The New Hood
Chapter 1: I Found Out Somebody Was Listening

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Time Travel Sex Story: Chapter 1: I Found Out Somebody Was Listening - I ask you what would you do if an Alien answered a question you asked out loud to nobody as you were all alone on a slow Sat. night? You will most likely question yourself, as in the trip you were about to be taking to the Doctor's to be examined as you may be in need of electrical help. I did not believe Mr. Alien as it was just too strange. I had just read John & Argent so I thought I was dreaming at first. After I finally got on-board the train this chat was real, this is what I did about it.

Caution: This Time Travel Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Time Travel   Aliens   Incest   Mother   Sister   Daughter   Harem   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   First   Cream Pie   Size   Hairy   Body Modification   Big Breasts   Violent  

Howdy folks I have read many a stories here on SOL, and I have reread more than a few also. I have my favorite Genre’s also. I won’t bore you with authors, genres, or stories. Today after rereading “John & Argent” from CMSIX I wanted to try my hand at this time travel to the past. I read on average one of my favorite Time Travel stories per month.

Now as someone from Argent’s company will be contacting me I will still remember parts about John. But not remember nearly enough to truly interfere with me and my adventure, should I decide to take the trip to the stone age. As they have also learned from their mistakes, both good and bad. Their goal is not to lose direct control of this assignment like they lost with John’s.

I am as different from John as night and day. (Please pardon any puns.) I am a TRUE ‘City Boy’ and so proud to say it too. I don’t camp, or hunt. I have not gone fishing in well over 50 years. I have never gone hunting ever, I am too afraid of being shot by some drunk amateur, who may be shooting at anything that moves. I want to say to all of those who choose to hunt more power to you, no matter your age. But I can promise you Alexander O’Neal Nelson won’t be there to bother you. My idea of camping is standing around outside late at night. As long as it is warm, and also dry outside. Basically when it comes to meat that I intend to be eating, it will come packaged from the local ‘Grocery Store.’ And it used be a part of somebody’s herd of cattle, or pig farm, or from their chicken coop. I mainly only deal with a few choice cuts, though when chicken is on the menu most of the bird is fair game to my pallet. I am an expert with the ‘Yard Pimp’ though it is always dead, and had its feathers plucked before we ever inter-act with each other. And no I don’t care for every type of seafood you find at the store. Though I am passionate about few types of fish I do like to eat.

So I will need plenty of training to prepare me much more for this job. What I have going for me is I don’t mind being alone. I also do get along with others well. While not power hungry, I am one who is not scared to be a leader. I long ago learned from a older family member there is no I in the word team, but if a person needs you to hand them a part no matter how big or small you are part of the team. But I find being the power behind the throne has its own advantages, as well as headaches.

All that said; let’s see if I can do something to remotely close to CMSIX. I hope that wherever CMSIX is he has a good laugh at my attempt to dabble in his greatness. I would prefer to read more of John & Argent new material but as CMSIX if he is still with us is not writing anymore. This is my tribute to him. I will have some similarities to John as our situations will be somewhat similar it is not my intention walk all over his great work. Just work with me is all I ask of you the reader, no more, no less.

Let me tell you how this all started because I had been rereading another ‘Time Travel’ story while watching an afternoon PGA Golf Tournament with Tiger Woods grinding his way around the gulf course. I was thinking most of that I had read sure sounded like fun, knowing I wasn’t suited in any way, shape, style, or form to do anything that I had just read about. “I would have liked a trip like that when I was old enough to have learned a few things, but not so old, and worn out as I am now. A man would need to be in great shape be able to work and live that type of life. If Argent did show up he would not have to ask me twice if I really wanted to go.” I said out loud to nobody. I was alone as always in my clean little hovel that I lovingly called an apartment. My apartment is just too small for all the things I have. But I truly can’t afford anything bigger in this area. This is just one the true costs of getting old in America. Most of us older people were too busy living our younger lives too long, to prepare for our later years. We tell ourselves we have to start saving next year. But by the time we really get serious about saving for the later years we are so far in debt to do any real savings for those later years. We tell ourselves at that time we won’t live that long anyway.

“If you would really like to travel back in time, and live a life where you can really make a difference, I can make it happen for you.” I heard this voice say inside my own head. Let me tell you I that I really saw some visions of a life in a room with rubber walls. Along with those special jackets with the buckles in the back flooding my mind and right quick too! I was also struck speechless, and truly afraid of what might be happening to me. I mean was this really contact by Aliens? Or was I just a case of being old, and crazy, making up this conversation talking only to myself? “Relax Alex if I may call you Alex, my name is Gazoo by the way,” the voice said.

