by Pierre et al

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Ma/Ma, Ma/mt, Mult, Consensual, Fiction, Group Sex, Polygamy/Polyamory, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Water Sports, Scatology, Analingus, BBW, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: College student Cristophe visits the home of his irascible roommate's nudist family. He is involved with a group of women who are both friends and sex partners. He also has some crushes that are not necessarily requited. (Not sure how the categorization of stories works exactly--this one is certainly full of explicit sex.) This is a complete story but you might expect a sequel - particularly concerning the illusive Tharma Zamora.

Cristophe worked in the university bookstore ... The boss, Tharma Zamora, a dour lady in late middle age, hated me and tormented me about details. I complained bitterly to my friends. Once when she was looking at me, I was so nervous I dropped a pile of books, bending back the corners of some of the covers. While she screamed at me, I looked directly at her, trying to get centered and take it all in - rather than letting her tirade upset me. Her face was crinkled and dark, her dyed black hair done up in a bun on top of her head. I looked at her narrow face, her prominent nose, and her dark, angry eyes. Spontaneously, without even trying, I imagined her naked. I thought of what her pubic region would look like and her hips and breasts. I thought of myself caressing her, naked, in a hot shower. I imagined sliding my penis into her vagina. From then on, I felt a romantic attraction and even attachment to this admittedly disagreeable lady. I would take advantage of opportunities to brush against her arm with mine or come into brief contact with her fingers. I thrilled to her touch. I looked at her with delight. Still she was stern with me and unpleasant. This went on for weeks.

I had a roommate that fall I met because of being assigned as his roommate. Lanier was a handsome boy of eighteen. He was arrogant and presumptuous. I did not like him very much, but the boy looked good, and at the beginning of the term, I went naked in the room, right from the start. I studied naked. When I woke up in the morning with an erection, I would get out of bed naked and parade around in front of Lanier.

The last weekend in September, Lanier was visiting his parents for the weekend, and wanted me to come along. Lanier had a sister, Helen, who was as crotchety as her older brother. When we first arrived, she opened the door to us. "You finally arrived," she said at the door and stepped back to let us pass. She was wearing a bathrobe. We hauled our suitcases up to Lanier's bedroom.

Lanier also had a brother, King, who was the youngest of the three siblings. King walked into the room while we were unpacking. He was dressed in jeans and a tee shirt. I thought he was beautiful. A few minutes later, Lanier's parents arrived home. Their names - they had different last names - were Roberta Wentworth and Theo Armstrong. Theo had his suit jacket slung over his shoulder when the boys greeted him in the front hallway. He remarked on the heat. He was a handsome man. Roberta walked in behind him, dressed in a smart purple skirt suit. I was stunned by her attractiveness. She was not fat, but her hips were rounded with a soft fleshiness. Her face was tightly chiseled against the strong - though finely carved - bones of her face. She had big red lips. Her eyes were dark and deeply set just above her high cheekbones. Her hair formed a smooth brown bubble around her head.

"Let's go swimming," Theo said. "I'm going anyway." He headed towards the back of the house.

Lanier spoke up, saying swimming sounded good to him, and looked at me, who said, "I'll get my suit."

"You won't need a suit," Lanier told me. "Come on."

Roberta laughed as we headed out of the room. I heard her call up the stairs, "We're going swimming!"

When we got to the swimming pool in the back yard, Theo had just stripped naked and was diving into the pool. Lanier stripped, and then so did I. Roberta came out the back door. I turned my head around to look at her. She was still dressed. She waived gaily. Lanier jumped into the water. Roberta said, "Cristophe, would you like a beer?" I turned around. It felt odd to be standing there naked facing Lanier's mother. A beer sounded like a really good idea. "Sure," I said.

"It's right here." She pointed to a keg on the patio next to her. "Come on over." I padded over to her, feeling a little sheepish. She put a glass under the spigot and started to pump the handle at the top of the keg. "Jeez, it needs a lot of pumping," she said, "Here, you do it." She continued to bend down holding the glass while I pumped the mechanism, conscious in a fascinated way of my body swaying near her face. Finally, the glass was full, and we repeated the process for a second glass. Then we stood there together sipping our beers.

