Tabby and Pierre Et Al

by Pierre et al

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, Fa/ft, Ma/mt, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Orgy, Polygamy/Polyamory, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Analingus, BBW, Hairy, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Pierre lives down the hall from Tabby and Mando, who arrange sexual settings and scenarios for his (and their) delectation.

Pierre went naked in front of Mando. The first time was one morning when Pierre answered the door naked.

"I was just making some coffee," Pierre said when he opened the door. They sat down in the living room opposite each other. Mando lit a joint, and they passed it back and forth.

"Weren't they kind of seedy?" Melanie asked him later. "Awfully sensual though, I will admit," she went on.

"They were both incredibly attractive to me," Pierre told her. "Mando was the facilitator, as it turned out, for my entry into the world of bizarre sex."

Mando would come over most mornings after that to drink coffee and smoke pot. Pierre was always naked, his penis slapping his thighs as he walked, or draped over the edge of the sofa as he sat facing Mando. Often Pierre's penis was erect when he answered the door.

Mando invited him to his apartment. He shared an apartment with his girlfriend, Tabby, at the other end of the hall from Pierre's apartment. Mando answered the door naked. Tabby, in a loose, shabby shift, strode into the living room and kissed Pierre. They smoked a joint. Tabby had streaky brown and blond hair, rather greasy, usually combed back – severely but casually. Her skin was gritty, and her face was slightly pockmarked. The tooth next to her left front tooth was missing. When she leaned forward, Pierre could see the long line of the side of one breast.

Tabby came over with Mando in the morning, and Pierre would answer the door naked and make them espresso. That was before the first party, when Pierre went to Tabby and Mando's apartment the first time. Pierre met Colleen and Torry when Tabby brought them over. That was the next day after Tabby had first come over with Mando. The first time, Tabby stood in the doorway and laughed good naturedly when Pierre opened the door. The three of them sat in Pierre's living room and drank espresso.

He had known Tabby for the year she had been living down the hall from him. When Mando moved in, he and Pierre became acquainted. Tabby, besides the gritty complexion that Pierre admired, was a thin woman, gaunt actually. Her breasts however ... they were narrow and long, hanging down over her torso. The sides of her breasts were visible in the sleeveless shifts she often wore.

Pierre and Mando were in Tabby and Mando's living room drinking rum when Tabby arrived home from work. Here breasts were held up in her bra so that they thrust themselves straight into the air in front of her chest. She wore a pencil skirt business suit with a short, tailored jacket. "How do you like these?" she asked Pierre, placing her hands one beneath each breast and hefted them briefly. "I do this every day at work. I can't disappoint them now by ever changing into my normal mode." She went into the bedroom and came back changed into cut-off jeans and a tee shirt.

Notwithstanding the creases of age etched into Colleen's face, it was a face of radiant beauty. She was small, slender, and dark. Torry was blond and barely as tall as she. Mando was naked when they arrived. Pierre was introduced to them.

Silvia Bath was standing in her back yard when Tabby, Mando, and Pierre came out the back door of their building. She was small, slender, and blond and had enormous lips.

"There's the little girl who lives next door," Mando said, and Tabby called out and waved to her and then starting walking towards her. Tabby introduced herself and her companions.

"My name's Silvia Bath," the little girl said.

Mando was very charming to the girl, and Tabby asked her questions about herself. She lived next door with her mother and older sister. Silvia was in ninth grade. "I'm fourteen," she explained.

Tabby said, "I'm thirty." Silvia looked up at her with surprise, her eyes widened, her mouth open.

"I told her I'd seen you naked lots of times," Tabby told Pierre. She and Mando and Pierre were sitting in the couple's living room, smoking a joint and drinking whiskey.

"What did she think of that?" Mando asked as he took the joint from Pierre. Pierre held his breath.

Tabby smirked lewdly. "She made that shocked face she makes with the big O of a mouth, her fleshy lips forming a big circle."

"Very interesting," Pierre murmured.

"There's only seven feet, if that, between the buildings, between our building and the house next door," Tabby pointed out to Pierre.

