Cindy's 50th Birthday Present
Chapter 1

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Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - On turning 50, Cindy gets a unique gift which allows her to spend a week with various sexy men keen to have sex with her. She comes back from the vacation transformed after deflowering a couple of virgins along the way.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   True Story   FemaleDom   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism  

Cindy's 50th Birthday

Cindy turns 50 on Saturday 14th Sep. I planned out a special birthday gift to celebrate this special occasion.

About Cindy and me

I has met Cindy on OkCupid first when I lived in California. We started chatting and slowly became intimate over the internet though Cindy lived in NYC. The one thing that drew and hooked me to Cindy initially was her smile. She has the best smile I know of, and I relish her beautiful oceanic eyes. Kissing her with my eyes locked into her deep eyes is an experience I am looking so much forward to.

Cindy is a 49 year old blonde who has a shapely, ample and curvy tight body of a woman in her sexual prime and a teenaged girl with a well-proportioned tight body is nowhere close to the charm and sexuality she exudes. She has long blonde hair which she keeps down and deep oceanic eyes. It is impossible to guess her age - she seems more like a woman in her early 20s. It seems she doesn't think she is sexy enough but I always feel that she is hotter than most teenaged girls in their prime. She has all the curves and is soft in the right places. Her perky 36D breasts with large, round nipples look very enticing on her. Her breasts are very well shaped, firm and rounded. The nipples seem to decorate them well indeed. With no hint of any sag, these breasts are always attracting attention of men making them dream of fondling, caressing and sucking them.

We slowly got intimate and spent many evenings chatting on the cam. Cindy would be home after work and would have just showered and unwinding for the day, watching TV. We would talk of so many things like work, her day schedule and general stuff. She would smile occasionally making me horny. Then she would herself get in the mood knowing very well the effect of her on me. On many occasions, when we just started chatting, I did show her my hard on right away to let her know that just seeing her smile made me instantly hard. She would get in her bath robe, and then get her dildo named Jim out. She then smilingly spread on the sofa, put the cam between her legs and start giving Jim a real workout. It was an awesome sight to see her fully spread out playing while she used to see me jerking off rapidly. We came together so many times ... she so much enjoyed making me moan and cum and liked to watch me shoot my load all over the place. Sometimes it so happened that she peaked really quick seeing me jerk off while I was still stroking myself - in such a case she would come close to the cam and watch my handjob making me feel like I was cumming all over her beautiful face. As soon as I cummed she smiled and waved at me.

Cindy brought a lot of joy to my dull and boring life. I worked very hard as a computer programmer and the startup I was working for was at a very critical stage. I had no social life other than my laptop - Cindy was my only distraction and I must admit it was seeing her and thinking abut her that made me over come the hard days we were facing. Fortunately, the startup took off and we were soon acquired by a big company for a princely sum. I was rich, but it did not mean much to me as soon I came to know that I had cancer. I had a short time ahead of me. God had been very kind to me and I was blessed with a lot of wealth but I never got a chance to meet Cindy and now I was unable to meet Cindy in person due to all my health issues however Cindy had left a lasting impression on me and I have been very grateful to her for touching my life. With this in mind, having no budget constraints, I planned out a special 50th birthday for her.

The start

14th Sep was a Saturday and Cindy had taken off from 13th to resume work on the 24th. She had 11 clear days free from any work and when she told me she had not finalized any engagements or celebrations, I discussed my proposal with her and it all started at 9AM on 13th.

There was ring on the door of her flat and there was an envelope which was delivered - it contained a brief note for her to reach the airport (there was a car waiting downstairs) and a single ticket to a flight taking off at 11AM to Borley in Russia. Cindy was instructed not to pack any clothing, just her handbag and passport. Cindy simply locked her apartment, took her handbag and got into the car. The trip to the airport, immigration and flight boarding were all uneventful. The flight was for long but Cindy was comfortably accommodated in the first class and well attended to.

Borley is a small town in Russia and there was again a warm limo with a respectable driver waiting at the airport. Cindy got into the limo and the trip took around an hour. Cindy enjoyed the scenic natural beauty along the way. It was clear she was being taken to city outskirts – the drive was long and she dozed off for a while. Soon Cindy opened her eyes to find herself heading into a castle in the middle of a large lake of water. The car stopped in the atrium of the castle and the doors of the car were opened. As soon as Cindy got off the car, the car went away.

