The Admirals' Daughters

by Smiley Smith

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Spanking, Group Sex, Harem, Interracial, White Male, Oriental Female, Hispanic Female, Indian Female, Nudism, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: The Admirals' Daughters by Smiley Smith A story in the Swarm Cycle Universe created by Thinking Horndog. Time line: Year Five Swarm Era Another pickup story in the Swarm Cycle.

This is the story of my extraction and the loves of my life, my extended family and harem. I am Mark Mathews.

I was raised in Ohio, USA, in a Catholic household and my mother ruled the roost. My father, a hard working man, had absolutely no backbone when it came to my mother. If they fought, my mother would always, and I mean always, win. As far as his children went, we stayed out of his way mostly. When he got home, he was exhausted and spent most of his time in his chair sleeping. The only time he really participated in things with his children was Boy Scouts. I often felt he was participating more to be with the fathers than to help bring up his sons.

My mother was an under-achieving college graduate. She was smart as far as academics went but her personal relationships were mostly about personal gain and prestige. She had very few friends, and it really showed. My mother lived on the achievements of her children which meant I was in big trouble when I underachieved.

My parents believed in corporal punishment, and I often found myself going to school badly bruised in the face and on the butt, whenever I managed to get into trouble with the teachers. I grew up where and when teachers looked the other way.

Soon after eighth grade, I figured out that getting good grades was smarter than getting bad ones, so I made sure I overachieved. I don't really think I was looking for the attention of my parents when I found myself in trouble. One thing was for sure, I did not get into any more trouble.

I was fifteen and I was doing service work for my Eagle Scout badge. I was walking home when I saw a person struggling in a river near my home. Being a strong swimmer and a Boy Scout trained to do such things, I jumped into the river and went after the person. It was probably not the smartest thing I ever did because the water was fast moving and cold. I could have been in serious trouble. All I knew was that I was a strong swimmer and someone needed help.

I pulled the girl out of the river, just after she went under the fourth time. By then we had drawn a small crowd. She was not breathing or at least I could not tell she was. I gave her mouth to mouth and, after a prolonged coughing fit, she was breathing again.

It turned out that the girl I rescued was nineteen years old and the daughter of a US Senator. He said that if I needed anything I should call him. When the time came, I asked him to sponsor me to the Naval Academy and he was more than happy to do so for me.

I graduated from the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. At the age of twenty-eight, I was a Navy lieutenant at a desk in the Pentagon. I had not set foot on a ship since I graduated. I found myself land bound doing things I really did not want to do for the Navy and not enjoying Navy life at all. I did my job and tried not to let my dissatisfaction with the Navy show.

I did a lot of dating while in the Academy, mostly of daughters of higher ranking officers. I found that the women who were the pretty ones often were the most self centered people I met. Even the average looking ladies seemed to be completely stuck up.

The senator's daughter, Heidi James, moved to Washington DC, and made a point of setting me up with dates. She and I remained close friends over the years but she said she considered herself too old for me. It was not something I agreed with but it was her decision and I decided to live with it.

I really was lucky though since I regularly bought a lottery ticket, and hit a $308 million jackpot. Uncle Sam was pleased also, and took a lot of it in taxes. I took what was left and invested it in short term CDs.

When the Navy downsized and made a service wide offer of early retirement due to massive budget cuts, I took the opportunity to resign my commission. I had been a civilian for five days when the President's announcement about the Swarm was made. I was a little suspicious of the retirement offer and why there was a need to retire but I honestly was not really that disappointed. I liked the idea of going to the stars and active military personnel could not volunteer.

The day after the President's announcement, I called and scheduled an appointment to get CAP tested. I received an appointment ten days later. I took the test and received a score of 9.1. I was happy with the result but I kept it mostly to myself.

I found a job with a computer engineering firm in the Washington area and found myself designing weapons systems for the Navy and surprisingly for the Army and Air Force too. I was designing a missile that we hoped would be effective when the Sa'arm appeared on Earth. It turned out that I was a natural at doing it.