“Well my name is Alexander Nelson, but most folks just call me Alex.” I still believe I am not in my right mind, unwilling to talk to myself. Now I have talked to myself many times before, just about like everyone else. But truly this seems a little different because I can’t seem to control both sides of the conversation, and this is really starting to scare me to no end.

“WHO EVER YOU ARE PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CALL ME ALEX!” I shouted out loud. I was both afraid of this voice, and also scared I was dead, and just somehow didn’t know about it yet. “Alex you are not dead, please go, and lay down in your bed please. It will be much easier for us to communicate if you are asleep.” Although I was scared to death, I also wasn’t even remotely sleepy at all. But I did as I was asked to do; I went along with the flow and got onto my bed. I was thinking I would just be staring at the ceiling until I had the good sense to get back up as I had a NASCAR race to watch later that night, and I still had not made any concrete plans concerning dinner.

I was asleep before my head hit the pillow! After a relaxing slideshow of some land, and a cave I couldn’t see into. The voice returned with a face from my childhood, Gazoo from the ‘Flintstones’. (He was a little green man who could fly with magic like abilities.) “Alex I am real, and the offer I made to you is very real as well. If you are willing to walk away from your life here on this earth I will send you back in time on another earth to live a life there to the best of your abilities.

“Well Gazoo that might be a problem going back in time means you only eat what you can shoot, or catch, and kill, and know what fruits, and vegetables you can safely eat. I am a city boy through and through, I have shot handguns before, but I have never had to hunt for dinner with a gun of any type. Hunting for meat to me is getting it from a butcher, or at a local grocery store. That said I have no butchering skills let alone the ability to shoot accurately enough for any seriously long range shooting. Not to mention I wear very thick eyeglasses that are the first thing I put on in the morning, and the last thing I take off at night,” I said.

“As I have no family here to speak of, nobody would really miss me if I suddenly disappeared right now. I want to go, but at 65 years old, and with no outdoor survival skills I would be a very poor candidate for this mission.” I said.

“Alex everyone you have ever read about on SOL had to be taught something that would help them after their placement. The real key is finding someone willing to go, and what compromises have to be made by both you and me so both sides are happy. And so each side thinks they have got the best end of the deal so to speak. I am sure you understand the basics what you would want to take, and would need before you leave for this situation. If you are willing to go we will pay you two million dollars for every year you stay in the past, up to, and including the fourth year. And then we will pay you five million dollars a year for year Five and every year beyond. There will be a bonus one hundred million dollars to be paid for whenever you return after completing five years or more. This bonus is in addition to your regular yearly salary,” Gazoo said. “Now before we go any farther you should know most your memories of these types of stories will be gone when you arrive at your placement site. Any memories from these stories will seem like deja vu to you. And you will be on your own after you arrive at your site. You need to act accordingly as in being armed and ready to defend your life at all times,” Gazoo said.

“I can and will try to save you if you are injured, but you can be killed. Please remember this as you live your life. That said please don’t take foolish risks just because you have a better than average chance to be saved. As you have not always lived in the best neighborhoods here on earth please let that be your guide. If you even think pain, or death may occur remove yourself if possible from the situation at your best possible speed. In other words don’t get trigger happy, but don’t get hurt trying to save an animal, or some fool who thinks of you as easy prey.” Gazoo said.

“We are giving you a Titanium Conestoga wagon complete with 5 Clydesdales draft horses. These horses are the only living things besides yourself that will be going on the trip. Your weight limit is 8,000 Lbs. and that has to last you one calendar year. With a 12,000 Lbs. renewal limit for each of the following years unless other wise notified. Now you need to fill your needs as though you will never hear from me again until the next year after your arrival. I will be in direct contact with you to adjust anything you want to change within reason for 72 hours after you get to your final destination. I will talk with you only as you sleep unless an emergency occurs, or you need to know something immediately for safety or comfort.” Gazoo said.

“Please use this computer only when you wake up, to look up and list your items, as the computer will be going along with you on your trip.” Gazoo said. The computer looked like a normal tower sitting in my living room. So this would be real if there was a desktop computer in my living room that wasn’t there before I met Gazoo.

“Before you ask we are not going to abandon you, but I don’t want you calling me every 5 minutes I only want you and I to have minimal contact after we get you completely settled in. I don’t expect us not to talk often although I can be called on to answer questions I just don’t want it to turn into a habit. I just want you to understand from the get go that you are alone until you meet up with your neighbors. I have been monitoring you earthlings too long, I sometimes sound like you do, now that is scary. I want to leave you to your shopping for the things you will want to be taking with you,” Gazoo said as he disappeared.

