Friday Night at the Alhambra

by Just Plain Bob

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Desc: Sex Story: Just another cheating wife story.

It was Friday night at the Alhambra Lounge. There was a large crowd and everyone was having a good time. The joint was jumping as some might say. Even though I was sitting at the bar with a vodka tonic in my hand I wasn't there to drink and dance. I was there to do something ill-advised and I fully expected to get in trouble because of it. Trouble that could possibly see me in a jail cell.

As I nursed my drink my eyes were on a couple sitting on the other side of the room. I'd had my eye on them for almost an hour. They, or more to the point he, was the reason I was there. I knew he would be there because he was a creature of habit. He was there every Friday night; probably to show support for his wife's brother whose band played at the Alhambra every weekend.

Finally what I was waiting and hoping for happened. The song was a slow waltz and the couple got up and moved out onto the floor. I gave them a minute or so to get into the rhythm and then I got up and went out onto the floor. I approached him from behind, tapped him on the shoulder and said:

"May I cut in?"

He turned to see what kind of an asshole would try to cut in on him and his wife. As soon as he was facing me I punched him in the mouth. Okay, it was a sucker punch, but so what? I put my full two hundred pounds and a month's worth of anger and rage behind the punch and he went straight to the floor. He landed with his legs open and I took advantage of that and kicked him hard in the crotch.

His wife stood there looking on in horrified disbelief, but her hand automatically reached for what I'd taken out of my pocket and offered her. She looked at the picture of her husband fucking my wife and the look of horrified disbelief turned to rage and she kicked her downed husband several times in the stones with the pointy toe of her 4" CFMs as I walked back to my seat at the bar and waited to see if the law would arrive and want to talk to me.

Apparently no one called the cops, but I did have someone who wanted to talk to me. A couple of someone's actually. First it was the brother. The band took their break right after they finished the song his sister and brother in law were dancing to. He came up to me and I could see he wasn't going to be belligerent so I sat there, sipped my drink and waited. When he got to me he asked:

"Why did you nail Jim?"

I took a picture out of my pocket and gave it to him to look at.

"The woman is my wife" I said.

He looked at the picture and handed it back to me.

"I've told Norma all along that he was an asshole. Now maybe she will believe me."

"I guess I was wrong."

"In what?"

"I assumed that he was here every Friday to show support for your band, but it doesn't sound like you have that kind of relationship."

"You are right on that. I can't stand the asshole and he knows it. The reason that he is here every Friday is that my deal with management includes free drinks for all of my relatives on Friday. So why are you sitting here? I would have thought that you would want to get out of here after smacking him."

I figured that the cops would be called and I'd rather they get to me here than at the house."

"Not likely that anyone called them. He isn't all that well liked and in fact quite a few of the people here tonight probably enjoyed the show. Got to go join the boys. Don't be a stranger" he said as he left to find the rest of the band.

I watched a couple of guys help dipshit get off the floor and help him over to his booth and while that was happening his wife came over to me.

"Got any more of these?" she asked holding up the photo that I had given her.

"Couple of dozen" I said, "And two hours of video."

"Can I get copies?"

"You certainly can."

"You know that you have created a problem for me tonight right?"

"I would think that cluing you in would end a problem for you."

"Not that. He can't drive me home in the condition he is in and even if he could I wouldn't let him in the house."

"No problem; I'll drive you home."

"I'm ready to leave now."

Once in my car I said, "Your brother told me that your name was Norma so since I know yours I guess you should know mine. I'm Bob Lloyd."

"Given the circumstances I can't say that I'm really all that glad to make your acquaintance, but it a way I guess that I am somewhat happy to meet you."

"Oh? That sounds a bit strange."

"I'm happy because you gave me a gift tonight."

"A gift? I don't understand."

"You have given me my freedom. I've known that Jim has been cheating on me for a couple of years now, but I haven't had the means to hire a private detective to get me the proof. What you gave me tonight is just what I need to dump his sorry ass."

