squeezed him. She was feeling the ultimate joy of being black fucked. He sped up his strokes and fucked her harder. She was gasping for air as her arms were tight around his large shoulders.

I had a climax after only a short time of this black man fucking me. As I did he busted a nut and spewed his cum into my ass. It was an amazing feeling ... I had been totally black fucked. Shortly afterward I turned my head and watched that big black man cum into my sister's young pussy. Her legs rose and shook as he poured ounces of cum into her small vagina. Saliva poured out of her mouth as she felt the ultimate joy of a black cock exploding in her.

The both of us had just been taken by two large black Africans. Our small white bodies absorbed in black flesh. The money we would get was no longer important. The feeling of sexual lust was at the forefront and our bodies would want more of this black dominance.

As it turned out, our mother was approached much in the same manner and as it turned out she was fucked by two black men at our house about a week later. Even though she had been raped on the farm ... she had a hidden urge to get black fucked again. The next week all three of us were put to black cock for the entire weekend by six black African men. Me, my mother and my young sister got fucked in the same bedroom as we watched each other. It was a weird experience but one that was very satisfying for all of us. We were now owned by black men in a black world. My mother and my young sister became pregnant and had black babies. We were now white slaves to black cock.

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