Libby Laura and Mars

by Pierre et al

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, Fa/ft, Ma/mt, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Group Sex, Polygamy/Polyamory, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Analingus, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Marci and Dante, who have been married for years, meet up with a young man and a young woman in a swanky hotel on the Dalmatian coast.

Dante and Marci were on a trip, staying at the Excelsior, when they met Libby Laura and Mars. Mars: dark and good-looking and sixteen. At the party, Marci began conversing with Mars and found out about his knowing Mercury from school. Libby Laura had been talking to him when Marci introduced herself to him, and Marci had taken her for his girlfriend. Libby Laura was a classmate of Mars's at Summerhill and they had just encountered each other at the party. Libby Laura was a petite and pretty young lady with short yellow and brown hair swept back on the sides. Her nose, sprinkled with freckles, was large proportionally to her small, narrow face. She had small teeth except for the two front ones, which were unusually long, and a small mouth with a plump lower lip, and huge brown eyes. There was a patch of acne on each cheek. Her skin was fair, but she had dark skin just under her eyes. She was wearing a black crepe dress. When they were alone a little later, Dante said to Marci, "I see or think I see you have your eye on little Mars."

"He's not so little. Five foot nine."

"A hundred and thirty pounds."

"Okay, he's little."

"And that eye of yours."

"Ah yes, the eye." Marci tossed her mane of white hair jauntily. "I like the girl. She's quite mature and serious and intellectual - belied by her waifish looks, sort of. And she has the proverbial eye on you, I think. She says, 'Your husband is ever so handsome.' What is that apropos of, I wonder?"

"And you said..."

"And I said, 'Isn't he a bit old?'"

"And she said..."

"I'm getting to that. She says, 'Not hardly, I should say.' I had to laugh right at her. She's a good sport and smiled back. So good luck, Mr. Dante. I'm following my inclinations and you should follow yours."

"So you're taking the high road and leaving me with the low one?"

Marci laughed good-naturedly. "Do as you like, Mr. Dante. Do as you like." She patted his chest affectionately with her open palm. As an afterthought, she added, "Ever have sex with a really skinny female?" She turned and headed for the food table.

"Lots of times," Dante said to her back, as if defending himself. He watched a few minutes as Marci began stuffing herself--rather aggressively, he reflected. Perhaps, his thoughts went on, she is preparing herself for the sexual encounter with Mars. Looking at her satiny flanks swaying and rippling beneath the shiny fabric of her tight, dark blue party gown. He felt considerable excitement as he contemplated the soft flesh of her voluptuous hips and stomach swelling from her gluttony.

"Look at Dante," Marci said to Mars moments later, "holding forth in front of Libby Laura. He can be so charming, if a little pompous. Such a handsome man." Then she sighed as if lost in the contemplation of her beautiful husband. Mars was gazing up into her eyes rather than looking at the beautiful man in question and the skinny female. Marci tossed down her glass of red wine while the slender and handsome Mars sipped his delicately, watching her over the rim of his wine glass. Then the four of them took a table together and sat around it making conversation. Dante caught sight of Marci's voluptuous curves stuffed into her tight satin dress, the short skirt of which had hitched itself up so that apparently the young boy could see a good deal of thigh and perhaps even the lips between them. This reverie was interrupted by a comment from Libby Laura, who leaned close to his face and whispered into his ear, her breath sweet and pleasant, the delicate breeze of her voice erotically stimulating..."Dante," she began.

"What, dear?"

"I love it when you call me dear."

"How nice."




"Yes, dear."

She gave a soft explosion of whispered laughter into his ear at this second use of the word "dear."

"Yes, dear," Dante repeated.

"I just wanted to say that..."


"--that I love older men. Especially when they're ever so slightly bald."

"Why don't the two of you dance," Marci suggested to them. Libby Laura jumped up right away and grabbing Dante's arm, unceremoniously jerked him to his feet. On the dance floor, Libby Laura pressed her slender body tight against Dante's and slid her torso up and down, rubbing against him. After twenty minutes of dancing, Dante said, "I need a drink. How about you, dear?"

Libby Laura shrugged. "I don't care, I guess," she answered with a show of indifference. However, when he handed her a glass of red wine, she gulped it down. Back at their table, they found themselves alone. "They're gone, dear," Libby Laura said to Dante.

"I don't see them on the dance floor, either," Dante said and then added, "I love it when you call me 'dear.'"

