The Taking

by Lucky Mann

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Heterosexual, Fiction, Rough, Light Bond, Indian Female, First, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: An innocent young lady is abducted and forcefully introduced to the world of sex.

Naina was cheerfully walking down a quiet park lane. The beautiful and petite twenty-year-old didn't have a care in the world. The sun was setting, and the park was getting dimmer. She knew she should be moving along to get out of the park before darkness fell.

However, it was such a delightfully cool evening the young woman of Indian desent wanted to continue her walk. The day had been so hot, and the cooling evening air felt so good to her. There was a gentle breeze that was cooling her skin. She was enjoying the almost sensual feel of the air as it caressed her body.

Her long silky dark brown hair bounced with each step she took. It waved on the gentle puffs of air as she strolled along. The young woman's hair shone in the fading light of the sun.

Her dress showed her young yet sensuous body. The skirt was short and loose enough to allow the cooling air to circulate between her legs. The top of her dress was cut low enough for a little cleavage from her ample breasts to be clearly visible.

Her arms could feel the cooling effects of the breeze. Her legs felt it too as they made her short summer dress flutter as she walked. As the cooling air kissed the exposed portion of her upper chest her nipples began to harden. Naina presented a very enticing image as she walked alone in the deserted park.

Naina's mind was not on her surroundings. It was on the new young attorney that had just been hired that day by the firm she worked for. She looked forward to working with him at the firm where she was a secretary. His name was James, and he looked so good to her. It was Friday evening and she had all weekend to day-dream about James before seeing him again at work on Monday.

If she hadn't been day dreaming about the new lawyer, she may have paid more attention to where she was heading. She ignored the warning signs. She should have known better than to turn off the park's main walkway and into the heavily wooded part of the park. She didn't pay any attention to the dark colored van parked in the trees. In the fading light, she never saw the man get out of the sliding side door of the van. Naina didn't even know he was there until...

Without warning, a burly man slapped his right hand over the pretty girl's face from behind. With surprising strength, he covered the girl's mouth with his hand. His left arm snaked around her waist. He lifted and pulled the frightened girl tightly to his body. Swiftly, the man dragged Naina into the brush beside the path. He roughly carried her toward the still open side door of his old van. With his arms tightly wrapped around Naina, he backed up to the open door and sat down pulling Naina down with him. She landed hard on his lap. He scooted backwards into the van dragging his captive with him. While one hand covered her mouth, he held her upper body tightly to his chest with the other. He kicked the van's side door and it slid closed with a loud thud.

Once inside the van, Naina vainly struggled to free herself from her attacker. She was simply not capable of fending him off. He was much too strong for the small girl to effectively fight him off.

Bravely, Naina continued to struggle against him. For her efforts, he briefly released her, spun her around, and viciously slapped her face. She fell onto her backside on the van's floor. She cried from the stinging pain she felt on her face.

She was still stunned from the slap when he rolled her onto her chest. He quickly tied her hands together behind her back.

While he tied her hands, Naina came to her senses. She screamed at him. "What are you doing? Let me go! Why are you doing this to me?"

A rag was roughly shoved into her mouth and tied behind her head. A cloth bag was jerked over her head and loosely tied under her chin. Flipping her over onto her back again, her attacker tied her thighs, caves, and ankles tightly together so her legs could only bend at the knees as one.

He then spoke to his captive for the first time. "Shut the fuck up. Don't fight with me, and you will live. Continue to fight and you may not survive the night. Now, lay there quietly and enjoy the ride."

He then calmly climbed into the van's driver's seat, started the engine, and slowly pulled out of the park. He was careful not to break any traffic laws as he headed out of town. There was no sense attracting the cops by driving stupidly.

After about an hour's ride and many turns, Naina felt the van come to a stop. She heard what sounded like doors closing. The van's sliding door opened, and her captor spoke to her again. "We're here sweetheart. Remember what I told you."

He didn't wait for a response.

Naina felt herself being dragged out of the van by her feet until her ass was perched on the edge of the van's floor. He stood her up by grabbing her hair and pulling.

