Journeyman Wizard

by Ka Hmnd

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Consensual, First, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Learning magic is not easy and has its own distractions. Being friends with three women including the youngest daughter of a duke is also distracting. When it becomes more, another noble takes exceptions and refuses to accept my warning. Now he is about to learn why you avoid angering a mage or wizard.

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I was chosen by the wizard Demitre when I was six. As his apprentice, I had to learn the thirteen languages that made up the mage tongue. I also had to learn my numbers, and then there was the hard stuff. I had to learn about nature and the elements and the gods and the planes and ... I could go on for a very long time.

I was ten when I decided on my own to summon my staff. It involved days of preparation and hours of drawing out the correct symbols. I was asking for the help of gods, which can be very tricky. I made sure I balanced everything very carefully. Light with dark, moon with sun, earth with air, nature with chaos, etc.

Within moments of starting, wizard Demitre was there. He did not stop me or do anything as I pulled in power and sent it into the spell. Soon I was bringing in more and more power to put even more into the spell I was trying to create. Time slowed as I opened myself up and sent a flood of power into the spell.

Finally there was no more, and I was pouring all my power and draining my life energy into it. Just when I thought I was going to die, the symbols exploded in light and the world went dark. I could hear voices that slowly grew louder; then there were flickering images I was not meant to see.

In front of me a tiny tree sprouted and grew into a sapling in moments. As it grew taller it shifted and changed and a clear crystal appeared in the crown. It was several different shades of green and stopped growing when it was just over two paces tall. The branches pulled in, were absorbed, and it lifted as its roots sank into the foot.

It leaned towards me as if saying "Take me," and I reached out, "Thank you."

The answers varied as the darkness returned'; then I was looking at wizard Demitre. I felt very powerful, at least until I tried to move. The world spun and I clutched the staff as I fell over. I woke in my bed and Demitre cleared his throat, "That was very dangerous."

He stood from the chair beside my bed, "Now you will have someone watching you, so I would pay attention to your lessons."

My lessons changes drastically and I actually began doing real spells, enchantments, and charms. The years passed until I was sixteen and the wizard Demitre made me a journeyman. Of course he helped me pack, and I had to find my own place to live. That turned out to be an old tavern that had gone out of business.

The huge city had grown a lot over time, and now it extended further from the Keep. I had to earn my way, which meant feeding myself, mostly. At least once a week I returned to the wizard to be tested and receive new instructions. I met a lot of people over the first year and one was a lady from a crib down the street.

She was twenty and had fair hair and always took the time to greet me and talk. Another was Lady Elizabeth, a young widow that sold herbs. She had red hair and a firm body. She liked to flirt with me but not with other men. The last was Lady Sarah, who was fourteen and the youngest daughter of a duke. She had long brown hair and always had a smile for me.

I had made the huge common room of the old tavern into a living area with cushioned chairs, tables and couches. I had cleaned and enchanted the kitchen and the stables out back. I only used one of the sleeping rooms, but had cleaned them all and put beds in. Most of the time, I was in the living area or walking the streets.

I looked up from a copy of a book I had made to see Melody standing inside the door. She smiled as she looked around, "Different."

I grinned and stood, "I missed you yesterday."

She blushed and looked around before taking a breath. She looked at me, "Can you cure disease?"

I blinked and nodded, "Of course."

She bit her lip, "Would you cure me?"

I gestured to the couch across from me, "I did not know you were ill."

She moved into the room and crossed to the couch and sat, "One of the men gave me a pox."

I frowned and gestured, "Would you undress?"

She stood and took her clothes off. I saw the sores right away. I turned to face a wall with two large bookcases and whispered. A book floated to me; I opened it and flipped pages before I started to read. When I was done, I closed the book and stood. I moved to her and smiled as I caressed her hips, "Relax."

I closed my eyes as I began to chant and push my power into the spell. I heard her groan as I continued and finally finished. I opened my eyes and looked down her body before I looked into her face. She smiled and kissed me softly, "I can..."

I held her still and shook my head, "No sex for a day."

She blinked and I turned and moved to my chair, "I will make you a warding stone."

