by Flying-Circus

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two women come upon a man in the jungle deep. They capture him and take him back to their hidden society of all women. Now he's supposed to get into the women's jungle deep starting with queen. He's willing to help but as many as he can but there's one problem.

Salla and Savva crouched low as they worked their way through the jungle flora. The waist high bushes provided perfect cover along with the camouflage of the leopard fur shorts and bras the duo wore. The two long brown haired jungle women would not easily be seen. The tribal explorers moved stealthy and silent as a jungle cat. They edged toward the strange sounds. If the sounds were voices they were not like any voices they ever heard. These voice-like sounds had a deep tone. Never before while on patrol had the two heard such noises.

Salla put an arm up stopping Savva. They crouched lower and Salla pointed. Peering through the foliage Savva saw what Salla saw. It was a being that looked very similar to them yet it was different.

"I need to stop and take a quick leak," yelled Alex to the rest of the exploration party. "I'll catch up."

The man in his mid-20s faced a big tree but to Salla and Savva he had turned sideways. He unzipped and pulled out his dick not knowing they were watching or even that anyone was there. He let out a urine stream.

"Lifestick!" whispered Salla, desperately holding back excitement.

"It's attached," Savva whispered back in equal amazement. "The legends are true."

"The legends are true," repeated Salla. "Go!"

The two women sprung from the thicket. Alex was about to zip up but the surprise caused him to try to turn and run but they were upon him. Savva, the taller of the two, grabbed him from behind and put a sharp knife to his neck. He stopped in his tracks.

Salla stood before him. To Alex both women looked to be in their mid-30s.

"Lifestick," Salla said. She touched his dick with the tip of her knife.

"Careful," he said. "I'm kind of fond of that."

"You are a male?" questioned Salla.

"Yes, at the moment, unless you're not careful with that knife."

"You're real." It was more statement than question.

"That's what I've heard."

"Tie him."

The woman was strong. His arms were pulled behind his back and his wrists lashed together in seconds.

"Now just a minute," he protested.

"Where did you get this?" Salla again touched his dick with the knife as Savva walked around and faced the man

"What? What are you talking about?" he questioned.

"The lifestick."

"My dick?"

"Where did you get it?"

"I was born with it."

Savva grabbed it and pulled hard.

"Ow! Careful!"

"It's attached!" Savva said.

Salla said, "He's real. He exists. You're a male."

"Not if you're going to do things like that."

A voice rang out. "Alex? Alex?"

"Come," said Salla.

They didn't give him an option. The women grabbed his arms and hustled him through the bushes.


His dick bobbed in the air as they continued to run. He had no choice but to run with them.

After fifteen minutes he couldn't go any further.

"Can we stop?" he gasped heavily.

The women stopped. They breathed as calmly as sitting down for a meal.

"Thanks ... thanks." He tried to take big slow breaths. He wasn't out of shape but he wasn't in the athletic condition of these women. "Could ... could I put my dick away?"

Salla and Savva stared at him blankly.

"My lifestick," he said.

"Lifestick?" Salla said.

"It's small," said Savva. It was her first chance to look at it closer.

"Well, it's hard to be aroused in such situations and my zipper is rubbing against it so that doesn't feel good."

Savva grabbed the shaft.

"Ow! Could you be more careful. I really, really like that."

"It feels strange," Savva commented.

"Would you please put it back in my pants?"

"Why?" Salla asked.

"The zipper ... like I was saying."

"What is zipper?"

"The metal," he tried to point but of course his arms remained tied behind. "Of my pants. It hurts."

"This?" Savva released his dick and pulled on the zipper.

"Right ... so could you put my dick ... my lifestick back inside?"

"I think I understand," said Salla.

She took her knife out.

Alex panicked. "Please ... no, no, no. Don't cut it off!"

Salla cut it off. She cut the zipper out and the entirety of his pants.

Alex now stood in a shirt, shoes and socks, and his boxer shorts with his dick still hanging out.

"Better. No more zipper," said Salla.

He was too relieved to still have his dick to be concerned that she just ripped up his pants.

"Bring him," said Salla.

Savva grabbed his lifestick and pulled him along to follow Salla.