(I had a friend who was Russian and he introduced me to Borley. Borley was a small town with a castle and was under the control of an oligarch who was my friend's father. It was easy to anage all the arrangements in Borley thanks to my friend. We had no reason to worry about anything we were planning to do.)

There was a butler waiting for her at the gate. He was dressed formally and seemed to be more than 80 years in age, though he seemed to be very fit and active. He said, "Welcome to your 50th birthday celebrations. Master Jim has made intensive preparations for the next few days. Please hand over your passport and purse to me. I assure you that your belongings are in our safe custody and will be returned back to you when you depart. This castle is exclusively for our use and has facilities like a heated pool, tanning bed, tennis court, football pitch, 20 luxury bedrooms and a staff who will work in the background to take care of your laundry, food and other needs. In order to have a seamless experience please do not try to contact any of the background staff and channelize all your requests via me. I am available 24x7 and you can just yell Howard to get me come to you. This facility is under complete audio and video surveillance and your safety and comfort are of paramount importance to us. I would request you to take a shower and make yourself comfortable to rid yourself of the travel fatigue. Let me escort you to your room."

The room which Cindy reached was a large room and had good heating, top class bohemian furniture and was oozing off rich luxury at every corner. It resembled a Victorian theme and it was clear it was a very comfortable place. Cindy was directed to a shower area by Howard who said, "There are two rooms in the shower – please take off all your clothes and leave them on the floor in the first room before you enter the shower in the second so that we can hand over them to the laundry folks." After saying this he turned around and disappeared.

Cindy took off her top, skirt, bra and panties and parked them on the floor in the first room she entered. Then she entered the shower area and treated herself to an exquisite hot shower. When she stepped out of the shower room, she was surprised to find that the clothes had disappeared. She could not find any clothes to wear in the room and left without any choice, wrapped herself in the towel and came out into the main room. She was surprised to find Howard sitting there.

Howard immediately stood up on seeing her and said, "Welcome back Madam. Now let me explain to you some of the basic rules of the castle. On your right you will see a wardrobe that has a large collection of clothes and dresses that Master Jim has chosen for you. It also has multiple sets of footwear from heels to boots which all should fit you well as they are of your size. Master Jim has purposefully not kept any bras and panties/thongs - I am sorry that you will have to do without them during your stay. You have access to a full time beauty salon that's staffed in the background but is available 24x7 at your beck and call. It has facilities for full body waxing, hair styling, massage, spa, sauna, a collection of wigs should you find use for and also full services of pedicure and manicure. They work 24x7 and are always waiting for your orders. I would suggest that you use their services fresh after the shower. For the first set of activities, you just need to lie down and let them work out the schedule Master Jim has chosen for you."

With this he clapped his hands and suddenly two women appeared. They were rolling a large cart which seemed to have the full kit of cosmetics. Howard turned around and disappeared again, and one of the women guided Cindy by hand and seated her on a chair. Cindy tried to make the women talk, but they did not utter a word – it seemed those women did not speak english but they did understand what Cindy was asking them to do. They took away her towel as she sat on the massage chair, and then did a full body wax. Surprisingly the waxing was relatively painless. They also waxed her pubic hear but left a small tuff of hair on the top. Then they applied lotion on her whole body, manicaured and pedicured and then painted her fingers and toes nails, styled her hair and applied make-up to her face with lipstick, eye liner and mascara. Then they disappeared as they had come without making much noise. Cindy glanced at herself in the mirror on the wall – she looked exquisite - a very elegant lady and her new hairstyle with a tuff of hair on her forehead made her look a lot different and younger. She found a silky bathrobe on the chair they had left behind which covered her till mid thighs and was well fitting - Cindy put that on, tied the lace at her wrist and sat on the chair waiting for the next thing to come.

Howard entered again and this time he was followed by 5 men, all completely nude. The formed a horizontal line after entering the room and stood behind Howard. All the men had a nice muscular, firm body with six pack abs and firm hips and all of them were fully shaved other than their well-trimmed pubic hair. All of them had a number (1 to 5) written on their chests via a permanent marker. Cindy could not help noticing that they were well endowed with large, thick cocks which could be made out even though their cocks were hanging flaccid. All of them looked like male models from a TV show and were staring at the floor as Howard spoke walking across back and forth parallel to the men in the line.