She blushed when I looked at her, "I did not mean to insult you."

I snorted as I picked up the book, "You did not insult me, and I wish I could spend myself inside you but not now."

She grinned, "Then later."

I nodded and she looked at the stairs, "Mind if I look around?"

I shook my head, "I need to go out and find a stone to use."

The image of her body was always there as I left and walked the streets. I found a stone but had to alter it before I returned. Melody's clothes were missing so she must have left. It was simple to create the warding stone. Basically it would let her know if anyone near it had a disease.

I finished my studying and started for the kitchen when she returned. I smiled, "I was going to fix dinner. Would you like to join me?"

She smiled and nodded and crossed to go into the kitchen. Seeing things moving around and cooking by themselves had her hugging my arm. After dinner, we took a walk and she asked if she could stay with me until she was better. I did not know it would become permanent, but I agreed. I worked and did spells and enchantments that night while she watched.

She only wore a night shirt and did not seem tired or sleepy. When I finally went to bed, she followed and lay in bed holding me. At first she was hesitant; finally, she relaxed. I woke to my morning chime and glanced at the wall clock before gesturing. It went silent as I looked at Melody and slipped out of bed.

I went to wash and slip on a clean robe as I sent my other to be cleaned. I went down to the kitchen and ate warm cereal and then took a walk to see my master. I had to demonstrate a couple of hard spells and he gave me a few more to learn. When I returned home Melody was not up as I sat to read.

She came down around noon and I looked up to see her naked. She grinned as she walked to the couch across from me, "Good morning."

I glanced at the window, "It is afternoon."

She smiled as she sat and curled one leg so I could see her pussy. I shifted and smiled back, "Did you want breakfast?"

She shook her head, "Tea?"

I nodded and murmured and then looked at the text I had been reading. I turned to look at the door to see Elizabeth just inside it. She was staring at Melody and blushing, "Excuse me I..."

I gestured as she started to turn and leave. She squeaked and moved into the room, "I was just asking Melody if she would like breakfast but she only wanted tea. Would you like a cup?"

She stammered, "I..."

I sighed and let her go, "You want to leave."

She hesitated, "I wanted to speak with you about ... herbs."

She looked at Melody who did not seem to mind that she was naked, "I can come back."

I shrugged and gestured to the other end of the couch, "I was studying a..."

I shook my head, "Never mind. Now would be good."

I glanced at the kitchen door and murmured as she sat gingerly. She took a breath and tried not to look at Melody, "I have a problem. My herb supplier for the Glory herbs just came in. According to her, only a tenth of the plants have made it this year. I was hoping you could help; maybe make more grow or..."

She shrugged and I sat back, "Glory is to prevent conception but..."

I looked at the door and blinked when I saw Sarah and stood, "I was not expecting you."

She had a red face as she looked at Melody, "I am interrupting."

I shook my head, "No. Come sit and after I help ... After I am done I would like to speak with you."

She looked at Melody, "Speak?"

I blushed, "Well I would love to fuck all three of you, but I have to study. Melody is my guest and Elizabeth came to ask my help with a problem and..."

She shook her head as she walked across the room, "You are a strange boy Ashton."

She sat in the other chair and I turned back to Elizabeth, "Now. Glory is to prevent conception but has bad side effects: stomach cramping, abdominal pain, and longer periods during the bleeding cycle."

I shook my head, "Plus there are sometimes head pains and muscle stiffness."

She looked at Melody who nodded and then looked at me, "That is true but it is the only herb that prevents conception."

I looked at the bookcases and gestured, "There is a potion that would work but you would end up with the same problem after a while."

I caught the book that floated to me and flipped through the pages. I touched a page and then began to read before I turned and looked around. I gestured and a barrel of sand rolled towards me. I finished reading the spell, "The spell is actually simple."

I glanced at Elizabeth and then murmured as a large mortar and pestle landed on the small table in front of me. I filled it with sand and glanced at Elizabeth again, "Take your clothes off."

I turned back and began to grind and crush the sand into powder as she slowly stood. Sarah hissed, and I glanced at her and she shook her head, "Why undress and please would be nice."

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