Halloween Reflections


Caution: This Suspense Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Rape, Coercion, Fiction, Horror, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Sadistic, Oral Sex, Petting, Exhibitionism, Violent, Transformation, Politics, .

Desc: Suspense Sex Story: Do Ghost really exist? This story might change your mind

Chapter 1

Betty rose up on her elbow and looked at her husband sleeping on his back. She let the wetness build up on her tongue and wet her hand good. She reached for him and gently raised him to a mind-thrilling throb. While she did this, she made sure to wet her lips and fill her hot mouth with saliva. She lowered her head with her lips closed until she took him.

When he was awake enough to comprehend what she was doing, Phil uttered, "Mmmm ... Yah ... Aah." He started to rise to forbidding heights. That is, if he had high blood pressure. Instead, he just erupted with "Ooooh ... Mmmm."

He lay there panting while he heard her say, "That is payback for yesterday morning."

Phil and Betty Hollyfield met in kindergarten and never separated. They loved each other and could comment on anyone who happened to walk by them without the fear of creating an irritable reaction. It did not make any difference which one spoke about their looks, whether they were man or woman. Phil could say, "That girl has a big camel toe." Betty could say, "That guy had a huge package." They openly talked to each other about all their thoughts and needs.

They sat in their lawyer's office signing the final papers. It was 8:30 a.m. on October 15, 2015, while the closing documents were read. They both signed each one.

They made and patented the shell for wireless phones in 1992. They were selling the patent and the business for $25,000,000. That was not bad for twenty years of a life of push, pull, and shove.

They were only 42. Phil was 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighed 165 lbs. At 5 feet 8 inches tall, Betty was 130 lbs. They both maintained good eating habits. There was not an ounce of fat between both of them combined. Neither of them looked over 35. Their favorite workout was American Ninja Warrior style.

They both worked very hard at their business. They had a housekeeper and cook that lived next door with her children. Phil and Betty did not want children. They could not see bringing children up with the work habits they had.

They traded their house three weeks ago for a 2016 American Coach Eagle 45A motorhome. The owner of the motorhome dealership had been trying to buy their house for a year. He was the one who put the retirement bug in their heads. They purchased a huge toy carrier and Dodge Durango, 4-wheel drive SUV. After loading the motorhome and toy carrier, there was still 12 feet of space in the front of the Durango to load all the household boxes.

Everything they owned was in pods until they found their dream home. They both wanted a house on a cliff overlooking the ocean -- any ocean -- just as long as they weren't in California. The first place they were going to look was in Texas, on the Gulf of Mexico. They could not get out of California fast enough!

They started planning for this new adventure months ago. They both agreed neither could cook. Betty spent time on the internet looking for a live-in cook and housekeeper. She downloaded a cook and housekeeper application form onto their computer. One week ago, she found a high school graduate who had completed three years of cooking classes and wanted to find a domestic live-in job. They agreed on a salary.

Betty called and checked her out to see if she was truly what they were looking for. Betty spent 3 hours asking her every question she could think of. They arranged to pick her up in Moreno Valley, California at Hibachi Buffet just off the Day Street exit which was 4 hours away.

They walked out of the lawyer's office to their motorhome to be greeted by their "his and hers" Chows, Misty and Red. Her's was black and his was red. Both of them had been neutered. They acted as though they had been gone for days.

"We haven't been gone but thirty minutes, puppies," said Phil.

"But Daddy, they don't care if it is three minutes or three weeks. Can't we say hi," Betty said, voicing what their dogs must have been thinking.

Phil crawled into the driver seat and cranked the motorhome. He pulled out onto Pacific Coast Highway. The rush hour traffic was over, but one would never know in L.A. Betty entertained the dogs before getting into the other chair.

"Well, my sweet hubby, say goodbye to downtown L.A." Betty said after they came through the famous 4-level I-110 and I-10 interchange. She was looking at the downtown skyline.

"You know, I am glad to leave, but coming back for a visit someday won't be so bad," Phil said.

"Yes, I am with you on that. The democratic establishment in Sacramento is killing this state."