She cried out from the pain.

He then picked her up and slung her over his shoulder like a sack of rice. She still couldn't see, but knew she was being carried into a building and down some steps.

Abruptly, she was dumped onto a mattress. Her hands were released from behind her back, pulled over her head, and secured to a steel post.

Naina then felt her attacker's hands on her breasts. She struggled and tried to twist away from the hands roughly pawing at her chest. The hands squeezed her breasts tighter until she again cried out in pain. It was no use. She couldn't get away from her tormentor.

"Now! If you will behave and not go nuts, I'll untie your legs, take the bag off your head, and remove the gag. Even if you scream, no one will hear you, but I don't want to put up with all the yelling. Do you understand? Will you behave?"

Naina realized she had no hope of over powering her captor, and if she wanted to survive she had to do as he asked. She nodded her head affirmatively.

"Good! Now hold still." Starting at her ankles, he untied her legs. Moving slowly up her legs, he removed the ropes binding her. As he moved from one binding to the next, he slid his hand along the outside of her smooth legs. Her dress was being pushed up higher and higher as he went. "Very nice legs, sweetie." He told her.

She made no reply.

When the ropes were removed from her thighs, he pushed her dress up to her butt and flipped the front of it up over her belly. "Very nice indeed. You have some very nice legs, and I love the silky white panties.

Naina shook her head and whimpered in embarrassment. The frightened girl was trembling but did nothing that could be taken as resistance.

"My oh my. You do look delicious. Let's see what the rest of you looks like." He then removed the bag from over her head.

Her brown eyes stared at him with contempt. Still, she said nothing.

He next removed the gag from her mouth and asked. "You are a very lovely young thing my dear. What is your name?"

"Naina! My name is Naina. The frighten girl sobbed. "Please don't hurt me. Please let me go. I won't tell anybody anything. I promise. Just let me go." Naina begged her captor for her release to no avail.

Naina's sobs, and pleas fell on deaf ears. Tears rolled down her cheeks.

Her captor just chuckled and opened her dress' two top buttons.

Sobs racked Naina's body as she again tried to twist away from her captor.

It happened so fast that Naina didn't even realize it for a few seconds. When she had begun twisting, he had grabbed the top of her dress where the first buttons were undone. With a swift jerk, he yanked her dress apart. In a flash, Naina's dress had been ripped wide open. She gasped when she saw her dress fall to her sides. Next, he grabbed her white cotton bra between her breasts. Another violent jerk and it fell away as well. Naina's firm plump 34 C-cup breasts stood proud and firm out from her chest.

"Whoa! That's one hell of a set of tits you have there, Naina. I'm going to love playing with those babies."

Naina was shaking like a leaf in the wind. She was laid on her back, her hands tied to a post over her head, naked except for her panties, and a stranger was ogling her body.

"Please don't do this! Why are you doing this to me? I don't even know you. I've never done anything to you. Please let me go. I've never done anything like this. Please, don't hurt me." Naina continued pleading for mercy from her captor. She saw no mercy in his eyes.

Softly he answered. "I told you to shut the fuck up! But, if you must know, my name is Lucky. Now you know me. As for why you're here, it's because when I saw you walking in the park I knew I just had to have you. You were so beautiful and alluring. Now, we have all weekend to play."

She continued to sob. Her tears were making her eye make-up run.

"Might as well get on with this." Lucky told her in a matter of fact manner. He then took a hold of each side of her panties at her hips. Without haste, he pulled the panties from under Naina's butt and down her shapely legs. Lucky stood over her and admired his reluctant guest.

Lucky frowned at Naina and said. "Now, that's a shame. You're such a beautiful girl and your crying has made a mess of your make-up." He looked down toward Naina's pubic mound. It was covered with a thick carpet of fur. That bush will have to go too. I'll get some warm water and clean you up. Don't go anywhere." Lucky chuckled as he walked away.

Naina remained silent. Continued sobs were her only response.

Lucky left Naina alone in his basement. She tried with all her strength to get free from the post her hands were tied to. Her efforts were in vain.

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