Living With the Lie

by StangStar06

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Blackmail, Fiction, Tear Jerker, Cheating, Revenge, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: They always say that honesty is the best policy. But sometimes the truth isn't necessarily the best thing.

Hey Folks, I took some time off to enjoy part of the summer. My beautiful wife and I, loaded up two of our favorite Mustangs (My Boss 302 and my Yellow 06 GT) and we took several really fun road trips. This is the first thing I wrote when I got back. I'm really interested in hearing what you guys think about it. The thing I wanted to do this time is to make the protagonist a little bit less perfect as you guys have wanted to see, but also make the cheating a little bit more spread around too. So in this case, all of the people involved are human. They all have their failings. I hope you can still find someone to root for though. There two versions of this story. This is the more complete version. I'm sure you guys know where to find the second one. And sometime in the future there may be an alternate ending that isn't out yet. As usual, thanks much to the man behind the scenes, the incredible Barney-R for cleaning this mess up. SS06

Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer. I have no idea who originally coined that phrase. I heard it in the second Blade movie. Wesley Snipes took a few moments as a break from killing Vampires to spout wisdom.

The problem is that in real life, just like in the movie, it's sometimes really hard to distinguish just who is actually your friend and who's your enemy. Right now, I'm really confused. Nothing is really as simple as it seems. Over the past few years my life has become really fuckin' complicated. The guy I grew up hating, who became pretty much my worst enemy is now pretty much my best friend. But I'm living a lie and not very sure that I'm a very good friend to him. My beautiful wife and I are here at the local hospital, trying to calm him down as we await the birth of his child, but again everything isn't really as it seems.

As we wait for the doctor to come out and tell us whether or not everything is alright, I debate coming clean. I've always been an honest man and keeping this secret is driving me crazy. On the other hand revealing the truth could destroy two marriages. In this case perhaps living with the lie is the best thing for all concerned. After all, we're all relatively happy. Who am I to fuck with fate's plan?

My name is Gerald. My friends call me Gerry. It seems pretty normal doesn't it? The problem is that my parents had a really fucked up sense of humor. Our last name is Louis. See the problem?

Yep ... All through school, my teachers would take attendance and the entire class would roll on the floor laughing when they called out Gerry Louis.

The name thing actually worked in my favor though. It served as a great ice breaker. So in a very short amount of time, everyone knew me. I became relatively popular without having to do anything.

Some of the other guys who had to work to get the same kind of attention didn't like that. In a small town where everyone knows everyone else and their business, those things are hard to get over and even harder to forget. So by the time high school had ended and we all headed for the local college our roles and our places in the town's pecking order had long been established.

Occasionally, one of us discovered a new skill or talent, or acquired a new possession that raised them up a bit. But it was also quite common for us to discover a new weakness or embarrassment that lowered them on the totem pole, either temporarily or permanently.

There were some things that simply never changed though or were never forgotten. Whether good or bad, they were permanently chiseled into the firmament of our lives.

On the negative side of things there were things like Jim Nabors pissing his pants in the first grade. Some of the people we know are still laughing about it now and Jim left town right after high school. He went to college out of state and has never returned; even for a visit. On the positive side, Laci Kincaid was the prettiest girl in town. She had been in kindergarten when we all first met, and it was still true to this date.

Laci is an amazing woman. She is beautiful beyond belief, but also as sweet as the day is long. The only problem for me was that she was the longtime girlfriend of my nemesis.

Whoah, Yep, I said nemesis. And No, I'm neither a super hero or super villain, but I do have a nemesis. I guess you could call us good natured rivals. Or you could say that we were friendly competitors. But neither was actually true. You see in order for there to be competition both parties need to know that they're competing. I never realized it until we got to college.

There's also the fact that in order for the competition or rivalry to be friendly or good natured, it has to be fair. And ours wasn't. I found out after we'd graduated that my rival, Dean Martin, had cheated on everything that we had ever gone against each other on.

Our last year in college, we found ourselves competing against each other for homecoming King? I found out six months later that I had actually won, but Dean had stuffed the ballot boxes. He HAD to be king. We all knew that Laci was going to be the Queen and there was no way he wanted her spending the entire homecoming dance with some other guy.

But as usual I let it go. I am and always have been a survivor. I generally never sweat the small stuff. I've also learned to pick my battles and to make lemonade whenever necessary. I firmly believe in the balance, even though it sometimes takes years to swing back in the other direction.

As a matter of fact, four years ago, at twenty two years old, clutching my freshly minted engineering degree, I thought the balance had finally swung in my direction in an extremely aggressive manner.

The reason I believed that was because a few weeks after our graduation party and incredible thing happened. It was almost like an explosion. Miranda Swainpool moved into town. Just the act of her moving into our town to live with her elderly aunt changed the dynamics of our entire social pecking order.

All of a sudden, several long term relationships were ended or put on hold. Miranda, although a different type of beauty, easily rivaled Laci.

They were complete and total opposites. Laci had long flowing blond hair that she kept at about mid back length. Miranda had shiny dark hair that was cut in kind of a page boy style that ended at her chin.

Laci was about 5 foot one on a good day. She had a very petite build with very pert breasts and a tight butt. Miranda on the other hand was taller but still no giant at five foot four. But her body was much more substantial. She was still on the slim side, but she had big boobs and a nice round jiggly butt.

Laci was the beautiful, almost sickeningly sweet type of girl who was usually the prom queen. Miranda on the other hand exuded sex appeal to an alarming degree.

Laci looked awesome dressed up in a gown. Miranda rocked jeans and swimsuits like no one we had ever seen.

No one in town was more pissed off when Miranda moved into town than Dean. The day before graduation, he was as usual gloating and on top of the world. He had managed to get Laci to agree to marry him. Their engagement had been the talk of the town.

I'd always had a soft spot for Laci. I'd always hoped that someday she would wake up and realize that Dean was pretty much an asshole and give me a shot. But the news of their engagement had me as usual looking to whip up a batch of lemonade. And for once I had the feeling that the lemons life had thrown me, were going to produce a batch of really bitter tasting lemonade.

I was, of course, wrong. Life, it seemed, favored me in this case. Because with Miranda moving into town on the day after Dean had announced his engagement to Laci, he was totally out of the running. All he could do is stance there with his mouth open as almost every guy in our age group made fools of themselves trying to impress her.

And the way guys in town talked about Miranda only served to make her arrival even more newsworthy.

When Phil Silvers declared Miranda's ass a work of art, and described it, all Dean could do was look over at Laci's ass and wish.

When Bob Hope swore that Miranda's breasts were like two succulent cantaloupes fighting to escape her blouse, Dean looked over at Laci and literally frowned.

For once timing and the situation put the ball in my court. So what did I do? Absolutely nothing. While every other guy in our age group and some that weren't, made fools of themselves trying to impress her. I played it cool and waited for my chance. Miranda met people, socialized, and dated a few of the guys during the first couple of weeks before we got together. I thought that was a good thing. It would give her a chance to compare me to them.

My mom was friends with Miranda's aunt. So when Miranda started moving into her new room in her aunt's house, I was tasked with helping to move the larger pieces of furniture. I was also roped into helping her paint her room. At the end of three hard days of putting up shelves and other tasks to make Miranda cozy in her new space, her elderly aunt suggested that the two of us should do something to unwind.

I offered to take Miranda out for a movie and maybe some ice cream afterwards. She eagerly accepted and I was off to the races with a big head start on the others.

Miranda was actually two years older than me but twenty four months didn't make a bit of difference. Over the next four years we both got jobs, we dated and we got married and bought a house together.

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