"It's nice out here in the backyard tonight," Roberta commented, and I agreed. "We're having Indian summer," she went on, "as you no doubt have noticed." When I started to set down my beer, half finished, she said, "Oh, you might as well finish your beer before you take the plunge." I drank the rest and then, while Roberta still sipped her beer, skipped to the edge of the pool and dived in.

While I bobbed in the pool, looking towards the house, King came running out of the house naked. "Hi, mom," he called as he ran and jumped into the pool, making a big splash. When I wiped the water from my eyes, I saw Roberta still standing by the keg drinking, and then Helen came out of the house. She was naked as well. I took a good look at her for the first time. She was cute. Her light brown hair, which had been down before, was put up in a chignon. She was slender and flat chested. While I continued to bob in the water, King, treading water, came up behind me and pushed his body gently up against my back. I could feel the boy's penis slip between my buttocks. The boy put his lips close to my neck and breathed, "Hi." My neck tingled from his breath. Helen sat on the edge of the pool and drank a beer. Roberta went back inside without joining us in the swim. After a short while, Theo got out of the pool, picked up a towel, and went inside. Then Lanier got out also, and stood by the pool drying off. I got out, and Lanier pointed to the stack of towels. I stood there drying off, enjoying being naked in front of Helen. It was now dark, but lights had gone on, lighting up the pool area. King got out and walked over to the towels. I saw that the boy's penis was erect. King, however, acted as if heedless of that condition. He stood there drying off his head, chest, and back with his penis thrusting itself up in front of his belly. While I dressed, Helen stood up and, still naked, walked sedately inside.

Everybody but King drank wine at dinner. King drank iced chai.

The children occupied the third floor of the house, on which there were three small garrets and a small bathroom off the narrow hallway. The second floor had a wide hallway, two large rooms (occupied respectively by Roberta and Theo) with a small room which, though it had its own door, served as the entranceway to the stairway to the third floor. When we were going to bed, Lanier stripped naked and walked out into the hallway headed for the bathroom. When he came back, I also went out there naked. I literally bumped into Helen in the little hall. She was naked also. "Watch where you're going, Cristophe," she said irritably. Then - incredibly - she slapped my arm - rather hard, in fact. Then she sashayed into the bathroom. I went back to Lanier's room, where he was already asleep, and got into the double bed with him. I woke up in the middle of the night, laying face down, and Lanier was on top of me, forcing his erect penis into my anus. I would have liked a little foreplay, but I lay there without resisting while he fucked me. It took him quite a while, it seemed to me, to finally ejaculate inside me.

In the morning, Lanier was gently shaking me awake. He was standing next to the bed. It was Saturday morning, he said to me, and we should start the day with a swim. I was game. We padded down the two flights of stairs and out to the back yard, where we found the rest of the family. Helen and King were bouncing up and down in the pool splashing each other with water by slamming their palms on the surface of the pool. Roberta and Theo were seated at a small, glass-topped patio table, drinking coffee. Theo was naked. Roberta was wearing a sweatshirt and cut-off shorts that exposed her fleshy and, I thought, exquisite thighs. There were a stack of coffee cups and a pot of coffee on the table between the two parents, and I sauntered over to request a cup of coffee. It was offered before I could ask, by Theo, who proceeded to pour me a cup and hand it to me. Holding the saucer in one hand, I stood in front of them sipping the refreshing warm liquid. Ms. Wentworth seemed to glance at my lower body.

"Look at that, Theo!" she exclaimed, throwing me into confusion, as the novelists say. Theo looked at me, too. "Tan lines," Roberta went on. She looked at my face. "You need to get an all-over tan, Cristophe," she said, smiling. I smiled back. When I finished the coffee, I reached across Roberta to set the cup and saucer down on the little table. I turned around then towards the pool and, as I walked away - incredibly - Roberta slapped my butt. I dived into the pool. These people were certainly forward. I swam across the pool, pulled myself up the side, and walked over to one end of the pool, where I lay down on my back, as if taking Roberta's advice. I put my hands behind my head and closed my eyes. The soft morning sunshine lay across me. I was in heaven. As I lay there, my penis started to swell somewhat. I had mixed feelings about that. But then I thought, what the hell, everybody here's so forward anyway. I lay there, basking in the sun, feeling my slightly swollen penis laying against my thigh. After a while a shadow spread across me, and I opened my eyes to see Lanier standing over me.

"Come on, Cristophe," he said, "Time for breakfast."

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