Daddy's Little Girl

by Lucky Mann

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: A beautiful young woman seeks to replace her deceased mother in her daddy's heart and bed.

Donna's abusive boyfriend had finally gone too far. He had made sexual advances toward the woman who lived next door to them. When the woman refused him, he beat her. He beat her so severely that she died a few days later. He had recently started serving a life sentence in prison.

I first met Donna when she walked into my office looking for a job. Being a typical male, the first thing I noticed was her looks. She was 24-years-old, about 5'5", weighed 110 to 120 pounds, and had a nice set of pointed breasts. Her curly, shoulder length, brunette, hair loosely fell around her face and over her shoulders. Her eyes, oh those eyes, were hypnotic. They were the deepest blue I had ever seen.

Donna broke my spell when she said. "I'll do anything. I really need this job." She explained that she was broke and needed groceries. She said she was also about to be evicted from her house. She was desperate.

How could I refuse her? Being something of a soft touch for a sad story, I hired her on the spot. I even advanced her a few hundred dollars to help her get by.

The advance turned out to be a good investment. Donna was a great sales representative for my small auto parts store. Whether working the counter or delivering parts to our larger customers, Donna was efficient and productive. In addition to her ability to quickly learn about the parts we sold, I'm sure her great looks didn't hurt sales or customer relations. When she made deliveries, the customer's would fall all over them selves to help Donna unload their order. Donna never had to strain herself when a bunch of red-blooded men were around.

About three months after I hired Donna, we started dating. That was when I met her young daughter, Debbie. Debbie had her mother's curly hair and those same blue eyes.

Six months after that, Donna and I married. She and Debbie came to live at my home. My wedding present to Donna was to fire her. We both wanted her to be a stay-at-home mother and wife. We had discussed it before the wedding, and Donna had eagerly agreed.

Over the next seven years, our life as a family was wonderful. Donna was a beautiful, active, and happy mother and wife. She was constantly on the go during the day.

At night, Donna was an enthusiastic slut of a lover who enjoyed all forms of sex. She frequently woke me in the morning by sucking me off. We had been married only a few weeks when Donna began staying nude whenever she was home. I, of course, didn't mind seeing her beautiful body parading before me.

"Honey, you are a beautiful slut." I'd tell her.

"I know, and you love it." She'd reply. She'd then wiggle that cute ass at me and go on about her business.

Debbie was an active child. As she grew, she played soccer and softball. She took martial arts classes, and was in the drama club at school. When she was a teenager she, like her mother, began going nude, or just wore panties, around the house.

Debbie giggled and trotted off when I told her. "Little girl, go put some clothes on." I swear she wiggled her butt at me as she left the room.

I told Donna I didn't think it was good idea to let Debbie go nude.

Donna said. "Deb's just a kid, and she likes the feeling of being nude. Besides, doesn't she have a cute little butt?"

I hated to admit it, but Debbie did indeed have her mother's cute little butt. She also had the puffy beginnings of breasts swelling on her chest. I couldn't help myself. I had to watch as Debbie's body slowly matured.

By the time Debbie turned 16 she, and her mother, seldom had a stitch of clothing on when at home. They were turning into a couple of regular nudists. Debbie had grown a nice little set of B-cup boobs. She still had that cute little butt and her mother's hypnotic blue eyes. It was getting very difficult not to admire her young body.

Just a few weeks after Debbie's 16th birthday, Donna dropped the bombshell. She was dying. She had contracted some rare form of cancer. Her doctor had told her she could live 6 months or maybe up to 5 years, but she was going to die much too soon.

For the next 12 months, Donna was her beautiful and sexy self. She and Debbie still paraded through the house nude. Donna frequently squeezed my arm and whispered. "Isn't Deb becoming a sexy girl?"

"Yes! She looks just like her beautiful mother. She's going to break a lot of hearts and make some young man extremely happy." I replied, as I hugged Donna. Debbie was indeed a sexy girl. Her athletic body was slender, tight, and smooth. Her cute little butt and expanding breasts drew my eyes every time she passed. If she weren't my little girl... , well, never mind.

Then Donna got very sick. She seldom got out of bed. She tried, but was just not up to taking care of my needs. That bothered Donna much more than it bothered me.