Heidi was still setting me up with dates three years after the announcement of the Sa'arm came out. I admit, I am a little old fashioned in my understanding of male-female relationships. Okay, I am a lot old fashioned. My mother had made my childhood a nightmare and I was not going to end up like my father. I was going to be the boss of my family. My wife was going to know it before I married her and I was going to insist on a domestic discipline environment in the marriage. My girlfriend was going to end up over my knee several times before we married and she was not going to enjoy it. I figured that with that attitude, I would probably never end up married and I was okay with that.

One day Heidi called. I was sure it was another date set up. It turned out that there was a fashion show and party afterward. I was invited to be Heidi's date since her date canceled at the last minute. Many women did not go to the show with a male date, but Heidi did, and she said it would be a disaster for her to go without one. Every tabloid would be writing her up as an old maid. I agreed to come. As far as I was concerned, she was a friend, nothing more, and I had the time.

As the show wore on, and believe me it wore on me, Heidi seemed to be cuddling closer and closer to me. I thought not having a date for the show really hit her hard.

For my part, between her cuddling and the sexy girls on the runway, modeling Swarm Era fashions, I had a boner that could not get any harder, or so I thought. I was sure it did not go unnoticed by Heidi.

After the show, we went to the party. There was no dancing so as soon as could we left. We found a bar with a dance floor to do a little dancing. We had fun but she eventually wanted to go home. I drove her home and she invited me up for coffee. I could use a little coffee I thought, so I agreed. Silly me, that was all I thought it was. As soon as I closed the door and turned around, she jumped on my hips and had me in a wet kiss that was making my toes curl. When we broke for air, she explained, "I wanted to do that with you for years. Instead I have treated you like a child. You have always been there for me. I made up the story on the show. My boyfriend and I split for good a couple of months ago. I lied to you and have been a very bad girl. I deserve a good hard spanking! Please give me one."

"You sure about this?" I replied, as she led me to the couch.

"Yes, I deserve it." I sat down on her couch and she was over my knee, fully clothed, in perfect spanking position. I gave her about five swats and she said, "This isn't working right. Flip up my dress and start again. I am thirty-five. Give me thirty-five swats!"

I did as she wanted. I was pretty sure the sheer, almost see-through, skirt of her dress was not blocking much but I flipped it up and started again. As I went, I started spanking a little harder. It seemed to be what she wanted. We got to thirty-two and she said, "Stop! This still is not working. Pull down my pantyhose." I did and started spanking again, even harder. This time there were 'ouch' and 'ow' complaints. When I arrived at thirty, she stopped me, told me to remove her panties and start again.

As I pulled down her panties, I saw the wet spot on them between the legs. She was definitely turned on by this.

I will not pretend I was not enjoying this, but I was beginning to get a little concerned I was missing something. I asked her, "Why are you doing this?"

She slid off my lap and squatted next to me. She looked up at me, smiled and replied, "I have dreamed of this since we met. I hoped that day when you rescued me that you would seek me out and spank me. My dad certainly did the first time he had a chance once I was out of the hospital. Do you realize the chance you took rescuing me? You could easily have been killed. You are an extremely strong swimmer according to one of the fire fighters or you would never have been able to get me."

She continued, "I found myself attracted to you, but you were too young for me. I tried for years to avoid you. As a senator's daughter, my father could not afford any scandal, like his daughter falling in love with a minor. My father did not know but when he sponsored you to the Naval Academy I wanted to kill him.

"I did not want to follow you around as a naval officer's wife. Then I lost track of you. When heard you left the Navy, I was involved with George, but that was going from bad to worse. George and I broke up few months ago.

"I lied to you. I did not lose my date for tonight. I wanted to make sure you had a reason to come to the show with me. It would have been too out of the blue to just call you. I did not want to seem needy. Men are supposed to ask women out at least the first time. I thought you'd never ask me out because I was older than you.

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