My First Field Trip

by Jack Spratt

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Desc: Romantic Story: Jayden's mom told her that being a Girl Scout would help her grow up. She didn't realize just how much. Young girls help Jayden to appreciate other young girls, so soft with lots of touching. Date of first publication: Thursday PM, May 10, 2001 Enjoy

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All my years in Brownies finally pay off. My mom insisted for years that being a Brownie would help me grow up to be a responsible young lady. Well, now I'm full-fledged Girl Scout. I'm so proud of myself for all the work and trials I've completed successfully to get all my Merit Badges. Mom and dad are delighted as well.

I'm Jayden Raven. At fourteen, my body still hasn't fully developed. My long blonde hair usually shines and my ponytail sways with my body movements. My friends tell me my pretty face comes from my mom. We do look similar but I will have to grow everywhere to match her body, especially my boobs.

One of the benefits of being a Girl Scout is my parents allow me to go on numerous camping trips with the girls. It makes me feel grownup. My first trip into the mountains will be next week. The camp is a central area of the state for all the different troops. It'll be fun meeting many other young girls. To say I am excited is an understatement! My troop leader gave all of the girls a list of articles she recommends we bring. Mom and I went to Walmart and had a ball shopping. I can't wait to get going.

There're thirty-three girls scouts in our troop. Four are novices, like me. Many have been in the Girls Scouts for years and they'll be our mentors helping us adjust. This trip will be with twelve other groups and we will be split up into different bunkhouses so that we are able to meet girls from all over the state. That is cool.

The bus trip is a blast! We sing all kinds of songs, some I hadn't heard of before. I think the bus driver would have loved to have taped our mouths shut, as we are so noisy. I sat with the other novice. We have been friends since Brownies. This is the first time for both of us on a field trip.

The bus arrives at three o'clock in the afternoon. Our troop leader announces that dinner will be served at five thirty. She also tells us to look at the bulletin board on the office wall to see which hut we are assigned. The list will contain the names of all the girls bunking with me. We all line up waiting for a chance to review the list. When I finally reach the front of the line, I find that I am the only one from our group in this hut so everybody will be a stranger. I find this exciting but a little unsettling, as I've never been in a position like this before. I find all my belongings and seek out hut eleven.

When I walk in the door, there are a number of girls unpacking their equipment and clothing.

"Hello. I am Aliyah Evans. This bunk isn't taken. Help yourself. Get unpacked and settled. The hut leader is a real bitch."

I'm a little shocked at the language. I've been taught that girls don't say nasty things like that. But Aliyah is smiling and doesn't seem to be concerned.

"I'm Jayden Raven, from Abbotsville. This is my first outing."

"Well, Jayden, claim your space. You'll find some of the older girls are real bossy and will try intimidating the younger girls. Just tell them where to get off and they'll leave you alone."

Aliyah is older than I am. I'd say fifteen or sixteen. She is really filled out, if you know what I mean. If it wasn't for my hairdo and feminine looking face, my chest could still pass for a boy; but, I do have large nipples. I don't have to worry about losing any expensive bras. Aliyah doesn't have my problem. Her titties are very evident; likewise her hips and long legs. She's very attractive. I've a funny feeling just looking at her.

Finally, all my gear is put away. Aliyah offers to show me the camp; we have nearly two hours before dinner. We head out into the main area of the camp. She shows me the swimming area first. There are actually a number of girls enjoying it. I can't believe some of the skimpy suits they are wearing. Their thongs and bikini tops don't hide much. I can see all of their bums, except for a small piece of cloth running in there bum crack. It really must be uncomfortable. Seeing all the girls in their scanty suits has me tingling, just like when looking at Aliyah. This is new for me. I don't know why, but there is a pleasant tingle between my legs; oh, what a feeling!

Aliyah takes me to the great hall where plays are presented and sometimes movies are shown, if the weather is really unpleasant. The view of the mountains is breath taking! They are so high the clouds actually hide their tops.

"We often take hikes and sometimes stay overnight using our sleeping bags and two person tents. It's a lot of fun. We bathe in the creeks and small lakes. The water is really cold! We will be doing it again this year."