"All these men are Master Jim's gifts for your birthday celebrations. He as handpicked all of these men for you. I assure you that all of these men have been tested for diseases and are completely safe for any known sexually transmitted infection known to man. All of these men are here out of their free will, have signed extensive legal contracts to protect your privacy, are either UK or US nationals and have been with us for the last 5 days. They have been in a 24 by 7 camera monitored facility for the last 5 days and have had absolutely no sexual activity, including masturbation since they came in here. Master Jim wanted them to be completely ready for you when you came here. None of these men will try to force themselves on you at any cost – they will pay dearly if they even try as they will be prosecuted and punished severely. They are fully aware that they will not be able to go back home alive should they molest you or fail to please you while you are here. They are completely at your beck and call. They will not be allowed to masturbate in their dormitories during their stay here and so any kind of sexual relief they get here will be solely and completely at your discretion. In order to safeguard their privacy and our total command on them, they will be referred to by their chest numbers instead of their names. None of these men is over 25 and all of them will do anything to making your stay here fully memorable."

"The average width of the erect male cock is approximately 1.5 inches while the length is 5.3 inches. You may have already noticed that these men are very well endowed – their minumum erect length is 7.2 inches while the erect width is 3 inches or higher. The even numbered ones are pure virgins – 2 is 18 years old while 4 is 19 – none of them have ever even experienced a blowjob. Extensive background checks have been performed on the virgins to ensure that they are completely pure and virtuous. In addition to being virgins, these men are known to ejaculate a higher volume of semen than normal putting them in the top 0.1% of men (one in thousand) in terms of ejaculate volume. This is a trait they share with the odd numbered men. The odd numbered men are sexually well experienced and are extremely sought after by single women in their social circles for their attractive physique, sexual skills, size and thickness of their cocks and ejaculate volume. Each of the odd numbered men have been sexually intimate with many women by the time they turned 21 so you can guess how much in demand they are. These have been specially hand-picked by Master Jim so that you have the proper mix of experience and innocence during your stay here. Another trait of the odd numbered men is their extensive experience and skills while going down on a woman – we are very confident that these men will be able to provide you the pleasure that you deserve and expect for your 50th birthday celebrations."

You can pick and choose one or more men to be with at any time during your stay and the rest will retire to their dorms till called for and will always be at your beck and call. You will be pleased to know that all of these 5 men have rated your beauty and sexuality as 9.5/10 or higher out of 500 odd profiles they were shown of the women they would like to be intimate with. It's obvious that they find you very attractive and sexually irresistible. All of these men prefer mature, older women and the odd numbered ones are hit on regularly by cougars and milfs to be their boy toys. Master Jim recommends not using any contraception including condoms as these men are disease free and since you are post menopause, there is no risk of any unwanted outcomes. Master Jim has informed these men that you are very demanding sexually and these men would try their best to meet your standards. They are instructed not to compete with each other for your favours and will be rewarded on the basis of the acts they perform to pleasure you. Their pay out during your stay is dependent on the number of times they are able to cum – since they are not allowed to masturbate, they can cum only with your permission inside your pussy, mouth or anus and each of these ejaculation gets them $1000. In addition, Master Jim has kindly allowed them to be paid $250 for every time they cum on your body – for example your breasts or your face, BUT this has to be with your permission or your command. As an example they are free to request you to allow them to masturbate on your breasts or jerk off to your face HOWEVER it is up to you to decide whether they can do it or not. Since these men find you extremely sexy, they are free to make such requests on you however they are not allowed to repeat their requests more than once in a day and they will completely respect your decision if you do not allow them to get this relief. They will get $500 for each incident in case you give them a handjob and allow them to cum at the place of your choice."

"All of these guys have been preparing extensively for your birthday celebrations. They underwent a rigorous exercise and diet schedule for 6 weeks prior to coming in here. As soon as they came in here, all of these men were asked to masturbate to your sexy pictures flashing on the TV screens loudly moaning your name while they emptied their balls. After that they have been on a stringent vegetarian protein and fruit diet regimen comprising of apples, mangoes, oranges, pineapples and strawberry. None of the men has had any chocolate, coffee, alcohol, tea, cigarettes, meat, onions and garlic since they came in here. All of these men have been fed only one fruit along with the vegetarian proteins – for example one of these men has been only eating apples in the fruit selection for the last 5 days, the second has been solely feasting on pineapple and so on. This has led to a specific flavour of sperm build up in them so that you can enjoy the flavours in the taste of their cums should they be lucky enough to get a blowjob. So out of these, one man is apple flavour, one pineapple, one is orange, one is mango and the last one is strawberry. Master Jim has mandated that you not be told about their individual 'flavours' by these men and this be left as a sweet birthday surprise for you to discover and enjoy."

