Stallion Girl 5

by Samantha K.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, TransGender, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Miranda goes shopping after work.

"You want me to do what?" Miranda asked, her tone both incredulous and accusatory.

Kevin Stallings was used to dealing with temperamental models. He kept his own voice low and reasonable.

"Simulated. It will just be simulated. They want something more hardcore than what I've shot for the domestic market. Different countries – different standards. What does it for the average reader here seems tame to someone in Denmark. Now Derek here will just stand behind you and I will shoot at an angle so it appears he is taking you from behind. Of course, we need you hard for this. Ah, will you need a pill for that?"

"No, thanks. I think I can get it up without chemical help." She said it calmly, professionally. Her previous timbre wasn't driven by her unwillingness to comply with Kevin's request, it was just that learning that the Danish edition of Stallion Magazine had specifically asked for a layout with an anal theme was a bit of a shock. It had been just the day before that she'd been a mildly-unwilling participant in the real thing. It sounded just a bit too coincidental that her boss had been on the phone listening to Larry Richards, his Promotions Manager at Stallion Magazine, tell him he'd arranged for a photo shoot on behalf of the Danes – and that they wanted to see her with a dick in her ass. All that going on while she was at that very moment standing beside the truck, squirming on a cock buried balls-deep in her butt.

"Something is rotten in the state of Denmark," she thought to herself. "Or that Niven guy was right, the perversity of the Universe does tend toward the maximum. But why is it suddenly so focused on my rear end?"

Miranda looked over at Derek, her co-star in this photo shoot. A man she'd never actually been introduced to, but with whom she was supposed to be in intimate physical contact for most of the afternoon. Make that 'simulated' intimate physical contact.

"He looks just like that statue of David in Daddy's Art History book. Except he's shaved his pubes, oiled himself up, and has a cock bigger than my boyfriend's. I wonder if he's going to have a problem with being close to mine. I can see how cock-proud guys might get weirded-out if they meet a girl with a dick – and it's way bigger than theirs. I guess if he really was that squeamish, he wouldn't have taken this job."

"Sorry," she said, apologizing to the photographer for her momentary lapse of professionalism. "Larry didn't tell me about that part. He just said it would be 'racy'. I'm good. I'm ready to start when you are."

"Great! Let's get you oiled and we'll make some pictures."

Miranda shrugged out of her long silk robe, which was all she had on. It wasn't really street-clothes, but even though it was lightweight, it covered everything and would pass for a dress if nobody looked too close. She'd put it on before lunch and kept it on so she'd arrive at the shoot without any impressions on her skin from bra-straps or dress seams. Marks from elastic panty waistbands hadn't been an issue for a while now. No panty made could come close to containing her 34-inch-long horsecock or her ostrich-egg-sized testicles – the things that made her a Stallion Girl.

Her unwieldy cock was actually a little longer than her legs, so the ridged and slightly-flared end of it easily reached the floor. When not wearing her usual five-inch heels or her stiff leather support band around the base, she had taken to standing so it lay across her toes. She sometimes wondered if that had been a miscalculation on the part of the genetic engineer responsible for her unique condition, or if this was some little joke of his to give her a cock so big it dragged the ground. She hadn't suspected Dr. Angus McKay of having much of a sense of humor when it came to his work, but you never know.

Derek had been standing-by patiently. She saw that he'd been aware of her appraising his physique and now that she was also naked he was returning the favor.

"Nice abs," she told him, grasping for something to break the ice.

"You're pretty good yourself."

Miranda looked down. The view from that angle consisted of – left to right – breast, big toe of left foot, bulge of base of cock, tip of cock covering toes of right foot, and her other breast.

The makeup girl had already started applying oil to her back, so she couldn't run around looking for a mirror to validate Derek's kind compliment. The best she could do was run her hands over her abdomen.

"He's right," she thought. "There's muscle there I hadn't noticed. Must be from hauling this cock around for the last several weeks. Aside from a low bulge running from it to my navel, it's all concave down there."

