Late Rent Payments

by Lucky Mann

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Lactation, .

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: When a young couple fall behind with their rent payments, the land lord offers the MILF a way to catch up.

My name is Pete. I'm in my early sixties and still in decent shape. The family and I had been talking about moving from our current home to one we own on the far side of our property. Though it was only about a hundred fifty yards across a field, the move would solve several problems for us. That home has larger rooms and much easier access for our wheel chair using family members. It is also much closer and has easier access to our two and a half car garage with attached barn. The garage has become more shop than garage.

The neighbors heard we might be moving and they approached us about renting our current place for their youngest daughter, her boyfriend, and infant son. The youngest of the neighbor's three daughters, eighteen-year-old Heather, and her boyfriend Diaz, had recently given birth to a baby boy and were looking for a place of their own. They had been living with her mother. Since our current place is directly across the street from Heather's mother's home, our old home would be ideal for the young couple.

It was agreeable to the family and I to rent our old place to Heather and Diaz. I had watched Heather grow from a sweet preteen kid into a cute, petite, bright and affectionate teenager.

She was sometimes too affectionate. She loved giving hugs to everyone whenever she was leaving after a visit. When it was my turn for a hug, she seemed to take delight in pressing her small but growing boobs into my chest.

I had taken on the part time roll of mentor for Heather since she had no strong male figure in her life. Knowing how affectionate she was, I had offered her some unsolicited advice on many occasions. She wanted to become a veterinarian or pediatrician. When she was sixteen I spoke to her on that topic and the life style of a modern teenager. I encouraged her to continue working hard in school and to keep herself on the right moral path. I told her. "If you get knocked up, you will never go to college and never become a doctor of any kind."

She rolled her eyes, as teens will sometimes do, and said to me, "Oh Pete, I know. I won't get pregnant. I haven't even been with a boy. I'm still a virgin."

She was such a cutie. At her seventeenth birthday, she stood 5'3" and a weighed a little over 100 pounds. She was a petite little thing that I knew would have a hard time reaching college age without getting pregnant.

Unfortunately, Heather was a typical teenager. She failed to heed the advice her mother and I had both tried to give her. I guess hormones caught up with her, and she forgot to keep her pants on. By the time she turned eighteen, she had a steady boyfriend and had given birth to an infant son. They planned to get married the summer following her high school graduation.

I have had an old man's crush on Heather for years. It was disappointing on several levels when I found out she was pregnant. There's no sense in crying over spilled milk and Heather made the best of her situation.

As her belly expanded during her pregnancy, she proudly posted pictures of her growing baby-bump on a popular social media web site.

To me, all pregnant young women are beautiful. So, I enjoyed looking at the pictures of their swelling bellies, but this was sweet little Heather. Although I knew better, I didn't feel completely comfortable looking at her expanding body as a sexual being. I would soon get past that discomfort. After all, she was a pregnant seventeen year old.

Heather usually wore her dirty blonde hair either in a ponytail or cut short. Her laughing blue eyes seemed to sparkle when she smiled. A few freckles were scattered around her face. Her breasts hadn't begun swelling on her chest until she was in her mid teens. By the time she had gotten her driver license she had a cute pair of tennis ball sized boobs. Over the next year, Heather's boobs filled out a bit more to become firm B-cups. They didn't expand in size much beyond that until she became pregnant. They were a perfect fit for her petite size. No matter what their size, Heather continued to intentionally crush them into my chest and rub them against me whenever we hugged.

Her pregnancy inflated Heather's breasts a little bit more as they filled with milk for the baby she was carrying. She told me her breasts had become much more sensitive to arousal as well.

After we had been approached about Heather and her new family renting our house, we had a family discussion on the matter. We all agreed to let Heather and Diaz rent our old place. After meeting with them, we agreed they could rent our house in exchange for the very low rent of only four hundred dollars per month as long as Diaz made the repairs the home needed. Other similar homes in the area were renting for up to eight hundred dollars and more per month. They could move in as soon as we moved out. Heather and Diaz were happy as clams to finally be getting their own little love nest.