"The other part of their preparation has been to exercise and train extensively to increase their stamina and fitness – some of which was started even before they came in here however has been given a final shape in the last 5 days. All of these men are fit enough to run 5 miles in one go without being breathless, lift weights, play a game of football or tennis and so on. They have also been coached by eminent psychologists on how to behave with a woman, how to touch and caress her and cuddle her. Master Jim had provided your preferences as an input to the psychologists for them to be able to frame this training. They have also been trained to worship your beauty, sexuality and intelligence and will obey you fully to the point of trying very hard to please you. They adore and worship you as their sex goddess.

"As a part of the preparation they have been working on birthday gifts for you, their goddess. The even numbered folks in this group will dedicate their virginity to you as their ultimate gift. They have been sought after by a lot of women but it is you who will enjoy the prized fruits of their patience and virtue. They will always remember their first time with their goddess and someone as sexy as you will make a lasting impression on them. Master Jim has recommended that you first give the virgins a blowjob each to ease them in, but it is solely up to you on how you want to do this. All the guys are aware that your favourite position is doggy style and they have been preparing specifically for it by building up muscles that will make them do it to give you maximum pleasure. You can also see a couple of support ramps - purple and black - in this room near your bed which will help in supporting your hands and knees and thus prevent rashes, wear and pain in case of long, intense sessions. The guys here have built enough muscle to be able to lift you holding your waist while you enjoy the doggy position with them pumping in from the rear holding you. The specific exercises they have been doing allows them to lift you from your waist, hold you comfortably and pump for at least 250 continuous strokes though Master Jim says that you will surely not let any of them last so long without making them ejaculate. The black ramp has also got wrist and ankle straps as attachments as you can see. The purple ramp is for regular sessions – both of these ramps also allow for a man to be rested where your elbows will be should you want a throbbing cock to lick on while enjoying doggy style pumping on the rear"

"You can pick any two men to sleep with you in the nude on a daily basis during your stay here. They will lie one on each side while you sleep and keep you warm and cosy during the night. You can snuggle up with the men in bed, and if you want you can ask them for more. You can also request a morning wakeup call from any of these two men or any of the other remaining ones. The wake-up call man will wake you up by going down on you while you snuggle up to the warm bodies around you. You can also pick any two of these men for your daily morning shower and massage. These two nude men will soap your breasts and your whole body in the shower, shampoo your hair and dry your body post shower. Then they will apply lotion and provide you a full body massage on the massage table. You are free to caress, stroke, fuck, ride or jerk off any of these men at any time of the day or night, in the shower, massage or otherwise. They wpuld be more than happy to be jerked off as they get rewarded sexually and financially for each time you pleasure them. You can also ask them to go down on you anytime during the shower, massage or whenever you feel like. For your entertainment, you can divide these men into teams and have them compete for a reward of your choice. We have an indoor thermal pool with nice sunlight coming in via the glass roof. In addition we have a tennis court, a mini football pitch, jogging track etc. all of which you can use for your entertainment along with the men.

These men are fully dedicated for your comfort and pleasure and understand that their body during your stay is for solely for your enjoyment. Master Jim has chosen a few sets of footwear and clothes for these men. After now, all of these men will wear only a single jock strap by default unless you direct them otherwise. The clothes chosen basically comprise of jock straps, leopard print underwear and tight inner wear so as to accentuate their hips and provide you easy access. There are a few sets of clothes available to these men should you go out of the castle to a pub or the mall along with a man or a set of these on your arm for some outdoor fun.

Finally Master Jim has proposed a special bonus prize of $10,000 for the highest grosser – the man who you reward by selecting to cum with/on you the most in terms of dollar value during your stay. All of these men have signed a default contract to travel back with you and you are free to take the winner you choose back along with you to stay with you back in NY for a minimum of two weeks to explore future possibilities."

Cindy sat on the chair, which was actually a high chair like a bar stool with a ring at the bottom as footrests to rest her legs, listening with rapt attention swivelling slightly left to right. She was really impressed with the way Jim had planned these things out. She was getting turned on imagining all the wonderful possibilities for this vacation and started to regret why she had taken only so few a days off work. She could feel moistness developing between her legs and wondered when the action would begin. She was finding all of the men extremely hot and wondered how 2 of such sexy hot men could be absolute virgins. It was good though that Jim had brought along the other experienced men with them as it would have not been too much fun to spend time with raw virgins though she was excited at the possibility of deflowering them and being their first one. She was sure she would be treated like a princess during this trip and had a lot to look forward to. It seemed dark outside and it was only around an hour to midnight, so she wondered what situation she will be in at the stroke of midnight when she turns 50. In her mind, she was feeling the urge to enjoy the hot and firm bodies of the sexy young studs. She has 10 days to spend in the castle and her mind was already racing to make sure that she celebrated turning 50 by having at least 50 sessions with these men during her stay, which meant she had to make them shoot their loads inside her 5 times or more a day on an average. Considering that her last few boyfriends had left her sexually frustrated being "once a night" or "twice a night" men, she was pretty sure that draining these hot studs 5 times a day would not be something she will need any pushing to do.

