My First Encounter
Chapter 1

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True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My first sexual encounter at 18.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   True Story   Aunt   First  

It was in the summer before my senor year of high school and my last year at amateur baseball.I was 17 when it all started but was 18 when "IT"

I stayed at my Aunts house on Friday nights so she could take me to my ball games on Saturday mornings.Both my parents worked and I didn't have my license yet.

She was my moms youngest sister, in her early 30s.Very well built, long red hair, slender and always well dressed.She had been separated from her husband for about a year.

We usually had dinner and hung out and talked most evenings.So she knew a lot about me, I talked to her about girls and she had asked me before if I had ever.SO she knew I was a virgin.

At bed time she would always take a bath before bed.My room was right next to the bathroom and hers was down the hall.She would always stick her head in my room and say good night on her way bye.Usually with just a towel wrapped around her.

One night I heard the bath water running, so I wondered about her being in there naked.I had checked her out more than a few times.Even had caught a glimpse of her bush one night when she told me good night.

I finally couldn't hold back no more, I tip toed to the bathroom door and it was open a little and I could see her sitting in the tub.Couldn't see much but still got me horny.I watched her for a few minutes waiting to see some tittie!! But I got scared when she got out of the tub and went back to my room.I surly didn't want to get caught.

I went back to my room, with a huge hard on.She came out and on her by by told me good night.I told her good night, and then I had best jerk off ever.Thinking about her naked 10 ft from me.I didn't see much, but it got me going.

This went on for a few more weeks.I got braver and braver each time till. I finally saw her completely naked standing toward me.I watched as she dried off, those big tits hung down some but much much and had some nice big nipples too.She had a full red bush.

I thought I got caught that night, but I didn't.So I thought.

She ducked in and told me good night and went on to bed that night as always.I didn't think anything about it, just another night.

The next Friday night was the same, she took a bath and I watched her.I watched as she bathed and got out and dried off.This time she put her foot up on the tub to dry it off.That was when I saw her pink slit thru her bush.She turned around and bent over and dried her hair.I saw her nice ass and more of her slit too.

When she turned back around, I ducked back into my room. I thought I was going to explode my cock was so hard.I rolled over so she wouldn't see it when she told me good night.

She ducked in my room and told me good night, then she said my name and I turned my head toward her.She was standing there with her towel open, completely naked right next to my bed.She then said "is this what you been peeking at"

I stuttered and finally said I was sorry and asked her not to tell my mom.She just stood there holding her towel open.She dropped her towel and said she would not tell on me.She sat down on the edge of the bed and asked me if I done it yet.I told her no and she asked me if I wanted to.I didn't know what to say, I finally said yes.

She told me to never tell anyone about this, made me promise.I did and never did tell anyone.

She rolled me over, and pulled down the covers.I only had underwear on, my hard on had gone away very quickly when she confronted me.She put her hand on my cock and squeezed it, I started getting hard right away.She squezzed me a few more times and then pulled my underware down and I kicked out of them.My cock sprang out rock hard.She wrapped her hands around my cock and stroked me a few times.She lokked at me and told me I had a nice cock!!.I thanked her as she stroked me, she took her fingers and ran them over my cock head and rubbed my pre cum over my cock head.I thought I was going to cum right away.

She stroked me a few more times and then said lets do this another way.She slid down off the bed and pulled me over.I was sitting there on the edge of the bed with her sitting between my legs, my cock almost hitting her chin.She reached up and stroked me a few more times, before leaning in and taking me into her mouth.She sucked me as she stroked me, she went down me and licked my cock.I'll bet I didn't last a minute.

I startled cumming and I think she knew it too.She sucked my head and jerked me off into her mouth.I shot the biggest load I had ever done.Felt like I came for a a long time.

She stayed down on me the whole time.I did feel her choke once.Then I felt her swallow my cum, she swallowed it all.She had a hard time with it too, she looked up at me and said"haven't had a load like that in a long time"

MY cock never went down I think, she didn't let go of it either.She said "that didn't take long, but you will like this ". She went back down on me again.She sucked me for a few more minutes till I was almost ready to cum again.She stopped and said "lets go to my room, the bed is bigger"

We went to her room and she lay across the bed, I went up next to her and started playing with her tits.She has some soft but firm tits and big nipples.I leaned down and sucked one of her nipples, I felt it hard hard in my mouth.Her nipples stuck out, so far.I sucked on it then went to the other one and got it hard too.I played with her nipples and sucked them.

