Nina - Three Stories

by realoldbill

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Ma/ft, Ma/Ma, NonConsensual, Coercion, Rough, .

Desc: Sex Story: Nina was young and beautiful and it shouldn't have happened to her

At fourteen Nina decided she was an ugly duckling and assumed she was never going to be a beautiful swan like her older siblings. Her sisters, 18-year old Victoria, who was away at college, was a gorgeous blonde, and 16-year old Marilyn, a senior at a prestigious girls' school, was a dark-haired beauty. No one would dispute those facts.

They were also, without a doubt, among the most promiscuous females alive, the best lays in ten counties, and the goal of every hard-cocked young male in a much larger radius than that since their beauty and amorous abilities were known coast to coast at least and out among many of the ships at sea after Victoria's long weekend in Annapolis.

Nina, with her favorite Barbie doll stuffed up in her painfully stretched vagina and rotated to the most stimulating position, only its tiny, bare feet showing and its nose at her cervix, stood naked except for high-heeled shoes before the full length mirror on the back of the closet door and sniffed, looking at herself, her hands clasped in the small of her arched back, pouting. She made a face and grasped her perfect young breasts, lifting them and gently pinching her rose-bud nipples, pulling them out. She wished they were bigger, a lot bigger, and that her tits were a lot more sensitive although they were so tender now that she would probably come if someone blew on them.

Just yesterday Bobby Mercer, star pitcher of the school baseball team and a good-sized senior, had spent a good half-hour sucking and licking her tits, had ejaculated twice into his handkerchief as she held it for him, and had barely managed to excite her to the point where her pussy lips were damp and she was breathing fast.

She had wanted to let him fuck her, but it was their first hook-up date and she didn't dare do that. After all, she did have her reputation to consider. When he gave up and apologized, she did kneel between his widespread knees, took out his hard penis and give him a blowjob which was sure he would remember for a long time since he both screamed and wept before she was done and let go of his scrotum. Bobby was well hung and very experienced, but when Nina licked his balls, he came again for the third time and moaned like a sick man before she French kissed him goodbye.

Nina slid her hands down to her slim waist and grinned at her reflection. She was proud of that, just over twenty inches and her belly was really taut. She smacked it, hard, and liked the sharp sound. Other than her well-practiced and carefully shaved pussy, her waist was something she worked hard to keep trim and tiny. Her hips, she saw as she stroked downward, were still sleek and girlish, but as she turned sideways and wiggled a bit, she could see that her round butt was improving, and she turned all the way around, spread her legs, bent over, grabbed her ankles and looked at her reflection upside down, seeing her puffy but hairless sex lips and Barbie's splayed feet sticking out between their pink petals. She reached down and found her little clit and prised it out and rubbed it until she fell to her knees and came, bowing her forehead to the floor as she creamed.

Nina eased her crew-cut Barbie out of her feverish body and rinsed it off and dried it, kissed its tiny nose and put it up on the shelf in a compromising position with GI Joe, pushed an eight inch, battery powered vibrator up in its place and turned it on 'low.' She lay back on her frilly bed with one knee raised and flipped open her locked and leather-bound diary which she had begun keeping in code since shortly after her twelfth birthday when she was deflowered at a friend's slumber party in all three holes by her hostess's brother and his friends, about a dozen of them. Shortly after that the girl's twin brothers took her to their bed and sandwiched her between them and then their father greased her up and used her ass. Now those randy twin brothers still expected her to spread for them when they came home from their military school, and since they were so well hung, she usually did after she let them catch her. With the tip of her tongue in the corner of her mouth, she put in an entry for Bobby Mercer's blowjob.

Since that first rather violent introduction to sex, Nina discovered as she added mentally, flipping through the pages, she had done blow-jobs on fifty-seven different men and boys including her grandfather (more than 123 total but she was not sure of that number); had normal sex, that is vaginal penetration, with twenty-two different men from 15 to about 65, roughly seventy-eight or eighty times, occasional drugs made that number a bit soft, and had sex of various kinds with three girls. She had been sodomized ten times so far, including the original rape of her anus, a day she often thought about since it really hurt although she had enjoyed the deflowering part and the randy twins. These days, her ass was off limits.

