South of the Border

by harry lime

Caution: This Western Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Western, Anal Sex, Petting, Squirting, Big Breasts, Prostitution, .

Desc: Western Sex Story: Dutch liked living on the edge, taking a risk and living to tell the tale. Then, he met the beautiful brown-skinned Carmen and he found he enjoyed more enjoyment wrapped inside her strong arms and legs. It is time to make a trip...South of the Border.

Dutch heard it said that the Rio Grande went on almost forever but he had ridden it from one end to the other and knew that was a load of crap. In some places it ran pretty swift and deep but in most places it was shallow enough to ford without any danger. Most of the brown skinned folks below the Texas line didn't consider it anything other than another river in the way of their travels even if the Texas folks were of a different opinion.

He had thrown in with a scraggly wild bunch from Laredo just because one of them was downright bodacious on the little harmonica he always kept in his pocket. There wasn't nothing Dutch liked better than to listen to the old time tunes on the melodious thing. He always wanted to play the harmonica but his mama told him he was just like his old man and couldn't carry a tune to save his ass.

His mount was a sometimes sassy mix of pinto and appaloosa which didn't make any sense to any fella that prided hisself on knowing something about horseflesh. He had tagged the devious thing "Corky" because of the way the nasty thing went into a corkscrew twirl whenever it was of a mind first thing in the morning. Dutch swore he couldn't figure how the tired looking nag got all that energy up so early in the day because it kindda slouched along all day when he was supposed to be running like the wind. It purely didn't do much for his image to even be seen associated with such a raggedy beast but transportation is transportation and it sure beat walking.

No self-respecting cowboy would want to be accused of walking when there were plenty of horses to take care of the need for a ride. One thing he had learned the hard way was to never back "Trip Aces" with prime horseflesh when playing with a stranger called, "Lucky".

Anyways, there came a point in his life when he had to vacate the environs of the One Star State with some degree of rapidity in order to evade an angry lawman and some righteous citizens upset with his creativity in designing slight changes in some cattle brands to benefit his employer.

When the posse arrived at the north side of the river, they could still see the telltale puff of dust that told them he was high-tailing it south as fast as Corky could take him. His new friends were waiting for him at Rosa's place swilling that Mexican rotgut that generally solved his blockage problems pronto. He didn't give that no never-you-mind and put two shots away before he could get a word out of his mouth.

His new-found partners were much too busy watching this strange looking bit of fluff doing one of those toe-tapping dances on top of the bar with a lot of happy squeals that sort of made his business stiffen up and take a gander at the action.

She was all red lipstick and eyes that made you nervous just to look in them.

Tricky Dick who had declared hisself the leader of the pack of no-goods pounded the worn-out wooden top of the bar with his short little riding whip which he kept wrapped around his wrist like some sort of badge of leadership.

Dutch didn't like Tricky Dick because he was much too mouthy and tended to bully anyone who crossed his path and seemed a bit weaker. Still, if he wanted to run with this collection of losers he had to stay on Tricky Dick's good side and pretend he was some kind of impressed with his mean and nasty ways.

On the other hand, Slim and Pecos Jack were a pair of back-stabbing bastards that he would never trust behind him unless they were too drunk to shoot straight. They generally just did everything that Tricky Dick told them to do like a pair of ugly guard dogs with no sense to speak of.

The last member of the group of miscreants was "The Kid" who was the harmonica-playing member of the small band of work-avoiding troublemakers.

He liked The Kid best of all and had backed his play a couple of times when it looked like he had bitten off more than he could chew.

Right at the moment, he had his harmonica safely tucked away in his back pocket and they were all watching the Senorita flashing her brown skin and smiling so widely that all you could see was white teeth and red tongue and lips in a blur of movement. The other Mexicans in the bar were all watching as well but they were smart enough to blend into the background because they suspected Tricky Dick and his sidekicks, myself included, were spoiling for a fight and had no reason to restrain themselves because everyone knew there was no law south of the Rio Grande.

Dutch moved to one of the tables and sat down he was that tired after his hard ride south. Of course, one of the bottles went with him and after a short while The Kid joined him in the other chair. Two other less impressive female dancers joined the first one and after a short foot stomping ditty, the first one jumped down from the bar and sort of wandered over to Dutch's table and helped herself to a shot of his booze.

She was sweating profusely because it was still early enough to be hot and she pulled out her dress so she could wipe her beautiful breasts with her white linen hanky which contrasted nicely with their brown toned curves.

Dutch found that all he could think about was that this Senorita was brown all over and he had not had a brown girl yet because they didn't fit well in the bawdy houses in the north.

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