They took I-10 east and south on I-15 to the 60 Freeway and headed east toward Moreno Valley. They followed the GPS off Day Street to the Hibachi Buffet. There was a big parking lot in which to park the motorhome. They would be meeting Destiny Ann Jones, their new housekeeper.

Destiny was an even 5 feet tall and was wearing a skirt. It was 6 inches above the knee with 2 inch stripes running horizontally. The skirt had sharp green and brown colors that brought attention to the tan color of her legs. She was wearing a white shirt without buttons that she tied together closely up under her curvaceous breasts exposing her midriff. It made a wonderful California tan showing a perfect tiny waist. Her hair was rock and roll style auburn red. She had big piercing green eyes. Every inch of her was jaw-dropping.

"Oh, my, would you look at that girl! The picture she sent must have been an old one. She is better built than a brick shit house," Betty said, pointing to Destiny walking up to the motorhome pulling a big suitcase on rollers behind her.

"My darling, you are beautiful to look at; but, it is going to be hard to walk behind that girl."

"That's okay, honey. I will take care of you when it gets hard."

"That sounds like a plan. What about when she is walking toward me?"

"Then she might have to watch."

"Open door," Betty said to the voice activated door.

When she stepped out, Destiny grabbed her and hugged her like she was a long-lost sister. When Phil stepped out, he was awarded the same; but he didn't feel like a brother!

Phil put her bag inside the motorhome, and they went into the buffet to eat. "The meal is on us, Destiny."

They filled their plates and found a table in the corner away from other people.

"I just can't believe it. I hate this town. I am finally going to get away."

"Don't you have family here, Destiny?" Phil asked.

"First, Mr. Phil, call me Ann. I have no one here but an old grouch who called herself my foster mother."

"Ann, why don't you call us Phil and Betty? We want you to feel like you are equal to us. We will all have specific responsibilities. I can't cook and I'm a deplorable housekeeper. Betty kept the books for our business for 20 years. It consumed all her time and now she has forgotten how to cook. We had a cook and housekeeper that lived with her children next door."

"Ann, I did not say anything to Phil about what you told me about your life. Please tell him your story."

"I was born to a prostitute that got pregnant. She was going to abort me and got talked into keeping me. From the time I was old enough to remember, she forced me to cook and keep house. I really enjoyed it. I feel at ease when I cook and clean. I was eight when she disappeared while I was at school.

Since that time, I have been moved from foster home to foster home. I don't know what motivated me, but I wanted to continue doing what I do best. The school I went to helped some, but I found an on-line housekeeping school from which I have a diploma. I also worked for three years as a cook for the Green Frog Restaurant."

She looked first at Phil and then at Betty, then continued, "I learned all the proper foods that will keep us nice and fit."

"You sound like you are going to fit right in with us. We will have no rules outside of our designated responsibilities," Betty said.

Everything seemed to fall into place. They were like long-time friends when they left the buffet. The dogs had finished sniffing the suitcase by the time they entered the motorhome. They attacked Ann with their noses.

"Put the clothes you want to wear over the next few days in that closet to your left. Make yourself at home. Wear what is comfortable. Then, I will put your suitcase in the storage compartment with ours," Phil said.

While she was getting her things out, Phil programmed the security system. He said, "Ann, when I push this button, please say, 'open the door.' When I push it the second time say, 'close the door'."

When she finished taking out the clothes she wanted to keep in the closet, Phil took her suitcase outside to place it in the storage compartment below. When he came back into the motorhome, Ann was slipping into a large smock with just panties on. Phil moaned to himself, "This is going to be hard to deal with."

Chapter 2

They began their journey toward Texas. Phil was driving and Betty was showing Ann the sites on the computer where they were going to be looking. They were going to start at Brownsville and work their way along the coast.

"P.A. system on," Betty said. Then to Phil she said, "Sweetheart, don't over-extend yourself on driving. We can stop anywhere. We don't have to get there today."

"Baby, would you please look to see if there is a KOA campground in Blythe. That is about as far as I want to push it today."

Betty clicked on the KOA icon and found the phone number. She pushed the call button and gave the number out loud to the phone. When they answered she said, "We are in Desert Center. Do you have a space for a 45-foot motorhome and big toy trailer?"

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