Bob Gwen and Harlina

by Just Plain Bob

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Desc: Sex Story: A story about Bob and his ladies.

I met Gwen on my first day at work. She was the receptionist and the person who issued me my temporary ID badge and told me where to report in. To say that I was taken by the raven haired beauty with the deep blue eyes would be a massive understatement. Going gaa gaa over her would be closer to the truth. I did notice that there were no rings on her finger. As I walked away from her desk I'd already made up my mind that I was going to try and get something going with her.

Easier said than done. A beauty like Gwen had to be hit on all the time. She could take her pick from hundreds of guys. I would be one out of a herd of hundreds and I didn't have anything special going for me. I didn't think I was bad looking and I was in pretty good physical shape. Sports in high school and college had gotten me in damned good shape and after seeing the pudgy (and downright fat) ex-football players among the alumni who attended games I made a promise to myself that I would never be like that. I joined a gym when I graduated and I worked out regularly. But I was still only one of many and after being turned down seven times when I tried to get Gwen to date me I wrote her off as a lost cause.

Ironically it was writing Gwen off that got us together. Gwen was used to guys hitting on her and even though she shot a good many of them down she was used to them keeping on trying. I guess I didn't get the memo. I didn't stay with the program. I tried, got nowhere and walked away. Apparently you were not supposed to do that to Gwen.

Maybe two months after my seventh attempt at getting a date, getting nowhere and walking away I noticed that Gwen was being a little nicer toward me, smiling more at me and even engaging in short conversations. I didn't realize that they were a signals being sent to me to get me back to being in her orbit like all the others. Not recognizing them for what they were (or perhaps sub-consciously knowing, but not being interested in being part of the crowd) I ignored them. Since I was ignoring or oblivious to her signals Gwen stepped up her game.

She started joining me in the breakroom when I took my ten o'clock and two o'clock breaks. Since she was very easy on the eyes (I have mentioned that she was a beauty right?) I welcomed her company and did nothing to chase her away when she started joining me for lunch in the company cafeteria. I didn't mind at all having a gorgeous woman to look at while eating lunch or on a break and I never bothered to ask her why the sudden interest. Nor did I ever make another move toward asking her out even though she gave me some small hints that she might be open to an invitation.

Things bumped along for about a month and then one Wednesday, during our two o'clock break she did something that I never expected. Gwen asked me for a date. Well maybe not a 'real' date. What she needed was an escort to a family function. The story, as I got it from her, was there would be a few people there that she wanted to avoid, but if she showed up alone she wouldn't be able to. If she was on the arm of someone they would stay away from her.

It sounded a bit fishy to me at first, but then I thought maybe not. Maybe an old boyfriend or two were going to be there and she wanted nothing to do with them. Either way I wasn't going to say no to her. It might not be a real date, but I would be spending time with the most gorgeous woman I had ever met.

The family function was an engagement party for an older brother and his intended so there were both family and friends there. I was introduced around by Gwen and she stayed right by my side for almost the whole time we were there. I figured that I was right when I surmised that an old boyfriend or two would be there that she wanted to avoid because I saw at least three who looked at me like they wanted to see me come to harm. Most likely they were friends of her brother that she had dated.

That thought was reinforced some when I saw one of the three approach her brother for a short talk and minutes later the brother came over and asked me if he could borrow Gwen for a few minutes. Gwen had also seen the guy talking to her brother and she said:

"You don't really want me to ruin your party do you? If that asshole gets anywhere near me I'll create a scene that you will remember to your dying day."

Tony (her brother) gave her a long look and then turned and walked away.

We mingled and Gwen was never more than two feet away from me. I met the bride to be and was instantly smitten. If she wasn't already taken I might have taken a shot at her myself. She was the total opposite of Gwen. Gwen was tall, sultry and sexy while Alice was maybe five one or five two and had the fresh faced look of the girl next door. I think Gwen noticed the attraction and to get me away from Alice she tugged on my sleeve and said she had someone she wanted me to meet.