With the compliment validated, meaning he was probably sincere, Miranda smiled and struck a standard pose – shoulders back to bring her full, round breasts higher on her chest, leg bent and knee forward – which dumped the end of her cock onto the studio floor.

"Dammit!" She snapped.

"Can I give you a hand with that?" Derek asked, stepping to her side.

"Hunh?" She mumbled.

He reached down and scooped up her cock with one hand. Cradling it at just about the mid-point, he used his other hand to lightly brush-off the tip where it had touched the floor.

"Thanks," Miranda said, noticing that Derek was being very casual about the whole thing.

"No problem."

"So, what kind of work do you do?"

"You mean besides this? Construction mostly. Gets me outdoors and helps me stay in shape."

"Yeah, I can see that," she said, picturing him in the sun with his shirt off, covered in sweat. "But I meant what kind of modeling."

"Pretty much anything that I can get. I've done a fair amount of porn, mostly gay but some other too. Some commercial stuff – mens clothing ads, that sort of thing. I'm not trying to make it a career. It's just a way to earn some cash between construction jobs."

"I guess your gay porn experience explains why you're not uncomfortable holding my dick."

"Well, I have worked with other girls with dicks. Futa porn is hot right now. Their dicks were nowhere near as big as yours, though. But a dick is just a dick. It's what you got, not who you are."

Miranda thought that was a remarkably enlightened attitude. She almost said something inappropriate and terribly sexist, but changed it to, "I'm glad to hear you feel that way. See, you'll be my first guy. That I've worked with, I mean. Mostly I've been solo."

"Some of the guys I've worked with have been real pricks. No pun intended. Their egos are all tied-up in their dicks. If yours is bigger than theirs, you're their enemy and they try to screw you if they can. Again, no pun intended. Although sometimes it is literally true. I had one guy who really did a number on my ass."

"Me too! And it was like, my first time, you know?"

"I hope you won't let one bad experience put you off."

"Actually, it wasn't that bad."

"Yeah, that's the thing about sex. No matter how bad it is, it's still pretty good."

"Like pizza!"

"Yeah, like pizza. The only way you can mess up pizza is to put anchovies on it."

"How true!"

The makeup girl had been working while they chatted, and with Derek helping, she'd finished coating Miranda from head to toe and from balls to tip. As soon as she got up off her knees the photographer was ready to go.

"All right people, let's get to work!"

Miranda and Derek walked carefully onto the set – really just a roll of paper hanging on the wall and pulled down and out onto the floor. Lighting made it appear to be much further away than it was.

The first few poses Kevin wanted were just establishing shots and so he could get his focus and framing set and make adjustments to his lights. Derek stood behind Miranda so he wouldn't block her cock in the shot. Kevin directed him to put his hands on her hips, then her waist, then her breasts.

For Derek, this was routine stuff. His dick kept it's cool. Miranda wasn't used to having a man's hands on her during a shoot. She began to get turned-on, something that pleased Kevin, since it made her nipples stand up and pose for him. It also had an effect on her cock. That beast started to get hard, first raising its tip from a limp dangle to a perkier pose that looked more like a pig's snout on the hunt for a tasty acorn.

Miranda's cock rose up slowly as though it were being hoisted by a crane. The base stiffened, lifting the whole, but with the lower third still arching downward. The end swelled, its flared tip opening wider, exposing the central hole and pulling it open until it looked like the business-end of some fleshy cannon.

At peak hardness, it still arched slightly down from the base to the lower third, while that pinker, more sensitive section was able to reverse the curve and hold the tip higher.

"Wow!" Derek said in her ear. "The pictures don't do it justice. It's even more impressive in person."

"Thank you," Miranda replied. She hadn't needed him to speak to know he found her cock impressive. He was standing close behind her with his arms around her. Close enough for her to be able to feel the end of his cock rise up to nestle into the lower end of her ass-crack.

She tried to stay professional about his proximity, but that was proving to be difficult. Her cock was already starting to feel like it was made of steel in need of tempering in someplace warm and wet. At this point, showing it any love at all would push her right down that long, delicious slide to an explosive orgasm.

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