My Eighteenth: Show Me

by TerminusOmega

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft, Consensual, Lesbian, Mother, Daughter, Oral Sex, Petting, Analingus, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Bi-curious Sophie has longed to see what it is like with another woman. Her eighteenth birthday may be the time to find out.

For some time now I had been curious what it would be like to be with another woman. I had plenty of experience with boys, but I wanted to know what it was like having sex with a woman. I knew it would be different, physically and emotionally, but that wasn’t enough. I wanted to know how it was to make love to someone of my own sex.

Sadly, being the small town girl that I was meant it was hard to find someone who would let me. Most lesbians in this town were quite closeted, especially all the attractive ones. The only ones who were really open were the really butch types and I was not attracted to those ones. I liked pretty, feminine girls. I wanted one who looked like a woman.

The only woman I knew who liked other girls and was pretty was my mom. She was openly bisexual, unlike me. Just about everyone who knew her knew she took lovers of both sexes to her bed. I had seen her bring men and women home. She’d had girlfriends and boyfriends in the time I had been alive and she’d always been open with me about it.

From the start she told me they were her partners. I knew about people being intimate with those of their own sex from a very young age. Mom had been a single mother all my life. She’d told me from my early teens that I had been born from one of her one night stands. She had wanted to be a mother for some time when she conceived me. She happily raised me on her own. I envied her for her bravery in being open. I wish I could be as confident in asking girls out as she was.

Nearing my eighteenth birthday, my desire to have sex with another woman was consuming me deeply. I just had to know what it felt like. I was basically ignoring boys at this point. They were uninteresting to me right now. I was purely focused on the ladies around me, imagining one or another in bed with me. I was driving myself crazy at this point. I just had to know how it felt.

If only, if only I could find one attractive woman who’d let me play with her, I could finally see what it was like, that I could quench my Sapphic thirst. I was practically analyzing every woman I was attracted to, looking for some sign, some hint that maybe she’d let me go to bed with her.

About one month before my birthday fortune finally shined my direction. I was in our living room, on my laptop with the TV whirring in the background when I spied mom and her latest paramour leaving her room. It was her friend Anna. I tried my best to act like I did not notice them, but as they passed me I glanced out of the corner of my eye at them.

Anna is a very pretty woman. I could see why mom loved being with her. There was no real romance to their relationship. They were fuck buddies. Whenever they needed fulfillment and could not find anyone they came to each other. I felt a tremble go down my body as I watched mom hug Anna before she left, and as they kissed, not like friends but like lovers. Oh, to be in mom’s place at that moment, or Anna’s.

As their kiss broke they happily stared into each other’s eyes. They kissed one last time and then Anna left. Mom gave Anna a smack on her ass as she walked out. I could not resist giggling. That’s when mom turned to me, a small blush coming over her face. She smiled, closed the door and sat next to me on the couch. I smiled at her. “I bet you two had fun.” I joked with her.

She blushed again, almost covering her face. “Wish I had the guts to just go up to people and ask to fuck them.” Mom looked at me incredulously. “Sophie, watch your language, and you know you could find someone easily. You’re a pretty girl and I’m sure boys are all over you.” I nodded. “They are, but they’re not what I want right now.”

Mom looked at me, a little puzzled. I caught myself then. Looks like I had just come out to my mom about being bisexual. “You like girls too, don’t’ you sweetie?” She asked. I nodded again. “Now I’m sure there are some lovely young ladies out there who’d let you have some fun. You just have to ask.” Easy for her to say, she was a lot more of a free spirit than me.

“Now, honey, forgive me for changing the subject, but I need to know what you want for your birthday. It’s a month away and you have not given me any idea about what you want.” To be honest, I had not thought at all about that. I had most of what I needed, and wanted. The one thing I wanted, she could not give me. Or could she?

Mom had taken many other female lovers to her bed. What was one more, even if I was her daughter? I had no idea what made me suddenly want to ask my mom for lesbian sex. I had never had any sexual attraction to her, but at that moment, it was what I wanted.