Now foul wealthy Dick Savage, a senior at her school, was slobbering to have her, e-mailing and TM-ing her every hour on the hour and sending her silly and expensive presents including a booklet of pornographic love poems and several hardcore DVDs. Dick's father was the local banker who was on his second trophy wife and who had, it was rumored, more mistresses than he could count. His son, everyone said, was a fag, but a very rich one, with extremely odd tastes and strange habits. Some claimed he had some sort of dungeon in his cellar.

Now he wanted Nina, and she was tempted to find out what he wanted if the price was right. She was eager to get the new PlayStation3 or X-Box 480 and her mother refused to buy either, and her grandfather, who would give her anything if she sucked his shriveled cock, was now senile and incontinent. She turned up her vibrating dildo a notch and picked up her cell phone with a sigh of resignation. He answered at once.

"Nina, baby, when can we do it, hook-up I mean? I'm dying for you. After school tomorrow? This evening? Saturday? Come on. I'll come to your house."

"Hi Dick, how're they hanging?" Nina chirped playfully.

"Come on Nina, I'm begging you. I know ways to make you scream. You remember Gloria, Gloria Grimsby, last year's junior prom queen? She's here right now with her mouth around my prick. What do you think of that?"

"I don't believe it," Nina said playfully as she turned up her vibrator another notch and adjusted its clit tickler. Gloria was not a slut, she was sure.

"Here, listen," he said and Nina heard loud slurping and sucking noises and then a squeaky voice that said, "He's so nice, Nina, you really ought to come right over." It did sound like that stuck up Gloria with her silicon 38D's.

"Next Thursday after school, Dick. I've got a couple of hours free I think. How would that be?" Nina moved the clit stimulator just a bit and shivered.

"We're going out to the horse show, you know the show jumping, this Sunday, Nina, the whole family. Can't you come along? It will be a lot of fun."

"Sunday?" the girl said, looking at her busy calendar. "What time?"

"All afternoon. We'll be back by dark."

"Okay Dick. That sounds interesting. What time will you pick me up?"

'Ten AM, sweetie, and wear a nice dress, maybe a hat, you know, for the sun. It's really fancy. Suck the balls, Gloria, one at a time. Bye."

"Shit," said Nina. "Wear a dress." She pulled her throbbing dildo out of her dripping slit and went to her closet where at least twenty seldom-worn dresses hung on padded hangers, none of them more than a year old, and most very short. "And a hat. The prick!"

She got into her jeans, with a bit of effort and the help of two well-placed zippers, and then pulled a soft sweater over her curly head and put her feet into some heeled slides. Her father's Alfa Spyder was in the garage, and she backed it out, put down the top, and roared off toward the Mall, changing gears with practiced ease and stroking the cock-shaped lever between shifts. Nina, of course, did not have a driver's license since she was only fourteen, but she had been driving, off and on since she was ten and could reach the pedals with her long legs.

It only took her five minutes to find a sheer silk gown with a flowing skirt, a very uneven hem and an off-the shoulder-top and then a frilly hat to match, $1,445 for the outfit. She thought about what she would wear under it while the charge went through and then drove home and put her father's favorite toy back in the garage.

The randy twins' high-powered, German-made Crossfire convertible was in the driveway. It was exactly the kind of car she wanted and one her grandfather had promised her when she reached sixteen. Now, she suspected, other ways would have to be found, but the car absolutely gave her goosebumps and anal twitches.

Smiling widely, the twin brothers, Roy and Rob, still in their military school uniforms, were waiting near the pool along with a third young man. "We going over to visit the Tucker girls," Rob said. "You know, Kim and what's her name."

"Madison," said Nina, well aware of those big twins and their sluttish reputation. She often envied them.

"And we want you to do us a favor," said Roy. "Okay?"

"What's the favor? You want me to fuck the whole baseball team or something?'

'No, although I'm sure you could do it." He whistled and a large young man, also in military garb, unfolded himself and stood grinning at Nina. "This is Fordyce Wellington Foster the third, or is it fourth?"

"Third," said the boy, raking back his crewcut hair with his fingers and staring at Nina as a starving man might look at a hamburger.

"Ford's our buddy. His father's a beer distributor," Roy said. "He plays tight end and linebacker."

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