There are many activities in the camp. Aliyah shows me where the showers are and, most importantly, the community kitchen. The smells, wafting through the air, are making me hungry! When we finally return to our hut, it is full. Aliyah introduces me to the ones she has already met. The rest of the girls introduce themselves. It's good to meet Sieanna Lex because she's another novice. I study all of my bunkmates and I'm impressed by how some of the girls look. Many have noticeable breasts and long shapely legs. There's that tingly feeling again. Am I attracted to girls? Even Sieanna has breasts, where I have only nipples. When she leans over to tuck a duffle bag under her bunk her well-shaped bum is outlined in her tight shorts. For some reason I'm finding these views very stimulating.

Finally, it is dinnertime. There is a rush to the dining area. The twelve of us take up two tables, side by side. Aliyah and Sieanna are on my sides. The meal is actually very tasty.

Some have very good appetites. Now done the meal, I feel a hand on my thigh. It's like a branding iron! It has to be Aliyah. When I look at her, in disbelief, she has a small smile on her face. The dessert is done. We leave as a group. Everyone is in a super mood. Aliyah asks Sieanna and me if we would like to go for a swim in about an hour. We should have daylight till about eight. We both agree. We walk around the compound for nearly an hour and then head for the hut to change. I couldn't believe Aliyah. She stripped right in front of us and put on her two-piece very revealing bathing suit. But what really got my attention is her beautiful tizzy. That's what I call the opening between my legs. She has a beautiful tuft of hair above it. I have about three small hairs. Her hair is a very dark black. When she moved to put her leg in the bottoms, I could see her very full vulva and just a little of her labia showing. I don't know any other way to say this but it's beautiful. She caught me staring and just smiled. I feel a bit embarrassed. Putting on my one-piece suit, I follow her to the pool. Sieanna has a one piece as well so I don't feel so out of place. The water is warm and it isn't long before we are swimming back and forth. Aliyah swims beside me.

"Did you like what you saw?"

"What do you mean?"

My blush starts at my toes and gradually reaching my face. I do look guilty of something.

"Do you like looking at my body when I changed?"

What could I say? She knows.

"Well, I've only seen a few girls naked. You have so much hair on your tizzy. I can count mine."

"You look good, Jayden. The hair will come. And don't say tizzy, it's my pussy. Your pussy is very nice. I like your puffy lips. I bet they are really sensitive when you rub them."

Now I'm really confused! Mom always told me that it was dirty to play with my tizzy, I mean pussy. Now Aliyah is asking me if it feels good when I rub it. I don't know what she is talking about.

"I really don't know what you mean. Mom told me never to touch myself. Do you?"

"All the time! It really feels good, sometimes better than others. It even feels better when another girl does it for me."

This shocks me! Another girl touching someone's tizzy, I mean pussy? How revolting!

"You're kidding, right? Who would touch another girl's pussy?"

"I would."

Aliyah is close to me. She lowered herself in the water so that only her head is showing. I'm shocked when I feel her hand on my thigh and then she is rubbing my pussy. I stand frozen as her fingers rub me. I nearly fainted when I feel her move the bathing suit to the side exposing my pussy and I feel her fingers on my bare skin. Her finger is trying to go inside of me. It does feel nice. When she rubs the top of my pussy it really felt different. I became mesmerized concentrating on her one finger rubbing me.

"See? You do like it! It wasn't bad, was it?"

"No. I've never done anything like that before. Do all the girls do it?"

"No. Some of them just like doing it with boys. I like both. But girls are a lot more fun."

There are a lot of different things happening all at once. I wonder why mom always told me it is naughty to touch yourself? It feels so good when Aliyah does it. She grabs my hand and puts it on her breast under water. It's so soft and her nipple is so hard.

"I like being touched there and I really like it when my nipples are sucked."

Now I'm really mystified. My baby cousin used to suck my aunt's nipples but that was for milk. What would anyone get from sucking young girl's nipples, especially mine? They don't give milk. Mine are hard right now pushing against the material of my wet bathing suit.

"What does it feel like to have your nipples sucked? I would never have thought about doing that or having someone suck mine. Mine are so small compared to yours."

"Yours are just right. I bet they are hard right now and very sensitive. If you rub them I bet they will feel good."

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