Walking along with a female holding his dick, biology happened.

"Salla! The lifestick is growing!"

Salla stopped and turned. It was twice as big as before! Wider and longer and now it was hard!

"It feels warm now," Savva said.

Salla replaced Savva's hand around his shaft. "It IS warm."

"Is it still small now?" Alex grinned because that's what you do when you're captured by two strange women in the middle of the jungle. That's what you do to ANY woman who thinks you're small but hasn't seen your dick erect.

"It is ... very big," said Salla. "How did you do that?"

"What do you expect to happen when two beautiful women want to hold it?"

"Are you saying we made it grow?"

"You got it. Why don't you rub on it and see what else happens?" An orgasm certainly would make the best out of a bad situation.

Savva rubbed.

"Stop!" said Salla. "Lifejuice. Rubbing brings lifejuice. A lifestick rubbing inside a lifewomb brings forth lifejuice and makes new life.

That sure sounded like sex to Alex. So why the big mystery about what a dick was?

"So you've done it," he asked. "You've had..." He need to use their terms. " ... A lifestick inside you."

Savva shook her head.

Salla said, "We've never seen a true one before."

"Then how do you know about it?"

"In the teachings."

"Sex ed class?"

"History class."


"The study of our people, our past and how we came to be. What is sex ed?"

"Um ... it's the study of how we came to be and how a lot more of us might come to be unless we wear a wrapper or the woman is on the pill."

"You speak strange words."

"I could say the same about you."

Savva said, "I like holding it." She smiled at him.

"I like you holding it. You sure you don't want to rub it?"

"No!" said Salla.

"How about sucking on it?"

"We need to get back."

They walked for a long time and unfortunately neither woman held his dick.

Savva pulled back branches and Alex followed Salla through.

He found himself in a cave. They were cavewomen?

Salla followed by Alex followed by Savva walked deeper. It became darker and just when it looked like it was about to be too dark, it started to lighten.

They came out of the cave on the other end. He looked up and there was sky again. The trees were less dense but what was astounding was straight ahead. It was a castle, tall and massive. As the trees continued to thin Alex saw more and more. He walked looking up more than looking ahead. They came into a clearing. Ahead a huge wooden door stood at least three times taller than himself.

Four women were stationed outside the door and dressed similarly to his two escorts. They stared at the approaching trio particularly at Alex. They carried spears longer than they were tall.

"What is it?" Niffa, the lead guard asked pointing at Alex with her spear.

"Have any of you every tried pointing at things with your finger?" Alex asked.

"It's a male, answered Salla.

"The legends are true!" Savva couldn't contain her excitement. She and Salla found a male!

"A male?"

"Look," said Salla, "A living lifestick."

"No it's not. It's too small."

Alex frowned. "It grows."

"Yes, it grows!" Savva said.

"Why don't you make it grow again?" said Alex. Seeking pleasure seemed to be a good course of action in this situation.

Savva wasted no time grabbing his dick.

"Savva! No!" sternly said Salla.


"Why not?" asked Alex. "What's the harm?"

Savva released his dick.

"You can rub it later," Alex said. "I promise."

"You say words you have no control over," said Salla.

"But we get to be first after the queen," said Savva, "because we found him."

"We don't know what will happen. Open the door."

With a metal ball that Niffa picked up from the ground she knocked once then two times in a row then three times in a row on the door. To Alex's surprise the large door didn't open but a normal-sized door that was part of the bigger door opened. The regular door was well concealed. He followed Salla through again followed by Savva. The door closed behind them.

They walked along a stone path. The big castle he saw from outside the wall was ahead and looked even bigger now. To the left and right he saw cottages and gardens and the people who likely lived in those homes. Everyone person was a woman. The youngest of them looked to be mid-30s like his two captors.

"So you have no males living here?" he asked.

"No," Salla replied.

"Why not?"

"What do you mean?"

"Why don't any males live here?"

"Because there aren't any."

"Why not?"

"Why should there be?"

"When you have children you will give birth to males and females."

"No, we birth life to only females."

"Wait, what? Hold on." He stopped.

"Keep walking," Salla said.

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