A Surprise New Family Member

by Daydreamz

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft, Fa/ft, Consensual, Lesbian, Hermaphrodite, Fiction, Group Sex, First, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A sad teen waif is dumped on the family by her two-timing father. She's had a big, big problem all her life but, as ever, Sara can see the opportunity.

Rachel was starting to feel sexy again, sprawling nude on the gym mats under the infra-red heat lamps, alongside her naked daughter and Natasha’s equally naked girlfriend Sara. It was good to see them so free.

It was when she’d been their age that she’d made the mistakes that had cost her so much of her own freedom. She’d been so young and foolish, all those years ago: getting herself thrown out of school for having sex in a school corridor, and having a bit of weed found on her as well.

Then the reception job in a car dealership, which she’d landed in spite of being just seventeen with no experience, because of her looks ... screwing the handsome Irishman Pat who owned it, just because he was charming and The Boss ... she’d been impressed with his tough guy thing to start with, and so stupid missing her pill once too often and getting pregnant - with Dani.

She’d felt she had to marry Pat, as he’d more or less insisted. Natasha had followed the next year, and it had been downhill from there, really. Not that she didn’t love and celebrate her daughters, but for herself it’d been eighteen years of her life lived below what they probably could have been. Pat was generous with money, and he’d bought this house for her, but he was domineering and repressive.

Anyway all that was in the past. Now she had to tune in to the new possibilities, like going to university perhaps, or doing something in a small business. It wasn’t too late to start thinking freely, especially since she had such an example to follow.

She smiled at Sara and stroked her lovely ass - fairly big, and so firm. Potent. Sara such a character, who’d pretty ruthlessly claimed Natasha for her girlfriend, seduced their employer Mike, and seduced Rachel herself and Dani too. Then nudged Mike into building this big pool room so they could stay in shape and be naked all the time.

Rachel surveyed the hot seventeen-year-old for a moment. Even in March Sara was tanned-blonde from head to toe; not too darkly, just enough to make her skin glow and the big grey eyes leap out of her vivacious face. A sunbed had been on the list for Mike.

As usual, a sensuous touch was enough to make her ready for sex. She so loved sex, that’s what stopped it being cradle-snatching; and of course it had actually been Sara who’d seduced Rachel to start with.

Rachel rolled over towards Sara, and Sara rolled into her. Rachel loved the feel of Sara’s body.

It was a short, wide body with a lot of muscle on it; hardly any tits but feminine with its narrow neck and waist, and her sexy little hands. It was in perfect condition; lean, all the muscle in tone, crackling with energy. Her skin glowed, and her body moved with effortless coordination.

Rachel pressed her mons into Sara’s and kissed her. She knew she was a good kisser, and so was Sara. Rachel had a connection with the sexy, self-willed girl, half her age or not.

Her mouth meshed with Sara’s and her fingers ran through the thick blonde hair.

Rachel lifted her upper leg and Sara slid her gorgeously muscled thigh in between hers so that Rachel’s clit zinged. She felt for what Sara wanted and rolled over onto her back, pulling the pocket rocket blonde on top of her.

They lined up their clits, each on the other’s toned quadriceps, and started their familiar, easy rubbing. They were still kissing, working their lips and tongues together, hands round each other’s necks and heads, and in each other’s hair.

Sara’s soft hair cascaded over Rachel’s head and shoulders, enveloping her. They mmmm’d quietly to each other.

Natasha was playing with herself as she watched; one delicate hand on a pert, sensitive tit and one on her clit. She’d got used to seeing her mother and girlfriend having sex together. It made her feel a touch insecure sometimes, but she’d learned that the feeling was transient. It was the same when Mike fucked Sara. But Mike fucked her as well, and did it really deep and close and cherishing, so it was the same for all of them.

For a few minutes she frigged herself gently, until her mother and Sara began orgasming, wrapped up together. It must look a bit the same when she herself did it with Sara - her mum with her own Mediterranean colouring and the same five foot five, just a bit more of a normal build compared to her own spidery body - groaning and going kind of stiff and shuddery, so obviously in ecstasy while Sara bucked on top of her.

The two enjoyed their orgasms, wound down and lay together, fondling, and smiled across at her.

Natasha smiled back, glad to be included.