"Sounds like my story. I've suspected that Vykki has been cheating on me for quite some time, but I didn't have enough money to hire someone until a month ago. My grandfather passed away and left me some money. I never told Vykki how much so I was able to use some of it to get the goods on her."

When we reached her house she said, "I'd like to invite you in, but I'm afraid you might take it the wrong way."

"How's that?"

"You might think I wanted to get revenge on Jim by sleeping with another guy and I picked you to do it with. That is not why I would like to ask you in. What I want is to be able to pick your brain for all you know about Jim and what he has been doing."

"You would be safe with me. If I were to climb into your bed I would be no better than Vykki and I won't allow myself to sink to that level."

I followed her into her house and into the living room. She pointed at the couch and asked if I would like a drink or should she put the coffee on.

"Coffee would be fine for me. I don't want to stay here too long. If I'm here when your husband gets here I might just go after him again."

"He won't come home. Before I walked away from him I told him not to come home. I told him if he did I would shoot him."

"Would you really do that?"

"Probably not, but he knows I'm pissed and he knows my temper when I'm pissed and he also knows I have a hand gun."

"You have a gun?"

"You sound surprised."

"It's just that outside of cops I've never known a woman who has a gun."

"I bought it for protection when I'm taking the day's receipts to the night deposit drawer at the bank. It's a Llama .380. Looks like a baby .45 and Jim knows that I know how to use it."

As she headed for the kitchen to make the coffee I had to ask myself why her husband was fucking my wife when he had something like Norma at home. She was a sexy looking woman and if I wasn't still tied to Vykki I could see myself going after her. Oh well, I wasn't going to be tied to Vykki too much longer and then who knows? Norma came back and sat down next to me on the couch.

"Coffee will be ready in about five. So; how long has Jim been seeing your wife?"

"A month that I know of. That's when I put the PI on her, but it could have been longer. Thinking back on it our marriage seemed to change about two years ago, but I've been really suspicious of Vykki for a little over a year now. I believe that she has been cheating on me since I noticed the change in our relationship. Jim could be the only one or he could be one of many. He just happened to be the one I caught her with."

"What did she say when you confronted her?

"I haven't done that yet. I guessing that she will is going to find out I know when your husband calls her tomorrow. I'm curious to see how she handles it."

"You've known for a month and you have let her keep on doing it?"

"When I found out for sure I went to an attorney to get the information about getting a divorce. It seems that we live in a state that has no fault divorce laws. Doesn't matter who does what to cause the split a no fault divorce is cut and dried. You split everything fifty-fifty. I don't give a damn about what the laws say. I'm not going to see Vykki rewarded for stabbing me in the back. Once I found out how the divorce would go down I started moving some things around and hiding things. Vykki might get fifty percent, but it will fifty percent of a lot less that there was a month ago."

"So what can you tell me about Jim and your wife?"

They meet every Monday and Thursday. Those are the two nights that Vykki supposedly plays cards with some sorority sisters from her college days and attends meetings of a book club that she supposedly belongs to at the library."

"Those are the nights that Jim is supposed to be bowling and attending lodge meetings."

"He spent three nights at my place when I had to go out of town on a business trip. That's where the videos that I have come from. I don't know if that was the first and only time, but I average one business trip a month so it could have been a regular thing for them."

"I guess that explains Jim's sudden business trips. They always seemed to be sudden, but I never even thought they were fake."

"What are you going to do?"

"Dump his worthless ass, only I'm not going to give him time to hide assets. First thing Monday morning I'm getting a lawyer, It is just too damned bad that they don't work on Saturday or I'd see one tomorrow."

"Actually I do know one who works on Saturday. If you are serious I can put you in touch."

"I'm serious alright!"

I took out my cell phone and hit a speed dial number. When the call was answered I put the phone in speaker mode and said, "You can stand down. I won't need you to bail me out."

"How did you manage that?"

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