"Let's go to your room," she blurted out, rather loudly, almost shouting, it seemed. Dante winced. "Sorry," she continued, looking down. "I didn't mean to yell."

Dante took her empty wine glass and set it down on the table. He took her hand and started for the door. Alone in the elevator, Libby Laura lit a cigarette and Dante, standing behind her, lightly - ever so lightly - brushed his lips on the back of her neck, feeling the long, delicate, curling down that grew there. Libby Laura flinched, jumped, in fact, reached over and smashed out her cigarette in the ashtray, and then whirled around and kissed Dante on the lips as she flung her arms around his neck.

They went into the bedroom of Dante and Marci's suite, and Dante rolled a joint. When they had finished smoking it, Libby Laura suggested taking a shower together. Dante got into the shower while Libby Laura was rolling another joint to smoke before she joined him. While Dante was showering, the shower door opened and Dante, expecting Libby Laura, was surprised that it was Mars. Without a word, the boy pressed his lithe, naked body up against Dante's back and put his arms around the older man's strong, hairy chest. Dante felt Mars's erect penis pushing between his buttocks as Mars kissed the back of his neck, much as Dante had recently kissed Libby Laura's neck. Dante turned around, and they rubbed their wet bodies against one another and kissed. When they left the shower, they came out into the sitting room where Dante was surprised to see Marci and Libby Laura dancing naked to the notes of Ravel's Bolero, which was playing on the radio. They made quite a contrast, the two females: Marci, buxom and dark (that is, olive skinned; her hair was white) and Libby Laura, fair and as flat-chested as a boy. Mars's penis, which was of unusual thickness, stood out along a perpendicular line. Marci signaled with her arms for the boy to come closer. She put her arms high above her head and writhed at the hips, her long, drooping breasts swaying dramatically. "Fuck me," she said to Mars in a quiet, guttural voice and fell backwards onto the sofa, spreading and lifting her fleshy and well-muscled thighs, exposing a vulva shaved but surrounded by a dark shadow of stubble. The boy, as if in a hypnotic trance, approached slowly, seemingly in time to the seductive, seemingly inexorable strains of Bolero. Leaning over her, his slender hips and ass flexed, he slipped his erection into the waiting - the inviting - yawning body cavern. Marci wrapped her strong legs around the boy's hips and pushed him deeply into her. Mars thrust rhythmically to the music, while the other couple watching entranced, gaping in their stoned haze. Then Libby Laura seemed to snap out of her trance and turning towards Dante and looking him up and down, smiled and said, in as much of a low guttural tone as she - with her habitually squeaky little voice - could muster, "Dante, fuck me." He stepped towards her and as he embraced her, she jumped up and in one motion threw her legs around him, impaling herself suddenly and purposefully on his penis, pushing her tangled mat of brown pubic hair right up to meet his. She held onto his neck and kissed him frantically on the lips as she heaved her slight torso up and down on Dante's erection. Meanwhile, Dante had a clear view of Mars sprawled over the sofa, thrusting himself fast and rhythmically. Marci's breasts flopped on either side of her torso and bounced wildly around to the motion of her partner. Those breasts - narrow where they met her chest and broad like nippled sacks of grain where they hung and danced beside her - that is, on either side of her. She snuffled and snorted as Mars pounded repeatedly against her.

Libby Laura whimpered and wriggled, wrapped around clinging with her thighs to Dante's flanks. Dante sidled to the sofa and laid Libby Laura back onto the cushions next to Mars and Marci. While Marci snorted, Mars said quietly, "I like feeling my penis inside you, Marci."

"Not very imaginative, but sincere," Libby Laura giggled between whimpers. Dante groaned. This empassionment of the two couples went on for several minutes. Dante awoke from a fog of ecstasy to the sight of Mars - deus ex machina - getting astride Libby Laura's face, his balls dropping neatly into the young lady's mouth. While Libby Laura sucked Mars's balls, Dante took hold of Mars's erection and jacked him off.

Their hotel - an old one - had its own beach on the Adriatic. The foursome lounged around on the beach during the mornings. Libby Laura and Marci went topless. Mars wore a tiny g-string from which his balls had a tendency to hang out. "You could just as well go naked. Or wear a sock on your penis," Dante commented as they drank beer on the beach.

"It's your wife, sir, who's good for the local tourist industry," Mars said laughing. "Her breasts are coated with sand, as if posed for an erotic calendar."

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