She walked me over to a large older man, maybe early to mid-fifties, with a large white walrus type mustache. As we walked up to him he said:

"Whatcha got Princess? Another fly caught in your web?"

"Just a good friend Uncle Dan."

She introduced us and he smiled and said, "Watch out lad. She can be pretty overpowering when she really turns it on."

"Then I guess I'm already in trouble. Especially if she hasn't turned it on yet. I'm not sure that I can handle what she is now. I can't even begin to imagine her really turning it on."

He laughed and said, "Then I would suggest you start running now lad. Get some distance from her."

"I should have known better than to introduce you to him. I lose more boyfriends that way."

Boyfriend? I was now a boyfriend?

We talked for a few minutes and then my body signaled that it was time for me to find a bathroom. Uncle Dan told me where it was and for the first time since we got there Gwen and I were separated. I figured that she would be all right being with her uncle until I could get back to them.

I used the bathroom and when I came out there was a guy standing there to use it next. As I went by him he said:

"You're the guy here with Gwen right?"

I nodded a yes and he said, "Be careful dude. Don't trust her" and then he was in the bathroom and had closed the door.

Gwen wasn't with her Uncle Dan and so I went looking for her. I ran into Alice and asked her if she'd seen Gwen and she told me that she had last seen Gwen talking to Gary by the door to the garage. Then she said:

"Gwen is a great girl Bob, but she needs a strong hand. Keep that in mind if you end up as a couple."

I was going to ask her for an explanation, but another guest came up to us to ask her something so I resumed my search for Gwen. I headed for the door in the kitchen that led into the attached garage. I didn't find Gwen there, but I did hear a voice in the garage that sounded like Gwen's. I opened the door and saw Gwen and a guy that I assumed was Gary. He was the guy that I had earlier seen talking to Tony before Tony came over and asked if he could borrow Gwen for a bit. He had her backed up against the fender of a car and he had his hands on her arms and was holding her there and I said:

"What's going on here?"

"None of your business. Get out of here and leave us alone" the guy said.

"It is my business" I fired back. "She is my date and that makes it my business. Now get your hands off of her and get away from her."

"Fuck you!" he said which was the wrong thing to say to me. I headed for him and he turned and got into some kind of martial stance and launched a kick at me. Those things might work if you are faster than a speeding bullet which is something he wasn't. I turned and took the kick on my left side, clamped his leg against my body with my left arm and then stepped backwards. That pulled him off his planted foot. His arms flailed as he tried to catch his balance and I gave him a solid right to the face. Blood squirted from his nose and I let go of the clamped leg and gave him a push that sent him to the floor. I was a firm believer in the old saying "Once you have them down keep them down" so when he hit the floor I kicked him as hard as I could in the crotch. He doubled up on the floor and I grabbed Gwen and said:

"Come on; let's get out of here."

We left the garage and Gwen said, "Thank you. If you hadn't shown up when you did I would have started screaming and that would have put a damper on the party."

"Who was that jerk?"

"An old boyfriend who didn't like being dumped. I dumped him because he was a jerk. Or maybe he was always a jerk and I just didn't notice it at first. We had better leave. When Gary gets back on his feet he might come looking for us. I don't want a scene that will ruin Alice's party"

We found Alice and Tony out on the patio, said our goodbyes and then left.

It was still fairly early and I asked Gwen if there was something she wanted to do with the rest of the day. She told me that she was open to suggestions so I asked her if she liked country/western music and she said she did so I took her to dinner at Santiago's and then to Buckskins to listen to the music and maybe dance.

The band that night was Without a Net and they were a pretty decent group. Gwen knew most of the dances and we had a pretty good time. I had to use the men's room and while I was gone the band started a number that was good for the Cowboy Cha Cha. The Cowboy Cha Cha is a dance you can do as a couple or you can do it solo.

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