Howard continued, "Master Jim has also instituted a simple rule. Whenever any of these men services you, the others have to make sure that our goddess is kept clean and fresh. Thus if any of men is allowed to cum inside of our goddess, it the responsibility of the others to wipe or lick her clean soon after as a mark of respect and dedication. Barring blowjobs in which the goddess may like to keep the taste of cum on her lips to savour the flavours, this request is applicable for any vaginal or anal sex. This will keep our goddess fresh and clean during our stay."

Howard said, "I think it is now time for each of these men to introduce themselves. I ask them to step forward, get on their knees and say a few words to you about themselves. They are also to kiss the feet of their goddess before they speak to you in private. After they have spoken they are supposed to welcome you to the castle and wish you a happy birthday in advance for tonight. All of these men have decided to use the same form of greeting for their goddess which is a surprise I do not want to disclose and steal their thunder. All of us will have our backs turned to you while they introduce and dedicate themselves to you. We will start with no. 1"

As soon as he said this 1 stepped forward while Howard and the other men turned their backs to Cindy and moved towards the far away wall. 1 took around 15 steps to come to Cindy and it was clear than no one else was in a position to see or hear whatever he was to say to his goddess. 1 came to Cindy's chair, got to his knees and said, "O Goddess! I am here to fully dedicate myself to you for your pleasure." With this he bent forward and kissed both of Cindy's smooth feet. He had deep clear blue eyes, blonde hair and flawlessly ripped muscular body. His pubic hair was blonde though it was well trimmed. He was very well hung. He came closer to Cindy, leaned forward between her legs and asked "Do I have the permission to wish you a happy birthday in advance?" Cindy sat mesmerized and nodded. She could not help notice that his cock was starting to stir and get erect as soon as he came close to her. 1 leant forward, got to his knees, gently spread Cindy's legs, put his lips near her wetness and started to say while licking her "Welcome mmm to hmmm the castle ... hmm O mmm Goddess ... Happy Birthday ... ahhhh in advance ... mmmm." He was licking her smooth shaved lips, frenching her hot bud and kissing her all the while he said so with his eyes locked in his goddess'. It was clear he was getting a hard on doing this. It was obvious he was a very experienced man in going down on a woman and knew exactly which spots to pleasure. Cindy was stirring with excitement and to her disappointment he suddenly stopped with a large lick on her clit. He licked his lips and rose up. Cindy could see his rock hard thick and large cock just a few inches away from her face. However he stepped back, bowed and went away to join the rest of the men.

As soon as 1 reached the wall and turned his back to Cindy, 2 turned around and stepped forward. He had black eyes and black hair, and had a much better muscular and shapely body. In fact he was the most muscular of all the men. He also had black trimmed pubic hair which decorated his large and thick circumcised cock. It seemed pretty large even in semi erect state. She could not help notice that his cock was stirring and getting hard as soon as he started to come close to her. Cindy recollected that he was an 18 year old virgin and smiled at the naughty thought of deflowering him and putting her indelible stamp on him by claiming his virginity. He walked up to Cindy's chair, got to his knees and said, "O Goddess! I am here to fully dedicate myself to you for your pleasure." With this he bent forward and kissed both of Cindy's smooth feet one after the other. He then locked his eyes into Cindy's and came closer to Cindy, leant forward between her legs and requested "Do I have the permission to wish you a happy birthday in advance?" Cindy smiled and nodded. She was already warmed up by the luscious licks from 1 and was already getting wetter. 2 leant forward, gently spread Cindy's legs, put his lips near her wetness and started to say with his eyes locked in his goddess' while licking her "Welcome to hhhmmmmm the castle ... hmm O mmm Goddess ... Happy muah Birthday ... mm in ahhhh advance ... mmmm." He was licking her smooth shaved lips and trying to lick her juices. It was clear he was getting a hard on doing this however his lack of experience was evident in the way his lips and tongue were lashing on to Cindy's wetness. Cindy was stirring with excitement and to her disappointment she was not getting any relief from her arousal and on the contrary the lack of skills was making it worse for her. He finally stopped and rose up and Cindy was glad it was over. Cindy could see his hard thick cock just a few inches away from her mouth when he stood up and she was tempted to lick him right there, but she was able to control herself. Soon 2 bowed and went away to join the rest of the men.

