When You Wish Upon a Star...

by Alan C. Zumwalt

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Coercion, Mind Control, Magic, Shemale, Mother, Sister, Daughter, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size, Transformation, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Girl feels abused by her twin sister. She gets revenge in a most unusual manner.

I hated my sister. Most are people are surprised at that, after all, we are identical twins.

But that makes it even worse. We look so alike, but are so different inside. We are both petite girls, 15 years old, with orange hair and green eyes. We both have freckles that go from our nose all the way down to our shoulders and breasts. We both got braces at the same time, much to my sister Sharon's chagrin.

My name is Samantha O'Connor, but everyone calls me Sam. Unlike my sister, I like to have fun. I go to parties, where I sing and dance, and eat junk food. I like to fool around with guys, and watch the latest scary movies with them. It gives me a great excuse to jump into their arms and cuddle.

Sharon O'Connor is my identical twin sister. She is so very smart. She gets straight A's and is on the debate squad and student government. Her idea of fun is reading the latest history or science book. I think her knees are permanently glued together. When I brought up the subject of boys once, she rolled her eyes. "I'll have time for that when I graduate from college," she said.

While being all into books is not my thing, I respect that. Sometimes I wish I could get A's in school. I understand that we are different, and we could live together as friends.

But Sharon doesn't see me as a friend. To her I am an embarrassment. She never misses a minute to say things that are mean or demeaning. A couple of times, she tried to change her look with a new haircut to make herself look different from me. I got the same look, just to rob her of the satisfaction.

In the past, my parents have tried to be impartial, but lately they have been on team Sharon. "Why can't you be more like your sister, Sam?" they'd ask from time to time. I guess it makes sense. My mom is a top flight legal secretary, and my dad is an engineer for some big conglomerate. That makes them both Sharon-type people.

Still, it hurts to know that your parents like your sister more than you.

I used to just shrug it off, but over time it is wearing me down. Every day, usually at school, Sharon will be with her friends, and say something nasty, like, "Hey, Sam, how many cavemen have you fucked today."

I can never think of a clever comeback. It is so frustrating to have these girls laughing at me. Sharon always knows what the right words are to say that will really hurt.

The worst was one night. Our parents were gone on their annual vacation, and I had just gotten home from a date. I was walking down the hall to my room. Sharon had her door open a crack, and heard her say, "Sam isn't really my sister. She's just some afterbirth that lived."

It was just a coincidence that I even heard it. She's talking trash about me, when I'm not even around!

I burst into tears and ran to my room. I fell on my bed and wept bitter tears. Why was she always being so mean to me? I am by no means a perfect girl. I just wish I could be on top, making her look like a fool. I don't have that quick a wit to beat her war of words.

Then suddenly a flash of blue light beamed through my window. A blue star appeared in the sky, twice as bright as the moon. I found out the next day that it was a supernova, whatever that is.

Looking at it reminded me of my favorite movie as a child, Pinocchio. Geppetto saw a star just like this one, wished on it, and the Blue Fairy came down and made the puppet Pinocchio come alive.

I gazed at it and whispered, "Blue Fairy, if you are real, come and grant my wish."

Suddenly, I felt stupid. I turned away and went back to bed. I took off my clothes and went to sleep.

That night, I had a dream. The Blue Fairy was standing before me, just like in the movie. She was tall, with long blonde hair and sparkling blue dress. A light blue light shined out of her. In her hand was a long wand with a blue star, like the one I saw that night, at the tip. "What is it you wish?" she asked in a kind voice.

I burst into tears and told her how sick I was of my sister putting me down and treating me like garbage. I told her that I wasn't smart enough to think of how to reply.

"So, what do you wish?" she asked, smiling lovingly.

"I wish that I had a way to put my sister, no, anyone who would demean me in their place."

The Blue Fairy waved her wand then touched my head with the tip. Warmth spread through my body. "Your wish is granted," she said.

I then woke up. I opened my eyes, and marveled on how real that dream seemed. It was dawn and light was just starting to seep into my room.

I was lying on my back and realized that I didn't feel normal. There was something pressing on top of pussy. I reached down and found a cock where my vagina should be! The early sun broke through the gap in the curtains and shone on my new dick.