Pierre walked into his apartment, turned on the living room light and then headed into his dark bedroom. He could see Silvia in the window of her bedroom next door. Then her light went out, and the window was dark. Pierre's bedroom curtain was open. He turned on his bedroom light and removed his shirt. And then his pants. He wasn't wearing drawers and so he was naked then. He lit a cigarette and stood in front of the window smoking it.

The third time Mando came over in the morning, Pierre had an erection when he answered the door. Just thinking about Mando seeing him naked. When Tabby came over with him, she talked him into jacking off for them.

"Play with yourself for us," she said as he sat naked across from them. They had just smoked a joint. They were drinking whiskey. They watched him while he jacked off. He did it twice, in fact.

"You want to watch me jack off again?" he asked them the next morning over coffee. He began to fondle his penis while they watched.

The third time he stripped for Silvia, he got an erection, his dark, curved penis bobbing up and down, the foreskin still covering the head. He lit a cigarette and stood in front of the window, luxuriating in the excitement of being watched by Silvia. The next day, in the afternoon, they saw each other over the back fence. She said hi to him and he waved to her. They smiled at each other, and then she ran into the back door of her house. He walked out to the alley and walked over to Christine's house. Christine was sixty four and very beautiful. Her hair, dyed black, hung thick around the side of her face, a face finely chiseled, her nose quite large. "Pierre, come in," she said, smiling. She had a broad mouth, the lips etched with narrow lines, her teeth long. They sat in her kitchen. He took out a joint, and they smoked it. She poured two glasses of wine and lit a cigarette, blowing smoke from puckered lips. "There's a girl next door to me who watches me undress," Pierre said.

"I'm not real shocked," Christine said. "How like you! You must have enjoyed that."

"It was great."

Christine laughed at this. She had a short, tight skirt on. She sat forward on the sofa, and crossed her legs. Pierre looked admiringly at the soft, smooth underside of her thigh. She caught him gawking and smiled at him.

"Did you get a boner for her too?" she asked.

One night when he visited at Tabby's apartment, Mando answered the door naked, his penis sticking up stiffly in front of him.

"Mando gets so stiff," Tabby said. "I love that."

Later she stripped in the living room and then suggested they all go into the bedroom. "Pierre, come and watch Mando fuck me. Fuck me, Mando."

Another woman who lived in Pierre's building was Liv.

"Do you know her?" Tabby asked. She was sitting on the sofa in her living room with Pierre, who sat next to her on the sofa, and Mando, who sat across from them. Mando was naked and was masturbating while Tabby and Pierre smoked a joint. Tabby was in silk boxers and a ribbed, strap-sleeved undershirt, her long breasts wobbling beneath the thin material. Pierre was wearing jeans, had on no shirt, his fly was undone, and his penis was protruding from it.

"I might have seen her in the front hallway?" Pierre responded.

"You should seduce her," Mando said to Pierre.

"Yeah," Tabby added. "You have quirky taste."

"What's she look like?"

"She's very fat. She just moved in," Tabby said. Mando stopped masturbating and lit a cigarette. "Don't you like the way Mando's dick stands up so straight?" she observed "You guys should butt fuck. Mando should butt fuck you. Oh, Liv. She's got this skin thing. Her face is covered with acne. But she's really pretty."

"Sounds intriguing," Pierre said.

"I thought you'd think so," she said. "You're going to meet her. She's coming over tonight. Soon. You guys better put your wangers away."

Mando was dressed when Liv arrived, just as Tabby had described her. In addition, however, there were tangles of dark hair roiling around on the side of her acne blotched face. She had a long, bumpy nose, thin lips, and small, white teeth. Her abundant brown hair flowed down to her shoulders. They drank beer. She had a pleasant speaking voice and was charming and companionable. She spoke intelligently. Pierre liked her. He nodded as if thoughtfully when Tabby blurted out, "Liv, Pierre wants to see you naked."

"You guys are terrible," Liv said, laughing.

"It's true," Tabby went on. "I want to see you naked. You're among friends."

"We should all get naked," Pierre said.

Tabby pulled her shirt off. Mando stood up and disrobed. Pierre went next. Tabby pulled off her boxers.

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