With that I woke believing more than I did before I went to bed. I stopped in mid-step upon seeing the tower computer with a desk built around it in my living room. It wasn’t there before when I left the room. I lost my couch, but what the hey I was leaving soon anyway. Well now that I have been told to get all I need to make me happy living in the past what do I pick out first? Though not the absolutely most important thing, transportation has been arranged.

Guns came to mind as I would need them for both protection, and to put food on the table as they say. Now what kind of guns to take with me, as I am no gunsmith this was going to be the first challenge. Well after a little searching I choose both the Glock 17, and the 19, choosing 15 of each model as they are very dependable damn near indestructible. Hell they are the Police’s weapon of choice that’s good enough for me. As an afterthought I got 22 of the Glock 26 two for me as a hideout gun, and the rest should I choose to arm my mates at some point.

All the Glocks are 9mm so one size fits all for all 3 different models with extra magazines for all the pistols numbering 50 not including the magazines that came with each pistol. I chose 20 web belts to carry the weapons on my person. I also bought 2 Desert Eagle 1911.45 cal. ACP pistols with a double shoulder holster rig. 5,000 hollow point bullets for the 9mm with reloading equipment for me to reload come this winter. 3,000 hollow point rounds for .45 cal. with reloads for them as well.

Long gun wise I chose the 4 AR-15 assault rifles, for self protection with 10 extra magazines with 5,000 rounds with reloading equipment also. I chose to get 4 of the M1 with the magazine conversion to load it like a M16 with the banana clip, as my primary hunting rifle with 10 extra magazines, with 5,000 rounds and reloading equipment. And 4 Barrett .50 cal sniper rifle with 10 extra magazines, 3,000 rounds with reloads as well with hard cases for all the guns. All 3 versions of long gun have the best Alien made Day/Night scopes.

While they didn’t have guns and bullets they did have spears, and since this is how they put food on the table, I was quite certain they knew how to use their weapons very well. Chain Mail was the answer I hoped would save my bacon, as Kevlar would make me sweat all day, more so if I was working hard to build the different things that I will need. It worked during the days of Camelot; it should work for me where I am going. I made sure it was understood I wanted chain mail for my legs if possible if it could be made light enough to not cause me to limp, or draw attention to itself.

Knives were a whole separate matter, as I am a novice in the knife game. I knew to ask for 20 Bowie knives, 20 Rambo like survival knives, 120 folding knives, 120 fillet knives, 50 machetes, 50 meat cleavers, 50 drop pointers, 50 throwing knives, 120 skinning knives. 10 pearl handled straight razors, with razor strops also. That is just off the top of my head.

Next comes a trip to the hardware store for rakes, shovels, axes, different type hoes, all types and sizes of hammers, all different types of saws. Plus all different types of chisels for both wood and metal. Two hundred pounds of different sized nails and screws. Multiple sets of screwdrivers, nuts and bolts, both flat and lock washers, along with locknuts came to mind. Two hundred and fifty pounds later, multiple sets of wrenches, and ratchets in 1/4, 3/8, ½, 3/4 inch drives, along with the corresponding sockets, and the toolboxes to store them in.

A set of drills 1/4, 3/8, ½, ¾ inch drives with multiple sets of wood, metal and masonry drill bits from the smallest to the largest that will fit the drills, along with cases to hold these items.

I would need a few cases of the Goop adhesive. A case of wood glue, and an assortment of wood clamps, twenty C-clamps of differing sizes, and several cases of Duct Tape. I am sure another trip will be in order. But I was just taking pictures as all the tools, nails, screws, bolts, nuts, and washers will made of Titanium, Alien style. Basically anything made of metal, no matter what type metal will be changed to Titanium including the knives, and guns would be getting the same Alien treatment as well to shave weight wherever possible.

Clothes was 10 pair of blue jeans, both lightweight and insulated flannel shirt red and black. After seeing what the natives were wearing I asked for 5 cave lion outfits Alien made and a cross between what I was used to seeing and what the native made. I asked for both light weight, and heavyweight Carhartt weight outerwear. A lightweight waist length cave lion jacket, a lightweight bison jacket, as well as both in cowboy duster styles to the mid-calf.

And for winter also a cave lion, and bison with long-hair insulated jackets, but waist length and duster mid-calf length. All the jackets came with 2 outside pockets and 2 deep inside pocket with a built-in holsters to fit a Glock 26 in each pocket. They won’t be quick to get into action, but they would be something to have in an emergency situation. With multiple sets of matching cave lion and bison gloves. Also multiple sets ordinary leather work gloves, and in different lengths both wrist and gauntlet type to ½ forearm and elbow length for both summer, and winter, for all the gloves.