In the mean time, Debbie took over much of the household chores. Her mother had taught her to be an efficient housekeeper and excellent cook.

For the next several months, nearly every hour she wasn't in school, Debbie spent with her mother. Sometimes, they cried together. But more often than not, I could hear them laughing and giggling behind the closed bedroom door.

Then, shortly before Debbie's 17th birthday, Donna called us to both her bedside. She had wasted away to only 60 or 70 pounds. She looked like a skeleton. Her breathing was labored and she could only talk in whispers. Her eyes were still as blue and bright as the day we met.

Donna held both Debbie and my hands. Shakily, she put Debbie's hand in mine.

Looking at Debbie, she weakly smiled and said to her daughter. "Remember what I said."

Debbie bowed her head and nodded. "Yes, Mom."

Then looking at me, Donna smiled and whispered, "Honey, take care of Deb, and let her take care of you." Donna weakly smiled and closed her eyes to sleep. She quietly died sometime that night.

Late on the night following Donna's funeral, Debbie came to my room, the room I had shared with my wife, and slipped into bed with me. Even though she was nude, we innocently held each other through the night. We both cried and comforted each other. While sobbing on my shoulder, Debbie dozed off to sleep. I saw no reason to wake her just to send her to her own room.

With Donna's help, my automotive parts store had been quite successful. We had grown it to six stores. They were all doing well. I had good people managing each store. After Donna died, I semi-retired so I could be both mother and father to Debbie. It was my turn to attend all of Debbie's ball games, martial arts tournaments, and drama club plays.

Debbie still paraded through the house nude. I couldn't help but notice Donna's beauty had been passed to Debbie.

"Little girl, I wish you'd put some clothes on." I don't think she understood the affect she was having on me.

"Oh Daddy, it feels so good to be naked." She'd say with a giggle, wiggle her butt, and walk away.

For her 18th birthday, I bought her a short silk robe. When I handed her the pretty box from an up-scale lingerie shop, she tore it open and squealed with delight.

"Oh Daddy, thank you. It's beautiful." Nude as usual, Debbie slipped the robe on. It barely covered the cheeks of her butt. The friction of silk on her breasts made her nipples stand out against the thin fabric.

She then hugged and kissed me. She kissed me, not on the cheek as she had always done, but full on the lips. Debbie had been acting more and more affectionate over the last few weeks.

Debbie went out that night to celebrate her 18th birthday with some of her friends. I had a rare night at home alone. It had been over a year since Donna had died, and I was feeling especially lonely. The few drinks I had didn't help improve my mood. They only made me tipsy.

Debbie came home early. She looked upset.

"What's wrong, little girl?" I asked. Even through groggy eyes I could she was distraught.

"Some jerk grabbed my boob, and I kicked his ass."

With a grin, I said. "I guess he shouldn't have picked on a girl with a black belt. You've become a beautiful girl, Debbie. I guess you'll have that now and then."

"I have a black belt in several martial arts disciplines, and I don't have to take that kind of crap from anyone. Next time, I'll bet that asshole thinks twice before grabbing someone's boob." She then giggled, looked me in the eyes, and asked. "Have you had anything to eat tonight?"

When I shook my head no, she hugged me and ordered me to sit and relax while she fixed a late dinner. She fixed me another drink and began cooking dinner.

While dinner was cooking, Debbie took a quick shower. She came out of the bathroom wearing her silk robe.

She served dinner on trays in the living room and sat close beside me. After dinner, I apologized for having too much to drink.

Debbie scooted close to me and said. "It's alright, Daddy. I guess we're both missing Mom tonight."

We hugged and cried again. While hugging, her robe accidentally (?) fell open.

I then noticed she wasn't nude under the robe. She was wearing one of her mother's light blue baby doll nighties. The top accentuated and lightly hung from her firm young breasts. The panties, nearly see-through, did little to conceal the dark triangle of her pubic bush. Debbie was looking more like her mother almost every day.

"Do you like your mom's things, little girl?"

"Oh yes, Daddy. They're so beautiful and they fit me so well."

"Like your mother, you make them look beautiful. You can have all of your mother's clothes if you'd like."

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