Sara rolled off Rachel and over to Natasha. She stroked a sexy little hand over the ultra-slender waist and hip. “Feeling sexy Tashie?”

Sara pulled her beautiful girlfriend into a kiss, running a hand through the long, glossy brown hair. She moved down, kissing down the lithe body to Natasha’s plump and ready pussy. With easy skill Sara ate her, nibbling and licking her clit, tonguing her pussy, and then squeezing her clit between finger and thumb. Natasha gasped and writhed, stroking Sara’s head to encourage her.

Rachel watched with a smile while the two affectionate girls worked Natasha up to her usual quick, enthusiastic cum. As she subsided Rachel’s phone went and she got up to answer it. It was Pat! What? She put it to her ear: “Hello, Pat.”

“It’s me. Listen, I’ve got someone I have to drop off with you. There’s nowhere else.”

“No you can’t, you can’t come here, we agreed, and you certainly...”

“I’m here already,” he cut across her, typically. She realised he was in a car.

“I’ll not get out the car, just a girl. Well. She needs somewhere, and you’re all I can find for her. She’s mine, from a long time ago. Sorry, you know...”


“There’s a thing about her, she can’t be just anywhere and now she’s had to get out of her school and her mother’s a druggie, I’ve had to take her away. She needs someone, somewhere to be, she can’t be just anywhere, and someone like you.”

“What do you...”

“I’m giving you another two hundred k for her; take care of her. You’re all we’ve got. She’s special, you’ll understand. I’m out the front now, setting her down.” He hung up.

Shit. Rachel ran to her clothes.

Shit Shit Shit!

She rushed out and through the gate to the drive in front of the house. As she got there she saw a Range Rover start moving and head off down the drive.

From behind it appeared a teenage girl, standing forlornly next to a suitcase, wearing a long skirt and a big shoulder bag.

Rachel went over to her, taking in how small and thin she was, and her long straight blonde hair. Her face was stiff, shut down. Well the girl’s father had just abandoned her, at a house with people she’d never met. She’d more or less lost her drug addict mother and whatever home life she’d had.

And she was Pat’s secret illegitimate daughter!

He’d cheated on her, all those years ago - and who knew how often since - and now he’d dumped his child on her, and a chunk of money. Damn. That was so like him.

Anyway ... she’d like to do God knew what to Pat, but she couldn’t take it out on this child, who looked about the same age as her own children.

As Pat had known, the bastard.

“Hello,” she went up to her, smiling, and put an arm round her. The instinct to protect the small, sad child was overwhelming. The girl didn’t react at all, which took Rachel slightly by surprise; Rachel had become used to everyone liking to be touched.

Rachel nudged the girl gently towards the house and the little blonde waif moved passively along with her.

Sara and Natasha appeared and Rachel indicated the suitcase with her eyes. Sara went and picked it up, while Natasha came over to go into the garden with her mother and the strange girl.

Rachel took them into the kitchen and sat the girl down at the table. The others all sat down. Sara got back up again and put the kettle on. So far the girl hadn’t said a word.

“So,” Rachel spoke as kindly as she knew how, “Pat is your dad? What’s your name?”

The girl mumbled something, looking down at the table.

“Fiona,” said Natasha, who was sitting next to her and had just heard. “I’m Natasha. This is my mum Mrs Byrne, or Rachel, and this is Sara.”

Fiona didn’t look up or react in any way. She mumbled something else.

“She says ‘sorry’,” Natasha relayed to the others.

“Don’t be sorry,” Rachel was appalled. There was silence while her mind raced. Nobody knew what to say.

Well, she had to bite the bullet. There was no alternative, after all. The time to decide was now and this poor girl was nearly her step-daughter in a sense. Pat wasn’t going to take her back, whatever she did. Was Rachel going to get her put into care or something? This small, pretty girl in a council care home, with all those news stories about what could happen there ... no. And whatever happened here the girl must not feel unwanted - any sign of that now would be impossible to put right afterwards. So...

“You know I was your dad’s wife? So it’s like we’re family really.” She wished the girl would react a bit more. “So these are your sisters, and this is going to be your home.”

Fiona mumbled something that no-one could make out.

Over the next hour Rachel, Natasha and Sara fussed round the little lost blonde, installed her into a spare bedroom, unpacked her clothes into the drawers and wardrobe, and then finally sat her down for lunch.

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