Boots consisted of 10 pairs of Red Wing work boots 5 of them with steel toes in assorted styles and colors, and 10 pair of black shoes that looked more like gym shoes that had steel toes. 10 pairs of cowboy boots in different colors, 8 pair pointed, and 2 pair square nosed. 10 pairs of Timberland work boots in assorted styles and colored boots. 100 hundred pair of socks, and underwear, and tee shirts of assorted colors. I also asked for high top gym shoes from Converse, 2 Los Angeles Lakers hats, 2 New Yankees hats, 2 Dallas Cowboy hats and 2 Detroit Tigers hats. Each hat was to be fitted to my head with Chain Mail in an attempt for added protection, but I also have always worn baseball type hats so I wasn’t going to stop now. I also wanted 2 Stetson cowboy hats also. (I later told my clothes, and shoe, boots and what not allotment would be handled by Gazoo’s team, and not count towards my weight limit. Although I had theright to refuse any item I did not like, without penalty.) I don’t drink so I won’t be taking any alcohol of any kind, and since I don’t smoke I won’t be needing any cigars, or cigarettes for this life-changing ride. Though I promised my self that I might revisit this issue before we signed off on out lists.

My vice is sweetened soft drinks thus I intended to stock up on Kool-Aid pre-sweetened packets making ½ a gallon per packet. This was important enough me to load up on this item, plus hot chocolate I only needed add hot water to. For in the mornings I wanted Tang in pre-sweetened ½ a gallon packets. With 5 pallets of Kool-aid, 2 pallets of hot chocolate packets, and 2 pallets Tang orange juice packets. I made sure Gazoo understood that as more people became aware of these drinks I might need more before the years was out. (the answer came back to me that I was assured that I wouldn’t run out of any of my drinks even if I didn’t share with anyone as humans were known to consume these type of drinks in large quanties, so it was a known thing I might need more that I allowing in my weight budget.) I would need 100 pounds of salt and sugar in resealable drums, 25 pounds of corn meal pre-mixed with evaporated milk so I could make ‘Hot Water Cornbread’ occasionally, and 25 pounds of normal corn meal to coat meats to fry, each labeled so there would be no slipups about which corn meal I was using. A few spices such as pepper, and seasoned salt to help flavor whatever meat I was cooking. Two pallets each of Chef Boyardee Beefaroni, and Ravioli in the huge industrial cans, and one pallet of each in both family sized and regular cans, and permanently preserved with no expiration date. Thanks to Gazoo these cans are resealable to be reused in some fashion later.

A set of titanium pots and pans, also a set titanium china set, including different sized bowls, with titanium silverware. A set of titanium knives you would normally find in a kitchen and six thick transparent plastic pitchers with screw-on tops for all these drinks I want to make. I may not have a real kitchen but I intended to work my way up some kind working area that resembles a kitchen area in the simplest of terms.

I had not heard from Gazoo in nearly a week. I was getting just a little nervous as I was really getting into the whole I am leaving trip, and let us say shopping for all this stuff was fun. I was just talking to myself, mumbling really as I hoped Gazoo knew I had a list of things he needed to see. Because of this lack of contact if it wasn’t for the computer I would have chalked this whole trip thing to a dream. But I remembered believing I was truly awake and using this computer. So if this is truly a dream may I remember the dream when I do finally wake back up?

Gazoo came to me when I went to sleep that night. “Alex until you spoke out loud, I had no idea you wanted to talk to me, you have had your head into getting ready for your new life. I knew at some point we would be talking though, as I knew you would have more than a few questions to be answered, but I didn’t know you were feeling abandoned. For that I am sorry, when you wake up there will be a blackberry type device for you to use to get in touch with me immediately. Or you can use the computer to call me by just typing my name and asking me a question. Feel free to use the Blackberry if you are not at your computer, as I am watching you always, and the items you have chosen are either ready, or nearly ready, have no fear about that please.” Gazoo said.

“I have several caves you need to look at so you can have some idea of what your new home will look like.” Gazoo said. “Ok let’s see them, as I am highly curious about where I will live.” I said.

The first cave looked like a very large studio apartment with an opening of about ten feet wide. With a nearly level floor a small pool at the back of the cave that was filled with water that drained outside of the pool into a hole about two feet away into the floor. A natural bathroom came to my mind quickly. So I wouldn’t have to inquire about indoor plumbing, just toilet tissue, which reminded me of pencils and paper for any use that might later come to mind.

