Stallion Girl 6

by Samantha K.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Fa/ft, Consensual, TransGender, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Miranda visits the neighbors.

Up in her room, Miranda looked in her big mirror to see if she looked any different with her butt-plug in. She decided that she was carrying her hips a bit more forward and her tummy seemed flatter, but either of those could have just been her imagination.

"Nothing there to tip anyone off," she thought. "But I do feel different. Now, I wonder if a bigger one would feel much different?"

With only one garment to remove, Miranda was quickly naked. She left her shoes on, rather than deal with trying to keep her dick off the floor. She turned away from the mirror, bent over at the waist and wrapped her arm around her dick to get it out of the way as she looked back between her legs at the reflection of her butt in the mirror.

"I guess it's pretty invisible unless I bend over real far. Like this, I can see the flange where it rides my crack."

Miranda reached up with her other hand and hooked two fingers around the flange. Tentatively, she pulled on it, trying to gauge how much force it would take to remove.

"That's in there pretty good," she found. "I guess my ass has got adjusted to having it there. Figures this is the new 'normal'."

She set her jaw and tilted her head back as she pulled harder, forcing her hole to open and give-up the plug. Slowly, her ass relinquished its prize.

"Oof!" She said,, when it popped free at last. "That was harder than I thought. I guess it's the putting it in and taking it out that will be the problem here. As long as I leave it be, I'm fine. Still, I don't think I should wear it more than a few hours a day."

After a thorough cleaning, she put it back in the box. Then she took out the next-larger plug of the three and washed it as well. Once it was clean, she looked it over. It was the same length as the other two, the flange was the same, but the bulb that held it in was wider, as was the shaft that would be holding her asshole open while she was wearing it. Where the one she'd just taken out was as thick as her thumb, this one was nearly twice that.

"Actually," she thought, admitting that she was probably rationalizing, "this one is more the right size for me. It's still smaller than anyone I might have fuck me there, but Leo was right, it will make it easier for me when they do. I don't know if I'll be able to 'take it like a pro', like he said, but I won't spend so much time adjusting if I start-out bigger."

After experimenting with a few approaches to inserting the larger plug, Miranda settled on one that involved holding it pointing in the right direction with one hand while sitting down on it, so her weight would push it in. After a couple of tentative tries, she remembered that lube would be a good idea.

A quick rummage in the drawer of her bedside table produced a small bottle of scented slickum. She drizzled some around the tip and dashed to a chair before it had time to drip off. Holding the plug in place, she lowered herself onto it. The first try was a miss, but on the second she felt her asshole embrace the tip.

"Ahh! Here goes!"

She pursed her lips in an 'O' and let her weight push her down onto the plug. The tip slid through her sphincter easily, but then things slowed to a crawl.

"Too late to do this quickly," she thought. "Nothing to do but grit my teeth and get on with it."

She gradually allowed all her weight to come down onto the plug, but that only squashed the soft silicone. It continued to spread her open, but at it's own infuriatingly slow pace.

"Come on ... come on ... come on!" She muttered, impatient for the grueling trial to end. Her ass felt like it was being asked to take more than it could handle. She would have stopped, but she could feel her asshole getting wider and wider every second.

"It didn't look that much bigger than the other! But it sure feels like it is. How much longer is this going to take?"

Almost as soon as she asked the question, the widest part of the plug slipped through. Instantly, her over-strained ass yanked the rest in, slamming the flange into her crack and allowing her sphincter to close on the shaft.

"Whunngh! Damn! Did I get the wrong one?" A glance at the box showed that she hadn't.

"Training, hunh? Jeez, I wasn't as ready for this as I thought. I am so not looking forward to taking this thing out! But, as long as it's in, I may as well enjoy it."

Gingerly, she stood up. She could feel the plug keeping her stretched. It was definitely bigger than the first one. The part that was inside her was bigger too. Where the first one had been a pleasant pressure back there, this one felt more like an invader. She could feel it pressing on ... things.

She leaned back and reached a hand down to slip a finger under the flange. It was so tight against her that she could only get the tip of one finger under it, and even that made her asshole clench involuntarily.

"Ooookay! That's going to be in there until I can relax my butt. Things are just too touchy at the moment. Better leave it be."

The first thing she noticed was that she was very limited in how she could walk. Where the smaller plug had inhibited her only slightly, making her feel like she was being held up by her ass, this one strongly resisted any stride longer than a few inches. Walking would be changed to mincing until things loosened-up.

"Maybe I'll just lie down for a few minutes and give it some time to settle-in."

Miranda eased her butt down onto bed, but quickly realized that sitting was going to be uncomfortable until she got used to the new level of anal stretching. So she lowered herself onto one cheek, then her side and her shoulder and finally rolled onto her back.

"Damn! Why am I doing this? Oh yes - in case I decide to let an elephant fuck my ass. It makes perfect sense now."

Twenty minutes later, the tension had eased a bit. She managed to relax things back there enough to be able to appreciate the sensation of fullness and to remember the sensual pleasure of surrendering her ass to Leo and Derek. She even tried wiggling her butt a little, but quit when she felt unfamiliar things move inside her.

"It's pressing on my prostate. That's what I felt when Derek had his dick in me and my cum just flowed out rather than spurting. It makes me cum sooner, and it robs the force behind it. Oh well, can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs, I suppose."

Things had improved enough to allow her to sit more or less normally. Which was good, since she was already limited in that regard, having to perch on the edge of things so her scrotum could dangle free and leave room between her legs for her cock.

Several deep, cleansing breaths later, and she tried standing. That went fairly well, although she quickly learned that she was still hobbled, being limited to far less than her usual stride.

"I think I can work that out. Maybe I should take a walk to see."

Wearing a wrap-skirt the size of a poncho hanging low on her hips and a midriff-baring off-the-shoulder blouse to compensate for the hot full-length skirt, Miranda slipped her feet into a pair of her most comfortable heels and set off.

Her first trial was getting down the stairs, something she found she was having to re-learn yet again. Before modeling school, she'd simply skipped down, inhibited only by her natural top-heaviness. After, she'd always done it the way she'd been taught – spine straight, extend leg, point toe, ease down. With the addition of her equine genitalia, her center of gravity had become variable, so timing had become important lest she trip on something or squish something.

This was just something else to which she had to adapt, and she held tightly to the railing while she worked-out just what would and would not work for her. It took time, but when she finally reached the last step, she thought she had all the movements down.

As she passed the study, she saw her father still immersed in his writing, and she went on past without interrupting.

"He really needs to take regular breaks," she thought. "I need to try to get him out of that room more often."

The few steps in front were no problem and Miranda was soon moving along nicely, heading down the walkway to the drive. From there, she went to the street and turned right.

"I'll take it slow and see how far I can get. No reason to push things. This is about learning to relax and let the plug do its job. Ha! I can't believe I'm actually taking Leo's advice and training my asshole to be ready when some horny guy comes along and wants a piece of me! I suppose I should be carrying that little bottle of lube with me too. Damn Miranda, you are such a slut! He, he!"

"You know, that's an odd bit of consideration on my part. I know what it's like to feel the urge. To have those hormones bubble-up inside me and make my dick hard with hardly any provocation at all. I am arguably more male than any guy around, yet I feel the need to submit to someone with a dick smaller than mine and I'm deliberately making changes in my body to allow that. Do I miss being female? Am I trying to compensate for losing my pussy? What sex am I, really? Female? Male? Both? Maybe I should join one of those support groups for people having sexual-identity problems. Except there aren't any groups for people like me. Since the only others like me have rejected what they let themselves be turned into, I'm probably unique."

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