It was a strange request. Definitely something out of the ordinary. She’d never expect it, and maybe she’d even be angry at me for asking it, but fuck it, I was that eager to be with another woman. I didn’t care at this moment if she was my mom. I wanted to know, and she was the perfect person to ask. I looked her right in the eye.

“I do have something in mind. Something I hope you can give me.” Mom smiled. “Well, out with it then, what does my little girl want?” I smiled and just let it out. “Mom, for my birthday, I want you to show me what it’s like to be with another woman.”

She looked at me with utter shock. She was speechless for a few minutes, before she got up and slapped me hard. “Sophie, how can you even think of asking me that? I’m your mother. That is not something a daughter asks her mother for. I hope you realize how wrong what you just said was, and think of something else.” She screamed.

With that, she turned away from me and walked back to her room. The slam of her door told me she was very angry. I was hurt, but I was not done. I had another month still. Maybe I could convince her to give me what I wanted. I didn’t want anything else for my birthday from her. I would remain adamant. Nothing was going to change my mind.

Things were very tense in our house for the next month as my birthday drew closer. Mom would ask me often if I had thought of what I wanted, what I actually wanted, and my answer did not change. At first, she seemed angry each time I told her I wanted to go to bed with her. After a week she just seemed to get flustered, then she would just sigh and shake her head. I had a feeling I was wearing her down. I still had my doubts thought that she’d let me learn with her.

It was strange, having never been sexually attracted to my mom before that I suddenly really wanted to be with her. Maybe there were other women who could show me but I really wanted it to be her to take my Sapphic cherry. I wanted her to show me what it was like with another woman. The day before my birthday she still said no. I was worried I’d never change her mind. Then, on my birthday, what she said surprised me, as I was expecting another rejection.

She asked me, as she had done every day for the last month, at breakfast if I had given any more thought to what I wanted. I looked at her with the same stern expression I had used every day. “I have mom, and I stand by what I said a month ago. I’ve thought it over time and time again, and what I want more than anything is for you to show me what it’s like with another woman.” She sat down and sighed as I said this.

“I was worried this would happen. That you would not change your mind.” She looked down, away from me for a few moments, before looking at me again. “I was apprehensive about giving you such a thing. I’m your mother, it wouldn’t be right. But you’re my baby, and I don’t want to make you upset, not on such a special birthday.”

She shook her head for a bit then looked at me again. “I didn’t tell anyone, except Anna, what you had asked me for. I told her I was apprehensive about it, but I did consider granting your wish.” I gasped in shock as she said this. She had not given me any sign for the last month that she was considering saying yes.

“Anna even offered to do it in my place. She’s always found you to be a pretty girl. Despite that, I couldn’t let her do it. I will not say I don’t still have reservations. I do, but they’re small. So, if that is what you really want, I’ll do it. I’ll show you what it’s like to be with another girl. Come to my room tonight, and I’ll teach you the joys of Sapphic love.”

I trembled as she said this. I would get to see what it was like to be with another girl. I could not wait. Before I left the house that afternoon to go out with my best friend mom hugged me goodbye. To my surprise she also kissed me. It was not a mother-daughter kiss either. She kissed me hard on the lips and held it for at least a minute or so. I was dazed when she pulled away. “That’s a preview for tonight.” She giggled, then walked away, shaking her ass at me. I trembled again, then left.

I was eager for tonight as me and my friends partied for my birthday. We went bowling, saw a movie and shopped, but still part of me was focused on tonight. I was both excited and nervous. When I got home I was surprised to see the house was dark. I unlocked the door and saw a note from mom taped to it. It told me to go straight to my room, the first part of my gift was there.

I eagerly ran to my room and saw a white box on my bed. Another note from mom was on it, telling me to put what was inside on, then to come downstairs. My hands shook as I opened the box. Inside was a blue silk dress, and a set of white lace underwear. I quickly doffed my street clothes and put on mom’s gift. It fit me like a glove. I shivered as I felt the fabric glide over me. Feeling very desirable in the dress, I rushed downstairs.

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