She took my hand and put it down on her bush.Her bush so so soft and felt good.I slide my hand down till I felt her pussy lips, she has large lips.I slide a finger into her slit and she was very wet.I fingered her as I kept sucking on her tits.

She reached up and started playing with her other tittie, rolling her nipples between her fingers.I leaned up and watched her play with her tits, as I fingered her pussy.

She reached down and took my hand and pulled me up onto her clit, and told me to "rub on this thing". I rubbed her clit with my fingers and watching her I started rolling her clit between my fingers.She must have like it, because she started moving around and making low moaning sounds.After a few minutes of her moaning and moving her ass around she arched up and let out a louder moan and her clit started pulsating.She started cumming, pushing up against my hand.

After what seemed like forever, she lay back and relaxed.She finally opened her eyes and told me she needed that, it had been a while.

I hadn't moved my hand from her clit yet, I slide my finger down into her and she was sloppy wet.Her pussy so wet I felt it come out as I slide my finger in.

I slide down between her legs and pushed them open wide.I could see her wet pussy up close now.She smelled so good and look so good, with her pussy actually oozing with her juices.I could see those big lips and I reached up and spread them open.I could see her big clit and into her pussy.

I couldnt help myself, I leaned down and licked her up across her pussy onto her clit.Her juices tasted so good, a swallowed a mouth full.I licked on her lips and clit, sticking my tongue as deep into her as I could.She seemed to enjoy it even though I had no idea what I was doing.

I leaned back up and my now hard cock sprang up, I climbed up across her.I felt my cock rub up against her lips.She reached down and took my cock in her hand and put me right on her hole.I pushed in and went in easily.The deeper I got the tighter she felt.I slide all the way into her and felt my balls up against her ass.

I started stroking her pussy slowly, I could just feel those big lips wrapping around my cock as I enter her.

It didn't take long before I was ready to cum again.She stopped me and told me to stop and take a rest.I did, but not for long, I was ready to cum.I stroked her for a couple minutes and was ready when she told me not to cum inside her.I stopped and ask her where then.

She looked at me and pushed her tits together and said "right her"I stroked her pussy a few more times, then slide up and she wrapped her tits around my cock.After a few strokes I was cumming.I shot my load up between her tits and onto her neck.She worked all the cum out of me with her tits.

I leaned back and looked down at her, she had cum between her tits, running down her chin onto her neck.I also saw she had a big string of cum up across her cheek.That really turned me on, seeing my cum all over her tits and her face.

We lay there for a few minutes, Didn't seem to bother her she had cum all over her.I finally reached over and slide my finger back into her pussy.I fingered her and got another hard on too, which I rubbed up against her leg.

She looked down and just said "you boys are all a like". She took my cock in her hands and started playing with it again.It was still wet with her pussy juice and my cum.Felt good her jerking me while it was still wet.

She let go of my cock and said "come on" I follower her into the bathroom where she started bath water.We got in the bath and continued to play with each other.She kept me hard the entire time.

We got out and dried each other, and she toweled off my cock.My cock was hard and ready to go again.She stroked me a few times before bending over the tub and sticking her ass toward me.

I stepped toward her and rubbed my cock across her pussy.She was a little tight this times without all her juices.I pushed on it till I was all the way in.I just fucking her, I could see in the mirror how her tits were bouncing around as I fucked her.Love the way the bounced as I bottomed out in her.

I pulled out just in time and shot my load up across her back.I shot cum all over her back and ass.I had to step back to catch my breath.She took a towel and wiped the cum off her back.Turned around and said"that's enough for tonight"

When she said that all I could think of is that I was going to get to do this again! I finally asked her and she said I guess we could"

We went to bed and she told me I had to sleep with her, which I sure didn't mind doing I fell asleep with a handfuls of tittie and my cock up against her ass.

Of course I woke up with a hard on, I went and took my morning pee, but my cock didn't go down.I walked into her room with my cock sticking up and she said "what you going to do with that"

I just crawled up across her and got down between her legs and rubbed my cock on her pussy.She just opened her legs and said "you guys" I fucked her till I shot another load on her tits.

We cleaned up and I went to my game and when I got out of the car she reminded me not to tell anyone.I told her I wouldn't and cant wait till next weekend.

I dreamed all week about what would happen next weekend.Shot many loads just thinking about.I stayed there every Friday night all summer long, learning how to please a lady and enjoying myself.Many things happen that summer sexually, and they continue still today.

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