Caring Mom

by idleone

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Mother, Son, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Mom will do anything for her son success

I had nearly finished question 19. My two and a half hours of writing were about to come to an end. This was my third practice exam paper of the day and I was exhausted. Summer had just started and I had just turned 18. I longed to be outdoors doing something rather than cooped up inside all day studying but the upcoming exams were important. At times I felt like giving up but my mom Samantha was very supportive even though it was just the two of us and she had no extra help. Mom was a hard worker at her job and still found time to do all the housework and support me through my exams. On top of this she was stunningly beautiful with a classic 'MILF' body. Even though she was mom it was impossible to ignore her beauty. Mom's work ethic, home making skills, bubbly personality and perfect hourglass body made her perfect wife material and I had always thought my father must have been insane for splitting with her when I was young.

As much as I tried to push this particular thought of my mother out of my mind, I also couldn't help imagining how well she would perform in the bedroom. Although I respected and loved mom for more than being a pice of meat, her plump motherly tits, shapely legs and large but firm ass couldn't be denied as object of much lust to my teenage mind and red blooded male would understandably feel the same. I had no problems with the fact I masturbated to the thought of mom taking my cock 8 inches down her throat, pumping her pussy or cumming in her ass. It didn't mean I didn't respect her. On the contrary, I longed to make love to mom. I was only turned on further by the fact she was a very sexually charged mom. I had seen skimpy little thongs and g-strings strewn around the house and would hear moans and groans of masturbation maybe once a week through the bedroom wall. Despite this mom behaved and dressed conservatively in front of me. We would never discuss love lifes or things of that nature.

My fantasies had caused a stirring in my pants as my cock grew hard. As my dick grew to full mast I heard footsteps coming up the stairs.

"Shit, mom must be home early" I thought to myself, tucking my chair into the desk and crossing legs to hide my raging hard on.

A few seconds later mom entered my room, "Hey Dan, how are the studies going honey?" she asked planting a kiss on my cheek.

"Great mom, I'm just finishing this paper" I replied pointing to the last couple of lines of empty space.

"Well done, finish up and come downstairs I've got a treat for you working so hard all day"

My dick was still rock hard and the testosterone raging through my blood meant moms innocent sentence filled my mind with sexual imagery of mom in skimpy lingerie, tight in all the right places and ready to give me a very special 'treat'

Before I had a chance to shake this image and reply, mom said "See you in a few" and strode out the room, her fabulous ass swaying beneath the tight fabric of her suit skirt.

My boner grew harder against the fabric of my pants but I sat down and struggled on with the last few lines of my essay.

Five minutes passed and mom called "Hurry up, come down here"

I decided to leave the conclusion of my essay unfinished because my head wasn't in the right place. My cock softened slightly but I was still horny and needed to let one loose.

"It's getting cold" mom called.

Again my dirty teenage mind thought moms pussy was getting turned off but I knew this really meant my treat involved food. I had barely eaten all day so shot downstairs to eat. I was surprised mom had ordered in my favourite take-away food which was a rarity because mom was a health and exercise freak. How else would she keep her body so tight aged 42. Mom had since changed out of her work suit and simply wore one of my shirts. It was tight around her copious breasts and the fabric was barely long enough to cover her decency. She had that 'morning after sex' look and my eyes took in every inch of her body from her naked silky legs up to the thigh to her hard nipples poking through the fabric. Mom had discarded her bra and wondered if she had done the same with her panties. My cock had stiffened again but I kept it hidden as we finished eating.

"I picked up a movie on the way home. I thought it would help you unwind and relax from exam stress, that's my duty after all"

"Thanks mom, go put it in the player I need to use the bathroom"

"Right away honey"

Before closing the bathroom door I looked over to mom bent over in front of the DVD player. The shirt had hidden up and completely exposed the back of mom silky thighs but her bubble butt kept the fabric tight and it didn't ride up to expose her ass and reveal whether mom was fully naked under my shirt. My dick had been hard for nearly an hour and I really needed to have a tug but I resisted, turned on my the fact I would be sitting next to mom with a boner.