About three weeks later the great move began. I have always hated moving. I don't care if it's just across a field or across the country, moving is a pain in the ass. It's gotten even worse over the years. Even though I am in pretty good shape, moving is tougher on this old man now that I'm in my sixties.

Heather and Diaz were a great help with our move. While Grandma baby sat, Heather and Diaz worked as hard as anyone in the family to get us moved. Of course, they had an ulterior motive. They were anxious to move into the home we were vacating. A few days later, we had settled into our new home and Heather and Diaz were happily moving into our old place.

All went well for about six months. At that time, Heather and Diaz failed to pay their rent on time. When their rent was a couple of weeks past due, I walked over to see why I hadn't received my money. It was early on a Friday afternoon when I spoke with Heather. Diaz was at work, and it was up to Heather to explain what had happened to the rent money.

It seems she and Diaz had gone out one night and spent far too much money. "I'm sorry, Pete. We'll get the rent to you as soon as we can." Heather promised.

"Heather, that is not acceptable! You're an adult now! You have a baby and other responsibilities. You two need to start acting like adults. Your bills must be paid before you spend money for your play time."

"I'm so sorry, but what can I do? We screwed up and just don't have your rent money right now."

"Well, let me think about it." I paused for a few seconds. My dirty old man brain kicked in. "There may be another way for you to pay your rent without cash."

"Really? How?" She asked. The thought of her being able to pay her rent without actually having money interested Heather. She hugged me and squashed her breasts into my chest as she had done so many times in the past. While hugging me she told me. "I want to pay my bills. I really do, but how can I pay them without money?"

I firmly returned her hug. This time, rather than quickly releasing her as I normally did, I held her close for an extended time. I slid my hands down her back until they were both on her tight little denim-covered ass. I tightly squeezed her ass cheeks.

Heather gasped but did not try to pull away.

I spoke softly into her ear as I continued to hold and fondle her ass. "Heather, there are a lot of things I'm more interested in than money. Now that you are an adult, perhaps you would consider a trade?"

Hesitantly, Heather replied, "Huh? A trade? What kind of trade do you have in mind?"

"Baby, you know I've liked you for a long time. Apparently, since you have a son, you've figured out what that thing between your legs is for. At eighteen you're old enough now to understand that the world is not all warm and fuzzy. This is the real world. You have obligations that must be met. Have you ever considered getting with an older man?"

She looked up at me. "I don't know. What would I have to do?"

"It's very simple. You owe me four hundred dollars. One day per week for four weeks I'll come over here and spend some time with you. In exchange, I'll deduct one hundred dollars from your bill each time I visit and you entertain me."

"But what will I have to do to entertain you?"

"Heather, you are not stupid! I think you know what I'm talking about. But, if you want me to spell it out, I will. I'll come over once a week, and for a little while, maybe for a few minutes, maybe for a few hours, I'll use your cute little body for my personal pleasure. I'll want you to fuck me, suck me, and anything else I feel like doing with you. I hope you get some pleasure out of it too, but that's not necessary."

"I don't know. Diaz won't like it if I do that."

"Who the fuck cares what Diaz likes. Hell, he's partially responsible for this debt too. He's the one that helped knock you up, and he agreed to the rental deal. You and Diaz spent your rent money on bullshit. Now it's time to pay up. Besides, I'll just be borrowing his girlfriend for a little while each week. You might say I'll be renting his girlfriend, not buying her. You do want to help him pay the rent, don't you?" I let go of her ass, took a tit in each hand, and squeezed. "Do we have a deal, Heather?"

Hesitantly, Heather replied, "I... , uh..."

I firmly squeezed her tits.

"Oh! I... , uh, I guess so."

"Great! Shall we get started? Loose the blouse and bra. You've been teasing me with those tits for much too long. You've rubbed them against my chest the past couple of years. Now, I would like to finally get a good look at them!"

Slowly, with shaking hands, Heather unbuttoned her blouse and dropped it to the floor. She then reached around behind her back.

"Stop!" I interrupted her. "Let me help you do that."

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