It was bigger and thicker than any of the ones I've seen on any of my boyfriends, and that was with it limp. Just looking at it got it hard. It rose up on its own, a large shaft sticking up out of me. I let out a moan. Just feeling it get hard ... felt so good! I instinctively reached out and grabbed it. Touching it felt even better!

I could barely fit my hands around it, but I do have small hands. I'd given boys hand jobs before, but it was so different from this side. Each time I stroked it the sensations in my balls and cock got sweeter and sweeter.

If you're a girl, you'll never know this feeling. It is hard to put into words. It is like a volcano inside you is straining to get out. That is why guys have that strained look on their face. They're trying not to come too soon. Then the sensations would end.

If you're a boy you know exactly what I'm saying.

Since I was new to this, I didn't know how to hold back. I came quickly. I was still on my back, so when I came, I sprayed my cum high into the air, splashing my stomach, tits and face. I had never seen any guy come this much.

Some got on my lips, and I licked them, tasting my sperm for the first time. I liked it more than any of the other cum I'd tasted. It had a sweetness to it. I scooped some more off my small tits and tried it again. It was very tasty.

Since I was so sticky, I got up out of bed, and went to the bathroom that was between me and my sister's room to wash myself off.

In the shower I got a chance to really look at my new equipment. It certainly was big. Later, I measured it; and it, erect, was ten inches long. And almost as impressive was its width, over two inches around.

I started to think, did I mind losing my pussy and getting a cock? I had always been fascinated by the boys' penises. They naturally seemed to be the ones in control, during sex. Us girls seemed to have to work at it to take control. And they always have an orgasm when they have sex, no matter how lousy the partner is. And now that I've had my first come as a boy, I can't say that I'll miss menstrual cramps and periods.

I watched in awe as my cock got hard and grew in size. I was about to masturbate again, when I remembered what the Blue Fairy said in my dream. She was giving me equipment to subdue those who would demean me.

I suddenly knew what I needed to do.

I got out of the shower and dried off my hair. Sharon had recently started putting her shoulder-length hair back in two ponytails, so naturally I followed suit.

As I was tying my hair with a brown ribbon I had another idea. I grabbed my smartphone and headed through the bathroom to my sister's room.

I knocked on the door then slid it open, sticking my head in. "Are you busy?" I asked.

Sharon was in her pajamas, sitting at her desk, doing homework. I can't believe she still wore pajamas. She looked at me with slight disgust, "What do you want?" For her, she was being polite.

"I have something I want to show you." I flung open the door, exposing my new equipment to her.

Her mouth flopped open. "Is that really?..." she asked.

"It really is my new cock," I said, smiling broadly. I turned sideways and posed, so she could see its full dimensions.

She could not take her eyes off of it, "But ... how?"

"That doesn't matter. What does matter is you getting off those jammies."

Her mouth moved like she was trying to protest, but her will and clever retorts seemed to melt away. She nodded with her eyes down, "Yes, ma'am," she muttered as she unbuttoned her shirt.

"Look at me," I shouted, "And call me Mistress."

She looked at me, or rather my cock as she undressed. As she stepped out of her pants, I saw that she had a small tuft of a bush. She didn't shave like me.

She stood in front of me, covering her pussy and tits with her hands.

"Hands down," I barked.

"Yes, Mistress," she said quietly as she lowered her hands.

I grabbed her right hand pulled her to her bed. She gave no resistance and didn't try to protest as I had her kneel on the mattress, facing the headboard.

Her bed had a solid rectangular headboard with inch wide pipe over the tope and curved corners. I took the brown silk ribbons out of her hair and tied her hands to the pipe. During all this, Sharon did not make a word of protest.

My sister turned her head and looked back at me in fear.

"Do you know what I am going to do?" I asked.

I think she knew, but she shook her head.

"I am going to make you my bitch. From now on, I will own your ass."

A little spark seemed to show in her eyes for a moment, "Sam, please..."

I stared at her intently, "Yes?"

Her last piece of resistance crumbled, "Nothing, Mistress."

"That's what I thought." I crawled up behind her, "Now, stick out your ass."

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