We settled down to watch the movie. It was one of those types with college kids behaving badly. Mom kept teasing me throughout that it would be me next year once I moved to college. Eventually the inevitable sex scene came up and involved the guy struggling to find a condom. The room went silent and tensions built due to the awkwardness of watching a sex on TV with a parent.

"I never bothered with condoms." Suddenly mom broke the silence.

What!? Had mom just said what I think she said? My own sweet mother, admitting she fucked bareback. My dick tightened and I nearly came right then.

"But you'll get pregnant or catch a disease" I argued, trying to divert the subject before I came in my pants.

"Nope, I make sure that every guy I've been with pulls it out. Sex without them is more intimate and far more pleasurable. I know theres a risk of STD's but thats part of the thrill" Mom said gazing into space as if reminiscing on another life.

I couldn't believe my mom was talking like this. She must have felt more comfortable around me now I was an adult but nevertheless, many would brand her a slut for such preferences in the bedroom. I knew better and mom just enjoyed good sex, don't we all?

Realising what she was saying suddenly she came to her senses.

"Oh I'm sorry, too much information. I shouldn't be saying these things to my son"

I could see a look of regret and remorse in moms eyes but I was not going to let her feel like that after the way she had just turned me on.

"No mom, its fine." I assured her "I like hearing from an experienced woman who knows what she likes."

"Aww, thanks honey. I know I never really gave you 'The Talk' but remember this, sexual gratification is key to a healthy mind body and soul. But you have plenty of time to explore that next year at college, for now concentrate on those exams!"

I knew how much my academic success was to mom. She wanted the best for me and I wanted to give something back as a thanks for being an amazing mom for all these years. I was to be the first college grad in the family.

We continued watching the movie with some trivial conversation until it was over at about 9:00pm.

"Up early tomorrow with your nose in those books I hope Dan" Mom said.

"Yeah mom, I'll try. Hopefully I will be less distracted tomorrow" I replied.

"Distracted? How? By what?"

I could see Mom was worried that something could be impeding by studies.

I quickly tried to think up a lie to use as a distraction but then a plan popped into my mind. What if I exploited moms eagerness to help me succeed by saying I had been thinking about her body and needed her help to relieve me. She might even let me fuck her! The plan was deviant but it was the truth. My sexual lust for mom was driving me insane.

"Dan! What is distracting you so we can solve the issue right now. Is it that Xbox?"

"No mom, not the Xbox"

"Well what then?"

Moms tone was increasingly impatient so I built up the courage and decided to tell all.

"It's you mom"

Mom looked back at me with a puzzled look.

"But honey, I'm at work most of the day and make very little noise at home"

"No mom, not you physically. I can't stop thinking about you"

Mom didn't reply, instead the confusion on her face grew and I realised she hadn't picked up on what I was getting at. I was going to have to spell it out.

"Mom, what I'm trying to say is I've been thinking about how beautiful you are both in person and body. Your amazing tits and tight ass turn me on and I find myself distracted from studying and instead masturbating for hours

"I'm your mother! You can't think of me like that" A love of shock and horror fell on my moms face...

"Well that proves you can fuck then" I said jokingly, trying to lighten the mood.

"How dare you!"

"Look mom, I just want the chance to explore your naked body and be inside you so I don't have to waste hours jacking off."

"That is totally inappropriate! Have you no respect for me?"

With each attempt to explain myself I had made mom more and more furious. My plan had gone wrong. This was only the stuff of porn movies or erotic novels. Why on earth did I think it would ever work in real life?

"Go to your room, I don't want to look at you anymore."

I didn't dare push the issue any further and damned myself at how I had ruined a perfectly pleasant evening, but more importantly at how I had changed our relationship forever. How could normality ever return? Even if we reconciled it would always be in the back of our minds gnawing away every time we looked at each other. I put my face in my pillow and gently weeped for nearly an hour.

Eventually I heard my door creak opening. Looking up at mom I began a barrage of apologies.

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