The Sister

by Marduk

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, Size, Hairy, .

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: An old friend returns from England and a sexual association begins, however her sister virtually neglected explodes because she is missing out - read on

Rick has just finished the dishes and thrown the tea-towel over the back of the kitchen chair, when his mobile rung. He picked it up and gave a grunt of surprise for the name mention was 'Elizabeth'. He knew that Elizabeth had departed for England months before and she had commented that she may not be coming back. That had been a disappointment for in the months he had known her she had been very obliging in any sexual agenda, she was a nice cock sucker, took a load in the mouth, which he enjoyed and she was also a very enthusiast fucker.

"Good Evening Elizabeth", he said. "What time is it in England; it is great to hear from you"

"I'm home now Rick", she said. "I decided that it was far too expensive and I ended up having a number of rows with my relative I was staying with; my welcome was getting strained that was the other reason I decided to jump ship and return. I have been back for a week and I thought I would ring you with the hope that we could renew our association".

"That is the nicest suggestion I have had all day. I finally broke with my wife, not long after you left. It wasn't a hostile break; I think we both knew the marriage had been on the rock for ages. I'm now living in a small house I purchased. However, I'm not living in the old town anymore, but moved North, just across the border into New South Wales. That would make the daily get together rather difficult. However, I would be very happy to come down or if you are having accommodation difficult, you could come up here, naturally I would pick you up. You did mention that you were selling your unit before you left for England".

"Yes Rick", she replied. "I did eventually sell the unit. At the minute I'm staying with my sister, you met her quite some time ago.

"Yes I do remember your sister Wendy, I met her that night you invited me to a family dinner. However, I do want to meet up with you again, that is if you would like our old association to restart", he concluded. There was a noticeable silence for many seconds and then she replied more like a whisper. "Under the same conditions as before, I suck your cock and you fuck me".

"I consider your description of our previous association spot on, so when would you like to begin for as I said I can come to you and if you like can join me, permanently".

The reintroduction began a week later when he arrived at Elizabeth's sister's home in one of the inner suburbs of Melbourne. It had surprised him when he had first visited this house during his previous association with Elizabeth, the home was virtually a fortress, security cameras surveyed all in sunny and the gate was solid steel that opened only from the inside, if a code was not known to operate the computer regulated lock. After waiting for a minute or so a voice demanded recognition as to who had rung, once he introduced himself there was a noticeable click and the gate swung open. He then had to face a heavy wooden door, heavily supported by strips of iron, working again on a computer code, however, this time the door opened as he reached it.

Elizabeth had put on weight, not excessive but noticeable. He smiled for she was braless and her tits hung great mounds of flesh almost to her navel that wobbled as she approached him, which immediately had a section of his anatomy very interested. They embraced and he had a very substantial feel of those sagging mountains. 'I love your tits', he whispered. 'Whatever you did in England must have been for their benefit, they are fucking delightful'. She giggled and hand in hand they went into the lounge room where her sister was reading the paper. His original introduction to Wendy hadn't been over the top, she was just an average woman, nothing that made him consider her a possible replacement if Elizabeth went cold, but now her appearance did shock him for whereas Elizabeth could be classified as approaching 'over weight' Wendy could have just been released from a Stalin labour camp, she was almost a walking skeleton. Trying to remain neutral and not comment was difficult but he smiled and accepted her invitation of morning tea.

Later out of earshot he raised Wendy's condition with Elizabeth as they sat on the back porch, he playing and pulling her enlarged nipple while she was squeezing the growing growth at his groin. As he delighted in her action he remembered the first time she had worked at his groin. It was not long after he met her, she was doing some washing up when he cupped her tits and they were not as large as they now were. She had reached behind and squeezed his groin and then, to his surprise and delight, turned, undid his trousers and with his erection bare, sucked him totally off and after taking a load in the mouth, gulped in a gargled voice. "I love a load in the mouth". That was the initial start to a very active sexual agenda. He now asked.

"What the fuck has happened to your sister, she wasn't that thin when I first met her?" Elizabeth altered her position while opening her blouse so that those delightful tits were fully exposed. "Mike her husband, just up and left," she said. "I don't know the full story, I supposed it would have been another woman for Wendy wasn't that active between the sheets and I know Mike liked a rumble and I'm sure that if you hadn't been at the dinner that night he would have considered me. I don't know why my sister had a bug against sex, maybe she thought that men would not be interested in her for she never thought much of herself, even at school she considered herself the 'ugly duckling".

"I didn't think she was that bad when I first met her", he replied as again Elizabeth positioned herself for a suck job. "Sure she didn't have great tits, but she was a woman", he replied with a grunt as Elizabeth began the actions that made him gasp. "The lot Elizabeth suck me dry"

Many minutes passed before she answered and then as it always was the case, it was more of a gargle. "I ... I really ... really don't know. My sister is a bit funny; I don't understand it, but I think she is a bit weird.

"You will stay for a while Rick?", Wendy asked as they finished the dinner. "Well I hope so", he replied as Elizabeth smiled and gave his leg an extra hard squeeze. "I have put your overnight bag into my room", she said. "Rick has offered me accommodation up at his place and I think as I don't have a place of my own now will accept". Wendy nearly dropped the plates she was carrying. She seemed to freeze and then turned, her lips were quivering and even Elizabeth gave a gasp for unbeknown to Rick Wendy was on the verge of a very angry outburst for her quivering lips were a family sign to get out of her way.

"You bitch, you fucking bitch, you are just going to up and leave me, leave me alone. I can't be alone; you know that Elizabeth but you want to be fucked, don't you. You want a cock sliding up that cunt of yours; just as it was while we were at school you were always available to satisfy the randy cocks of the boys in the class. You didn't give a fuck about me, just as long as you had a cock up you or down your throat that was your only agenda. I bet she has sucked you Rick and I bet you have shoved your cock up and filled her guts with the essence of your balls. Every boy in our senior class went through her and many a time it was a marathon orgy in the shelter shed or in the school's store room. I bet she hasn't told you Rick that she earned the reputation as a 'slut'

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