This continued till all the men had wished Cindy a special 50th birthday. The inexperienced virgins were not very good at going down on Cindy and made her all the more desperate, while the others made her crave for more. The experienced men had brought her to the edge of orgasm, while the virgins had turned her on more by their sloppy work and she was tempted at the thought of training them and being their first. After all seven were done, Cindy was on fire and all the more keen for release. The sight of sexy hot men standing nude at her command with their hard cocks on display made her crave to have herself filled with a throbbing rock hard cock so that she could orgasm on it multiple times and then drain it. She asked Howard, "I want to thank a few of these for now their wishes." Howard asked her what to do next. Cindy asked the men to turn around and face her. The she asked even numbered guys to come forward, take off her gown and lift her to the black ramp. She then asked herself to be strapped to the ramp so that she was firmly placed in doggie position with her wet pussy deliciously exposed to the men. She was completely nude, strapped tight and had no room to wriggle her hips and legs sideways. She asked the straps to be tightened further till the time the only motion possible for her hips was a back and forth motion which she planned to use to squeeze the cock pumping her. She did not want to be distracted from the sex due to sideways movement of her feet. Both the virgins were hard at seeing her body and touching and lifting her and it was clear they were desperate to get relief from their goddess.

However Cindy had different plans. She did not want to waste any cum un-necessarily so she asked the virgins to go back barring 2, who she asked to stand on the other side of the ramp so that Cindy's head was next to his erect cock. Then she asked 1 to come forward and asked him to stand close to her face. She held 1's cock and guided him to her face. She licked his already twitching desperate cock lightly and made it well wet. Then 1 was asked to go behind her and hold his cock at the wet lips and rub lightly BUT not to enter her till told. Cindy then started to stroke and kiss 2's cock. All of the men were hard and desperate for her. She now instructed 1 to enter her and as soon as she told him so, she engulfed 2's cock completely in her mouth. 1 entered her velvet pussy and immediately could experience her hot pussy squeezing his cock and making it throb. Cindy was busy licking 2's erect cock and she was deep throating it so that she could time her blowjob strokes with 1's lusty thrusts.

1 started pumping her like a wild animal. Cindy has never previously experienced such a hard and thick cock and as soon as he started pumping, Cindy flushed with excitement and orgasmed on his cock filing her deep and hard. Cindy was getting stretched due to the hard and thick cock and she felt like losing her virginity again as it was filling her so deep and tight like the way she had never experienced before. However 1 was an experienced man and he knew how to pleasure a woman. He varied his speed along the way holding Cindy's hips and was enjoying fucking a hottie like Cindy to the fullest. Cindy was in seventh heaven with her pussy fully wrapped around 1's cock and her mouth full of 2's innocent virgin throbbing cock. 1 could feel the pressure building up in his balls and moaned "oh Cindy O Goddess I am about to ... mmm cummm..." while 2 was also on the edge with the repeated lip swirls and kisses Cindy was showering on his cock being an expert cock sucker. He was also moaning "O Goddess ... mmm". Cindy was herself reaching her next orgasm and soon 1 was shooting his thick load inside of her at the time Cindy began to orgasm again. At the same time 2 shot his pineapple flavoured cum deep into Cindy's mouth. Both the men had large amounts of cum accumulated and they continued to shoot a heavy thick load. Cindy swallowed each drop of 2's cum which was very thick and tasted a lot like pineapple while she licked his shaft clean. 1 had shot a heavy load which had accumulated in his balls and Cindy's pussy was full of his cum and about to start dripping the wholesome release. Exhausted and squeezed dry by Cindy, 1 simply collapsed on top of her and kissed her shoulder. Cindy had drained both the cocks dry, but she wanted more. She pushed the men away and called over 3 to lick her clean. 3's experienced licking had an electric effect on Cindy and she asked him to fuck her as well. Soon 3 was shooting his heavy load into Cindy who was flying from one peak of orgasm to other. When 3 was done Cindy simply collapsed on the ramp exhausted by her multiple orgasms while she heard a bell chime midnight in the distance.

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