A door opening let me into a bigger cave with an opening of about twenty feet wide even the cave was much wider and deeper than twenty feet. I could see natural stone looking stalls for the horses with room for the wagon and tack for the horses and the harnesses for the wagons, and most of the tools to fit into.

Both caves had indirect lighting and LED work lights to independently light up different areas of the caves at will. In the smaller cave a ring of cook stones showed where a fire could be made safely with the smoke leaving the room, as I presumed the smoke would not be a problem.

“Gazoo is there a way to get a cave just for the tool room? Nobody would want to work where the horses live as the fumes would be kind of overpowering at times. I said. “I will take care of that for you Alex you can have the extra cave.” Gazoo said. I wanted ask if they were tailor making the caves just for me, I sure hoped so as I was expecting to be using it for many years. It makes perfect sense to design your prison to your own tastes. But somethings I just figured were a little above my pay grade. Thus need to know only. So I left those facts to upper management, a club I had not been invited into at this time.

“About the cave Gazoo I am a city boy and you can see the bathing area is closed off even in a studio apartment. Is there a cave with that kind of thing? What about my sleeping area as I will feel very vulnerable as I am sleep I would like my bedroom closed off like I have here. Yes Gazoo I know I will have to do closing off all the openings to the outside myself. I just would like the added safety as well as the privacy and the like. And one last thing I need and while not tiny but a decent sized room for my computer, and a wall large enough for a large flat screen TV.

As none of the natives will know anything about the computer or TV, so I will just prefer it not be seen by anyone but those I choose to see it. I would presumed since you are providing lights, and the computer I thought it would it be ok to ask for the electric items on my lists?” I asked Gazoo.

“Alex you are getting to be a more interesting character than I at first thought. I need to think of these things you are asking for. I will get back to you tomorrow. In the meantime just continue what you have been doing please.” Gazoo said.

Well if that don’t tear the rag off the bush. Gazoo don’t really seem to know how people like me think, let alone I am from the city. I just shook my head and went back to wishing and hoping, excuse me planning for my new life. I thought of what I was giving up just then, my weekend sports and a selfish wish came to mind I wanted some limited sporting events.

I say limited because I was not trying to see anything but the best of the seasons as I had too much to do to let sports rule my time. And the people I will soon be sharing my life will not understand anything about this so no need to tie myself to the TV all year. Because this new way of life is a job all by itself, watching the Super Bowl won’t feed me, or care for the horses, catch and train any new horses. Like I said too much to do to watch every sport I could watch.

Not that had to see these events live, but I did want to see them in a timely manner. From the NFL the Pro-Bowl (Football’s ALL-STAR Showcase, ) the Super Bowl (Football’s Championship Game.) with all the commercials. From NASCAR, the Daytona 500, the World 600, and the Brickyard 400, and the 2 races from Talladega Alabama, and the last race of the year. From the NBA the ALL-STAR Game and the complete Finals. (Best of seven game series.) From MLB The Home-Run Derby, The ALL-STAR Game, and the World Series. (Best of seven game series.) And a few other sports, but we will see how this is met by Gazoo before getting excited, or upset. I typed this note off to Gazoo while it was fresh in my mind, and before we talked tonight about the caves. I am suddenly not looking forward to tonight now as much as I was a little while ago. I knew I wanted to take a large music collection with me as well as a large movie, and TV show collection.

I had a little something that was in the back of my mind that I wanted, but I wanted to see how some of the things I just asked for came out. Knowing if I don’t ask the answer would always be no. Since I was the one wanting this, and the one it would help I would ask for it/demand it as well.

I went back to dreaming of things to beg for on the computer namely cleaning supplies for my dishes, my clothes, as well as myself. Grooming clippers for me, as well 50 combs of different sizes, along with 50 brushes of different sizes too. Then I remembered my tools would knew something like window cleaner to spray on to keep them looking like new. Out of the blue it dawned on me I would need gun cleaning supplies also, man I now knew I still had a long way to go before I could begin thinking of myself as an outdoors man. I was hoping at this point to outlive the frustrations of getting ready to go. Then making peace with and adjusting to this new way of life. And things I should have remembered to ask for, but didn’t think to ask for.

Well I stopped to make dinner just to relax. You know your life is pitiful when making dinner is a highlight on your Saturday night. I cut up some potatoes, and deep fried them with the skins still on. To go with the Chuck Roast that I had seasoned, and had earlier put in the oven three and a half hours before at about 300 degrees. The roast was falling apart with just a fork; I was just loving it, wondered if I could adapt my cooking style to arrive at this same level of tenderness when I get to BFE (Bum Fuck Egypt.) as I had begun calling the new neighborhood.

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